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10Km squares




Pab Castre (Pap Castle, Papcastle)
Packet House, Kendal
packhorse bridge, Boot
packhorse bridge, Broughton West (2)
packhorse bridge, Calva Hall
packhorse bridge, Crook
packhorse bridge, Dent Head
packhorse bridge, Long Marton
packhorse bridge, Orton S
packhorse bridge, Rosgill
packhorse bridge, Stainton
packhorse bridge, St John's Castlerigg etc
packhorse bridge, Throstle Garth
packhorse bridge, Ullock
packhorse bridge, Watendlath
packhorse bridge, Wet Sleddale
Packhorse Cottage, Low Lorton
Packhorse Hill, Orton S
Packhorse Inn (Packhorse Cottage, Low Lorton)
Pack Horse Inn, Gamblesby
Pack Horse Inn, Keswick
Pack Horse, Kirkby Stephen
Pack Horse Lane (Carlisle: Pack Horse Lane)
Pack Horse, Plumpton
Pack Horse Road, Old (Old Pack Horse Road, Shap)
Pack Horse, Seaton
Pack Horse, Whitehaven
Packhouse Hill (Packhorse Hill, Orton S)
Packinhaug (Pickeringhaw, Scotland)
Packsaddle Bridge (packhorse bridge, Dent Head)
Pack, The (Kendal: Market Place, 34)
Padaburn Hill, Kingwater
Padaburn House (Paddaburn, Northumberland)
Paddaburn, Northumberland
Paddigill, Caldbeck
Paddle Beck
Paddle House, Dean
Paddle School (Eaglesfield Paddle CoE Primary Academy, Dean)
Paddle School Allotments, Blindbothel
Paddock Crag, Above Derwent
Paddock Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Paddock Wray, Eskdale
Paddy End Mine (Paddy End Works, Coniston)
Paddy End Mine (Coniston Copper Mines, Coniston)
Paddy End Works (Coniston Copper Mines, Coniston)
Paddy End Works, Coniston
Paddygill (Paddigill, Caldbeck)
Padpott (Yoadpot, Whitwell and Selside)
Padstow, Keekle
Pageant Stone, Morland
Page Bank Farm, Barrow-in-Furness
Page Hall, Penrith
pagoda, Irton with Santon
Palace How, Blindbothel
Palacehow, Buttermere
Palace of Patterdale, The (Patterdale Hall, Patterdale)
Palace of the King of Patterdale (Patterdale Hall, Patterdale)
Palace Range (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Palace, The (Calgarth Park, Lakes)
Palace, Witherslack
Pallaflat, Egremont
Pallet Hill, Dacre
Pallethill, Dacre
Palliard Scar, Stainmore
Palliard, Stainmore
Pallot Hill (Pallet Hill, Dacre)
Pallyards, Solport
Palmecastle (roman fort, Papcastle)
Palmer Gill
Palmer Hill Holy Well (Holy Well, Waterhead)
Palmer Hill, Kingwater
Palmers Hill, Sedbergh
Pal Yard (Palliard, Stainmore)
Pamela's (house, Penrith (6))
Panda Chinese Take Aaway (house, Kirkby Stephen (4))
Pandrigg (Bannerrigg Farm, Windermere)
Pannal Holm (Pannel Holme, Ulpha)
Pannel Holme, Ulpha
Pannermoor Tarn, Bootle
Panope, Seascale
Pansey Cottage, Lamplugh
Pant End, Lupton Row
Pap Castle (roman fort, Papcastle)
Papcastle House, Papcastle
Papcastle Moor, Papcastle
Pap Castle, Papcastle
Papcastle parish
Papcastle Station (Station House, Papcastle)
Papcastle Village Hall, Papcastle
Pap Castre (Pap Castle, Papcastle)
Papelay Crag (Paper Crag, Borrowdale)
Paper Crag, Borrowdale
Paper Gill
Papergill, Sebergham
Paper Hill, Alston Moor
Papermill Coppice, Ambleside
paper mill, Dean
Papermill Green, Maryport
Papermill Lane (Simonscales Lane, Cockermouth)
paper mill, Little Salkeld
Paper Moss, St John's Castlerigg etc
Papershop (Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 35)
Papscastle (Pap Castle, Papcastle)
Paradise Lane, Milnthorpe
Paradise of Furness (Conishead Priory, Ulverston)
Paradise, Ravenstonedale
Parcelstown, Arthuret
Parcelstown Bridge, Arthuret
Parcey House, Hartsop
Pardshaw Bridge, Dean
Pardshaw Crag, Pardshaw Hall
Pardshaw, Dean
Pardshaw Gate (Leegate, Dean)
Pardshaw Hall, Dean
Pardshaw Hall Meeting House (meeting house, Pardshaw Hall)
Pardshaw meeting (meeting house, Pardshaw Hall)
Pardshaw Meeting House (meeting house, Pardshaw Hall)
Pardshaw Outgang, Dean
Pardza (Pardshaw, Dean)
Par Gill
Parham Beck
Parhambeck, Carlisle
Parish Archives, Crosby Ravensworth
Parish Boundary Stone (boundary stone, Bolton/King's Meaburn)
