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10Km squares




Gabaglanda (roman fort, Castlesteads)
Gabel (Great Gable, Nether Wasdale)
Gable (Great Gable, Nether Wasdale)
Gable (White Hart House, Dent)
Gable Beck
Gable Cottage (White Hart House, Dent)
Gable Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gable Gill
Gable, Great (Great Gable, Above Derwent)
Gable, Great (Great Gable, Nether Wasdale)
Gables, Dundraw
Gables, Kirkby Lonsdale
Gabrocentio (roman fort, Moresby)
Gabrosenti (roman fort, Moresby)
Gabrosentum (roman fort, Drumburgh)
Gabrosentum (roman fort, Moresby)
Gaile, Cumberland
Gair Burn
Gair, Kingwater
Gairs, Geltsdale
Gair Sike
Gais Gill
Gaisgill Chapel (chapel, Gaisgill)
Gaisgill Farm, Tebay
Gaisgill Reading Room, Gaisgill
Gaisgill Row, Tebay
Gaisgill Station, Gaisgill
Gaisgill, Tebay
Gaisgill Wesleyan Chapel (chapel, Gaisgill)
Gait Crag (Goat Crag, Borrowdale)
Gait Crags, High (High Gait Crags, Eskdale)
Gait Crags, Low (Low Gait Crags, Eskdale)
Gait End Quarry, Sedbergh
Gaitkins, Ulpha
Gaitle Bridge, High (Gaitle High Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gaitle Bridge, Low (Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gaitle Bridge, Low (Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews (2))
Gaitle Bridge, Old (Gaitle Old Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gaitle Burn
Gaitle High Bridge, Kirkandrews
Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews
Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews (2)
Gaitle Middle Bridge, Kirkandrews
Gaitle Old Bridge, Kirkandrews
Gaitscale Close, Ulpha
Gaitscale Gill
Gaitscale Gill (Gasgale Gill, Buttermere)
Gaitscale, Ulpha
Gaitsgill Bridge, Gaitsgill
Gaitsgill Church (St Jude, Gaitsgill)
Gaitsgill, Dalston
Gaitsgill Hall, Gaitsgill
Gait's Tarn (Goat's Water, Torver)
Gaitswater Quarry (Goatfoot Crag Slate Quarry, Torver)
Galacum (Appleby)
Galacum (Brough)
Galacum (roman fort, Overborough)
Galagum (roman fort, Overborough)
Galava (roman fort, Ambleside)
Galava (roman fort, Brougham)
Galava Gate, Ambleside
Gale (Common Gate, Hayton)
Gale (Thorney Gale, Stainmore)
Gale, Ambleside
Gale Barn, Hutton Roof
Galebars, Kirkby Stephen
Gale Bay, Barton
Gale Beck
Gale Brook
Gale Brow, Winscales
Gale Cottage (Applethwaite Country House, Applethwaite)
Gale Cottage (Barley Croft, Ambleside)
Gale Cottage, Wetheral
Gale Crag, Patterdale
Gale Fell, Loweswater
Galefield, Dean
Galeforth Brow, Longsleddale
Galeforth Gill
Galeforth Spout, Longsleddale
Gale Garth, Casterton
Gale Garth, Dent
Gale Garth Farm (Gale Garth, Dent)
Gale Gill
Gale Hall, Ousby
Gale, Holme Abbey
Gale Hotel, The (Applethwaite Country House, Applethwaite)
Gale House, Ambleside
Gale House, Appleby
Gale House, Bridekirk
Gale House, Winscales
Gale How (Gale House, Appleby)
Gale How, Ambleside
Gale Lodge Cottage, Ambleside
Gale Mansion (Whitehaven: Queen Street, 151)
Galemire Bay, Derwent Water
Galemire House Farm, Weddicar
Gale Monument (St Mary and St Michael, Great Urswick)
Gale Nase Crag (Gale Naze Crag, Skelwith)
Gale Naze Crag, Skelwith
Gale Rigg House, Ambleside
Gale Scale (Gaitscale, Ulpha)
Gale Side (Gillside, Glenridding)
Gale Sike
Galesyke, Nether Wasdale
Gale, Tebay
Gallagher's Irish Bar, Carlisle
Gallagum (roman fort, Burwens)
Gallahow, Baggrow
Gallamhurst Sike
Gallansay, Soulby
Gallatum (roman fort, Burwens)
Gallatum (roman fort, Redlands Bank)
Gallatum (roman fort, Burwens)
Galleny Force, Borrowdale
Gallery 1611 (Alston: Gallery 1611)
Gallery 26 at 27 (Keswick: Gallery 26 at 27)
Galley Gill Bridge (Galleygill Bridge, Hesket)
Galleygill Bridge, Hesket
Galleywreay, Hutton End
Galliber, Long Marton
Galligill (High Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galligill (Low Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galligill (Mid Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galligill, Alston Moor
Galligill Burn
Galligill, High (High Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galligill, Low (Low Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galligill, Mid (Mid Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galliliace (Gillalees, Askerton)
Galloper Cottage, Tebay
Galloper Field, Tebay
Galloper Well, Tebay
Galloping Horse Inn, Harrington
Galloway Lane, Hawkshead
Galloway Stone, Crosby Ravensworth
Gallow Bank, Millom
Gallowbarrow (Cockermouth: Gallowbarrow)
Gallowbarrow (Cockermouth: Sullart Street)
Gallowbarrow Brae, Cockermouth
Gallowbarrow Bridge, Hawkshead
Gallowbarrow Cottages, Hayton and Mealo
Gallowbarrow, Hawkshead
Gallowbarrow Hill, Oughterside and Allerby
Gallow Barrow, Ulverston
Gallowber Lane (road, through Hutton Roof)
Gallowber Lane, Kirkby Lonsdale
Gallowberry, Askerton
Gallowberry, Irthington
Gallowbury (Gallowberry, Askerton)
Gallow Hill, Carlisle
Gallow Hill, Cumwhitton
Gallowhow (Gallahow, Baggrow)
Gallow Howe (Gallows Howe, Troutbeck)
Gallow Howe, Troutbeck
Gallows Field, Millom
Gallows Gate, Kirkoswald
Gallows Hill (Fair Hill, Appleby)
Gallows Hill (Gallow Hill, Carlisle)
Gallows Hill (Fair Hill, Appleby)
Gallows Hill, Askerton
Gallows Hill, Ravenstonedale
Gallows Howe, Troutbeck
Gallows Stone, Millom
Galls Tarn, Windermere
Galluio (roman fort, Ambleside)
Gallys Bedstock, Irton with Santon
Gal Sever (Hadrian's Wall)
Galtecove (Goatcove, Longsleddale)
Galunio (roman fort, Ambleside)
Gambleby (Gamblesby, Glassonby)
Gamblebye (Gamblesby, Glassonby)
Gamblesby (Gamelsby, Aikton)
Gamblesby Allotments, Glassonby
Gamblesby Beck
Gamblesby Church (St John, Gamblesby)
Gamblesby Community Centre, Gamblesby
Gamblesby Fell, Glassonby
Gamblesby, Glassonby
Gamblesmire Lane, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Gamblesmire Wood, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Gambling Crag, Shap Rural
Gambling Moss, Shap Rural
Gambling Well, Shap Rural
Game (Kendal: Market Place, 10)
Gamelands, Orton S
Gamelands Road (Knott Lane, Orton S)
Gamelsby, Aikton
Gameriggs Brickfield, Whitehaven
Gameriggs Pit, Whitehaven
Gameriggs, Whitehaven
Gamleby (Gamblesby, Glassonby)
Gamlesby (Gamblesby, Glassonby)
Gamlesby (Gamelsby, Aikton)
Gamlesbye (Gamelsby, Aikton)
Gamswell, Osmotherley
GandSWR (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Gandy Street (Kendal: Gandy Street)
gaol, Appleby
Gaol Brow (Carlisle: Gaol Brow)
gaol, Penrith
Gap, Dent
Gaper Gill (Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire)
Gap Farm (Gap, Dent)
Gaping Gill Hole (Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire)
Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire
Gapmoor Plantation (Gapmoor Wood, Kirkandrews)
Gapmoor Wood, Kirkandrews
Gap, Nether Wasdale
Gap, Northumberland
Gap Wood, Kirkandrews
garage, Bampton
garage, Newby
garage, Troutbeck
Garborough, High (High Garborough, Crosby)
Garborough, Low (Low Garborough, Crosby)
Garbourn (Garburn, Kentmere)
Garbourn Nook (Garburn Nook, Kentmere)
Garbourn Road (Garburn Road, Troutbeck)
Garburn, Kentmere
Garburn Nook, Kentmere
Garburn Pass, Kentmere
Garburn Road, Troutbeck
Garbutt Hill, Northumberland
Garden Bridge, Low (Low Gardens Bridge, Lowther Park)
Garden Cottage, Great Salkeld
Garden Cottage, Rockcliffe
Gard Ends, Longsleddale
Gardeners Cottage, Appleby
Gardener's Cottage, Silverhowe
Gardener's Cottage, Warcop
Garden Flat, Cark
Garden Hall (Cardew Hall, Dalston)
garden, Hawkshead
Garden House, Kendal
garden, Maryport
Garden Street (Carlisle: Garden Street)
Garden Terrace, Brampton
garden wall, Longburgh
Gardes, Ye (Guards, Kirkandrews)
Gard, The (Guards, Kirkandrews)
Gareth Cottage, Crook
Gargate Cottage, Bolton
Gargill (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Gargill, Shap Rural
Gargreave, Kirkby Ireleth
Garill (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Garland Lane, Great Salkeld
Garlands Hospital, St Cuthbert Without
Garlands, St Cuthbert Without
Garley Gill (2)
Garlgill (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Garlic Gill, Dearham (Garley Gill (2))
Garling Steps (Carling Steps, Burneside)
Garner Bank, Eskdale
Garner Brow, Brough
Garnet Bridge (Garnett Bridge, Garnett Bridge)
Garnet Bridge (Garnett Bridge, Strickland Roger)
Garnet Fould (Garnett Folds, Skelsmergh)
Garnet House (Garnett House, Strickland Ketel)
Garnett Bridge, Garnett Bridge
Garnett Bridge, Strickland Roger
Garnett Bridge to A6 (road, from A6 to Garnett Bridge)
Garnett Bridge to Sadgill (road, Garnett Bridge to Sadgill)
Garnett Bridge to Tills Hole (track, Tills Hole to Garnett Bridge)
Garnett Bridge Wood, Garnett Bridge
Garnett Folds, Skelsmergh
Garnett House (Old Vicarage, Winster)
Garnett House, Strickland Ketel
Garnett Plain, Watchgate
Garret House, Lower Allithwaite
Garriestown, Rockcliffe
Garrige Hall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Garrigilgate (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Garrigill (Clargill, Alston Moor)
Garrigill, Alston Moor
Garrigill Bank, Ousby
Garrigill Bridge, Garrigill
Garrigill Burn
Garrigill Chapel (chapel, Garrigill)
Garrigill Chapel (St John, Garrigill)
Garrigill Church (St John, Garrigill)
Garrigillgate (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Garrigill Post Office, Garrigill
Garrigill Village Hall, Garrigill
Garriston (Garriestown, Rockcliffe)
Garriston (Jerriestown, Westlinton)
Garristown (Garriestown, Rockcliffe)
Garry's Farm, Wetheral
Gars Brow, Lakes
Garsdale and Hawes Junction (Garsdale Station, Garsdale)
Garsdale Bridge, Sedbergh
Garsdale Church (St John, Garsdale)
Garsdale Coal Pits, Garsdale
Garsdale Common, Garsdale
Garsdale Foot, Garsdale
Garsdale for Hawes (Garsdale Station, Garsdale)
Garsdale Hall, Garsdale
Garsdale Head, Garsdale
Garsdale Low Moor, Garsdale
Garsdale meeting (meeting house, Garsdale)
Garsdale Meeting House (meeting house, Garsdale)
Garsdale Methodist Chapel, Garsdale
Garsdale National School (Garsdale Village Hall, Garsdale)
Garsdale parish
Garsdale Quarry, Sedbergh
Garsdale Rigg, Sedbergh
Garsdale School (Garsdale Village Hall, Garsdale)
Garsdale Signal Box (signal box, Garsdale)
Garsdale Station, Garsdale
Garsdale Street Chapel (Street Chapel, Garsdale)
Garsdale valley, Garsdale
Garsdale Village Hall, Garsdale
Garshill Farm, Ravenstonedale
Garshill, Ravenstonedale
Gars Lane, Ravenstonedale
Gars, Ravenstonedale
Garstall (Garsdale)
Garstall Garths (Garsdale Bridge, Sedbergh)
Garth Chapel (Ings, Hugill)
Garth Chapel (St Anne, Grassgarth)
Garth Cottage, Holme Low
Garth Cottage, Milburn
Garth, Far (Far Garth, Orton S)
Garth Fold (Garthfolds, Lazonby)
Garthfolds, Lazonby
Garthfoot (Garth Foot, Castle Carrock)
Garth Foot, Castle Carrock
Garth, Greystoke
Garth Head, Boredale
Garth Head, Castle Carrock
Garth Head, Penruddock
Garth Heads (Kendal: Garth Heads)
Garth Heads, Martindale
Garth, High (High Hall Garth, Coniston)
Garth House, Brampton
Garth House, Cartmel
Garth House, Castle Carrock
Garthill (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Garth, Low (Low Garth, Bewaldeth)
Garth, Low (Low Hall Garth, Coniston)
Garth, Near Sawrey
Garth, New (New Garth, Farlam)
Garthraw (Garth Row, Skelsmergh)
Garth Row, Skelsmergh
Garthrow, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Garths (High Plumgarths, Plumgarths)
Garths (Plumgarths Cottages, Strickland Ketel)
Garths Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Garths Farm (Garths, Sedbergh)
Garths, High (Garths, New Hutton)
Garthshill (Garshill, Ravenstonedale)
Garths Hill, New Hutton
Garthside, Burtholme
Garthside, Edenhall
Garths, Low (Garths, New Hutton)
Garths Mill (mill, New Hutton)
Garths, New Hutton
Garths, Sedbergh
Garthwaite Gate, Grange
Gasdale Head, Murton
Gasdale, Murton
Gasgale Crags, Buttermere
Gasgale Gill, Buttermere
Gasgale Gill Trial, Buttermere
Gasgill (Gaisgill, Tebay)
Gasgill Row (Gaisgill Row, Tebay)
Gas House Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Gaskell Gill (Gasgale Gill, Buttermere)
Gaskell House, Hutton Roof
Gasketh, Irton with Santon
Gaskill Tarn, Murton
gas lamp, Blennerhasset
Gasmere Church (St Oswald, Grasmere)
Gastack Beck
Gastack Beck Bottom, Deepdale
Gastile (Garsdale)
gas works, Ambleside
gas works, Aspatria
gas works, Brampton
gas works, Carlisle
gas works, Cockermouth
gas works, Dalton-in-Furness
gas works, Farlam
gas works, Gilsland
gas works, Kendal
gas works, Keswick
gas works, Kirkby Lonsdale
gas works, Kirkby Stephen
gas works, Longtown
gas works, Maryport
gas works, Netherby
gas works, Penrith
gas works, Silloth
gas works, St Cuthbert Without
gas works, Whitehaven
gas works, Whitehaven (2)
gas works, Wigton
gas works, Workington
gas works, Workington (2)
