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Bampton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4917
10Km square:-   NY42
10Km square:-   NY52
10Km square:-   NY41
10Km square:-   NY51
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Bampton Pattricke
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Bampton Pattricke"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Bampton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   probably fiction:- Trollope 1864
placename:-  Vavasor
source data:-   image TROLLOP1, button  goto source
chapter 31 Among the Fells  "... Vavasor was a parish situated on the intermediate ground between the mountains of the lake country and the plains. Its land was unproductive, ill-drained, and poor, and yet it posessed little or none of the beauty which tourists go to see. ... Those who knew the country, and whose legs were of use to them, could find some of the grandest scenery in England within reach of a walk from Vavasor Hall; but to others the place was very desolate. For myself, I can find I know not what of charm in wandering over open, unadorned moorland. It must be more in the softness of the grass to the feet, and the freshness of the air to the lungs, than in anything that meets the eye. You might walk for miles and miles to the north-east, or east, or south-east of Vavasor without meeting any object to arrest the view. The great road from Lancaster to Carlisle crossed the outskirts of the small parish about a mile from the church, and beyond that the fell seemed to be interminable. Towards the north it rose, and towards the south it fell, and it rose and fell very gradually. Here and there some slight appearance of a valley might be traced which had been formed by the action of the waters; but such breakings of ground were inconsiderable, and did not suffice to interrupt the stern sameness of the everlasting moorland. ..."

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 337 (1971)

place:-   Bampton Constablewick

NY5016 Aika Sike 
NY48171478 Annas Cross, Bampton flooded
NY47361369 Ash Crag, Mardale 
NY53361842 ash trees, Bampton 
NY4617 Atkinson's Grain 
NY51501820 Bampton 
NY51491817 Bampton Bridge, Bampton 
NY47111617 Bampton Common, Bampton 
NY51541794 Bampton Endowed School, Bampton 
NY52111802 Bampton Grammar School, Bampton Grange 
NY52161806 Bampton Grange, Bampton 
NY51511831 Bampton Hall, Bampton L
NY51681821 Bampton Memorial Hall, Bampton 
NY51511819 Bampton Village Store, Bampton 
NY48901910 barn, Bampton (3) 
NY50251713 barn, Bampton (4) 
NY51882033 barn, Knipe 
NY46161432 Bason Crag, Bampton 
NY52822102 Baxter Rash, Lowther 
NY48771526 Beck Hall, Bampton flooded
NY50922034 Beckfoot Bridge, Bampton 
NY51191822 beehives, Bampton 
NY51361825 beehives, Bampton (2) 
NY47191395 Benty Howe, Bampton 
NY47091772 bield, Bampton 
NY46761353 bield, Bampton (2) 
NY46771359 bield, Bampton (3) 
NY46441194 bield, Mardale (3) 
NY4815 Birker Gill 
NY466127 Birks Crag, Bampton 
NY46761279 Birks Crag, Mardale 
NY51841808 Black Bridge, Bampton 
NY46401256 Black Crag, Mardale 
NY4715 Blennerhasset, Bampton 
NY52181782 Bomby Green, Bomby 
NY522177 Bomby, Bampton 
NY45721808 boundary stone, Askham/Bampton/etc 
NY45561676 boundary stone, Bampton/Martindale 
NY46781179 Bowderthwaite Bridge, Mardale 
NY51461811 brewery, Bampton 
NY52041800 Bridge End, Bampton Grange 
NY50312080 bridge, Widewath 
NY49911742 Broom Bank, Bampton 
NY46451283 building, Bampton 
NY50801610 Burnbanks, Bampton 
NY51091946 Butterwick Bridge, Butterwick 
NY50661973 Butterwick Crag rocks, Bampton 
NY50601956 Butterwick Crag, Butterwick 
NY51371963 Butterwick Green, Butterwick 
NY51071954 Butterwick, Bampton 
NY47851856 cairn, Bampton 
NY49011824 Carhullan, Bampton 
NY46941277 Castle Crag, Mardale 
NY52001799 causeway, Bampton 
NY4817 Cawdale Beck 
NY47961794 Cawdale Edge, Bampton 
NY48561787 Cawdale, Bampton 
NY52071801 Church Bridge, Bampton Grange L
NY47861673 Cow Moor, Bampton 
NY47401216 Crag Dub, Mardale gone
NY47851805 Crag Top, Bampton 
NY49721996 Cricken Pols, Bampton 
NY50811828 Cross Gate, Bampton 
NY52311823 cross, Bampton L
NY48821557 cross, Measand gone?