Parish Church of St Andrew (St Andrew, Penrith)
Parish Church of St Mary (St Mary, Maryport)
Parish Crag Bridge (packhorse bridge, Rosgill)
Parish Dyke (Paradise Lane, Milnthorpe)
Parish Hall (Kendal Parish Hall, Kendal)
Parish Rooms, Pennington
Park (Fawe Park, Above Derwent)
Park (High Park, Grayrigg)
Park (Holker Hall, Lower Holker)
Park (Low Park, Grayrigg)
Park (Old Parks, Kirkoswald)
Park (Sizergh Castle, Sizergh)
Parkamoor, Colton
Parkamoor, High (High Parkamoor, Colton)
Parkamoor, Low (Low Parkamoor, Colton)
Park Bank, Swindale
Parkbarn, Culgaith
Park Barns, Brampton
Park Beck
Park Beck (2)
Park Beck (3)
Park Beck Cottage, Cartmel
Park, Beetham
park, Brampton
Park Bridge, Burnbanks
Park Bridge, Loweswater
Park Broom, Stanwix Rural
Park Brow, Long Marton
Parkbrow Quarry, Kentmere
park, Cockermouth
Park, Colton
Park Coppice, Coniston
Park Cottage (Eden Brow Park Cottage, Wetheral)
Park Cottage, High Lorton
park, Cowan Head
park, Crosby Ravensworth
Parke (Park House, Over Staveley)
Parke (Park, Orton S)
Parke end (Park End, Preston Patrick)
Parkefoot (Park Foot, Lowther)
Park End (Helena Thompson Museum, Workington)
Parkend Beck
Parkend Bridge, Parkend
Parkend, Caldbeck
Park End Farm, Helsington
Parkend Lane (road, through Brigsteer)
Parkend Lane, Helsington
Park End Mill, Preston Patrick
Park End, Preston Patrick
Parkend, Scaleby
Parkend, Solport
Parkenooke (Park Head, Scalthwaiterigg)
Parker Gate, Bassenthwaite
Parker Pit, Whitehaven
Parkers, Deepdale
Parker Waggonway (tramroad, Parker Pit)
Park, Farlam
Park Farm (Elterwater Park, Skelwith)
Park Farm, Bewcastle
Park Farm Cottage, Grinsdale
Park Farm, Grinsdale
Park Farm, High (High Park Farm, Skelwith)
Park Farm, Long Marton
Park Farm, Low (Low Park Farm, Preston Richard)
Park Fauld Farm, St Cuthbert Without
Park Fell, Alston Moor
Park Fell Head, Lakes
Park Fell, Skelwith
Park Fell, Troutbeck
Park Foot (High Parkfoot, Stapleton)
Park Foot, Barton
Park Foot Farm (Park Foot, Barton)
Parkfoot, High (High Parkfoot, Stapleton)
Parkfoot, Low (Low Parkfoot, Stapleton)
Park Foot, Lowther
Parkgate (Park Gate, Askerton)
Park Gate (Whitrigg House, Clifton)
Park Gate, Askerton
Parkgate Bridge, Askerton
Parkgate Cottages (Keep, Askerton)
Parkgate Cottages, Parkgate
Parkgate Farm, Matterdale
Parkgate Farm, Waverton
Parkgate, Frizington
Parkgate Hall, Parkgate
Parkgate, Irton with Santon
Parkgate Tarn, Irton with Santon
Parkgate, Waverton
Park Gill
park, Grayrigg
Park Ground, Torver
Park Grove, Alston Moor
Park Grove, Irton with Santon
Parkhead (Park House Farm, Holme Low)
Park Head (Parkhead Inn, St John Beckermet)
Parkhead, Bewcastle
Park Head, Brampton
Park Head, Broughton West
Parkhead Chapel (Chapel House, Kirkoswald)
Park Head Farm (Park Head, Scalthwaiterigg)
Parkhead, High (High Parkhead, Sebergham)
Parkhead Hill (Low Mill, Kirkoswald)
Parkhead, Holme Low
Parkhead Inn, St John Beckermet
Park Head, Kirkoswald
Park Head, Levens
Parkhead, Low (Low Parkhead, Sebergham)
Park Head Quarry, Sebergham
Park Head Road, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Park Head, Scalthwaiterigg
Parkhead, Scuggate
Parkhead, Sebergham
Park Head Wood, Broughton West
Park, High (Birkrigg High Park, Preston Richard)
Park, High (High Park, Alston Moor)
Park, High (High Park, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Park, High (High Park, Askerton)
Park, High (High Park, Docker)
Park, High (High Park, Grayrigg)
Park, High (High Park, Kendal)
Park, High (High Park, Wharton)
Park, High (Highpark, Loweswater)
Park Hill, Bassenthwaite
Park Hill, Blindcrake
Park Hill, Crosscanonby
Park Hill, Dean
Park Hill, Hartley
Park Hill, Heversham
Park Hill, Killington
Park Hill of Bassingthwate (Park Hill, Bassenthwaite)
Park Hill, Ravenstonedale
Parkhill School, Holme East Waver
Parkhill Wood, Calgarth
Park House (Castle Meadows, Kendal)
Park House (Fairthwaite Park House, Lancashire)