Gate (village hall, Aikton)
gate, Allhallows
gate, Ambleside
gate, Asby
gate, Bampton
gate, Bampton (2)
Gatebarrow, Dean
gate, Beaumont
Gatebeck Bridge, Preston Richard
Gatebeck Gunpowder Mills, Gatebeck
Gatebeck Powder Works (Gatebeck Gunpowder Mills, Gatebeck)
Gatebeck, Preston Patrick
Gatebeck School (school, Gatebeck)
Gatebeck tramroad
gate, Biggins
gate, Borrowdale
gate, Bowness-on-Windermere
gate, Brougham
gate, Broughton West
gate, Caldbeck
gate, Carter Ground
Gate Castle, Ousby
gate, Claife
gate, Colthouse
Gate Cottage (Toll Bar house, Sedbergh)
Gate Crag (Goat Crag, Borrowdale)
Gate Crag, Eskdale
Gate Crag, Loughrigg
Gate Crag Mine, Eskdale
Gate Crags, Matterdale
gate, Dent
Gate, Dent
gate, Dent (2)
gate, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
gate, Embleton
gate, Embleton (2)
gate, Eskdale
Gate Farm (Gate House, Sedbergh)
Gate Farm, Marton
Gate Farm, Mungrisdale
Gate Farm, Uldale
Gatefoote (Walmgate Foot, Bampton)
Gatefoot, Garrigill
Gatefoot Mill (Newgate Mill, Staveley)
Gate Foot, Patterdale
gate, Forest Head
gate, Garsdale
Gategill (Cotegill, Orton S)
Gate Gill
Gategill Beck
Gate Gill Bridge (bridge, Threlkeld (3))
Gategill Fell, Threlkeld
Gategill Fell Top, Threlkeld
Gategill Mine (Threlkeld Mine, Threlkeld)
Gategill Mine, Threlkeld
Gategill, Threlkeld
Gate Grain
gate, Grange-over-Sands
gate, Grasmere
gate, Grasmere (2)
gate, Grayrigg
gate, Great Ormside
gate, Grisedale
Gatehead Farmhouse, Garrigill
Gatehead, Garrigill
Gateheads Brow, Casterton
Gate Heads, Casterton
gate, Helton
gate, Hesket Newmarket
gate, Heversham
gate, High Crosby
gate, High Head Castle
gate, High Lorton
gate, High Lorton (2)
Gate House (Toll Bar Cottage, Casterton)
Gate House (toll gate, Melmerby)
Gate House (Yeat House, Frizington)
Gate House (Yattus, Eskdale Green)
Gate House, Alston Moor
Gate House, Barrow-in-Furness
Gatehouse Bookshop (Cartmel: Gatehouse Bookshop)
Gate House, Bothel
Gatehouse, Caldbeck
Gatehouse Cottage, Cartmel
Gate House (Rigg Turnpike, Mallerstang)
Gate House, Sedbergh
Gatehouse, The (Gate House, Alston Moor)
Gatehouse, The (toll gate, Musgrave)
Gate House, Whitbeck
gate, Hunsonby
gate, Hutton Roof
Gate Inn, Yanwath
gate, Isel
gate, Kendal
gate, Kentmere
gate, Kentmere (2)
gate, Kinniside Common
Gatekirk Cave, North Yorkshire
gate, Kirkoswald
gate, Lakes
gate, Lakes (2)
gate, Lakes (3)
Gatelands, Hartsop
Gatelands, Morland
gate, Levens
gates, Longsleddale
gate, Longsleddale (2)
gate, Longsleddale (3)
gate, Loweswater
gate, Loweswater (2)
Gate Manor, Dent
gate, Martindale
gate, Muncaster
gate, Mungrisdale
gate, Near Sawrey
gate, Newton Reigny
gate, Nunwick
gate, Orton
gate, Orton S
gate, Orton S (2)
gate, Ousby
gate, Patterdale
gate, Penruddock
gate, Penruddock (2)
gate piers, Carlisle Cemetery
Gaterigghow Bridge, Gosforth
Gaterigghow, Irton with Santon
Gaterigg, Westward
Gates and Railings (Florence Mine, Egremont - Gates and Railings)
Gatesbield Meeting House (meeting house, Windermere)
Gatesbield, Windermere
Gates Bridge, Caldbeck
Gate Scale (Gaitscale, Ulpha)
Gatescarth (Gatesgarth, Buttermere)
Gate Scarth (Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale)
Gatescarth Beck
Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale
Gatescarth to Mardale (track, Gatescarth to Mardale)
Gatescarth to Sadgill (track, Sadgill to Gatescarth)
gate, Sedbergh
gate, Sedgwick
Gatesgarth, Barbon
Gatesgarth, Buttermere
Gatesgarthdale Beck
Gatesgarth Dale, Little (Little Gatesgarth Dale, Borrowdale)
Gatesgarth Farm, Gatesgarth
Gatesgarth, Irton with Santon
Gatesgarth, Matterdale
Gatesgarth to Wasdale Head (track, Wasdale Head to Gatesgarth)
Gatesgill (Gaitsgill, Dalston)
Gateshadling Plantation, Dean
Gateshawhill, Cumwhitton
Gateshaw Mill, Cumwhitton
Gateshede, Warcop
Gateside Farm (Gateside, Strickland Ketel)
Gateside Farm, High (High Gateside Farm, Lower Allithwaite)
Gate Side, High (High Gateside Farm, Lower Allithwaite)
Gateside House, Sedbergh
Gateside, North (North Gateside, Whitwell and Selside)
Gate Side, Sedbergh
Gateside, Solport
Gateside, South (South Gateside, Whitwell and Selside)
Gateside, Strickland Ketel
Gateside, Whicham
Gate Sike (Gate Syke, Casterton)
gate, Stainton
gate, St Bees
gate, St Bees (2)
gate, Stennerskeugh
gate, Stennerskeugh (2)
gate, Stennerskeugh (3)
gate stoup, Mungrisdale
gate stoup, Mungrisdale (2)
gate, Strickland Roger
Gates Water (Goat's Water, Torver)
Gate Syke, Casterton
gate, Tebay
gate, Tebay (2)
gate, Threlkeld
gate, Ulpha
gate, Underskiddaw
gate, Watendlath
gateway, Barrow-in-Furness
Gateway Inn, Plumgarths
gate, Whitebeck
gate, Windermere
gate, Windermere (2)
gate, Windermere (3)
gate, Winterseeds
gate, Witherslack
Gate Wood (Great Spring, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Gatherstone Beck
Gathorn Ashes (Gaythorne Ashes, Asby)
Gathorn Hall (Gaythorne Hall, Asby)
Gathorn Plain (Gaythorne Plain, Crosby Ravensworth)
Gatra, Lamplugh
Gattle Foot Bridge (Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gattle High Bridge (Gaitle High Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gattle Low Bridge (Gaitle Low Bridge, Kirkandrews (2))
Gattle Middle Bridge (Gaitle Middle Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gattle Old Bridge (Gaitle Old Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Gattle Smalmstown Bridge (Longtown Bridge, Longtown)
Gaukling (Gawklands, Middleton)
Gavata, Underskiddaw (Caldew, River)
Gavel Crag, Kentmere
Gavel Crag, Lakes
Gavel Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gavelfell Fold, Lamplugh
Gavel Hole (Gavel Pot, Lancashire)
Gavel, Lakes
Gavel Neese (Gavel Pike, Patterdale)
Gavelock Hill, Kingwater
Gavel Pike, Patterdale
Gavel Pot, Lancashire
Gawith Field, Egton with Newland
Gawith Hoggarth and Co (Kendal: Gawith, Hoggarth and Co)
Gawklands, Middleton
Gawthrop Cave, Dent
Gawthrop, Dent
Gawthrop Hall, Gawthrop
Gawthrop Villa, Gawthrop
Gawthwaite, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Gawthwaite High Quarry, Lowick
Gawthwaite Land, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Gawthwaite Quarry, Lowick
Gawtreehouse, Hunsonby
Gaylock Hill, Bewcastle
Gaythorne Ashes, Asby
Gaythorne Cottages, Crosby Ravensworth
Gaythorne Hall, Asby
Gaythorne Plain, Crosby Ravensworth
Gaythorn Hall (Gaythorne Hall, Asby)
Gazegill (Gaisgill, Tebay)
G Bell Hairdresser (Maryport: John Street, 8)
G Conquest milliner (Whitehaven: G Conquest)
Gearstones, North Yorkshire
Gefferyes Hill (Jeffrey's Mount, Tebay)
Gefferyes Mount (Jeffrey's Mount, Tebay)
Gel Cragg (Gill Pike, Northumberland)
Gelderdale Burn
Gelderd's Family Hotel (Patterdale Hotel, Patterdale)
Gelderd's Hotel (Patterdale Hotel, Patterdale)
Gelderslack Lane, Nateby
Gele Cragg, The (Gill Pike, Northumberland)
Gelfourceheade, Longsleddale (Galeforth Gill)
Gell Cottage, Grasmere
Gellforth Spout (Galeforth Spout, Longsleddale)
Gelstone Hill, Tebay
Gelstone, Tebay
Gelt Bridge (Low Gelt Bridge, Brampton)
Gelt Bridge (Low Geltbridge, Brampton)
Gelt Bridge, Hayton
Gelt Bridge, High (High Gelt Bridge, Castle Carrock)
Gelt Bridge, Low (Low Gelt Bridge, Brampton)
Geltbridge, Low (Low Geltbridge, Brampton)
Gelt Bridge, Middle (Middle Gelt Bridge, Hayton)
Gelt Bridge, New (New Gelt Bridge, Brampton)
Gelt Flu., Brampton (Gelt, River)
Gelt Flud, Brampton (Gelt, River)
Gelt Hall Farm, Castle Carrock
Gelt High Bridge (High Gelt Bridge, Castle Carrock)
Gelt House, Hayton
Gelt Low Bridge (Low Gelt Bridge, Brampton)
Gelt Middle Bridge (Middle Gelt Bridge, Hayton)
Gelt Mill, Greenwell
Gelt Mill, Greenwell (2)
Gelt New Bridge (New Gelt Bridge, Brampton)
Gelt, River
Gelt River, Brampton (Gelt, River)
Geltsdale Brewery, Brampton
Geltsdale House, Castle Carrock
Geltsdale lodge, Wetheral
Geltsdale Middle, Geltsdale
Geltsdale parish
Geltside, Hayton
Gelt Viaduct (Gelt Bridge, Hayton)
Gelt Woods, Hayton
General Burgoyne, Great Urswick
General Store, The (Braithwaite: General Store)
General Wolfe, The (Wolfe, Penrith)
geological site, Arnside
geological site, Borrowdale
geological site, Beetham
geological site, Hampsfield Fell
geological site, Hartley
geological site, Long Marton
geological site, Longsleddale
geological site, Mungrisdale
geological site, Orton S
geological site, St Bees Head
geological walk, Blease Fell
geological walk, Sadgill to Gatescarth
geological walk, St Bees Head
Geordie Greathead Crag, Shap Rural
Geordie's Crag, Martindale
Geordy Neb (Geordie's Crag, Martindale)
George and Dragon, Casterton
George and Dragon, Clifton
George and Dragon, Dent
George and Dragon, Harrington
George and Dragon Inn, Garrigill
George and Dragon, Kendal
George and Dragon (George Hotel, Keswick)
George Fisher (Keswick: George Fisher)
George Fox's Oak (Stephen's Oak, Burneside)
George Gill
George Hotel, Keswick
George Hotel, Orton
George Hotel, Penrith
George House, Kirkoswald
George III Inn (Hazel Grove, Newton Reigny)
George III Monument, Broughton in Furness
George Inn (George Hotel, Penrith)
George Moore Memorial Hall, Mealsgate
George Pit, Whitehaven
George Starkey Hut, Patterdale
George Street (Carlisle: George Street)
George Street (Maryport: George Street)
George Street (Whitehaven: George Street)
George Street (Wigton: George Street)
George, Whitehaven
Gerard Lowther House (Two Lions Inn, Penrith)
Gerrard House, Woodside
Gersma (Grasmere)
Gesantiorum (roman harbour, Fleetwood)
Geslings, Dent
Get Ahead Hats (Skelton: Get Ahead Hats)
Gete River, (Doe, River)
G F Martindale and Sons (Kendal: Martindale)
Ghyll, Applethwaite
Ghyllas, Sedbergh
Ghyll Bank, Above Derwent
Ghyll Bank, Grayrigg
Ghyll Bank, Kingmoor
Ghyll Bank, Over Staveley
Ghyll Brow, Moresby
Ghyll Cottage (Ghyll Farm, Strickland Roger)
Ghyll Cottage, Dacre
Ghyll Cottage, St Bees
Ghyll Farm, Firbank
Ghyll Farm, Lamplugh
Ghyll Farm, Sedbergh
Ghyll Farm, St Bees
Ghyll Farm, Strickland Roger
Ghyll Foot, Grasmere
Ghyllhead (Gillhead, Moresby)
Ghyll Head, Ambleside
Ghyll Head, Cartmel Fell
Ghyll Head Cottage, Cartmel Fell
Ghyll Head Farm, Westward
Ghyll Head Reservoir, Cartmel Fell
Ghyll House (school, Greysouthen)
Ghyll House, Alston Moor
Ghyll House, Dufton
Ghyll House Farm (Ghyll House, Dufton)
Ghyll House, Greystoke
Ghyll House, Holmescales
Ghyllhouse Style, Killington
Ghyll, Kendal
Ghyll Mill (Gill House, New Hutton)
Ghyll Mill, Strickland Roger
Ghyll Side, Ambleside
Ghyllside Cycles, Ambleside
Giant's Caves, Langwathby
Giant's Grabe (Giant's Grave, Kirkby Ireleth)
Giant's Grave, Kirkby Ireleth
Giants Grave, Kirksanton
Giant's Grave, Penrith
Giant's Graves, Bampton
Giants' Graves, Crosby Garrett
Giant's Grave, Yewdale
Giant's Hall (Ingleborough Cave, North Yorkshire)
Giants Knott, Middleton
Giant's Thumb, Penrith
Giant Tree, Armboth
Gibbeson Bridge, Bassenthwaite
Gibbet Hill, Brough
Gibbet Hill, Langwathby
Gibbet Hill, Sedbergh
Gibbet Tree, Hawkshead
Gibbet Wood, Rockcliffe
Gibbison Bridge (Gibbeson Bridge, Bassenthwaite)
Gibbons Pots, Middleton
Gibbs Hall, Dent
Gibbs Hall Farm, Dent
Gibbs Hill (Gibshill, Stapleton)
Gibbs Town (Gibstown, Solport)
Gibb Tarn, Lowside Quarter
Gibraltar Crag, Bassenthwaite
Gibraltar Farm, Dalton-in-Furness
Gibraltar, Over Staveley
Gib's Hall (Gibbs Hall Farm, Dent)
Gib's Hall (Gibbs Hall, Dent)
Gibshill, Stapleton
Gib's House, Hawksdale
Gibson Knott, Lakes
Gibson Memorial (St Lawrence, Crosby Ravensworth)
Gibson's Hollow, Whitehaven
Gibson's Spout, Bootle
Gibson's Well, Renwick
Gibstown, Solport
Gift House, Whitehaven
Giggleswick, North Yorkshire
Giggleswick Scar, North Yorkshire
Gilbank Spout, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Gilbert Bridge, Kirkby Stephen
Gilbert Cleugh
Gilbert Gate, Kirkby Stephen
Gilbert Gilkes and Co (Kendal: Gilkes, Gilbert and Co)
Gilbert Gill, Little Clifton
Gilbert Scar, Lakes
Gilbert's Hill, Askerton
Gilbrea, High (High Gilbrea, Lorton)
Gilcrose (Gilcrux)
Gilcross (Gilcrux)
Gilcrosse (Gilcrux)
Gilcruise (Gilcrux)
Gilcrux Church (St Mary, Gilcrux)
Gilcrux Common, Gilcrux
Gilcrux parish
Gilcrux Village Hall, Gilcrux
Gildard Hill, Casterton
Gildard Wood, Casterton
Gilderdale, Alston Moor
Gilderdale Bridge, Alston Moor
Gilderdale Burn
Gilderdale Forest, Alston Moor
Gilderdale Halt, Alston Moor
Gilderdale Viaduct, Alston Moor
Gildersdale Burn, Alston Moor (Gilderdale Burn)
Giles's Quarry, Garsdale
Gilestown, Kirklinton Middle
Giles Wood, Cockermouth
Gilgarran, Distington
Gilgarran Farm, Distington
Gilgarran Gill
Gilgarran House, Gilgarran
Gilgarran Plantation, Distington
Gilgarron (Gilgarran, Distington)
Gill (Blindtarn Gill Farm, Easedale)
Gill (Ghyll Farm, Firbank)
Gill (Ghyll Farm, Lamplugh)
