Lakes Guides


10Km squares




Vagabond, Whitehaven
Valentia Foundry, Maryport
Vale of Beckansgill (Vale of Nightshade, Barrow-in-Furness)
Vale of Buttermere (Buttermere)
Vale of Dent (Dentdale, Dent)
Vale of Derwent (Vale of Keswick)
Vale of Derwent Water (Vale of Keswick)
Vale of Eden (Eden Valley)
Vale of Ennerdale (Ennerdale)
Vale of Esk (Eskdale)
Vale of Kendal (Kent Valley)
Vale of Keswick
Vale of Langdale (Great Langdale, Lakes)
Vale of Lonsdale (Lune Valley)
Vale of Lorton (Lorton Vale, Lorton)
Vale of Lune (Lune Valley)
Vale of Lune Chapel (St Gregory, Vale of Lune)
Vale of Lune Church (St Gregory, Vale of Lune)
Vale of Newlands (Newlands Valley, Above Derwent)
Vale of Newlands, The (Newlands Valley, Above Derwent)
Vale of Nightshade, Barrow-in-Furness
Vale of Patterdale (Patterdale)
Vale of St John (St John, St John's in the Vale)
Vale of St John (St John's in the Vale)
Vale of St John (St John's in the Vale: flood 17490822)
Vale of St John's (St John's in the Vale)
Vale of St John, The (St John's in the Vale)
Vale of the Duddon (Duddon Valley, Ulpha)
Valeton (Walton)
Vale upon the Lone (Lune Valley)
Vale View, Harrington
Valley End Service Station, Whicham
Valley, New (New Valley, Preston Patrick)
Valley of Langdale (Great Langdale, Lakes)
Valley of the Lune (Lune Valley)
Valley of the Stake (Mickleden, Lakes)
Valley of the Troutbeck (Troutbeck, Lakes)
Valley View (Hollin Root, Longsleddale)
Valley View, Longsleddale
Valley View, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Valley Wood, Culgaith
Vallum Barbaricum (Hadrian's Wall)
Vallum Hadriani (Hadrian's Wall)
Valteris (roman fort, Brough)
Van Bield (Nan Bield Pass, Shap Rural)
Vaneworth (Yanwath)
Varey Hill, Clifton
Varneycrooks Beck
Varnycrooks Beck, Blannerhasset and Torpenhow (Varneycrooks Beck)
Vary Hill (Varey Hill, Clifton)
Vaseys (Penrith: Great Dockray, 22)
Vaugh Steel, Bampton
Vavasor (Bampton parish)
Vavasor Church (St Patrick, Bampton)
Vavasor Hall (Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton)
Velurcion (roman fort, Housesteads)
Velurtion (roman fort, Housesteads)
Venrigg (Ewanrigg Hall, Ewanrigg)
Vent, Alston Moor (Nent, River)
Vent Flu., Alston Moor (Nent, River)
Vent flud, Alston Moor (Nent, River)
Vent River, Alston Moor (Nent, River)
Venture Pit, Arlecdon and Frizington
Vercovicium (roman fort, Housesteads)
Verdun House (Ulverston: Queen Street, 32)
Vernon House, Greenodd
Vertara (Brough Castle, Brough)
Verterae (Brough)
Verterae (roman fort, Brough)
Verteris (roman fort, Brough)
Verve wine bar (Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 78)
Vesuvius, Windermere lake
Vever (Viver, Hincaster)
Vever Mill (Viver Mill, Stainton)
Viaduct Cottage, Penruddock
Viaduct Hotel, Workington
Viaduct, Workington
Via, Hallbankgate
Vial Moor (Viol Moor, Glassonby)
Vicarage (Bridekirk Vicarage, Bridekirk)
Vicarage (Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale)
Vicarage (Laurels, Penrith)
Vicarage (Old Vicarage, Hawkshead)
Vicarage (Prospect House, Brampton)
Vicarage (Rectory, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Vicarage (Rectory, Newton Reigny)
Vicarage (Rectory, Patterdale)
Vicarage, Ainstable
Vicarage, Allhallows
Vicarage, Alston
vicarage, Arlecdon
Vicarage, Aspatria
Vicarage, Bampton Grange
Vicarage Bank, Warcop
Vicarage, Barton
vicarage, Bassenthwaite
Vicarage, Beetham
Vicarage, Borrowdale
Vicarage, Brigham
Vicarage, Bromfield