Park House (Troutbeck Park Farm, Troutbeck)
Park House (Staveley Park, Over Staveley)
Park House, Aikton
Park House, Barrow-in-Furness
Parkhouse, Barton
Park House, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Park House, Cartmel
Park House, Cockermouth
Park House, Dacre
Park House, Dalston
Park House, Drigg
Park House, Egremont
Park House Farm (Park House, Barrow-in-Furness)
Park House Farm (Park House, Cockermouth)
Park House Farm, Barrow-in-Furness
Parkhouse Farm, Egremont
Park House Farm, Holme Low
Parkhouse Gill
Parkhouse Gill, Egremont
Park House, Greystoke
Park House, Hayton
Park House, Heversham
Park House, Holme Low
Park House, Kendal
Park House, Kingmoor
Parkhouse, Kingmoor
Park House, Long Marton
Park House, Low (Low Park House, Askerton)
Park House, Low (Low Park House, Stainmore)
Park House, Lowca
Park House, Lowther
Parkhouse, Matterdale
Park House, Millom Without
Parkhouse Mineral Railway (Yarlside Iron Mines tramroad)
Park House, Muncaster
Parkhouse, Nicholforest
Park House, Orton S
Park House, Over Staveley
Park House, Ravenstonedale
Park Houses (Barkhouse, Setmurthy)
Park Houses (High Park House, Stainmore)
Park Houses (Low Park House, Stainmore)
Park House, Scaleby
Park House, Skelwith
Park House, Solport
Park House, Stainmore
Park House, St Cuthbert Without
Park House, Temple Sowerby
Park House, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Parkhouse Wood.Dalston
Park Hous, Langrigg
Parkin and Jackson masons (Kendal: Parkin and Jackson)
Parking Memorial Hall (Parkin Memorial Hall, Pooley Bridge)
Parkinhill, Appleby
Parkin Hill Farm (Parkinhill, Appleby)
Parkin Memorial Hall, Pooley Bridge
Parkinsfield (Parkinhill, Appleby)
Parkin's Stones, Alston Moor
park, Ireby
park, Kingmoor
Parklands (Parkside House, Kendal)
Park Lane (Cockermouth: Isel Road)
Park Lane, Holme
Park Lane, Orton S
Park Lodge, Helsington
Park, Low (Low Manesty, Borrowdale)
Park, Low (Low Park Farm, Preston Richard)
Park, Low (Low Park moss, Askerton)
Park, Low (Low Park, Alston Moor)
Park, Low (Low Park, Askerton)
Park, Low (Low Park, Grayrigg)
Park, Low (Low Park, Skelwith)
Park, Low (Low Park, Wharton)
Park, Low (Lowpark, Loweswater)
park, Maulds Meaburn
Park, Mid (Spring House Park, Alston Moor)
Park, Middle (Middle Park, Alston Moor)
Park, Middle (Middle Park, Alston Moor (2))
Park Moor (Parkamoor, Colton)
Park Moss, Levens
Park Moss, Old (Old Park Moss, Killington)
Park Nab, Colton
Park Neb, Borrowdale
Park, Nether (Nether Park, Alston Moor)
Park, New (New Park, Ireby)
Park, New (New Park, Killington)
Park, New (New Park, Nateby)
Parknook (Park Nook Farm, Bewcastle)
Park Nook, Barbon
Park Nook Farm, Bewcastle
Parknook, Gosforth
Park Nook, Holme Abbey
Park Nook, Kingwater
Park Nook, Waberthwaite
Park, Orton S
Park Plantation, Satterthwaite
Park Quarry, Troutbeck
Park Rigg, Solport
Park Road Gardens, Grange-over-Sands
Parks (Highpark, Loweswater)
Parks (Lowpark, Loweswater)
Parks (Old Parks, Kirkoswald)
Park School, Bewcastle
park, Sedgwick
Parks Farm (Parks, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Parks Farm, Low (Low Parks Farm, Cockermouth)
Parks Head (Parkhead Inn, St John Beckermet)
Parkside (Lambrigg Park Farm, Lambrigg)
Parkside (Park Side, Above Derwent)
Park Side, Above Derwent
Parkside, Arlecdon and Frizington
Parkside Cemetery, Kendal
Parkside, Frizington
Parkside House, Cartmel
Parkside House, Kendal
Parkside, Killington
Park Side, Milnthorpe
Park Side, Newtown
Parkside, Patterdale
Parkside Pits, Arlecdon and Frizington
Park Side Plantation, Levens
Parkside Sike
Parkside Terraces, Arlecdon and Frizington
Parks, Lamplugh
Parks Lane, Cockermouth
Parks, Old (Old Parks, Kirkoswald)
Park South Junction, Dalton Town with Newton
Park South Level Crossing, Dalton Town with Newton
Park Spring, Dalston
Parkspring Wood, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Parks, The (Parrocks, Bretherdale)