Gill (Ghyll Farm, St Bees)
Gill (Greystoke Gill, Greystoke)
Gill (High Bewaldeth Cottage, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
Gillalees, Askerton
Gillalees Beacon, Askerton
Gillam House (Ulverston: Market Street, 51)
Gillam's (Ulverston: Market Street, 64)
Gillam's of Ulverston (Ulverston: Market Street, 62)
Gillands Beck
Gillands Quarry, Bothel
Gill Bank (Ghyll Bank, Above Derwent)
Gillbank (Ghyll Bank, Grayrigg)
Gill Bank (Ghyll Bank, Over Staveley)
Gillbank, Claife
Gillbank, Dearham
Gillbanke (Ghyll Bank, Over Staveley)
Gill Bank, Eskdale
Gillbank, Holme Abbey
Gillbank, Ousby
Gillbank, Stainmore
Gillbank, Walton
Gill Beck
Gill Beck (10)
Gill Beck (11)
Gill Beck (2)
Gill Beck (3)
Gill Beck (4)
Gill Beck (5)
Gill Beck (8)
Gill Beck (9)
Gillbeck Bridge, Ravenstonedale
Gill Beck, Great, Kirkoswald (Great Gill Beck)
Gillbeck, Rockcliffe
Gillbirks Quarry, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Gill, Boltons
Gillbraehead, Scotland
Gill Brewery, Ulverston
Gill Bridge, Alston Moor
Gill Bridge, Dalston
Gill Bridge, Tilberthwaite
Gillbrow (Ghyll Brow, Moresby)
Gillbrow (High Gilbrea, Lorton)
Gillbrow, Above Derwent
Gill Brow, Blindbothel
Gillbrow, Blindbothel
Gill Brow, Clifton
Gill Brow Cottage, Blindbothel
Gill-browe (Gill Brow, Clifton)
Gillbrowhead (Gillbraehead, Scotland)
Gill Brow Iron Mine, Pennington
Gillbrow, Kirklinton Middle
Gillbrow Plantation, Beaumont
Gill Burn
Gillburn Bridge, Alston Moor
gill, Buttermere
Gillcambon Beck
Gillcambon, Greystoke
Gillcambon Tarn, Greystoke
Gill Close Mill, Ambleside
Gill Common (Gillcambon, Greystoke)
Gill Cottage (Ghyll Cottage, St Bees)
Gill Cottage (Ghyll, Kendal)
Gill Cottage, Aikton
Gill Cottage, Hugill
Gill Cottage, Little (Little Gill Cottage, Alston Moor)
Gill Cottage, Nicholforest
Gill Cottages (Ghyll Cottage, Dacre)
Gill Cottage, St Bees
Gill Cove Beck, Coniston (Cove Beck)
Gill Cove, Coniston
Gill Cove Crag, Coniston
Gill Crag, Patterdale
Gillcrux (Gilcrux)
Gillcumber Brow, Winton
Gillcumber Head, Winton
Gillcumber Sike
Gill, Dalston
Gill Dub, Dalton Town with Newton
Gill Dubs, Bampton
Gill, Ellenborough
Gill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Giller Beck
Gillercomb, Borrowdale
Gillercombe Crag, Borrowdale
Gillercomb Head, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gillerthwaite Farm (Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gillerthwaite, Loweswater
Gillerthwat (Gillerthwaite, Loweswater)
Gillesland (Barony of Gilsland, Cumberland)
Gillesland (Gilsland)
Gill, Far, Alston Moor (Far Gill (2))
Gill Farm (Ghyll Farm, St Bees)
Gill Farm, Bromfield
Gill Farm, Orton S
Gill Field, Mungrisdale
Gillfield Sike
Gill Foot (Ghyll Foot, Grasmere)
Gill Foot (Gillside, Scotland)
Gillfoot (High Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gillfoot (Low Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gillfoot Branch Junction, Egremont
Gillfoot Bridge, Caldbeck
Gillfoot Bridge, Carlatton
Gillfoot Bridge, Milburn
Gillfoot, Caldbeck
Gill Foot, Carlatton
Gillfoot, Corney
Gillfoot, Egremont
Gillfoot, High (High Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gillfoot, Holme St Cuthbert
Gillfoot, Holme St Cuthbert (2)
Gillfoot, Low (Low Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gill Foot, Mansergh
Gillfoot Meeting House (meeting house, Gillfoot)
Gillfoot Mine (mine, Egremont)
Gillfoot, Walton
Gill Foot, Whinfell
Gill Force, Eskdale
Gill Force Mine (South Cumberland Mine, Eskdale)
Gillgaron (Gilgarran, Distington)
Gillgate, Blindcrake
Gill Gill Bridge (Gillgill Bridge, Nenthead)
Gillgill Bridge, Nenthead
Gill Gooden
Gillgooden, Bothel and Threapland
Gillgrains Crag, Little Langdale
Gill Grains, Little Langdale
Gill Grains, Mallerstang
Gillgrass Quarry, Gosforth
Gill, Great, Mallerstang (Great Gill)
Gill, Great, Mallerstang (Great Gill (2))
Gill Gutter
Gill Hall (Gill Hole, Tebay)
Gill, Hawthwaite
Gill Head (Agnes Gill, Whinfell)
Gillhead (Ghyll Head Farm, Westward)
Gill Head (Ghyll Head, Cartmel Fell)
Gillhead (Gill Head Farm, Matterdale)
Gill Head (Gillhead, Butterwick)
Gill Head Beck
Gill Head, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Gillhead Bridge, Hesket
Gillhead Bungalows, Maryport
Gillhead, Butterwick
Gillhead, Castle Sowerby
Gill Head, Dent
Gill Head Farm, Matterdale
Gill Head Farm, Wetheral
Gill Head, Garsdale
Gillhead, Hesket
Gillhead, High (High Gillhead, Moresby)
Gillhead, Moresby
Gillhead Quarry, Ireby
Gill Head Tarn (Ghyll Head Reservoir, Cartmel Fell)
Gill Hole, Tebay
Gill House (Ghyll House, Alston Moor)
Gillhouse (Ranbeck, Culgaith)
Gill House Beck
Gill House, Bromfield
Gill House, Cockermouth
Gill House, Crook
Gill House, Dalston
Gill House, Irthington
Gill House, Irton with Santon
Gill House, New Hutton
Gill House, Ormside
Gillhouse Stile (Ghyllhouse Style, Killington)
Gill House, Wreay
Gill Hush, Little (Little Gill Hush, Alston Moor)
Gillian Briggs Pike (Gillingbrig Gate, Ainstable)
Gillian Well, Calthwaite
Gillies House, Irthington
Gillingate Meeting House (meeting house, Gillingate)
Gillingbrig Currick, Ainstable
Gillingbrig Gate, Ainstable
Gillinggate (Kendal: Gillinggate)
Gilling Grove Foundry, Kendal
Gilling Grove, Kendal
Gilling Holm (Julian Holme, Gosforth (2))
Gilling Reane House, Kendal
Gill, Kirklinton Middle
Gill Laids, Near, Sedbergh (Near Gill Laids)
Gill, Little, Alston Moor (Little Gill)
Gill, Little, Bampton (Little Gill (2))
Gill, Little, Crosby Garrett (Little Gill (3))
Gill, Little, Lakes, Mickleden (Little Gill (4))
Gill, Little, Alston Moor (Little Gill (5))
Gill, Middle, Alston Moor (Middle Gill)
Gill Mill, New Hutton
Gillmoor Sike
Gillmorend Brow, Bromfield
Gill, Near, Alston Moor (Near Gill (2))
Gill, Nether Wasdale
Gill, Pennington
Gill Pike, Northumberland
Gill Place, Brampton
Gill Race
Gillrace Bridge, Kingwater
Gills (East Gills, Orton S)
Gillses, Stainmore
Gills, Gilcrux
Gillsgrassing Wood, Tebay
Gillside Cottage, Glenridding
Gillside, Glenridding
Gill Side, Grasmere
Gillside, Grasmere
Gillside, Scotland
Gillsland (Gilsland)
Gills Market, Maryport
Gillsmere Sike
Gill's Plantation, Hayton
Gillsrow, Matterdale
Gill Stone (Kilnstones, Longsleddale)
Gill, The (Ulverston: Gill)
Gill, The (Ghyll, Applethwaite)
Gill, The
Gillthrouten (Gilthroton, Strickland Ketel)
Gillthwaiterigg (Gilthwaiterigg, Skelsmergh)
Gill Well, Great Asby
Gill Well, Kendal
Gill, Westward
Gillwhins (South Gillwhins, Sebergham)
Gillwilly Lane, Penrith
Gill, Windermere
Gill Wood, Blindcrake
Gill Wood, Hesket
Gilmarver House, Hawkshead
Gilnockie Tower, Scotland
Gilpert's Lane, Kirkby Stephen
Gilpin Bank, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Gilpin Bank, Skelsmergh
Gilpin Bank, Strickland Roger
Gilpin Beck
Gilpin Bridge (Sampool Bridge, Levens)
Gilpin Bridge, Crook
Gilpin Bridge Inn, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Gilpin Cottage, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Gilpin Farm, Crook
Gilpin Farm, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Gilpin Mill, Crook
Gilpinpark Plantation, Crook
Gilpin, River
Gilpin's Bridge (Sampool Bridge, Levens)
Gilpin's Cottage (Gilpin Farm, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Gilse (Gilts, Crosby Ravensworth)
Gilshaughlin, Appleby
Gilshaughlin, Cliburn
Gilshaughlin Gill
Gilshaughlin House, Cliburn
Gilshaughlin Wood, Cliburn
Gilsland, Barony of (Barony of Gilsland, Cumberland)
Gilsland Church (St Mary, Gilsland)
Gilsland CofE Primary School, Gilsland
Gilslande (Gilsland)
Gilsland Reading Room and Public Hall (village hall, Gilsland)
Gilsland Spa (Gilsland, Waterhead)
Gilsland Spa, Gilsland
Gilsland Spa Hotel, Gilsland
Gilsland Spaw (Gilsland Spa, Gilsland)
Gilsland Station (Rose Hill Station, Gilsland)
Gilsland, Waterhead
Gilsland Woods, Gilsland
Gilterthwaite (Gillerthwaite, Loweswater)
Gilthatrigge (Gilthwaiterigg, Skelsmergh)
Gilthroton, Strickland Ketel
Gilthwaiterigg Beck
Gilthwaiterigg Lane, Kendal
Gilthwaiterigg Mill (mill, Gilthwaiterigg)
Gilthwaiterigg, Skelsmergh
Gilts Bridge, Crosby Ravensworth
Gilts, Crosby Ravensworth
Gilts Farm (Gilts, Crosby Ravensworth)
Gimelthwaite Gill
Gimmer Crag, Great Langdale
Gina Cook (Ulverston: Market Street, 18)
Gin Case Barn, Ousby
Gingle Hole and Cave (Jingling Caves, North Yorkshire)
Gingle Pot (Jingle Pot, North Yorkshire)
Gingling Cave (Jingling Caves, North Yorkshire)
Ginking Hill (Jenkin Hill, Thornthwaite)
Ginners (Nook, Scaleby)
Ginners Beck
Ginners Beck Bridge, Cartmel Fell
Ginners, Embleton
Ginns (Whitehaven: Ginns)
Ginns Engine (engine house, Whitehaven)
Ginns, Whitehaven
Gino's Pizzeria (Kendal: Gino's Pizzeria)
Gin Pit, Cleator Moor
Gipsy Well, Staveley
Gipsy Wood (Gypsy Wood, Helsington)
Girt Langden (Great Langdale, Lakes)
Girt Saffel (Great Salkeld)
Glade How, Nether Wasdale
Gladsmuir, Wetheral
Gladstone Knott, Lakes
Glankowen flud, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glannibanta (roman fort, Ravenglass)
Glannoventa (roman fort, Ravenglass)
Glanoventa (roman fort, Old Penrith)
Glanwhinton (Cumwhinton, Wetheral)
Glaramara, Borrowdale
Glaramara house, Borrowdale
Glasenby (Glassonby)
Glasenbye (Glassonby)
Glasgow and South Western Railway
Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway
Glasgow Hill, Sandside
Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow to Carlisle (road, Carlisle to Glasgow)
Glaslyn House, Brough
Glason (Glasson, Bowness)
Glassenby (Glassonby)
Glassenbye (Glassonby)
Glasserton (Gleaston, Aldingham)
Glass House, The (mill, Ambleside (2))
glass house, Whitehaven
Glass Lane, Whinfell
Glasson, Bowness
Glasson Bridge, Glasson
Glassonby and Kirkoswald Meeting House (meeting house, Kirkoswald)
Glassonby Beck
Glassonbybeck, Glassonby
Glassonby Methodist Church (chapel, Glassonby)
Glassonby parish
Glassonby stone circle, Glassonby
Glassonby Village Hall (village hall, Glassonby)
Glasson Farm, Glasson
Glasson Moss, Bowness
Glasson Station, Glasson
Glaston Castle (Gleaston Castle, Aldingham)
Glave Hill, Dalston
Glayston (Gleaston, Aldingham)
Glayston Castle (Gleaston Castle, Aldingham)
Gleaston, Aldingham
Gleaston Beck
Gleaston Castle, Aldingham
Gleaston Castle Farm, Gleaston
Gleaston Cornmill (Gleaston Mill, Aldingham)
Gleaston: Duke Street, 5
Gleaston House, Gleaston
Gleaston Mill, Aldingham
Gleaston Park, Aldingham
Gleaston: Post Office Row, 3 and 4
Gleba Bank, Catlowdy
Glebe Cottage, Hutton Roof
Glebe Farm, Barton
Glebe Farm, Blindcrake
Glebe House, Askham
Glebe House, Waberthwaite
Glebe House, Wreay
Glebe, Irthington
Glebelands, Long Marton
Glebelands, Stapleton
Glebe Lands, Woodside
Glede Crag, Over Staveley
Glede Gill
Glede Howe, Shap Rural
Glenamara Park, Patterdale
Glen Artney, Armathwaite
Glen Bridge, Westlinton
Glencairn (Glencoyne farm, Patterdale)
Glencairn Beck, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glencairn Mill, Heads Nook
Glencoe, Torpenhow
Glen Coin (Glencoyne farm, Patterdale)
Glencoin (Glencoyne, Patterdale)
Glencoin Bridge (Glencoyne Bridge, Matterdale)
Glencoin Cottages (Seldom Seen, Patterdale)
Glencoin Dale (Glencoyne, Matterdale)
Glencoindale Head (Glencoyne Head, Matterdale)
Glencoin Farm (Glencoyne farm, Patterdale)
Glen Coin Fell (Hart Side, Matterdale)
Glencoin Fell (Glencoyne Brow, Matterdale)
Glencoin Park (Glencoyne Park, Matterdale)
Glen Cottage, Allonby
Glen Cottage, Far Sawrey
Glen Cottage Hotel (Villa Bianca, Penrith)
Glencoyn Beck, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glencoyne Beck
Glencoyne Bridge, Matterdale
Glencoyne Brow, Matterdale
Glencoyne Cottages (Seldom Seen, Patterdale)
Glencoynedale (Glencoyne, Patterdale)
Glencoynedale Quarries (crater, Patterdale)
Glencoyne farm, Patterdale
Glencoyne Head, Matterdale
Glencoyne Level, Glencoyne
Glencoyne, Matterdale
Glencoyne Park, Matterdale
Glencoyne, Patterdale
Glencoyne Wood, Patterdale
Glencroft, Arthuret
Glencune (Glencoyne, Patterdale)
Glenderamacken, Threlkeld (Glenderamackin, River)
Glenderamackin Col, Mungrisdale
Glenderamackin, River
Glenderamaken, Threlkeld (Glenderamackin, River)
Glenderamakin, Threlkeld (Glenderamackin, River)
Glenderatera, Underskiddaw (Glenderaterra Beck)
Glenderaterra Beck
Glenderaterra Mine (Brundholme Mine, Underskiddaw)
Glenderaterra Mine, Threlkeld
Glendermeckin River, Threlkeld (Glenderamackin, River)
Glen Dhu, Bewcastle
Glen Dhu Hill, Bewcastle
Glendhu Hill, Bewcastle
Glendining Rigg (Glendinningrigg, Nicholforest)
Glendinning Rigg, Nicholforest
Glendinningrigg, Nicholforest
Glendoweratera, Underskiddaw (Glenderaterra Beck)
Glendower Meckine, Threlkeld (Glenderamackin, River)