Vicarage, Brough
Vicarage, Burton-in-Kendal
vicarage, Casterton
vicarage, Cockermouth
Vicarage, Cumrew
Vicarage, Cumwhitton
Vicarage, Dalton-in-Furness
Vicarage, Dearham
vicarage, Distington
vicarage, Embleton
Vicarage Farm (Glebe Farm, Barton)
Vicarage Farm, Hesket
vicarage, Far Sawrey
vicarage, Flimby
Vicarage, Gilcrux
Vicarage, Great Crosthwaite
Vicarage, Hayton (2)
Vicarage, Holme St Cuthbert
Vicarage, Hutton Roof
Vicarage, Irthington
Vicarage, Kendal
Vicarage, Kendal (2)
Vicarage, Kirklinton
Vicarage Lane (Burton-in-Kendal: Vicarage Lane)
Vicarage Lane (Hawkshead: Vicarage Lane)
Vicarage Lane, Hawkshead
Vicarage, Lanercost
Vicarage, Lazonby
Vicarage, Loweswater
vicarage, Matterdale
Vicarage, Millom
vicarage, Nicholforest
Vicarage, Old Hutton
Vicarage, Orton
vicarage, Penrith
Vicarage, Ravenstonedale
vicarage, Seaton
Vicarage, Shap
vicarage, St John's Castlerigg etc
Vicarage, Talkin
Vicarage, The (Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale)
Vicarage, The (Croft, Maryport)
Vicarage, The (Glebe House, Askham)
Vicarage, The (High Leasgill, Heversham)
Vicarage, The (Isel Bridge House, Isel)
Vicarage, The (Morland House, Morland)
Vicarage, The (Old Vicarage, Burgh by Sands)
Vicarage, The (Old Vicarage, Edenhall)
Vicarage, The (Old Vicarage, Stanwix)
Vicarage, The (Old Vicarage, Thursby)
Vicarage, The (Old Vicarage, Warcop)
Vicarage, The (Rectory, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Vicarage, The (Weston House, Crosby Ravensworth)
Vicarage, The (Old Vicarage, Sedbergh)
Vicarage, The (Weston House, Crosby Ravensworth)
Vicarage, Torpenhow
Vicarage, Underbarrow
Vicarage, Walton
vicarage, Westnewton
vicarage, Westward
Vicarage, Wigton
Vicarage, Winster
vicarage, Wreay
Vicargate, Castle Sowerby
Vicar Isle (Derwent Isle, Derwent Water)
Vicar's Fields, Kendal
Vicar's Island (Derwent Isle, Derwent Water)
Vicar's Isle (Derwent Isle, Derwent Water)
Vicar's Tower, Lanercost
Vickerstown Methodist Church, Walney Island
Vickerstown Park, Walney Island
Vickerstown Primary School, Walney Island
Vickerstown, Walney Island
Victoria Bay, Derwent Water
Victoria Bridge, Cockermouth
Victoria Bridge, Kendal
Victoria Concert Hall, Ulverston
Victoria Cottage Hospital, Maryport
Victoria Cottage, Penrith
Victoria Foundry, Penrith
Victoria Hall (Victorian Hall, Cockermouth)
Victoria Hall, Barrow-in-Furness
Victoria Hall, Grange-over-Sands
Victoria Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere
Victoria Hotel, Drigg
Victoria Hotel, The (Bridge Hotel, Buttermere)
Victoria Inn, Alston
Victoria Inn, How
Victoria Institute, Culgaith
Victoria memorial, Chapel Stile
Victoria Monument (Queen's Monument, Shap Wells)
Victoria Monument, Carlisle
Victorian Hall, Cockermouth
Victoria Park (Bitts, Carlisle)
Victoria Park (Jubilee Park, Kirkby Stephen)
Victoria Park Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness
Victoria Place (Carlisle: Victoria Place)
Victoria Place, Penrith
Victoria Place, Wigton
Victoria Road (Penrith: Victoria Road)
Victoria's (Kirkby Lonsdale: Victoria's)
Victoria Street (Dalton-in-Furness: Victoria Street)
Victoria Tavern, Kendal
Victoria Terrace (Whitehaven: Victoria Terrace)
Victoria Villa, Egremont
Victoria Villas (Penrith: Victoria Road, 2)
Victory Hall, Broughton in Furness
Victory Hall, Dalston
Victory Memorial Hall, Temple Sowerby
Viewor Sightly Crag (Sighty Crag, Bewcastle)
viewpoint, Applethwaite
viewpoint, Armathwaite Hall