Parks, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Parks Wood, Colton
Park Tarn, Long Marton
Park Terrace, Kirkby Stephen
Park Terrace, Silloth
Park, The (Underley Park, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Park View, Askham
Park View, Askham (2)
Park View, Clifton
Park View Cottage, Askham
Park View Cottages, Holker
Park View, Kirkoswald
Park View, Milnthorpe
Park View, Scaleby
Park View with Outbuilding (Park View, Askham)
Park Wood, Bassenthwaite
Park Wood, Blindcrake
Park Wood, Colton
Park Wood, Culgaith
Park Wood, High (High Park Wood, Witherslack)
Park Wood, Hutton Roof
Park Wood, Low (Low Park Wood, Helsington)
Park Wood, Mansergh
Park Wood, Middleton
Park Wood, Nether Denton
Park Wood, Skelton
Park Wood, Westward
Parma Violet (Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 45)
Parmental (Parmontley Hall, Northumberland)
Parmontley Hall, Northumberland
Parrock Gill
Parrock Gill, Far, Mallerstang (Far Parrock Gill)
Parrock Hall, Barrow-in-Furness
Parrock Hall Junction, Barrow-in-Furness
Parrock Moor, Ravenstonedale
Parrock Quarry, Skelwith
Parrocks, Bretherdale
Parrocks Gill
Parrot Well, Great Clifton
Parry Gill
Parsey Hagg, Skelton
Parsey House (Parcey House, Hartsop)
Parseys Gill
Parsonage (Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale)
Parsonage (Carleton Hall, Carleton)
Parsonage (Glebe House, Wreay)
Parsonage (Ladstock, Above Derwent)
Parsonage (Old Vicarage, Irton)
Parsonage (Old Vicarage, Winster)
Parsonage (Old Vicarage, Witherslack)
Parsonage (Rectory Farm, Brougham)
Parsonage (Rectory, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Parsonage (Rectory, Castle Carrock)
Parsonage (Rectory, Dufton)
Parsonage (Rectory, Patterdale)
Parsonage (Rectory, Whicham)
Parsonage (Red House, Ireby)
Parsonage (Vicarage, Allhallows)
Parsonage (Vicarage, Borrowdale)
Parsonage, Allonby
Parsonage Bay (Parson Wyke, Windermere lake)
Parsonage Breast, Whicham
Parsonage, Brigsteer
Parsonage, Burneside
Parsonage, Carlisle
Parsonage, Carlisle (2)
Parsonage, Chapel Stile
Parsonage, Cleator
Parsonage, Crook
Parsonage, Ennerdale Bridge
Parsonage Farm, Beetham
Parsonage Farm, Brigham
Parsonage Farm, Whicham
Parsonage, Garrigill
Parsonage, Grasmere
Parsonage, Haile
Parsonage House (Rectory, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Parsonage, Kendal
Parsonage, Kentmere
Parsonage, Keswick
Parsonage, Levens
Parsonage, Little Town
parsonage, Mardale (Slapestone, Mardale)
Parsonage, Natland
Parsonage Room, Broughton in Furness
Parsonage, The (Abbey Farm, Middleton)
Parsonage, The (Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale)
Parsonage, The (Farlam Ghyll, Farlam)
Parsonage, The (Grayrigg House, Grayrigg)
Parsonage, The (house, Ings)
Parsonage, The (Old Rectory, Churchtown)
Parsonage, The (Old Vicarage, Martindale)
Parsonage, The (Old Vicarage, Mungrisdale)
Parsonage, The (Old Vicarage, Skirwith)
Parsonage, The (Old Vicarage, Stainmore)
Parsonage, The (Rectory, Warwick Bridge)
Parsonage, The (Rectory, Watermillock)
Parsonage, The (Sellet Lodge, Stainton)
Parsonage, The (Summerdale House, Preston Patrick)
Parsonage, The (Tanglewood, Causewayhead)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage Farm, Hesket)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Westward)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Arlecdon)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Casterton)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Cumrew)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Cumwhitton)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Embleton)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Holme St Cuthbert)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Hutton Roof)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Kendal (2))