Glen Dowlie (Glen Dowlin, Yanwath etc)
Glen Dowlin, Yanwath etc
Glenesk (Arran House, Longtown)
Glenfield House, Stank
Glengarth, Arthuret
Glen Hotel (White Hart, Appleby)
Glen House, Unthank
Glenke River, Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkern Flu, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkridden Flu., Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkrode flud, Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkroden Flu., Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkroden Flud, Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkroden River, Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkrodn flu., Patterdale (Glenridding Beck)
Glenkuen Flu., Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkwen fl., Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkwen Flu., Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkwen Flud, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkwen River, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkwin, Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenkwoin Flu., Patterdale (Glencoyne Beck)
Glenlea and Aysgarth, Burton-in-Kendal
Glenlivet, King's Meaburn
Glenmore, Dean
Glen, Nether Staveley
Glen of Deadly Night Shade (Vale of Nightshade, Barrow-in-Furness)
Glenridden (Glenridding valley, Patterdale)
Glenridding Beck
Glenridding Bridge, Glenridding
Glenridding Common, Patterdale
Glenridding Dodd, Patterdale
Glenridding House, Glenridding
Glenridding Hydroelectric Scheme, Glenridding
Glenridding Mini Market (Glenridding, Patterdale: Mini Market)
Glenridding, Patterdale
Glenridding, Patterdale: Mini Market
Glenridding, Patterdale: Sharmans
Glenridding Pier, Patterdale
Glenridding Public Hall, Glenridding
Glenridding Sailing Centre, Glenridding
Glenridding Screes, Patterdale
Glenridding valley, Patterdale
Glenright Beck
Glen Rothay Hotel, Rydal
Glen Rothay Lodge, Rydal
Glen Rudding (Glenridding, Patterdale)
Glenside Cottage, Troutbeck
Glen Side, Far Sawrey
Glen's Sike
Glenthorn, Ambleside
Glenthorne, Grasmere
Glenthorne Quaker Centre (Glenthorne, Grasmere)
Glenton Vale, Morland
Glen View, Upton
Glen, Westlinton
Glenwhelt (Grenwhelt, Northumberland)
Glen Whelt, Durham
Glenwhistle Hill, Nether Denton
Glenwillie Bridge, Great Corby
Glen Willie, Great Corby
Glenwilly Cottages, Great Corby
Glenwood, Hartley
Glenwood House, Alston
Glenzierfoot, Scotland
Glenzier, Nether (Glenzierfoot, Scotland)
Gleston (Gleaston, Aldingham)
Glingerbank, Kirkandrews
Glinger Burn
Glingerburn, Kirkandrews
Glinger Cottage, Kirkandrews
Glinger Foot (Glenzierfoot, Scotland)
Glinger Foot Bridge (Glingerfoot Bridge, Kirkandrews)
Glingerfoot Bridge, Kirkandrews
Glinger Mill, Kirkandrews
Global Warming, Rockcliffe
Globe, Burton-in-Kendal
Globe, Gosforth
Globe Hall, Ireby
Globe Hotel (Globe, Whitehaven)
Globe Hotel, Cockermouth
Globe Hotel, Distington
Globe Inn (Globe Hotel, Cockermouth)
Globe Inn (Globe, Wythop Mill)
Globe Inn (Wild Duck, Branthwaite)
Globe Inn, Bolton Low Houses
Globe Inn, Calthwaite
Globe Inn, Carlisle
Globe Inn Cottage, Allonby
Globe Inn, Hensingham
Globe Inn, Kendal
Globe Inn, Ulverston
Globe Lane (Carlisle: Globe Lane)
Globe Tavern, Longtown
Globe, Whitehaven
Globe, Wythop Mill
Gloster Arms (Gloucester Arms, Penrith)
Glota, (Clyde, River)
Gloucester Arms Hotel (Gloucester Arms, Penrith)
Gloucester Arms, Penrith
Glover's Row, Carlisle
Glover's Row, Old (Glover's Row, Carlisle)
Glow (South View, Smithfield)
Glow Worm Rock, Rydal
Goadsbarrow, Aldingham
Goal Fold, Stainmore
Goal Sike
Goat (Wydon, Beckces)
Goat Bridge (Blackfriars Bridge, Cockermouth)
Goat Brow, Cockermouth
Goat, Cockermouth
Goatcove, Longsleddale
Goat Crag (Goat Scar, Longsleddale)
Goat Crag, Borrowdale
Goat Crag, Buttermere
Goat Crags, Ainstable
Goat Crags, Borrowdale
Goat Crags, Threlkeld
Goat Crag, St John's Castlerigg etc
Goat Dub
Goatecove (Goatcove, Longsleddale)
Goatfoot Crag Slate Quarry, Torver
Goat Gill
Goat Gill (2)
Goat Gill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Goat Gills
Goat Hill, Hutton
Goathwaite High Quarry (Gawthwaite High Quarry, Lowick)
Goathwaite Quarry (Gawthwaite Quarry, Lowick)
Goat Island, Solport
Goatka (Goat Scar, Longsleddale)
Goatkey (Goatcove, Longsleddale)
Goat Level Drift (Crag Fell Iron Mines, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Goat Mill Bridge, Cockermouth
Goatmill House, Cockermouth
Goat Mills (High Gote Mill, Cockermouth)
Goat Mills (Low Gote Mills, Cockermouth)
Goat Mills, Cockermouth
Goatscar (Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale)
Goat Scar, Longsleddale
Goat's Crag Quarry, Coniston
Goats Tarn (Goat's Water, Torver)
Goatswater Quarry (Goatfoot Crag Slate Quarry, Torver)
Goat's Water, Torver
Goat Water (Goat's Water, Torver)
Goat Well, Cockermouth
Godderthwaite (High Godderthwaite, St Bridget Beckermet)
Godderthwaite (Low Godderthwaite, St Bridget Beckermet)
Godderthwaite, Low (Low Godderthwaite, St Bridget Beckermet)
Godferhead Farm (Godferhead, Loweswater)
Godferhead, Loweswater
Godfred (Godferhead, Loweswater)
Godholm (Low Holme, Cumwhitton)
Godmond Hall, Strickland Roger
God's Gift Mine (Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent)
Godworth, Lamplugh
Gofforth (Gosforth)
Gofsort (Gosforth)
Goggleby Stone, Shap
Gogglesby Stone (Goggleby Stone, Shap)
Golden Ball, Appleby
Golden Ball Hotel (Golden Ball, Appleby)
Golden Ball Inn (Black Bull, Dalton-in-Furness)
Golden Ball Inn, Whitehaven
Golden Cleugh, Bewcastle
Goldencup Nursery, Middleton
Golden Fleece, Brough
Golden Fleece, Calder Bridge
Golden Fleece, Carlisle
Golden Fleece, Ruleholme
Golden Fleece, St Cuthbert Without
Golden Howe, Grayrigg
Golden Lion (Gallagher's Irish Bar, Carlisle)
Golden Lion (Kendal: Market Place, 34)
Golden Lion Hotel (Golden Lion, Whitehaven)
Golden Lion House (Golden Lion, Whitehaven)
Golden Lion Inn, Alston
Golden Lion, Maryport
Golden Lion (Gallagher's Irish Bar, Carlisle)
Golden Lion (Kendal: Market Place, 34)
Golden Lion, The (Lion House, Croglin)
Golden Lion, Whitehaven
Golden Mea, Dufton
Goldenmea Head, Dufton
Goldenmea Sike
Golden Oak, Storrs
Golden Pheasant, Cliburn
Goldenrock Cottage, Crook
Golden Rocks, Bewcastle
Golden Rule, Ambleside
Golden Rule Hotel (Golden Rule, Ambleside)
Goldmire Beck
Goldmire Bridge, Dalton Town with Newton
Goldmire Cottage (Gouldmire Cottage, Scalthwaiterigg)
Goldmire Junction (Goldmire North Junction, Dalton Town with Newton)
Goldmire Junction, North (Goldmire North Junction, Dalton Town with Newton)
Goldmire North Junction, Dalton Town with Newton
Goldmire Quarry, Dalton Town with Newton
Gold Place, The (Penrith: Devonshire Street, 12)
Goldril Beck, Patterdale (Goldrill Beck)
Goldrill Beck
Goldrill Bridge, Patterdale
Goldrill Cottage (Patterdale Youth Hostel, Patterdale)
Goldrill Crag, Ulpha
Gold Scalp (Scope End, Above Derwent)
Gold Scalp (Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent)
Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent
Gold Scope Quarries, Torver
Gold Skop Copper Mines (Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent)
Golen Fleece (Golden Fleece, Carlisle)
Gole River, Above Derwent (Newlands Beck)
Golfe Solway (Solway Firth)
Golf Hotel, Silloth
Gondola, Coniston Water
Gondola Stores (Gondola, Coniston Water)
Gondsike, Roundthwaite
Goodcroft, Shap Rural
Goodham Scales, Whitwell and Selside
Goodham Skales (Goodham Scales, Whitwell and Selside)
Goodholm (Low Holme, Cumwhitton)
Goodies Cottage, Firbank
Goodies, Firbank
Goodlay Hill (Goodlie Hill, Asby)
Goodles, Asby
Goodlie Hill, Asby
Goodly Dale Community Primary School (school, Bowness-on-Windermere (3))
Goodly Dale Cottage Homes, Bowness-on-Windermere
Goods Line Junction (Parton Goods Junction, Parton)
Goodteeth (Brampton: Goodteeth)
Goodwife Stones, Mallerstang
Goody Bridge, Grasmere
Goody Bridge house, Grasmere
Goodybridge House, Grasmere
Goodyhills Farm, Holme St Cuthbert
Goodyhills, Holme St Cuthbert
Gookbed (Crookabeck, Patterdale)
Goomholt (Greenhead, Northumberland)
Goose and Goslings, Bewcastle
Gooseberry Hill, Lowca
Goose Butts, Weddicar
Goose Crag, Shap Rural
Goosefold, Holme Low
Goose Green (Green, Dalton-in-Furness)
Goose Green, Arlecdon and Frizington
Goosegreen, Crookdake
Goose Green Gate (house, Nether Staveley (2))
Goose Green Gate, Nether Staveley
Goosegreen Inn (Royal Oak, Goose Green)
Goosegreen, Matterdale
Goosegreen, Moresby
Goose Green, Preston Patrick
Goose Green, Sebergham
Gooseholme Bridge, Kendal
Goose Holme, Kendal
Goose Holme, Morland
Goose How Bobbin Mill (Fellfoot Mill, Over Staveley)
Goose Howe, Hugill
Goose Mire, Crook
Goosemire Fauld (Goosemire, Mardale)
Goosemire, Mardale
Goosemire Sike
Goosepit Lane, Brough
Goose Sike
Goosetail, Little Clifton
Goose Well (Goosewell Farm, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Goosewell Farm, St John's Castlerigg etc
Gorah (Gowrey, Casterton)
Gordale Scar, North Yorkshire
Gordon Boyd, blacksmith (Crosthwaite, Crosthwaite and Lyth: Boyd)
Gore's Buildings, Whitehaven
Gorge of Borrowdale (Borrowdale)
Gornal Ground, Millom Without
Gornal Ground Wood, Millom Without
Gorney (Corney, Waberthwaite)
Gorramburie (Gorrenberry, Scotland)
Gorrenberry, Scotland
gorse bushes, Scales
Gort Hall, Murton
Gorton House, Kirkby Stephen
Gosforth Church (St Mary, Gosforth)
Gosforth CofE Primary School, Gosforth
Gosforth CofE Primary School School (Gosforth CofE Primary School, Gosforth)
Gosforth Crag Moss, Nether Wasdale
Gosforth Crag, Nether Wasdale
Gosforth Cross, Gosforth
Gosforthe (Gosforth)
Gosforth Gate, Gosforth
Gosforth Hall, Gosforth
Gosforth Hall Hotel (Gosforth Hall, Gosforth)
Gosforth High School (school, Gosforth)
Gosforth parish
Gosforth Primary School (Gosforth CofE Primary School, Gosforth)
Gosforth School (school, Gosforth)
Gosforth: Style Bank
Gosforth to Wasdale Head (road, Gosforth to Wasdale Head)
Goslands (Crosslands Farm, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Gosling Sike
Gosling Sike (2)
Goslingsike, Carlisle
Gosling Sykes, Bewcastle (Gosling Sike)
Goslin Syke, Carlisle (Gosling Sike (2))
Gospel Thorn, Harberwain
Gossel Ridding, Bowness-on-Windermere
Gossford (Gosforth)
Gossip Gate, Alston Moor
Gossipgate, Alston Moor
Gossipgate Bridge, Alston
Gossipgate Shaft, Alston Moor
Goswick Hall, Cartmel Fell
Gote (Goat, Cockermouth)
Gote Road (Cockermouth: Gote Road)
Gotes Gab (Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent)
Gothic Arch (Ingleborough Cave, North Yorkshire)
Gotree (Gawtreehouse, Hunsonby)
Goubarrow (Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale)
Gough Memorial, Patterdale
Gough road M4
Gough road M5
Gough road M5b
Gough road S6
Goulding's Fold, Glassonby
Gouldmire Cottage, Scalthwaiterigg
Gouthercrag Gill
Gouther Crag, Shap Rural
Governor House (Hunley, Scaleby)
Governor's Lathe, Deepdale
Governor Square (Hunley, Scaleby)
Gowan Bank Farm, Nether Staveley
Gowan Bridge, Over Staveley
Gowan, River
Gowany Hill, Askerton
Gowany Knowe, Kingwater
Gowany Sike
Gowbarrow Bay, Ullswater
Gowbarrow chapel (church, Gowbarrow)
Gowbarrow Fell, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Hall, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Lodge, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale
Gowbray Park (Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale)
Gowburrow Park (Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale)
Gowdar (Gowder Crag, Borrowdale)
Gowdar Crag (Gowder Crag, Borrowdale)
Gowder Crag, Borrowdale
Gowder Crag, Little (Little Gowder Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gowder Crag, Nether Wasdale
Gowder Dub, Borrowdale
Gowder Stones, Borrowdale
Gowd Scalp Mine (Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent)
Gowel Beck, Hugill (Gowan, River)
Gowk Bank, Kingwater
Gowk Hill, Martindale
Gowlands Cross, Dent
Gowrey (Old Gowrey, Casterton)
Gowrey, Casterton
Gowrie, Allhallows
Gowrie Cottages, Gowrie
Goytcowe (Goatcove, Longsleddale)
Gracetemoor, Ravenstonedale
gradient post, Hunsonby
Gragareth, Lancashire
Graham Arms (Cliff Inn, Kirklinton Middle)
Graham Arms (Lynebank House, Westlinton)
Graham Arms, Hayton
Graham Arms Hotel (Graham Arms, Longtown)
Graham Arms, Longtown
Graham Glynn Ceramics (Fairbank Smithy, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Grahams Anset (Lordstown, Bewcastle)
Grahams Anset Yate (Graham's Onset, Bewcastle)
Graham's Arms (Graham Arms, Longtown)
Graham's Arms (Lynebank House, Westlinton)
Graham's Arms, Mill Hill
Graham's Cottage (Winderbog, Hesket)
Graham's Onset, Bewcastle
Graham's Rigg, Askerton
Grahamsrigg, Bewcastle