viewpoint, Arnside Knott
viewpoint, Arnside Knott (2)
viewpoint, Ashness
viewpoint, Ashness Bridge
viewpoint, Bank Ground
viewpoint, Bassenthwaite Common
viewpoint, Beacon Hill
viewpoint, Beck Leven Foot
viewpoint, Beck Wythop
viewpoint, Belle Isle N
viewpoint, Belle Isle S
viewpoint, Bowness
viewpoint, Braithwaite Brow
viewpoint, Brant Fell
viewpoint, Broadness
viewpoint, Buttermere
viewpoint, Calfclose Reeds
viewpoint, Calgarth
viewpoint, Castle Crag
viewpoint, Castle Head
viewpoint, Castle Howe
viewpoint, Castlerigg
viewpoint, Castlerigg Stone Circle
viewpoint, Claife
viewpoint, Cockshot Wood
viewpoint, Conishead
viewpoint, Coniston Water by boat
viewpoint, Cook's Corner
viewpoint, Cross How Crag
viewpoint, Crosthwaite Vicarage
viewpoint, Crow Park
viewpoint, Crummock Water by boat
viewpoint, Culgaith
viewpoint, Dalehead Hall
viewpoint, Derwent Water by boat
viewpoint, Derwent Water by moonlight
viewpoint, Dob Ley Head
viewpoint, Dunmallard Hill
viewpoint, Ennerdale
viewpoint, Etterby Scaur
viewpoint, Fawe Park
viewpoint, Flass Wood
viewpoint, Force Bridge
viewpoint, Friar's Crag
viewpoint, Gatesgarth
viewpoint, Grange-over-Sands
viewpoint, Great Head
viewpoint, Hallinhagg
viewpoint, Hampsfell
viewpoint, Hardindale Knott
viewpoint, Harrow Farm
viewpoint, Helsington
viewpoint, Helvellyn
viewpoint, Hest Bank
viewpoint, Higham Hall
viewpoint, Highfield
viewpoint, Highgap Yeat
viewpoint, Holbeck Lane
viewpoint, Holehird
viewpoint, Hollin Bank N
viewpoint, Hollin Bank S
viewpoint, Hornby Road
viewpoint, Jenkyn's Crag
viewpoint, Kendal Castle
viewpoint, Latrigg
viewpoint, Latrigg side
viewpoint, Long Close
viewpoint, Loughrigg Fell
viewpoint, Low Cat Crag
viewpoint, Loweswater
viewpoint, Low Howray
viewpoint, Low Pike
viewpoint, Low Wood
viewpoint, Low Wood Hotel
viewpoint, Lyulph's Tower
viewpoint, Measand Beck
viewpoint, Morecambe
viewpoint, Morecambe (2)
viewpoint, Mr Wren's House
viewpoint, Nether Wasdale
viewpoint, Norfolk Island
viewpoint, Old Man of Coniston
viewpoint, Orrest Head
viewpoint, Ouse Bridge Inn
viewpoint, Park Brow
Station, Parton
viewpoint, Patterdale Hotel
viewpoint, Peel Ness
viewpoint, Penrith
viewpoint, Place Fell
viewpoint, Place Fell Quarry
viewpoint, Pooley Bridge
viewpoint, Queen Adelaide's Hill
viewpoint, Rakes
viewpoint, Rannerdale Knotts
viewpoint, Rawlinson Nab
viewpoint, Rayrigg Bank
viewpoint, Rayrigg Hall
viewpoint, Red Bank
viewpoint, Ridding Brow
viewpoint, River Greta
viewpoint, Sandbeds Gill
viewpoint, Saw Crag
viewpoint, Scafell Pike
viewpoint, Scarness
viewpoint, Sedbergh
viewpoint, Skelwith Fold
viewpoint, Skiddaw
viewpoint, Slape Scar
viewpoint, St Bees Head
viewpoint, Stockhow
viewpoint, Stone Crag
viewpoint, Stybarrow Crag
viewpoint, Swinside
viewpoint, Threlkeld Quarry
viewpoint, Ullock
viewpoint, Ullswater
viewpoint, Ullswater (2)
viewpoint, Ullswater by boat
viewpoint, Walla Crag
viewpoint, Water Head
viewpoint, Watermillock
viewpoint, Water Park
viewpoint, White Moss Common
viewpoint, Windermere by boat
Villa Bianca, Penrith
Village, Dalston
Village Farm, Great Salkeld
village hall, Aikton
village hall, Ainstable
village hall, Arnside
Village Hall, Blennerhasset
village hall, Braithwaite
village hall, Brampton
village hall, Brough
village hall, Broughton Mills
village hall, Buttermere
village hall, Calder Bridge
village hall, Casterton
village hall, Cliburn
village hall, Clifton
village hall, Cotehill
village hall, Croglin