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Loweswater)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Matterdale)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Nicholforest)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Old Hutton)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Seaton)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Underbarrow)
Parsonage, The (Vicarage, Walton)
Parsonage, The (vicarage, Westnewton)
Parsonage, Threlkeld
Parsonage, Upperby
parsonage, Wetheral
Parson Bridge, Westward
Parsonbridge, Westward
Parsonby, Plumbland
Parson's Park, Sebergham
Parson's Park Wood, Skelton
Parson's Thorn, Orton N
Parson's Wyke (Parson Wyke, Windermere lake)
Parson Wyke, Windermere lake
Part House (Parkside House, Kendal)
Parting Well, Bewcastle
Partis Pit, Whitehaven
Parton Bay, Irish Sea
Parton: Brewery Brow
Parton Brewery, Parton
Parton Brow, Parton
Parton Goods Junction, Parton
Parton Hall, Thursby
Parton Harbour, Parton
Parton Ironworks (ironworks, Parton)
Parton parish
Parton Rocks, Parton
Parton School (school, Parton)
Parton Station, Parton
Parton, Thursby
Parton Tunnel, Whitehaven
Partree Spring (Burtree Spring, Lamplugh)
Party Haw, High (High Party Haw, Firbank)
Party Haw, Low (Low Party Haw, Firbank)
Passage, Kirkby Stephen
pass, Ravenstonedale
pass, Threlkeld
Pass to Grasmere (Grisedale Hause, Patterdale)
Pasture Beck
Pasture Beck Bridge, Hartsop
Pasture Bottom, Patterdale
Pasture Cottage (Pasture House, Gilcrux)
Pasture Gate, Ennerdale
Pasture Gate, Rowrah
Pasture Gill
Pasturehead, Bewcastle
Pasture House, Alston Moor
Pasture House, Boltons
Pasture House, Bowness
Pasture House, Gilcrux
Pasture House, Grayrigg
Pasture House, High (High Pasture House, Alston Moor)
Pasture House, Holme Low
Pasture Houses, Alston Moor
Pasture House, Sebergham
Pasture Houses, Kirkbride
Pasture House, Westnewton
Pasture Lane, Caldbeck
Pasture Lane Cottage (Cottage, Caldbeck)
Pasture Lane Farm (Pasture Lane House, Caldbeck)
Pasture Lane Farm, Caldbeck
Pasture Lane House, Caldbeck
Pastures (Halfpenny Farm, Stainton)
Pasture Side (Pasture House, Boltons)
Pastureside, Yearngill
Pasture Well, Nicholforest
Pate Crag Intake, Claife
Pate Hole, Low (Low Pate Hole, Great Asby)
Pate Hole Mouth, Great Asby
Paterdale (Patterdale)
Patern Field (Burnfield, Millom Without)
Paternoster Row (Carlisle: Paternoster Row)
Pater Noster Row (Carlisle: Paternoster Row)
Pateshill, Irthington
Patience Arnold Doll's House Museum, Ambleside
Paton Foot Bridge (Crummock Bridge, Boltons)
Paton Hall (Patton Hall Farm, Whinfell)
Patrickdale (Patterdale)
Patrick's Dale (Patterdale)
Patten Beck
Pattenfoot, Boltons
Pattenfoot Bridge, Boltons
Pattenfoot Cottage (Pattenfoot, Boltons)
Patten Gate (Pattenfoot, Boltons)
Pattenside, Bewcastle
Patterbarrow (Latterbarrow, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Patterdaill (Patterdale)
Patterdaill (Patterdale parish)
Patterdale (White Lion, Patterdale)
Patterdale below How, Patterdale
Patterdale Bridge (Goldrill Bridge, Patterdale)
Patterdale Chapel (Chapel in the Hause, Patterdale)
Patterdale Church (St Patrick, Patterdale)
Patterdale CofE Primary School, Patterdale
Patterdale Common, Patterdale
Patterdale Fire Station, Patterdale
Patterdale Hall, Patterdale
Patterdale Hotel, Patterdale
Patterdale Meeting House (meeting house, Patterdale)
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (mountain rescue, Patterdale)
Patterdale Palace (Patterdale Hall, Patterdale)
Patterdale parish
Patterdale Police Station (Old Police House, Patterdale)
Patterdale School (George Starkey Hut, Patterdale)
Patterdale to Kirkstone (road, Kirkstone Pass to Patterdale)
Patterdale to Penrith (road, Patterdale to Penrith)
Patterdale Village Store, Patterdale
Patterdale Youth Hostel, Patterdale
Petterill, River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Pattering Holes, St Bees Head
Patterson Hill, Workington
Pattersons Fold, Borrowdale
Pattieshill, Stapleton
Pattinson's Allotment, Helbeck
Patton and Skelsmoore (Skelsmergh parish)