Graham Street (Longtown: Graham Street)
Graham Street (Penrith: Graham Street)
Grai Cragg (Grey Crag, Longsleddale)
Grain, Arthuret
Grain Beck
Grainbrow, Hethersgill
Grain Cottage, Hethersgill
Grain, East, Orton S (East Grain)
Grained Tree, Stainmore
Grainge (Bampton Grange, Bampton)
Grainge (Grange, Borrowdale)
Grainge Beck, Workington (Derwent, River)
Grainger Houses, Westward
Grainge, The (Milburn Grange, Milburn)
Grain Gill
Grainhead, Hethersgill
Grain Hills, Distington
Graining Field, Grayrigg
Grainings Beck
Grain, Middle, Orton S (Middle Grain)
Grain, Middle, Dufton (Middle Grain (2))
Grain Moor Quarry, Broughton West
Grainses Lone Sheepfold, Askerton
Grains Gill
Grains Gill (2)
Grainsgill Beck
Grains Gill, Carlingill
Grains Gill Level, Borrowdale
Grains, High (High Grains, Askerton)
Grains, Low (Low Grains, Bewcastle)
Grains of Gill, Mallerstang
Grains, Orton S
Grains o' th' Beck Turnpike, Durham
Grain, West, Orton S (West Grain)
Graisdale (Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite)
Graistoke (Greystoke)
Graithwaite (Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite)
Graitnay (Gretna, Scotland)
Graitnay, Old (Old Graitney, Scotland)
Graitney (Gretna, Scotland)
Grajas Garth (Grassgarth, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Gramlesby (Gamblesby, Glassonby)
Grammar School (school, Carlisle)
Grammar School (Shap CofE School, Shap)
Grammar School House (school, Matterdale)
Grammar School, The (Cartmel Grammar School, Cartmel)
Grammar School, The (Hawkshead Grammar School, Hawkshead)
Grammary Bank, Waitby
Granary House, Penrith
Granary Yard (Whitehaven: Granary Yard)
Granby Cottage, Whitehaven
Granby House, Whitehaven
Grand Caledonian Junction Railway
G R and R D Taylor (Kirkby Lonsdale: Taylor's)
Grandsire, Crook
Grandsire Lane, Stanwix Rural
Grand Sweet Store, The (Penrith: King Street, 40)
Grandy Barn, Kentmere
Grandybrae Wood, Martindale
Grandy Nook Coffee Shop (Grandy Nook Tearooms, Hawkshead)
Grandy Nook, Kendal
Grandy Nook Tearooms, Hawkshead
Grandy Quarries, Oddendale
Grandyscar Wood, Barton
Grange (Bampton Grange, Bampton)
Grange (Edenhall Grange, Langwathby)
Grange (Meaburn Hall, Maulds Meaburn)
Grange (Nibthwaite Grange, Colton)
Grange (Orton Grange Farm, Orton N)
Grange (Raby Grange, Holme East Waver)
Grange Bakery (Grange-over-Sands: Grange Bakery)
Grange Bank, Wigton
Grange, Borrowdale
Grange, Botcherby
Grange Bridge Cottage, Grange
Grange Bridge, Grange
Grange, Brunstock
Grange, Casterton
Grange Chapel (Wesleyan Church, Grange)
Grange Cheese Centre (Grange-over-Sands: Ainsworth's)
Grange Church (Holy Trinity, Grange)
Grange Country House Hotel, Loweswater
Grange Crags, Borrowdale
Grange Dental Practice (Grange-over-Sands: Grange Dental Practice)
Grange, Drumburgh
Grange Farm (Grange, Gilcrux)
Grange Farm, Allerby
Grange Farm, Bampton Grange
Grange Farm, Blindcrake
Grange Farm, Flimby
Grange Farm House, Grange
Grange Farm, Redmain
Grange Fell, Borrowdale
Grange Fell Cemetery, Grange-over-Sands
Grange Fire Station, Grange-over-Sands
Grange, Gilcrux
Grange Grassings, Gilcrux
Grange Grassings, Gilcrux (2)
Grange Hall, Asby
Grange Hotel, Grange-over-Sands
Grange House, Bampton
Grange House, Cliburn
Grange House Farm (Grange House, Bampton)
Grange-in-Borrowdale (Grange, Borrowdale)
Grange Institute, Grange-over-Sands
Grange, Irthington
Grange, Ivegill
Grange Lane, Loweswater
Grange Lido (swimming pool, Grange-over-Sands)
Grange Lodge, Casterton
Grange, Low (Low Grange, Hesket)
Grange Moor, Milburn
Grange, New (New Grange, Bridekirk)
Grange Ornamental Gardens (Ornamental Gardens, Grange-over-Sands)
Grange-over-Sands: Ainsworth's
Grange-over-Sands: Barclays Bank
Grange-over-Sands: Cart Lane
Grange-over-Sands Church (St Paul, Grange-over-Sands)
Grange-over-Sands: Coffee Pot Cafe
Grange-over-Sands: Co-op Pharmacy
Grange-over-Sands: Fletcher's
Grange-over-Sands: Grange Bakery
Grange-over-Sands: Grange Dental Practice
Grange-over-Sands: Higginsons
Grange-over-Sands: Lancasters
Grange-over-Sands: Main Street
Grange-over-Sands: Main Street (2)
Grange-over-Sands parish
Grange-over-Sands: Peking Duck
Grange-over-Sands Police Station (police station, Grange-over-Sands)
Grange-over-Sands: Post Office
Grange-over-Sands road (road, through Grange-over-Sands)
Grange-over-Sands Station, Grange-over-Sands
Grange-over-Sands: Trenouth's
Grange Parish Hall, Grange-over-Sands
Grange Post Office (Grange-over-Sands: Post Office)
Granger Houses (Grainger Houses, Westward)
Grange River, Workington (Derwent, River)
Grange Scar, Asby
Grange School (school, Grange)
Grange Station (Grange-over-Sands Station, Grange-over-Sands)
Grange, St John Beckermet
Grange, Temple Sowerby
Grange, The (Waterend Farm, Loweswater)
Grange to Keswick (road, Keswick to Grange)
Grange, Waberthwaite
Grange, Wetheral
Grange, Windermere
Granny House, Arnside
Granny Wongs (Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 31)
Granville House, Alston
Grapes Hotel, Carlisle
Grapes Hotel, The (Grapes Inn, Appleby)
Grapes Inn (house, Brough (10))
Grapes Inn, Appleby
Grapes Lane (Carlisle: Grapes Lane)
Grapes, Penrith
Grapes, Ulverston
Graphite Mine (black lead mine, Seathwaite)
Graphite Mine, The (black lead mine, Seathwaite)
Graridge Hall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Graridg Hall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Grariggehall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Grarigg Hall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Grarig Hall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Grasmere: Baldry, W
Grasmere: Beck Steps
Grasmere Cemetery, Grasmere
Grasmere Church (St Oswald, Grasmere)
Grasmere CofE Primary School, Grasmere
Grasmere Common, Lakes
Grasmere: Heaton Cooper
Grasmere Hill (Grasmere Common, Lakes)
Grasmere Hill (Steel Fell, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Grasmere Hill (White Moss Common, Lakes)
Grasmere lake
Grasmere Lead Mine, Lakes
Grasmere Meeting House (Glenthorne, Grasmere)
Grasmere Mill, Grasmere
Grasmere Mine (Grasmere Lead Mine, Lakes)
Grasmere Gingerbread, Grasmere
Grasmere: Read
Grasmere stone circle, Lakes
Grasmere: Taffy Thomas
Grasmere Toll Gate (Toll Bar Cottage, Grasmere)
Grasmere to Skelwith Bridge (road, Grasmere to Skelwith Bridge)
Grasmere, Town End (Town End, Grasmere)
Grasmere Turnpike (Toll Bar Cottage, Grasmere)
Grasmere Water (Grasmere lake)
Grasmere Water (Grasmere lake)
Grasmere Youth Hostel (Thorney How, Grasmere)
Grasmire (Grasmoor, Buttermere)
Grasmire Hill (Grasmoor, Buttermere)
Grasmoor, Buttermere
Grasmoor End, Buttermere
Grasridge (Grassrigg, Killington)
Grass Dike
Grass Dike, Bowness
Grassfield, Alston Moor
Grass Gars (Grassguards, Ulpha)
Grassgarth, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Grassgarth Farm, Grassgarth
Grassgarth, Haverthwaite
Grassgarth, Hugill
Grassgarth, Sebergham
Grass Gate (Grassgarth, Hugill)
Grassgill Lodge, Soulby
Grassgill Rigg, Musgrave
Grassguards, Ulpha
Grass Holme, Windermere lake
Grass Ings (Ings, Hugill)
Grassings Brackens (Grange Grassings, Gilcrux)
Grassings, Woodside
Grassknop, Skelton
Grasslot Infant School, Maryport
Grassmere (Grasmere)
Grass Mere (Grasmere lake)
Grassmere Water (Grasmere lake)
Grassmire (Grasmoor, Buttermere)
Grassmoor (Grasmoor, Buttermere)
Grassmore (Grasmere)
Grassnop (Grassknop, Skelton)
Grassoms, Great (Great Grassoms, Bootle)
Grassoms, Little (Little Grassoms, Bootle)
Grass Paddocks, Colton
Grassrigg, High (High Grassrigg, Killington)
Grassrigg, Killington
Grassthwaitehow (Grassthwaite Howe, Patterdale)
Grassthwaite Howe, Patterdale
Grassy Grain
Grastock (Greystoke)
Grastok Castle (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graston (Greystoke)
Grate, Helsington
Grathwaite (Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite)
Grathwaite (Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite)
Gratna (Toll Bar Cottage, Gretna)
Grave Brow (Grove Brae, Mardale)
Grave Gill
gravel pit, Long Marton
Graven Gate, Bampton
Grave's Pool, Plumbland
gravestone, Above Derwent
Gray Beck
Grayber, Crosby Ravensworth
Gray Bull (Grey Bull, Shap Rural)
Grayca (Crake Hall, New Hutton)
Gray Crag (Crag Cottage, Northumberland)
Gray Crag (Grey Crag, Longsleddale)
Graycrage (Grey Crag, Longsleddale)
Graycragg (Grey Crag, Longsleddale)
Gray Crag, Patterdale
Grayed (Crake Hall, New Hutton)
Gray Friar (Grey Friar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Graygarath (Gragareth, Lancashire)
Graymains, Muncaster
Grayrig Foot (Grayrigg Foot, Grayrigg)
Grayrigg Almshouses, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Church (St John, Grayrigg)
Grayrigg CofE Primary School, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Common Fold, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Common, Grayrigg
Grayrigge (Grayrigg parish)
Grayrigge hall (Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg)
Grayrigg Foot, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Forest, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Hall Beck
Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Hause, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Head, Grayrigg
Grayrigg House, Grayrigg
Grayrigg: Lakeland Pipes
Grayrigg Meeting House (meeting house, Grayrigg)
Grayrigg parish
Grayrigg Pike, Grayrigg
Grayrigg Station, Lambrigg
Grayrigg Station, Lambrigg (2)
Grayrigg Tarn, Grayrigg
Grayrigg to road, Marthwaite (road, Marthwaite to Grayrigg)
Grayrig meeting (meeting house, Grayrigg)
Graysburn (High Griseburn, Crosby Garrett)
Graysburn (Low Griseburn, Crosby Garrett)
Graysdale Tarn (Grisedale Tarn, Patterdale)
Graysondale Farm, Deanscales
Grayson Green, Harrington
Grayson Hall (Grayson House, Great Salkeld)
Grayson Hall (Grayson House, Hunsonby)
Grayson House, Great Salkeld
Grayson House, Holme St Cuthbert
Grayson House, Hunsonby
Grayson Side, Embleton
Graysoon (Greysouthen)
Graysouthen (Greysouthen)
Graystock (Greystoke)
Graystock (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graystock, Barony of (Barony of Graystock, Cumberland)
Graystock Castle (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graystock Park (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graystok Castle (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graystoke Mill (mill, Greystoke)
Graystone Beck
Graystone, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Graystone House, Millom Without
Graystones, Lorton
Gray Stones, Whicham
Graythwaite (Greythwaite, Blindbothel)
Graythwaite, Blindbothel
Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite
Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite
Graythwaite Wood, Blindbothel
Gready Gate (Greety Gate, Broughton West)
Grearshill, Kingmoor
Greata Hall (Greta Hall, Keswick)
Greatah, River, (Doe, River)
Great Alby (Great Asby, Asby)
Great and Little Clifton Board School (school, Great Clifton)
Greata River, Keswick (Greta, River)
Great Arming How, Eskdale
Great Asby, Asby
Great Asby Baptist Church, Great Asby
Great Asby Club (Asby Village Hall, Great Asby)
Great Asby Hall (Asby Hall, Great Asby)
Great Asby Methodist Chapel, Great Asby
Great Asby Scar, Asby
Great Asby School (Asby Endowed School, Great Asby)
Great Ashby (Great Asby, Asby)
Great Augill
Great Aygill
Great Bank, Eskdale
Great Bank Farm (Greta Bank Farm, Underskiddaw)
Great Barrock (Barrock Fell, Hesket)
Greatbarrock Wood, Hesket
Great Barrow, Eskdale
Great Barwick (Barrock Fell, Hesket)
Great Bay, Derwent Water
Great Bell, Mallerstang
Great Blacklaw Hill, Geltsdale
Great Blake Beck
Great Blencow, Dacre
Great Blencowe (Great Blencow, Dacre)
Great Boat, Claife
Great Borne, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Great Braithwaite (Braithwaite, Above Derwent)
Great Broughton, Broughton
Great Broughton Church (Christ Church, Little Broughton)
Great Broughton School (school, Great Broughton)
Great Broughton Station, Broughton
Great Broughton: West End, 17
Great Brunthwaite, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Great Burney, Kirkby Ireleth
Great Calva, Underskiddaw
Great Carrath, Murton
Great Carrs, Coniston
Great Castle Howe, Great Langdale
Great Castle How, Lakes
Great Cliffton (Great Clifton)
Great Clifton
Great Clifton Church (St Luke, Clifton)
Great Clifton: Lowther Street
Great Clifton: Middlegate, 5
Great Clifton parish
Great Clifton: William Street
Great Close Wood, Patterdale
Great Cocklake, Dufton
Great Cockup, Ireby
Great Coniston Mine (Greenburn Mine, Coniston)
Great Coppice, Esthwaite
Great Corby Memorial Plaque (war memorial, Great Corby)
