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Michael Drayton's Polyolbion, 1612/22. button

Christopher Saxton's Map of Westmorland and Cumberland, 1576.

Richard Brathwaite's Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of England, 1638. button

Lord Burghley's Plott of the Opposete Border of Scotland to ye West Marches of England, including the Debatable Land, 1590

Extracts from The Gentleman's Magazine, published 1731-1907. button

John Speed's maps of Westmorland and Cumberland, and of England and Wales, 1611.

Samuel Simpson's the Agreeable Historian or Compleat Travellers Guide, 1746. button

John Jansson's map of Westmorland and Cumberland, 1646.

Thomas Pennant's Tour from Downing to Alston Moor, 1773, extracts for Cumbria. button

John Ogilby's strip maps for Westmorland and Cumberland, 1675.

Thomas West's Guide to the Lakes, 1778-1821; 11th edition 1821 transcribed. button

Robert Morden's maps of Westmorland and Cumberland, 1695.

Extracts and prints from William Gilpin's Observations on the Picturesque, 1786. button

Thomas Jefferys's map of Westmorland, 1770.
The earliest map of the county at 1 inch to 1 mile.

James Clarke's Survey of the Lakes, 1787; 2nd edition 1789, transcribed. button

Thomas Donald's map of Cumberland, 1774.
The earliest map of the county at 1 inch to 1 mile.

William Camden's Britannia; translated with additions by Richard Gough, 1789, transcribed. button

Thomas West's Map of the Lakes, 1784 onwards.

John Cary's New Itinerary ... of the Great Roads ... England and Wales, 1798, 2nd edn 1802, parts in Cumbria. button

Peter Crosthwaite's maps of lakes, 1783-94.

Capper's Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom, 1808 button

James Clarke's maps of lakes, 1787.

William Wordsworth's Guide through the District of the Lakes, 1810; 5th edn 1835 transcribed. button

Joseph Farington's prints of the lakes, 1789.

Extracts and prints from Dr Syntax's Tour in search of the Picturesque, 1812. button

William Green's prints, drawings and paintings, and other items, 1790s-1820s.

Jonathan Otley's Concise Description of the English Lakes, 1823-1849; 5th edition 1835 transcribed. button

Jonathan Otley's Map of the District of the Lakes, 1818 onwards.

Controversy between surveyors Greenwood and Hodgson, 1823 transcribed. button

C and J Greenwood's one inch maps of Westmorland, Cumberland, and Lancashire north of the sands, 1824.

William Ford's Description of Scenery in the Lake District, 1839; 3rd edn 1843 transcribed. button

Thomas Rose's Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham and Northumberland Illustrated, 1832-35.

Harriet Martineau's Complete Guide to the English Lakes, 1855; 1st edn transcribed. button

William Ford's Map of the Lake District, 1839; from his guide book, 3rd edn 1843.

Charles Dickens, The Lazy Tour of the Two Idle Apprentices, 1857. Extracts in The Lakes. button

John Garnett's Map of the English Lakes, 1850s-60s. Used as the base map for Ruthven's geological map in Martineau's guide book.

British Rainfall, 1867-1918. Extracts for The Lakes. button

Herbert Bell Collection, photographs, 1880s-1940s.

We are grateful for help we have received from private collectors and researchers; particularly:-

    Andrew Aindow
    Chris Chambers
    Rod Ireland
    David Webb
    Vivian Wright
    David Butler

and from public collections; particularly:-

    Armitt Library and Museum, Ambleside
    Hampshire CC Museums Service
    Winchester College
    Wordsworth Trust, Dove Cottage
    Kendal Library, Local Studies
    Carlisle Library, Local Studies
    Keswick Museum
    English Heritage

NOTE This has been a 15 year retirement project for 2 people. There will be errors and omissions, for which we apologise.