Patton and Skelsmoore (Whinfell parish)
Patton Bridge bridge, Whinfell
Patton Bridge road (road, through Patton)
Patton Bridge, Whinfell
Pattonfolds (Patton Bridge, Whinfell)
Patton Garth, Hayton
Patton Hall Farm, Whinfell
Pattonhall Wood, Whinfell
Patton Hill (Height of Patton, Whinfell)
Patton Mill, Whinfell
Patton parish
Patton's Family Buthcers (Millom: Patton's)
Pattonstown, Kirkandrews
Patton Town (Pattonstown, Kirkandrews)
Paul's Butchers (Flookburgh: Paul's Butchers)
Paul's Home Carpet Service (Dalton-in-Furness: Paul's Home Carpet Service)
Pauls Yate (Palliard, Stainmore)
Pavement End Farm, Grasmere
Pavement End House (Pavement End Farm, Grasmere)
Pavey Ark, Lakes
Pave York Lead Mine, Coniston
Pavillion, Silloth
Paving Brow (Brampton: Paving Brow)
Paving Brow, Brampton
P D Hutchinson, Butcher (Greenodd: Hutchinson)
P Drig (Drigg)
P Drigg (Drigg)
Peace Howe, Borrowdale
Peacock Cottage, Outgate
Peacock Inn, Barrow-in-Furness
Peagill, Gosforth
Peak House, Oulton
Peal (Peel, Loweswater)
Pea Lee (Peel Place, Eskdale)
Pearepeale (Pearepeal, Kirklinton Middle)
Pearepeal, Kirklinton Middle
Peare Tree House, Blennerhasset
Pear Ling (Priorling, St Bridget Beckermet)
Pears Ghyll, Hesket
Pearson Pit, Whitehaven
Pearson's Fold, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Pearson's Lane, Troutbeck
Pear Tree Cottage (Park View Cottage, Askham)
Pear Tree Cottage (Greystones, Tirril)
Pear Tree Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal
Peartree Cottages, Kendal
Peartree House, Newby
Peartree, Kirkandrews
Peartree Point, Cartmel Fell
Peasah Wood, Stainmore
Peascods Lane (Carlisle: Peascods Lane)
Peas Crook, Kirkoswald
Pease Kail Well, Hincaster
Peasey Beck
Peasey Bridge, Crooklands
Peas Gill House, Dent
Peasholmes (Low Peasholmes Farm, Barrow-in-Furness)
Peasholmes Farm, Low (Low Peasholmes Farm, Barrow-in-Furness)
Peaslands Farm (Peaslands, King's Meaburn)
Peaslands, King's Meaburn
Peaslands Lonning, Bromfield
Peastree, St Cuthbert Without
Peat Field Quarry, Skelwith
Peatgate, Bolton
Peat Gate, Dent
Peathill Gill
Peat Hill, Kirkandrews
Peat Hill, Shap Rural
peat house, Eskdale
Peathow (Peat Howe, Borrowdale)
Peat Howe, Borrowdale
Peatlane Bridge (railway bridge, Kendal (4))
Peat Lane, Kendal
Peat Memorial, Workington
Peatmere Hill, Seaton
Peat Moor, Mallerstang
Peatmoor Sike
Peatmoor Tarn, Hunsonby
peat moss, Fells End
peat outcrop, North Yorkshire
Peat Pot, Irton with Santon
Peatpot Tarn, Winton
Peat's Cottage, Dalston
Peats Hill (Pateshill, Irthington)
Peatstack Hill, Askham
Peatstack Mine, Nenthead
Peat Wath, Beaumont
Bolton Fell peat railway
peat works, Boothby
peat works, Solway Moss
peat works, Wedholme Flow
peat works, Whitrigg
Peck o' Big Hole, Hayton
Pedderhill, Arthuret
Pedder memorial, Lower Allithwaite
Pedder Stone, Lakes
Pedder Well, Hayton
Pedersen's fish shop (Cleator Moor: Pedersen)
Pedestrian Arms, Carlisle
Pedge Croft Farm (Pedge Croft, Sedbergh)
Pedge Croft, Sedbergh
Pedi-Care House (Sedbergh: Pedi-Care House)
Pedlar Pit, Whitehaven
Pedlar Pit, Whitehaven (2)
Pedlers' Stone, King's Meaburn
Peel (Piel Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Peel Castle (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Peel Dod, Kirkoswald
Peele Castle (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Peelewike (Peel Wyke, Wythop)
Peel Gill
Peel Gill Bridge, Skelton
Peel Harbour (Piel Harbour, Barrow-in-Furness)
peel, Hartley Castle
Peel House, Arnside
Peel House, Broughton in Furness
Peel Island (Piel Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Peel Island, Coniston Water
Peel, Loweswater
Peel Near, High (High Peel Near, Colton)
Peel Near, Low (Low Peel Near, Colton)
Peel of Foundrey (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Peel O'Hill, Bewcastle
Peel Place, Eskdale
Peel Place, Gosforth
Peel Place, Lanthwaite
Peelplace Noddle, Eskdale
Peelstead Well, Bewcastle