Great Corby Reading Room (Reading Room, Great Corby)
Great Corby School
Great Corby, Wetheral
Great Coum, Dent
Great Coum, Grayrigg
Great Cove, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Great Crag, Borrowdale
Great Crosthwaite Church (St Kentigern, Great Crosthwaite)
Great Crosthwaite: Church Lane
Great Crosthwaite: High Hill
Great Crosthwaite, Keswick
Great Dale (Greatdale, Culgaith)
Greatdale, Culgaith
Great Dockray (Penrith: Great Dockray)
Great Dodd, Stainmore
Great Dodd, St John's Castlerigg etc
Great Dodgen Pot Sike
Great Douk Cave, North Yorkshire
Great Doup, Pillar
Great Dovecote Gill
Great Dummacks, Sedbergh
Great Dun Fell, Milburn
Great Easby, Brampton
Great Ellerside, Colton
Great-end Crag (Great End, Eskdale)
Greatend Crag, Borrowdale
Great End, Eskdale
Great Ewe Fell, Crosby Garrett
Great Fellside (Fell Side, Caldbeck)
Great Force Gill Rigg, Sedbergh
Great Gabel (Great Gable, Nether Wasdale)
Great Gable, Above Derwent
Great Gable, Nether Wasdale
Great Gavel (Great Gable, Nether Wasdale)
Great Gill
Great Gill (2)
Great Gill Beck
Great Grain Gill
Great Grassoms, Bootle
Great Green Hows, Colton
Great Gutter
Great Hagg, Colton
Greathall Gill
Great Hartbarrow, Cartmel Fell
Great Hartbarrow Farm (Great Hartbarrow, Cartmel Fell)
Great Hawkrigg End, New Hutton
Greathead Crag, Easedale
Great Head House, Ulverston
Greathill Beck
Great Hill, Colton
Greatholme Plantation, Lowther Park
Great Horse Crag, Lakes
Great House, Troutbeck
Great How Crags, Coniston
Great Howe, Longsleddale
Great How, Eskdale
Great How, St John's Castlerigg etc
Great Inin (Shepherds Crag, Borrowdale)
Great Intake, Coniston
Great Intake, Satterthwaite
Great Island (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Great Island (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Great Kells (Great Kettle, Great Asby)
Great Kettle, Great Asby
Great Kinmond, Orton S
Great Knipe, Stainmore
Great Knott, Bassenthwaite
Great Knott, Blawith and Suberthwaite
Great Knott, High (High Great Knott, Troutbeck)
Great Knott, Lakes
Great Knott, Low (Low Great Knott, Troutbeck)
Great Knott, Satterthwaite
Great Knoutberry Hill, Dent
Great Lad Crag, Nether Wasdale
Great Ladstones, Shap Rural
Great Langdale: Angel Dust
Great Langdale Beck
Great Langdale, Lakes
Greatlaw Hill, Holme Abbey
Greatlaw, Holme Abbey
Great Lindeth, Colton
Great Lingy Hill, Caldbeck
Great Mag and her Sisters (Long Meg and Her Daughters, Hunsonby)
Great Meldrum, Matterdale
Great Mell Fell, Hutton
Great Millstone Sike
Great Moss, Eskdale
Great Moss, Stainmore
Great Musgrave Church (St Theobald, Musgrave)
Great Musgrave Free School (Great Musgrave School, Great Musgrave)
Great Musgrave, Musgrave
Great Musgrave School, Great Musgrave
Great Napes (Napes, Nether Wasdale)
Great Napes, Nether Wasdale
Great Nevy Gill, Orton S
Great Oath Hill, Egton with Newland
Great Ormesbed (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Great Ormeshead (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Great Ormeside (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Great Ormside Hall, Great Ormside
Great Ormside Moor, Ormside
Great Ormside, Ormside
Great Ormside road (road, through Great Ormside)
Great Ormside School (school, Great Ormside)
Great Ornside (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Great Orton Airfield, Aikton
Great Orton Church (St Giles, Great Orton)
Great Orton, Orton N
Great Orton School (school, Great Orton)
Great Orton Village Hall (village hall, Great Orton)
Great Oukrigg (Hawk Rigg, Coniston)
Great Park (Isel Park, Blindcrake)
Great Ranalinton (Randalinton, Arthuret)
Great Randy Gill
Great Rigg, Lakes
Greatrigg Man, Lakes
Great Robinson (Robinson, Above Derwent)
Great Rundale Beck
Great Rundale, Dufton
Great Rundale Tarn, Dufton
Great Rydal Lake (Rydal Water)
Great Saddle Crag (Saddle Crags, Shap Rural)
Great Salkeld
Great Salkeld Church (St Cuthbert, Great Salkeld)
Great Salkeld parish
Great Salkeld road (road, through Great Salkeld)
Great Salkeld School (St Cuthbert's CofE Primary School, Great Salkeld)
Great Sca Fell, Ireby
Great Scar, Brampton
Great Selgins, Brough Sowerby
Great Sheep Farm (Gatesgarth Farm, Gatesgarth)
Great Skirrygill, Stainmore
Great Slab, Eskdale
Great Slab, Lakes
Great Slack, Borrowdale
Great Spittal (Spital Farm, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Great Spring, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Great Stickle, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Great Stone of Blakeley, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Great Stowgill
Great Strickland
Great Strickland Bridge, Lowther
Great Strickland Church (St Barnabas, Great Strickland)
Great Strickland Meeting House (meeting house, Great Strickland)
Great Strickland Moor, Great Strickland
Great Strickland parish
Great Swindale
Great Swindale, Ravenstonedale
Greatt Brough (Brough)
Greatt Musgrave (Great Musgrave, Musgrave)
Great Tongue, Lakes
Greatt Ormside (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Great Tower Plantation, Cartmel Fell
Greatt Strickland (Great Strickland parish)
Great Ulgill, Sedbergh
Great Urswick School (school, Great Urswick)
Great Urswick, Urswick
Great Whitber, Waitby
Great Wold, Dent
Great Wood (Swinklebank Wood, Longsleddale)
Great Wood, Borrowdale
Great Wood, Crook
Great Wood, Crook (2)
Great Wood, Edenhall
Great Wood, Haile
Great Wood, Satterthwaite
Great Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Great Worm Crag, Ulpha
Great Wygill
Great Wygill Bridge, Kaber
Great Yarlside, Shap Rural
Greaves Beck
Greaves Bridge, Low (Low Greaves Bridge, Pennington)
Greaves Ground, Torver
Greaves, High (High Greaves, Pennington)
Greaves, Matterdale
Greaves, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Greaves Wood, Killington
Grecian House, Sunderland
Grecian Villa (Manor House Hotel, Cockermouth)
Greedy Gate (Greety Gate, Broughton West)
Green (Dodds Howe, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Green (Mardale Green, Shap Rural)
Green (Old Green, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Greenahcrag (Greenah Crag Farm, Mungrisdale)
Greenah Crag Farm, Mungrisdale
Greenah Hall, Bromfield
Greenah Hill (Greena Hill, Scotland)
Greenah Hill (Greena Tower, Scotland)
Greenah Hill, Above Derwent
Greena Hill, Scotland
Greenah, Matterdale
Greenah Moss, Hutton
Greenah Villa, Bromfield
Green Area, Dalton-in-Furness
Green, Askham
Greena, Stainmore
Greena Tower, Scotland
Green Band, Helbeck
Green Band, Kirkoswald
Green Bank (Greenbank Farm, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Green Bank (Greenbank Hotel, Whitehaven)
Green Bank (Scale How, Ambleside)
Green Bank, Ambleside
Green Bank, Bowness-on-Windermere
Greenbank, Brigham
Green Bank, Brough Sowerby
Green Bank, Broughton East
Greenbank, Crook
Green Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Greenbank, Far (Far Greenbank, Whitehaven)
Green Bank Farm, Cockermouth
Greenbank Farm, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Greenbank Farm, Green Bank
Greenbank Farm, Little Langdale
Greenbank Farm, Patterdale
Greenbank, Green Bank
Green Bank, Hawkshead
Greenbank Hotel, Whitehaven
Greenbank House (Greenbank Hotel, Whitehaven)
Greenbank, Kendal
Green Bank, New Hutton
Greenbank, Old Town
Green Bank, Oxen Park
Greenbank, Papcastle
Greenbank Pit, Whitehaven
Greenbanks (Green Bank Farm, Cockermouth)
Greenbank's Limekiln, Dent
Green Bank, Storrs
Greenbank, Ulcat Row
Greenbed (Esk Boathouse, Rockcliffe)
Green Bell, Ravenstonedale
Green Belt Fell (Green Bell, Ravenstonedale)
Greenber Lane, Casterton
Greenber Sike
Green, Blencogo
Green Bog, Matterdale
Greenboot Hole, Stainmore
Green, Bowness-on-Windermere
Green Burn
Green Burn (2)
Greenburn Beck
Greenburn Beck Tarn (Greenburn Reservoir, Lakes)
Greenburn Bottom, Lakes
Greenburn, Coniston
Greenburn Copper Mine (Greenburn Mine, Coniston)
Greenburn Mine, Coniston
Greenburn Reservoir, Lakes
Greencastle, Alston Moor
Greencastle Brow, Dean
Green Castle Loch (Greencastle Tarn, Alston Moor)
Green Castle, Long Marton
Green Castle, Milburn
Greencastle Tarn, Alston Moor
Green City, The (Lancaster, Lancashire)
Green Close (house, Kirkby Lonsdale (2))
Greenclose, Bassenthwaite
Greenclose Cottage (Greenclose Farm, Cotehill)
Greenclose Farm, Cotehill
Greenclose, Hutton
Greenclose Wood, Bassenthwaite
Green Combe, Borrowdale
Greencombe Breast, Wythburn
Green Combe, Wythburn
Green Coonit, Kingwater
Green Cottage, Finsthwaite
Green Cottage, St Cuthbert Without
Greencourt, Skirwith
Green Cove, Windermere lake
Green Crag (Castle Rock, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Green Crag, Buttermere
Green Crag, Eskdale
Green Cragg (Castle Rock, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Green Cragg (Green Crag, Stainmore)
Greencrag Quarry (quarry, Green Crag)
Green Crag, Stainmore
Green Crag, Ulpha
Greencroft, Cartmel
Greencroft House, Great Strickland
Green Croft, Ireby
Green Croft, Moat Common
Green Crook, Butterwick
Greendale Gill
Greendale, Nether Wasdale
Greendale Tarn, Nether Wasdale
Greendale Wood, Witherslack
Green, Dalston
Green, Dalton-in-Furness
Green Dike (Green Dykes, Firbank)
Green, Distiington
Green Door Sweet Shop (Sedbergh: Main Street, 35)
Green Dragon, Burton-in-Kendal
Green Dragon, Carlisle
Green Dragon Hotel (Green Dragon, Workington)
Green Dragon (Snooty Fox, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Green Dragon, Workington
Green, Dufton
Green Dykes, Firbank
Green Edge, Gamblesby
Green Edges, Dent
Green Ees, Claife
Green Ees, Windermere lake
Green End (Mill Cottage, Low Beckfoot)
Green End 1, Allerby
Greenend, Bowness-on-Solway
Green End, Colthouse
Green End Cottage, Colthouse
Greenend, Elterwater
Green End, Hincaster
Green End House, Colthouse
Green End, No.1 (Green End 1, Allerby)
Greenends, Alston Moor
Greenends, Alston Moor (2)
Green (Old Green, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Green Farm, Bassenthwaite
Green Farm Cottage (Green, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Green Farm Cottage, Stockdalewath
Green Farmhouse (Green, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Green Farm, Sedbergh
Green Farm, Shap
Green Farm, Wetheral
Green Farm, Wet Sleddale
Greenfell Crag, Winton
Greenfell End, Winton
Green Fell, Kirkoswald
Greenfell Limekilns, Kirkoswald
Green Fell, Long Marton
Greenfell Moss, Winton
Green Fell, Ousby
Greenfell Raise, Kirkoswald
Green Fell Spring, Long Marton
Greenfell Spring, Winton
Green Fell, Winton
Greenfield (Garth House, Brampton)
Greenfield House, Lower Allithwaite
Greenfield House, Penrith
Greenfield Lane (Brampton: Greenfield Lane)
Greenfields Heat and Power (Penrith: Greenfields Heat and Power)
Green Flat, Dacre
Greenfoot, Boltons
Greenfoot, Daston
Green Foot, Middleshaw
Greenfoot, Sebergham
Greengable Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Green Gable, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Greengarth Hall, Gosforth
Greengarth, Wigton
Greengate, Bampton Grange
Greengatefoot (North Gateside, Whitwell and Selside)
Greengate Head, Stanwix Rural
Greengate, High (High Greengate, Near Sawrey)
Greengate, Irton with Santon
Greengate Junior School, Barrow-in-Furness
Greengate Lane (Kendal: Greengate Lane)
Greengate Lonning, Bromfield
Greengate, Moresby
Green Gate, Troutbeck
Greengate, Wharton
Greengeer Gutter, Barton
Green Gevil (Green Gable, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Green Ghyll, Longsleddale (Green Gill, Longsleddale)
Green Ghyll, Great Salkeld
Green Gill
Green Gill (2)
Green Gill (3)
Greengill Bank, Morland
Greengill Beck
Green Gill, Crosby Garrett
Greengill Farm, Gilcrux
Greengillfoot, Penrith
Greengill, Gilcrux
Greengill Head, Penrith
Green Gill, High, Ravenstonedale (High Green Gill)
Greengill House, Penrith
Greengill Hush, Alston Moor
Greengill Inn, Gilcrux
Green Gill, Longsleddale
Green Gill, Low, Ravenstonedale (Low Green Gill)
Greengill, Morland
Greengill Sike
Greengill Syke, Newby
Greengill Tongue, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Green, Great Musgrave
Greengrove Folds, Kentmere
Green Grove, Waterhead
Greenham (Greenholme, Killington)
Greenham Moss, Killington
Green Haume, Askam and Ireleth
Green Head (Greenhead Farm, Colton)
Greenhead, Bretherdale
Greenhead, Caldbeck
Green Head, Dalston
Green Head, Dalston (2)
Greenhead Farm, Colton
Green Head Ghyll, Lakes, (Greenhead Gill)
Greenhead Gill
Greenhead Gill Trial, Lakes
Green Head, Grasmere
Greenhead, Great Ormside
Greenhead, Hincaster
Green Head, Kentmere
Green Head, Lambrigg
Greenhead, Mardale
Greenhead, Matterdale