NY52181806 Crown and Mitre, Bampton Grange L
NY49282013 Dalefoot, Bampton 
NY48491964 Dalehead, Bampton 
NY52141806 Dalton House, Bampton Grange L
NY51521609 dam, Shap Rural (2) 
NY52291807 Dawes House, Bampton L
NY51691737 Dennyhill, Bampton L
NY51531829 dovecote, Bampton Hall L
NY50781739 Dufferwood Hill, Bampton 
NY48791559 earthwork, Bampton 
NY53011930 earthwork, Bampton (2) 
NY46941277 earthwork, Castle Crag 
NY51171699 Eastward, Bampton L
NY52871813 Field Gate, Bampton L
NY50781610 fingerpost, Burnbanks 
NY47221245 Flake How, Mardale gone
NY47031241 Flakehowe Crags, Mardale 
NY51722142 footbridge, Bampton 
NY49371804 footbridge, Bampton (2) 
NY48241570 footbridge, Bampton (3) 
NY46831189 footbridge, Bampton (4) 
NY47051318 footbridge, Bampton (5) 
NY47041588 Force Crag, Bampton 
NY48701543 Force, Bampton flooded?
NY48491556 Forces, Bampton 
NY49151801 ford, Bampton 
NY47811582 Fordingdale Bottom, Bampton 
NY47041582 Fordingdale Force, Bampton 
NY49151626 Four Stones Hill, Bampton 
NY49091632 Four Stones Tarn, Bampton 
NY51481813 garage, Bampton 
NY50551608 gate, Bampton 
NY50541615 gate, Bampton (2) 
NY503159 Giant's Graves, Bampton 
NY4918 Gill Beck (2) 
NY50611584 Gill Dubs, Bampton 
NY50461912 Gillhead, Butterwick 
NY52081809 Grange Farm, Bampton Grange L
NY52501838 Grange House, Bampton 
NY47671417 Graven Gate, Bampton flooded
NY4617 Great Gill (3) 
NY51451955 Green Crook, Butterwick 
NY52011768 Greengate, Bampton Grange 
NY47301340 Guards End, Mardale gone
NY51821763 Halfa Bridge, Bampton L
NY46441309 Hanging Stones, Mardale 
NY46411829 Hart Hill, Bampton 
NY48911759 Hause End, Bampton 
NY485174 Hause, Bampton 
NY47711364 Hawes Water 
NY5116 Haweswater Beck 
NY48321387 Haweswater Hotel, Shap Rural 
NY53031834 hawthorn trees, Bampton 
NY49182051 Helton Dale, Askham 
NY51522025 Heltondale Beck 
NY49821702 High Drybarrows, Bampton L
NY48221501 High House, Bampton 
NY53821853 High House, Bampton (2) 
NY46821782 High Howe Sheepfold, Bampton 
NY49051913 High Howe, Bampton L
NY50261834 High Hullockhowe, Bampton 
NY52051970 High Knipe, Knipe 
NY45861597 High Kop, Bampton 
NY44811346 High Raise, Martindale 
NY49741915 High Rough Hill, Bampton L
NY50281887 High Skews, Bampton 
NY47091318 High Whelter, Mardale 
NY50891873 High Woodfoot, Bampton 
NY49111999 Hollin, Bampton 
NY48791554 house, Bampton 
NY51451813 house, Bampton (2) 
NY52171809 house, Bampton Grange L
NY50751612 house, Burnbanks 
NY4617 Howe Grain (2) 
NY5017 Howes Beck 
NY50781804 Howes, Bampton 
NY51961944 Howgate Foot, Knipe 
NY51431743 Hungerhill, Bampton 
NY4718 Inkern Beck 
NY53561886 Inscar Plantation, Bampton 
NY51121798 Ireland Wood, Bampton 
NY48731971 Keldhead, Bampton 