Peel Street (Carlisle: Peel Street)
Peelwike (Peel Wyke, Wythop)
Peel Wyke (Dubwath, Setmurthy)
Peelwyke Station (Bassenthwaite Lake Station, Wythop)
Peel Wyke, Wythop
Peely Slapehold (Peely Staplehold, Ullswater)
Peely Staplehold, Ullswater
Peeping Hill, Dufton
Peer How Hill, Cartmel Fell
Peerith (Penrith)
Peetha, River, Beetham (Bela, River)
Pegacre, Threlkeld
Pegbank Lane, Hutton Roof
Peggleside, Dent
Peggleswright, Dent
Peggles Wright Farm (Peggleswright, Dent)
Peggy's Bridge, Buttermere
Peggy's Hill (Will's Hill, Garsdale)
Peggy Tarn, Whinfell
Peggy Well, Branthwaite
Peg Huck Well, Lowther Park
Peg Slack, Shap Rural
Peg Sneddle's Trough, Appleby
Pehits Wall (Hadrian's Wall)
Peil Wyke (Peel Wyke, Wythop)
Peking Duck (Grange-over-Sands: Peking Duck)
Pela de Highhead (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Pela Hill (Peel O'Hill, Bewcastle)
Pelaw Hill (Peel O'Hill, Bewcastle)
Pelaw Hill, Bewcastle
Pele of Fotheray (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pele of Fouldrey (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pele-o-Hill (Peel O'Hill, Bewcastle)
Pelham House, Ponsonby
Pelham House School (Pelham House, Ponsonby)
Pellsyeat, Kirkby Lonsdale
Pelter Bridge, Rydal
Pelutho Grange, Holme Low
Pelutho, Holme St Cuthbert
Pelutho House, Pelutho
Peluthomire (Pelutho Grange, Holme Low)
Peluthomire (Pelutho Park, Holme Low)
Pelutho Mire, Holme Low
Pelutho Park, Holme Low
Pembroke House, Brougham
Pembroke Place, Penrith
Pen, Bampton
Pen Beck
Penbeck Bridge, Gaitsgill
Pencil Crag, Matterdale
Pencilmill Beck
Pencilmill Bridge, Matterdale
Pencil Mill, Matterdale
Pendale Hill (Pendle Hill, Lancashire)
Pendle Hill, Lancashire
Pendle Hill, Preston Patrick
Pen-dragon (Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang)
Pendragon Castle Cottage, Glenridding
Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang
Pendragon House, Outhgill
Pen End, Bampton
Pen End, Whicham
Penereth (Penrith)
Penerin, Long Marton
Pen, Eskdale
Penfold Cottage, Newby
Penfold Cottage, Whale
Penfold Farm, Dockray
Pengennett, Kentmere
Pen, High (High Pen, Lamplugh)
Penhurrock, Crosby Ravensworth
Penington (Pennington)
Penistone Green, North Stainmore
Penistone, Old (Old Penistone, Stainmore)
Peniston Green (Old Penistone, Stainmore)
Pen, Low (Low Pen, Lamplugh)
Penn, Buttermere
Pennine Hotel, Kirkby Stephen
Pennines, Cumbria
Pennine View, Burrells
Pennine View, Gamblesby
Pennine View, Ousby
Pennine Way
Pennine Ways ... Agents (Alston: Pennine Ways)
Pennington Beck
Pennington Bridge, Pennington
Pennington Castle (castle, Pennington)
Pennington Church (St Michael, Pennington)
Pennington CofE School, Pennington
Pennington Drift (Crag Fell Iron Mines, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Pennington Hotel, Ravenglass
Pennington House, Pennington
Pennington House, Ravenglass
Pennington Iron Mines, Pennington
Pennington Lodge Tower (Finsthwaite Summer House Tower, Colton)
Pennington parish
Pennington Reservoir, Pennington
Pennington School (Parish Rooms, Pennington)
Pennington Tarn (Pennington Reservoir, Pennington)
Penn, Ulpha
Pennybridge (Oldbridge, Broughton)
Penny Bridge Ash, Penny Bridge
Penny Bridge, Cartmel
Penny Bridge CofE Primary School (school, Greenodd)
Pennybridge Dub, Borrowdale
Penny Bridge, Egton with Newland
Penny Bridge Furnace, Egton with Newland
Penny Bridge Hall, Egton with Newland
Penny Bridge, Penny Bridge
Penny Bridge School (school, Penny Bridge)
Penny Bridge to Kirkby-in-Furness (road, Penny Bridge to Kirkby-in-Furness)
Pennybrig, Grange
Penny Farm Bridge, Sedbergh
Pennygant (Pen-y-ghent, North Yorkshire)
Penny Gill
Pennygill, Flimby
Pennygill Row (Pennygill, Flimby)
Penny Hill, Colby
Penny Hill Farm, Eskdale
Pennyhill, Penrith
Pennypot Well, Barbondale
Penny Rigg Mill, Tilberthwaite
Penny Rigg Quarries, Tilberthwaite
Penny Wood, Claife
Penradock (Penruddock)
Penreathe (Penrith)
Penreth (battle site, Penrith)