Greenhead, Northumberland
Greenhead Station, Northumberland
Greenhead to Langholm (road, Greenhead to Langholm)
Green, Hesket Newmarket
Green, High (High Green, Crosby Ravensworth)
Green, High (High Green, Great Musgrave)
Green, High (High Green, Middleton)
Green, High (High Green, Troutbeck)
Green Hill (Green, Lancashire)
Green Hill (Greenhill Lodge, Westward)
Greenhill (High Green Hill, Stapleton)
Green Hill, Alston Moor
Green Hill, Bassenthwaite
Greenhill, Bowness
Green Hill, Crook
Greenhill, Dalston
Green Hill, Dent
Green Hill, Dent (2)
Greenhill Farm, Westward
Green Hill, High (High Green Hill, Stapleton)
Greenhill House (Greenhill Lodge, Westward)
Green Hill, Kingwater
Greenhill Lodge, Westward
Green Hill, Lupton
Green Hill, Mallerstang
Green Hill, Matterdale
Greenhill, North (North Greenhill, Stapleton)
Greenmill Plantation (Greenmill Wood, Kirkandrews)
Green Hill, Ravenstonedale
Green Hill Seam, Mallerstang
Greenhills Farm, Crook
Green Hills Farm, Dalton Town with Newton
Green Hills House (Green Hills Farm, Dalton Town with Newton)
Green Hill Tarn (Jenny Dam, Crook)
Green Hole, Eskdale
Green Hole, Lakes
Greenhole, Northumberland
Green Hollins, Sedbergh
Green Hollows, Skelton
Greenholm (High Greenholme, Orton S)
Greenholme Beck
Greenholme Beck (2)
Greenholme Bridge, Greenholme
Greenholme Farm, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Greenholme, Hayton
Greenholme, High (High Greenholme, Orton S)
Greenholme, Killington
Greenholme Lodge, Hayton
Greenholme, Low (Low Greenholme, Tebay)
Greenholme, Lyne Bank
Greenholme, Orton S
Green Holme, Rydal Water
Greenholme School (Old School, Greenholme)
Greenholme, Shap
Greenholm, High (High Greenholme, Orton S)
Greenholm, Low (Low Greenholme, Tebay)
Green House (Hawkbarrow Farm, Gosforth)
greenhouse, Carlisle Cemetery
Green House Farm (Green House, Shap)
Green House, Lowca
Green Houses, Culgaith
Green House, Shap
Greenhow Crags, Wythburn
Greenhow, Dufton
Green Howe, Great Langdale
Greenhow End, Patterdale
Greenhowe Rigg, Stainmore
Green How, Eskdale
Green How, Eskdale (2)
Greenhow Gill
Green How, Ireby
Green Hows, Great (Great Green Hows, Colton)
Green Hows Tarn, Colton
Green How, Ulpha
Greenhurst, Haverthwaite
Greening, Matterdale
Green, Irthington
Green, Kaber
Greenkiln, Sockbridge and Tirril
Green Knott Gill
Green Knott, Tebay
Green Knowe, Askerton
Green Knowe, Bewcastle
Green Knowe, Kingwater
Green Knowe, Nicholforest
Green, Lambrigg
Green, Lancashire
Greenland End (Greenlane End, Lupton)
Greenlands Farm, Lancashire
Greenlands Hall (Trainlands, Crosby Ravensworth)
Greenlands House, Soulby
Greenlands, Irton with Santon
Greenlands, Langwathby
Greenlands, Setmurthy
Greenlands Wood, Hesket
Green Lane (Dalton-in-Furness: Green Lane)
Green Lane (Deepdale, Dalston)
Green Lane, Bassenthwaite
Green Lane, Brougham
Green Lane Cottage, Green Lane
Green Lane, Crook
Green Lane, Dalston
Green Lane, Dearham
Greenlane End, Lupton
Green Lane, Great Salkeld
Greenlane House, Brampton
Green Lane house, Green Lane
Green Lane, Kirkby Thore
Green Lane, Middleton
Green Lane, Ravenstonedale
Green Lane, Ravenstonedale (2)
Green Lane, Sandside
Greenlaw Rigg, Wharton
Greenlea Cross, Farlam
Green Lead Mines, Durham
Greenlee Lough, Northumberland
Green, Little Orton
Greenloan, Bewcastle
Green Love (Green Cove, Windermere lake)
Green, Lower Allithwaite
Green Mane, Lakes
Green Market (Carlisle: Green Market)
Green Marsh, St Cuthbert Without
Green, Maulds Meaburn
Green, Maulds Meaburn (2)
Green Maws, Middleton
Green, Melmerby
Green, Milburn
Green, Millom Without
Greenmill Wood, Kirkandrews
Green Mire, Above Derwent
Greenmoor Bank, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Green Moor, Kirkby Ireleth
Greenmoor Side, St Bridget Beckermet
Green, Morland
Greenmouth Lane, Waterhead
Green, Murton
Green, Nateby
Green Naze Wyke, Windermere lake
Green, Nicholforest
Green Nook, Nateby
Greennook, Woodside
Green Odd (Greenodd)
Greenodd Brewery, Greenodd
Greenodd: Greenodd Village Bakery
Greenodd: Hutchinson
Greenodd Junction (Plumpton North Junction, Egton with Newland)
Greenodd Sands, Egton with Newland
Greenodd School (school, Greenodd)
Greenodd Station, Greenodd
Greenodd to Torver (road, Greenodd to Torver)
Greenodd Viaduct, Greenodd
Greenodd Village Bakery (Greenodd: Greenodd Village Bakery)
Greenope Howe, Stainmore
Greenop Howe (Greenope Howe, Stainmore)
Green Owlet, Shap Rural
Green Park Hill, Killington
Green Pike, Helbeck
Green Plantation (Green Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Green Pot, Milburn
Greenquarries (Lower Green Quarries, Westward)
Greenquarries (Upper Green Quarries, Westward)
Green Quarries, Lower (Lower Green Quarries, Westward)
Green Quarries, Upper (Upper Green Quarries, Westward)
Green Quarries, Westward
Green Quarter Fell, Kentmere
Green Quarter, Kentmere
Green, Ravenstonedale
Greenridge Mill, Underbarrow
Green Rigg Bank, Torver
Greenrigg, Bewcastle
Greenrigg, Caldbeck
Greenrigg, Caldbeck (2)
Greenrigg Cottage, Caldbeck
Greenrigg Farm, Caldbeck
Greenrigg, High (High Greenrigg, Ravenstonedale)
Greenrigg House, Caldbeck
Greenrigg House, High (High Greenrigg House, Caldbeck)
Green Rigg, Kingwater
Green Rigg, Kingwater (2)
Green Rigg, Kirkoswald
Greenrigg, Low (Low Greenrigg, Ravenstonedale)
Greenrigg Moss, Ravenstonedale
Green Rigg, Nateby
Green Rigg, Nicholforest
Greenrigg Quarry, Crosby Ravensworth
Green Rigg, Ravenstonedale
Green Riggs Bottom (Greenriggs, Kirkby Stephen)
Green Rigg, Skelton
Green Riggs, Kirkby Stephen
Greenriggs, Kirkby Stephen
Greenriggs, Low (Low Greenriggs, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Greenriggs Sike
Green Rigg, Stainmore
Greenriggs, Thrimby
Green Rigg, Torver
Greenrigg Villa, Bromfield
Greenrigg, Waverton
Greenrigg Well, Ravenstonedale
Greenrigg, Westward
Green Road Station, Millom Without
Green Room, The (Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 36)
Greenrow Academy, Silloth-on-Solway
Green Row, Carlisle
Green Row, Dalston
Greenrow, Matterdale
Greenrow, Silloth-on-Solway
Green's Burn
Green's Burn (2)
Greensburn, Kingwater
Greens, Castle Sowerby
Greenscoe Farm, Askam and Ireleth
Greensett Caves, North Yorkshire
Greensett tarns, North Yorkshire
Greens, Hayton
Greenside (Helvellyn Youth Hostel, Glenridding)
Greenside (Kendal: Greenside)
Greenside (Low Greenside Farm, Greenside)
Greenside Beck
Greenside Cave (Greensett Caves, North Yorkshire)
Greenside Cottage (Greenside, Hesket Newmarket)
Greenside Cottage, Caldbeck
Greenside, Drigg
Greenside, Farlam
Greenside Farm, Hincaster
Greenside Farm, Low (Low Greenside Farm, Greenside)
Greenside, Hesket Newmarket
Greenside, High (Greenside Farm, Hincaster)
Greenside, High (High Greenside, Greenside)
Greenside, High (High Greenside, Winton)
Greenside, Hincaster
Green Side, Kingwater
Greenside Lane, Greenside
Greenside Lead Mine, Glenridding
Greenside Lodge, Glenridding
Greendale, Low (Low Greendale, Nether Wasdale)
Greenside, Low (Low Greenside, Hartley)
Greenside, Low (Low Greenside, Hincaster)
Greenside, Lupton
Greenside Mine (Greenside Smelting Mill, Glenridding)
Greenside Mine (Greenside Lead Mine, Glenridding)
Green Side, Patterdale
Green Side Quarry, Garsdale
Greenside, Ravenstonedale
Greenside Rigg, Farlam
Greenside Smelting Mill, Glenridding
Greenside Tarn, Greenside
Greenside View (Hucks Bridge Inn, Fawcett Forest)
Greenside, Waverton
Greenside Wood, Hincaster
Green Sike
Greensike, Bewcastle
Greensike Lane, Kirkby Stephen
Green, Silloth
Green Slack, Above Derwent
Greenslack, Broughton West
Greenslack, Colby
Green Slack, Ravenstonedale
Greenslade, St Bees
Green Spot, Arlecdon and Frizington
Greenspot, Bowness
Greenstack (Green Slack, Ravenstonedale)
Green Station, The (The Green Station, Eskdale)
Green Stile, Windermere
Greenswang, Arthuret
Greensyke, Dalston
Greensyke, High Newton
Greentarn Rigg, Nether Denton
Green, The (pinfold, Kirkandrews upon Eden)
Green, The (Southwaite Green, Dean)
Green Thorn, Cartmel Fell
Green Thorn, Shap Rural
Greenthwaite, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Greenthwaite Hall Farm (Greenthwaite Hall, Greystoke)
Greenthwaite Hall, Greystoke
Greenthwaite Moss, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Green, Tirril
Green Tongue, Lakes
Green Town (Lancaster, Lancashire)
Green Trees, Blindbothel
Green Tuft Island, Windermere lake
Green Turf Island (Green Tuft Island, Windermere lake)
Green, Uldale
Greenup, Borrowdale
Greenup Corner, Stonethwaite
Greenup Edge, Borrowdale
Greenup Gill
Greenup Sikes
Greenup Vale (Greenup, Borrowdale)
Green Way (Elm Lodge, Hesket Newmarket)
Green Way (house, Hesket Newmarket)
Greenways, Penrith
Greenways, Thursby
Greenwell Cottage, Greenwell
Greenwell, Dent
Greenwell Farm, Greenwell
Green Well, Greenwell
Greenwell, Hayton
Green Well, Sunderland
Greenwich Barn, Borrowdale
Greenwich Hospital (Greenwich Barn, Borrowdale)
Greenwich, Kirkandrews
Greenwood Cottage, Thursby
Greenwood Haw, Dent
Greenwood House, Arnside
Greenwood House, Thursby
Greenwood House, Woodside
Green Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale
Greenwood, Scotland
Greenwood Side, Smithfield
Greenwooodie (Greenwood, Scotland)
Greenwrae, Scotland
Green Yate (North Gateside, Whitwell and Selside)
Green Yew, Winster
Greers Hill (Grearshill, Kingmoor)
Greeta, River, Keswick (Greta, River)
Greety Gate, Broughton West
Gregg Hall, High (High Gregg Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Gregg Hill, Blindcrake
Greggs (Ambleside: Rothas Cafe)
Greggs (Devonshire Chambers, Carlisle)
Greggs (Penrith: Devonshire Street, 3 and 4)
Gregg's Lane (Whitehaven: Gregg's Lane)
Gregg Well, Sunderland
Gregory, Arthuret
Gregory Chapel, Mallerstang
Gregory's Sike
Greistocke Castle (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Greit (Great Howe, Longsleddale)
Grenehag (Greena Tower, Scotland)
Grenewich (Greenwich, Kirkandrews)
Grenwhelt, Northumberland
Grere Fell, Ravenstonedale
Grerhead (Green Head, Lambrigg)
Gresma (Grasmere)
Gresmer (Grasmere)
Gresmere (Grasmere)
Gresmere (Grasmere lake)
Gresmere Hill (Grasmere Common, Lakes)
Gressingham, Lancashire
Greta Bank (Windebrowe, Keswick)
Gretabank Farm (Greta Bank Farm, Underskiddaw)
Greta Bank Farm, Underskiddaw
Greta Bank, Underskiddaw
Greta Bridge, Keswick
Greta Bridge, Keswick (2)
Greta Bridge, Lancashire
Greta Bridge pencil works, Keswick
Greta Gill
Greta Hall, Keswick
Greta Hamlet, Keswick
Greta House (Greta Hall, Keswick)
Greta Lodge, Keswick
Greta Mill (Southey Works, Keswick)
Greta Pencil Works, Keswick
Greta, River, (Doe, River)
Greta, River, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (St John's Beck)
Greta, River
Greta, River (2)
Greta, River (3)
Greta Side pencil works, Keswick
Greta Street (Keswick: Greta Street)
Gretigate stone circles, Gosforth
Gretna Green, Scotland
Gretna Green Station (Gretna Station, Gretna)
Gretna Junction (Millhill Station, Millhill)
Gretna Junction, Kirkandrews
Gretna, Scotland
Gretna Station, Gretna
Gretna Tavern (Carlisle: Lloyds Bank)
Gretna Tavern (Carlisle: Lowther Street, 8)
Gretna to Carlisle (road, Carlisle to Gretna)
Gretna to Longtown (road, Longtown to Gretna)
Gretney Kirk (Gretna Green, Scotland)
Grey Abbey, Cockermouth
Grey Bull Inn, Penrith
Grey Bull, Shap Rural
Grey Buttress, Above Derwent
Greyca (Crake Hall, Whitwell and Selside)
Grey Crag, Coniston
Grey Crag, Grasmere
Grey Crag, Longsleddale
Grey Crag, New Hutton
Grey Crags, Buttermere
Grey Crags, Underskiddaw
Grey Crag Tarn (Alcock Tarn, Lakes)
Greycrag Tarn, Longsleddale
Grey Croft stone circle, Seascale
Greyfell Common, Bewcastle
Grey Friar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Greyfriars (Grey Friar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Grey Gareth (Gragareth, Lancashire)
Greygareth End Pot (Marble Steps Hole, North Yorkshire)
Grey Goat Inn (Grey Goat, Penrith)
Grey Goat Inn, Baggrow
Grey Goat Inn, Cockermouth
Grey Goat, Penrith
Grey Havens, Bowness-on-Solway
Grey Hill Beacon (Grey Hill, Bewcastle)
Grey Hill, Bewcastle
Greyhound (Peak House, Oulton)
Greyhound, Burgh by Sands
Greyhound Frigate, The (Kendal: Stricklandgate, 108)
Greyhound, Grizebeck
Greyhound Hotel, Shap
Greyhound Hotel with Milestone and Mounting Block (Greyhound Hotel, Shap)
Greyhound House, Kendal
Greyhound House, Little Strickland
Greyhound Inn (Beck House, Hesket)
Greyhound Inn (Greyhound Hotel, Shap)
Greyhound Inn (Greyhound, Burgh by Sands)
Greyhound Inn (Greyhound, Motherby)
Greyhound Inn (Kirkby Stephen: North Road, 3)
Greyhound Inn (Studfold, Distington)
Greyhound Inn, Bromfield