village hall, Crosby Garrett
village hall, Crosthwaite
village hall, Cumwhinton
village hall, Dacre
village hall, Dendron
village hall, Dufton
village hall, Eamont Bridge
village hall, Embleton
village hall, Gilsland
village hall, Glassonby
village hall, Gosforth
village hall, Great Musgrave
village hall, Great Orton
village hall, Great Salkeld
village hall, Great Strickland
village hall, Greenodd
village hall, Hackthorpe
village hall, Harrington
village hall, Heversham
village hall, Holme St Cuthbert
village hall, Houghton
village hall, Hutton End
village hall, Hutton Roof
village hall, Ings
village hall, Ivegill
village hall, Kaber
village hall, Keekle
village hall, King's Meaburn
village hall, Kirkbride
village hall, Kirklinton
village hall, Kirkoswald
village hall, Langwathby
village hall, Lindale
village hall, Linstock
village hall, Little Strickland
village hall, Longsowerby
village hall, Loweswater
village hall, Low Hesket
village hall, Milton
village hall, Newbiggin-on-Lune
village hall, New Hutton
village hall, Newton
village hall, Newton Arlosh
village hall, Newtown
village hall, North Stainmore
village hall, Penruddock
village hall, Plumbland
village hall, Roadhead
village hall, Rusland
village hall, Scaleby
village hall, Sebergham
village hall, Silecroft
village hall, Skirwith
village hall, Stainton
village hall, Torpenhow
village hall, Underbarrow
Village Hall, Waberthwaite
village hall, Welton
Village House, Dalston
Village Inn, Newton
Village Institute, Cartmel
Village, New (New Village, Dalston)
Village, Old (Old Village, Dalston)
village pump, Blencogo
village pump, Great Corby
village pump, Soulby
Village Quarry, Lowther
Village Reading Room (Papcastle Village Hall, Papcastle)
village shop, Allonby
village shop, Kents Bank
village shop, Kirkbride
village shop, Natland
Village Shop, Ravenstonedale
Village Shop, Scotby
Village Stores, Brough
Village Stores, Kirkby Thore
Village Wood, Lowther Park
Villa Lucretilis (Greta Hall, Keswick)
Villa Marina, Roa Island
Villa, Stanwix
Vill Grange (Milburn Grange, Milburn)
Vindobala (roman fort, Rudchester)
Vindolana (roman fort, Chesterholm)
Vindolanda (roman fort, Chesterholm)
Vindolande (roman fort, Chesterholm)
Vindovala (roman fort, Rudchester)
Vinegar Jones (Bowness-on-Windermere: Vinegar Jones)
Vine Inn, Whitehaven
Vine Villa (Inglenook Cottage, Greystoke)
Vintage Excavator Trust, Threlkeld Quarry
Viol Moor, Glassonby
Virginia House Hotel, Ulverston
Virginia House, King's Meaburn
Virginia, Penrith
Virginia Villa (Virginia, Penrith)
Virgin Mary Well, Holmrook Hall
Virosadum (roman fort, Maryport)
Virosedum (roman fort, Maryport)
Virosido (roman fort, Brough by Bainbridge)
Virosidum (roman fort, Brough by Bainbridge)
Virosidum (roman fort, Maryport)
Virosidum (Warwick-on-Eden, Wetheral)
Vista, Ainstable
Viver, Hincaster
Viver Lane, Hincaster
Viver Mill, Stainton
Volannum (roman fort, Maryport)
Volantium (roman fort, Maryport)
Volunteer Artillery Rifle Range (rifle range, Stanwix Rural)
Voreda (roman fort, Castlesteads)
Voreda (roman fort, Old Penrith)
Voreda (roman fort, Birdoswald)
Vulcan, Askam in Furness
Vulcan Park Bowling Green, Workington
Vulcan's Forge (Forge, Great Corby)
Vulcan's Lane (Workington: Vulcan's Lane)
Vulcan's Lodge, Workington
Vulcan Steel and Forge Works (Vulcan Steel Works, Barrow-in-Furness)
Vulcan Steel Works, Barrow-in-Furness
Vulstey Castle (Wolsty Castle, Holme Low)