NY48611919 Kid Moor, Bampton 
NY46291246 Kidsty Howes, Bampton 
NY44741258 Kidsty Pike, Bampton 
NY48811521 Killands, Bampton flooded
NY51831956 Knipe Hall, Knipe L
NY52161916 Knipe Moor, Knipe 
NY52881930 Knipe Scar stone circle, Knipe 
NY52761906 Knipe Scar, Knipe 
NY51781973 Knipe, Bampton 
NY53501906 Knipescar Common, Bampton 
NY4715 Knotts, Bampton 
NY478151 Lad Crags, Bampton 
NY46911263 Ladys Seat, Mardale 
NY50172021 Lanty Crag, Bampton 
NY479144 Lawthwaite, Bampton 
NY47281475 Laythwaite Crags, Bampton 
NY4714 Laythwaite Sike 
NY51441812 limekiln, Bampton L out of sight
NY49292065 limekiln, Bampton (2) 
NY52642037 limekiln, Bampton (3) 
NY54011833 limekiln, Scarside 
NY4617 Little Gill (2) 
NY50901697 Littlewater Tarn, Bampton 
NY50671703 Littlewater, Bampton 
NY45721808 Loadpot Hill, Barton 
NY46301459 Long Grain, Bampton 
NY4514 Longgrain Beck 
NY50681956 Low Crag, Bampton L
NY49961691 Low Drybarrows, Bampton 
NY49301902 Low Howe, Bampton 
NY50291847 Low Hullockhowe, Bampton 
NY51611992 Low Knipe, Bampton 
NY51611984 Low Knipe, Knipe L
NY47431647 Low Kop, Bampton 
NY45611374 Low Raise, Bampton 
NY49941923 Low Rough Hill, Bampton L
NY53571852 Low Scarside, Bampton L
NY49791566 Low Water, Hawes Water 
NY47201335 Low Whelter, Mardale gone
NY51621996 Lowther Cottage, Knipe 
NY45741784 Lowther House, Bampton 
NY51461812 Mardale Inn, Bampton 
NY4815 Measand Beck 
NY47851546 Measand End, Bampton 
NY48601547 Measand, Bampton 
NY48751515 Measandbecks, Measand flooded
NY51471818 mill, Bampton suggested
NY51461606 mill, Bampton (2) suggested
NY51111822 Millcrags, Bampton 
NY51591977 Moor End, Knipe 
NY49922046 Moora, Bampton 
NY49341822 Moorahill Farm, Bampton L
NY51011598 Naddle Bridge, Bampton L
NY51051625 Naddle Gate, Bampton 
NY52231806 Naddle View, Bampton Grange 
NY47351278 Noeys, Mardale gone
NY4714 Nook Sike 
NY51471609 Park Bridge, Burnbanks 
NY48671875 Pen End, Bampton 
NY48101849 Pen, Bampton 
NY49711673 Pinnacle Howe, Bampton 
NY5119 Pow Beck (6) 
NY4815 Pullsgill Sike 
NY4612 Randale Beck 
NY45011447 Raven Howe, Bampton 
NY4818 Ressit Gill 
NY4511 Riggindale Beck 
NY46911185 Riggindale house, Bampton gone
NY460117 Riggindale, Bampton 
NY49461939 Rough Hill Tarn, Bampton 
NY498192 Rough Hill, Bampton 
NY47401360 Rowanpark Well, Mardale gone
NY44401220 Sale Pot, Bampton 
NY45711782 Sandford Stake, Martindale 
NY48381541 Sandhill Knots, Bampton 
NY48701520 Sandhill, Bampton flooded
NY490190 Scale, Bampton suggested
NY51021932 Scar View Cottage, Bampton L
NY51031933 Scar View Farm, Bampton L
NY53711830 Scarside, Bampton 
NY49781985 Sceugh, Bampton 
NY48741523 school, Measandbecks flooded
NY49881923 school, Rough Hill 
NY4917 Scrogs, Bampton once?