Greyhound Inn, Cotehill
Greyhound Inn, Micklethwaite
Greyhound Inn, Penrith
Greyhound Inn, Thurstonfield
Greyhound Inn, Wigton
Greyhound, Motherby
Greyhound, New Hutton
Grey Knotts, Borrowdale
Greylags, Boustead Hill
Grey Lodge, Stainmore
Greymare Hill, Kingwater
Grey Mare's Tail
Grey Mare Wells, Millom Without
Grey Mere Stone, Culgaith
Greymoorhill, Kingmoor
Grey Pot, Ousby
Greyrigg Fold, Hartley
Greyrigg, High (High Greyrigg, Hartley)
Greyrigg House, Aikton
Greyrigg, Low (Low Greyrigg, Hartley)
Greyrigg, Middle (Middle Greyrigg, Hartley)
Greyrigg Pits, Hartley
Grey Rigg, Ravenstonedale
Grey Scar, Casterton
Grey Scar, Culgaith
Greysonber House, King's Meaburn
Greyson Side (Grayson Side, Embleton)
Greysouthen Meeting House (meeting house, Greysouthen)
Greysouthen Moor, Greysouthen
Greysouthen parish
Greysouthern (Greysouthen)
Greysouthern Meeting House (meeting house, Greysouthen)
Greystick (Greystoke)
Greystock (Greystoke)
Greystock Castle (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Greystock Park (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Greystok (college, Greystoke)
Greystoke, Barony of (Barony of Graystock, Cumberland)
Greystoke Bridge (Sharkey Bridge, Greystoke)
Greystoke Castle, Greystoke
Greystoke Church (St Andrew, Greystoke)
Greystoke: Church Road, 3
Greystoke: Church Road, 5
Greystoke College (college, Greystoke)
Greystoke Cycle Cafe (Poplin Dub, Greystoke)
Greystoke Forest, Greystoke
Greystoke Gill, Greystoke
Greystoke Mid Farm (Layton Manor, Greystoke)
Greystoke Mill, Greystoke
Greystoke Moor Cottage, Greystoke
Greystoke Moor, Greystoke
Greystoke parish
Greystoke Park (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Greystoke Park, Greystoke
Greystoke Pillar, Dacre
Greystoke Post Office (Post Office, Greystoke)
Greystoke Primary School (Greystoke School, Greystoke)
Greystoke School, Greystoke
Greystoke Village Hall, Greystoke
Greystone, Carlisle
Greystone Cottage, Hackthorpe
Greystone Cottage, Harrington
Greystone Cottage, Hawkshead
Greystone Cottage, Orton
Greystone Cottage, Upperby
Greystone, Dalton-in-Furness
Greystone Flat (Muckleyeat, Bewcastle)
Greystone, Holme
Greystone House, High Hesket
Greystone House, King's Meaburn
Greystone House, Stainton
Grey Stone, Kaber
Greystone, Kirklinton Middle
Grey Stone, Kirkoswald
Greystone Lane, Dalton-in-Furness
Greystone Lane, Kingmoor
Grey Stone, Mallerstang
Greystone Moss, Stainmore
Greystones, Crosby Garrett
Greystones, Embleton
Greystones, Kirkby Lonsdale
Grey Stones, Mallerstang
Greystones, Tirril
Greystones, Wetheral
Greystone Well, Farlam
Grey Street (Carlisle: Grey Street)
Greythwaite, Blindbothel
Grey Wiganthorpe (Parkhouse, Kingmoor)
Grey Yauds, Cumwhitton
Grice Croft, Whicham
Gridiron Island (Peel Island, Coniston Water)
Griesdale (Grisedale, Patterdale)
Griestail, Scotland
Grievegate Lane, Heversham
Grieves (Greaves, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Griffin, Carlisle
Griffin Inn (Olde New Griffin, Frizington)
Grigg Hall (Low Gregg Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Grigghall Bridge, Underbarrow
Grigghall, Low (Low Gregg Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Grigghall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Grike Cottage, Ennerdale
Grike, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Grimecrag Bridge, Ulpha
Grimecrag, Ulpha
Grimes Gill
Grimes Gill Fold, Sedbergh
Grimes Gill Head, Sedbergh
Grimes Hill, Middleton
Grimesmoor House, Orton S
Grimes Moor, Orton S
Grimoor Hill (Greymoorhill, Kingmoor)
Grimshill (Grimes Hill, Middleton)
Grimy Keld, Brownber
Grindal House, St Bees
Grindall Place, St Bees
Grindstone Hill, Brough
Grindstone Sike
Grinel Dike, High (High Crindledike, Kingmoor)
Grinel Dike, Low (Low Crindledyke, Kingmoor)
Gringarry Hill, Kingwater
Grinsdale, Beaumont
Grinsdale Bridge, Beaumont
Grinsdale Church (St Kentigern, Grinsdale)
Grinsdale Common, Beaumont
Grinsdale House, Grinsdale
Grinsdale Park (Reservoir Farm, Beaumont)
Grinsdale Village Hall, Grinsdale
Grinsdall (Grinsdale, Beaumont)
Grisdal (Mungrisdale)
Grisdale (Grisedale, Patterdale)
Grisdale (Grisedale, Whinfell)
Grisdale (Mungrisdale)
Grisdale Beck, Mungrisdale (Mungrisdale Beck)
Grisdale Beck, Patterdale (Grisedale Beck)
Grisdale Chapel (St Kentigern, Mungrisdale)
Grisdale Common, Mungrisdale
Grisdale Fells (Uldale Fells, Ireby)
Grisdale Meeting House (meeting house, Grisedale)
Grisdale Pike (Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent)
Grisdale Pike (High Crag, Patterdale)
Grisdale Tarn (Grisedale Tarn, Patterdale)
Grisdall Chapel (St Kentigern, Mungrisdale)
Grisdall Chapel (Mungrisdale)
Grise Beck
Grisebeck Hall, Skelton
Griseburn, Asby
Griseburn Ballast Sidings, Crosby Garrett
Griseburn, High (High Griseburn, Crosby Garrett)
Griseburn, Low (Low Griseburn, Crosby Garrett)
Griseburn Viaduct, Crosby Garrett
Grisedale (Mungrisdale)
Grisedale (Mungrisdale Common, Mungrisdale)
Grisedale Beck
Grisedale Beck (2)
Grisedale Bridge bridge, Patterdale
Grisedale Bridge Meeting House (meeting house, Patterdale)
Grisedale Bridge, Patterdale
Grisedale Brow, Patterdale
Grisedale Chapel (Mungrisdale)
Grisedale Chapel (St Kentigern, Mungrisdale)
Grisedale Chappell (St Kentigern, Mungrisdale)
Grisedale Falls, Patterdale
Grisedale Farm, Patterdale
Grisedale Forest, Patterdale
Grisedale, Garsdale
Grisedale Gill
Grisedale Hass (Grisedale Hause, Patterdale)
Horse Gap (Hause Gap, Patterdale)
Grisedale Hass (Horse Gap, Patterdale)
Grisedale Hause, Patterdale
Grisedale, Patterdale
Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent
Grisedale Pike, Garsdale
Grisedale Tarn, Patterdale
Grisedale, Whinfell
Grisedalle Chapel (St Kentigern, Mungrisdale)
Grisedalle Chapel (Mungrisdale)
Grisley Well, Milnthorpe
Grismeere Hill (Steel Fell, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Grizebeck Church (church, Grizebeck)
Grizebeck, Kirkby Ireleth
Grizebeck to Lowick (road, Lowick to Grizebeck)
Grizedale (Grisedale, Patterdale)
Grizedale Beck
Grizedale Bridge (Grisedale Bridge, Patterdale)
Grizedale Forest, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Hall Bridge, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Hall, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Hause (Grisedale Hause, Patterdale)
Grizedale Moor, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Pike (Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent)
Grizedale, Satterthwaite
Grizedale Tarn, Satterthwaite
Grize Pool Bridge, Lower Holker
Groenholm (High Greenholme, Orton S)
Groffa Cragg, Lowick
Gromhil (Greenhill Lodge, Westward)
Gromhill (Greenhill Lodge, Westward)
Groove Beck
Groove Beck (2)
Groovebeck Fold, Matterdale
Groovegill Beck
Groove Gill, Martindale
Groove Gill, Matterdale
Groove Sike
Grosener (Grasmere)
Grosgate (Crosses Farm, Windermere)
Grosgate (Grassgarth, Hugill)
Grosmer (Grasmere)
Grossley Row, Northumberland
Grosvenor Boarding House, Keswick
Grosvenor House, Kendal
Grosvenor Memorial (drinking fountain, Arnside)
grotto, Cleator Moor
Grotto, Rydal
Grotto, Yanwath
Ground, High (High Ground, Bowderdale)
Ground, High (High Ground, Coniston)
Ground, High (High Ground, Eskdale)
Grounds Gill, Far, Mallerstang (Far Grounds Gill)
Grounds Point, Low (Low Grounds Point, Skelwith)
Groundy Croft, Drigg and Carleton
Groups Hollows, Crosby Garrett
grouse butts, Applethwaite Common
grouse butts, Cumrew
Grove (Forest Side house, Grasmere)
Grove (Greaves, Matterdale)
Grove (Mansgrove, Bolton)
Grove Barn, Papcastle
Grove, Birkby
Grove Brae, Mardale
Grove Brae, St John's Castlerigg etc
Grove, Brigham
Grove Brow (Grove Brae, Mardale)
Grove Chappell (St Thomas, Crosscrake)
Grove Church (St Thomas, Crosscrake)
Grove Cottage, Boltons
Grove Cottage, Grasmere
Grove Cottage, Great Corby
Grove Cottage, Papcastle
Grove Cottages, Brough
Grove Cottages, Weddicar
Grove Cottage, Windermere
Grove Cott, Boltons
Grove Farm, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Grove Farm, Tirril
Grovefoot Farm (Grovefoot, Matterdale)
Grovefoot, Matterdale
Grove Gill
Grove Gill (2)
Grove, Great Corby
Grove, Hawkshead
Grove, High (High Grove, Lakes)
Grove House, Brough
Grove House, Seaton
Grove, Kentmere
Grovelands, Broughton in Furness
Grove, Low (Low Grove, Lakes)
Grove, Low (Low Grove, Underskiddaw)
Grove, Middle (Middle Grove, Lakes)
Grove, Muncaster
Grovenooke (Nook, Kentmere)
Grovens Hillhead (Crubbins Hill, Bewcastle)
Grove, Papcastle
Groves (High Grove, Lakes)
Groves (Low Grove, Lakes)
Groves (Middle Grove, Lakes)
Grove, Scotby
Groves Gill, Caldbeck
Groves, Low (Lowgroves, Skelsmergh)
Grove, Windermere
Grove, Witherslack
Grubbings Wood, Longsleddale
Grubbins Point, Satterthwaite
Grubbins Wood, Arnside
Grubbins Wood, Cartmel Fell
Grubbons Point (Grubbins Point, Satterthwaite)
Grub Hole, Esthwaite Water
Grub Street (Penrith: Milton Street)
Grue Gill
Grumply Hill, Culgaith
Grune (Chapel of the Grune, Silloth-on-Solway)
Grune Cast, Silloth-on-Solway
Grune Chapel (Chapel of the Grune, Silloth-on-Solway)
Grune, Grune
Grune House, Silloth-on-Solway
Grune Point, Silloth-on-Solway
Grune Point to Abbey Town (road, Abbey Town to Grune Point)
Grune Point to Silloth (road, Silloth to Grune Point)
Grun Sike
Grunting Gill
Gruntley Beck
Gruntley Pits, Winton
Grynsdale (Grinsdale, Beaumont)
Grysdale (Grisedale, Patterdale)
Grysdale Beck, Patterdale (Grisedale Beck)
G Twentyman's (village shop, Allonby)
Gual Sever (Hadrian's Wall)
Guard House, Bowness
Guardhouse Bridge, Threlkeld
Guard House, Carlisle
Guard House, Threlkeld
Guardhouse, Threlkeld
Guards, Boltons
Guards Cottages, Kirkandrews
Guards End, Mardale
Guards Farm (Guards, Kirkandrews)
Guards Hill, Walton
Guards, Kirkandrews
Guards, Kirkby Ireleth
Guards Marsh, Kirkandrews
Guards Mill, Kirkandrews
Guards Quarries, Coniston
Guards, Silloth-on-Solway
Guard Street (Workington: Guard Street)
Guasmoric (roman fort, Papcastle)
Gubbergill, Irton with Santon
Gubrosenti (roman fort, Moresby)
Gudderscale (Gutherscale, Above Derwent)
Gudham Gill
Gudham Gill Mines, Nenthead
Guerness Gill
Guerness Gill Mine, Shap Rural
Guerness Wood, Shap Rural
Guest Ford (ford, Whinfell (2))
Guestford, Whinfell
Guggleby Stone (Goggleby Stone, Shap)
Guide over Sands, Allithwaite
Guide Post House, Hawksdale
Guidepost House, Hawksdale
Guides Farm, Kents Bank
Guide's House (Guides Farm, Kents Bank)
guide stone, Alston
guide stone, Barbon
guide stone, Bassenthwaite
guide stone, Broughton East
guide stone, Eskdale
guide stone, Gosforth
guide stone, Grasmere
guide stone, Kentmere
guidestone, Kirkby Stephen
guide stone, Lakes
guide stone, Lakes (2)
guide stone, Langdale
guide stone, Langdale (2)
guide stone, Lodore
guide stone, Mickleden
guide stone, Nan Bield Pass
guide stone, Patterdale
guide stone, Skirwith Fell
guide stone, Staveley-in-Cartmel
guide stone, Troutbeck
guide stone, Waberthwaite
guide stone, Whinfell
Guildhall, Carlisle
Guildhall Museum (Guildhall, Carlisle)
Guilerthwaite (Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Guilmire, Dent
Guilmire Stones, Dent
Guinea Bridge, Whicham
Guinea Hill, Claife
Guldrey, Sedbergh
Gulf, Far, Rockcliffe (Far Gulf)
Gulf, Kirkandrews
Gulf, Near, Rockcliffe (Near Gulf)
Gullom Holme Bridge, Gullom Holme
Gullom Holme, Milburn
Gullon Holme (Gullom Holme, Milburn)
Gulls Tarn (Galls Tarn, Windermere)
Gumer How (Gummer's How, Staveley-in-Cartmel)
Gummer's How, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Gun Cottage, Rockcliffe Cross
Gunner Crag (Low House Crag, Longsleddale)
Gunnerkeld Bottom, Shap Rural
Gunnerkeld, Newby
Gunnerkeld Sike
Gunnerkeld stone circle, Shap Rural
Gunnerskeld Bottom (Gunnerkeld Bottom, Shap Rural)
Gunner Well, Mungrisdale
Gunnerwell, Newby
Gunrow, Sedbergh
Guns Hall, Waterhead
Gunshole (Guns Hall, Waterhead)
Gunson Electrical Services (Dearham: Gunson Electrical Services)
Gunson Height, Kirkby Ireleth
Gunson Knott, Lakes
Gurnal Bridge, Skelsmergh
Gurnal Dubs, Strickland Roger
Gurnal Wood, Crook
Gurnell Landing, Windermere lake
Gurnes (Guerness Wood, Shap Rural)
Gurnes (Naddle Forest, Shap Rural)
Gutherscale, Above Derwent
Guthersgale (Gutherscale, Above Derwent)
Gutterby, Egremont
Gutterby Lane, Egremont
Gutterby Spa, Whicham
Gutterby Stone Circle (Kirkstones, Gutterby)
Gutterby, Whicham
Gutter Gill
Gutter, Great, Silloth-on-Solway (Great Gutter)
Gutter Nook, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Guy Lane, Troutbeck
Gwilderdale (Gilderdale Forest, Alston Moor)
Gwilderdale (Gilderdale, Alston Moor)
Gyllysland (Gilsland)
Gylocks Hill (Gavelock Hill, Kingwater)
Gypsy Wood, Helsington