NY47191751 Seal Hole, Bampton 
NY51801760 seat, Bampton 
NY50781610 seat, Burnbanks 
NY5020 Setterah Sike 
NY46601254 sheepfold, Bampton 
NY47211588 sheepfold, Bampton (2) 
NY47541774 sheepfold, Bampton (3) 
NY46631239 sheepfold, Bampton (4) 
NY46431282 sheepfold, Bampton (5) 
NY46961298 sheepfold, Bampton (6) 
NY46131229 sheepfold, Bampton (7) 
NY46551258 sheepfold, Bampton (9) 
NY51671967 sheepfold, Knipe 
NY45391177 sheepfold, Shap Rural (3) 
NY45421175 sheepfold, Shap Rural (4) 
NY50371882 Skews, Bampton 
NY46781587 Skreel Side, Bampton 
NY47301218 Speaking Crag, Mardale 
NY52151804 St Patrick, Bampton L
NY49701776 Stanegarth, Bampton L
NY50341816 Steel, Bampton suggested
NY51881618 stepping stones, Bampton 
NY51941627 stepping stones, Bampton (2) 
NY46851195 stone wall, Mardale 
NY48901518 Straits, Bampton 
NY47411608 Tail o' Ling, Bampton 
NY51681965 telephone box, Knipe 
NY51111602 Thornthwaite Force, Bampton 
NY51281630 Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton L
NY486155 Thwaite, Bampton gone
NY51091872 Toddle Cottage, Bampton 
NY5118 Toddle Gutter 
NY51692136 Tom Winder's Loom, Bampton 
NY49241784 Tow Top, Bampton 
NY52251807 Town End Farm, Bampton Grange 
NY49311793 Towtop Kirk, Bampton 
NY4568318122 trig point, NY4568318122 
NY49911861 Vaugh Steel, Bampton 
NY52131805 Vicarage, Bampton Grange 
NY487154 viewpoint, Measand Beck 
NY51721751 Walmgate Foot, Bampton 
NY51171647 Walmgate Head, Bampton 
NY51611708 Walmgate, Bampton 
NY52351816 water trough, Bampton Grange 
NY46311549 waterfall, Measand Beck 
NY51821767 Wesleyan Chapel, Bampton 
NY45651654 Wether Hill, Martindale 
NY5221 Whale Beck 
NY4613 Whelter Beck 
NY46521384 Whelter Bottom, Mardale 
NY46051374 Whelter Crags, Mardale 
NY47181351 Whelter Knotts, Mardale 
NY471131 Whelter, Bampton gone
NY46221719 White Bog, Bampton 
NY50352074 Widewath Mill Farm, Widewath 
NY4917 Willdale Beck 
NY48851721 Willdale, Bampton 
NY50381727 Winder Hill, Bampton 
NY50861886 Woodfoot, Bampton 
NY51451822 Yew Tree House, Bampton L
NY50982019 Beckfoot, Bampton 
NY49251585 Colby, Bampton gone
NY49341610 Haweswater Mine, Bampton 
NY52561749 hedge, Bampton 
NY52091780 seat, Bomby 
NY48871958 barn, Bampton (2) 
NY51651725 Walm How, Bampton 
NY41 High Street roman road 
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