Penreth (Penrith)
Penrethe (Penrith)
Penrhydd (Penrith)
Penrice Drapers (Wigton: Penrice Drapers)
Penrith Town (Penrith parish)
Penrith: ACE Fixings
Penrith: Albert Street
Penrith: Albert Street, 12 and 13
Penrith: Albert Street, 26 to 29
Penrith: Albert Street, 30 to 32
Penrith: Albert Street, 9 to 11
Penrith: Alexandra Road
Penrith and Eden Museum (Penrith Museum, Penrith)
Penrith and Penruddock United Reformed Church (chapel, Penrith (3))
Penrith: Angel Lane
Penrith: Angel Lane, 4
Penrith: Arcade, 11
Penrith: Arnison's
Penrith: Arthur Street
Penrith: Arthur Street, 19 and 20
Penrith: Arthur Street, 21
Penrith: Arthur Street, 30 and 31
Penrith: Arthur Street, 48 to 50
Penrith: Arthur Street, 51 to 52
Penrith: Arthur Street, 53 to 55
Penrith: Arthur Street, 60
Penrith: Arthur Street, 61 to 63
Penrith: Arthur Street, 65 to 68
Penrith: Banks Swinburn
Penrith: Barclay's Bank
Penrith Bazaar (Penrith: King Street, 19 to 21)
Penrith Beacon (Beacon Hill, Penrith)
Penrith Beacon, Penrith
Penrith: Beckside Books
Penrith: Bensons Row
Penrith: Bishop Yards
Penrith: Bishop Yards, 1 to 3
Penrith: Bluebell Lane
Penrith: Brook Street
Penrith: Brougham Street
Penrith: Brunswick Road
Penrith: Brunswick Square
Penrith: Brunswick Square, 18
Penrith Building Society (Penrith: Penrith Building Society)
Penrith: Burrowgate
Penrith: Burrowgate, 45 and 46
Penrith: Burrowgate, 54
Penrith: Burton's
Penrith Bypass (M6, Penrith Bypass)
Penrith: Castlegate
Penrith Castle, Penrith
Penrith Cemetery, Penrith
Penrith Church (Christ Church, Penrith)
Penrith Church (St Andrew, Penrith)
Penrith: Corn Market
Penrith: Corn Market, 24 and 25
Penrith: Corn Market, 25a
Penrith: Corn Market, 26
Penrith: Corn Market, 3 to 5
Penrith: Corn Market, 8
Penrith: Corn Market, 9 to 12
Penrith: Costas Tapas Bar
Penrith: Cowper's
Penrith: Cromwell Road
Penrith: Cross Street
Penrith: Crown Square
Penrith: Crown Square, 1 and 2
Penrith: Devonshire Street
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 11
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 12
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 13
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 14
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 2
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 23
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 3 and 4
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 5 and 6
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 7
Penrith: De Whelpdale's Lane
Penrith: Drovers Lane
Penrith: Duke Street
Penrith Engine Shed (engine shed, Penrith)
Penrith: Fell Lane
Penrith Fire Station, Penrith
Penrith: Folly Lane
Penrith: Foster Street
Penrith: Friargate
Penrith: Glendinning, W J
Penrith Golf Club, Penrith
Penrith: Graham's
Penrith: Graham Street
Penrith: Great Dockray
Penrith: Great Dockray, 21
Penrith: Great Dockray, 22
Penrith: Great Dockray, 23
Penrith: Great Dockray, 24 to 25
Penrith: Great Dockray, 26
Penrith: Great Dockray, 36
Penrith: Great Dockray, 37 to 39
Penrith: Great Dockray, 4
Penrith: Great Dockray, 5 to 7
Penrith: Great Dockray, 8
Penrith: Greenfields Heat and Power
Penrith: Herd Bros
Penrith: Hetherington Bros
Penrith: Howard Street
Penrith: HSBC Bank
Penrith: Hunter's Lane
Penrith Junction, Penrith
Penrith: King Street
Penrith: King Street, 11
Penrith: King Street, 12
Penrith: King Street, 18
Penrith: King Street, 19 to 21
Penrith: King Street, 2
Penrith: King Street, 26 to 28
Penrith: King Street, 30 to 31
Penrith: King Street, 4
Penrith: King Street, 40
Penrith: King Street, 41 and 42
Penrith: King Street, 43 and 44
Penrith: King Street, 46
Penrith: King Street, 47
Penrith: King Street, 48 to 52
Penrith: King Street, 9 and 10
Penrith: Langton Street
Penrith: Lark Lane
Penrith: Little Dockray
Penrith: Little Dockray, 11 and 12
Penrith: Little Dockray, 19 to 21
Penrith: Little Dockray, 3
Penrith: Little Dockray, 8
Penrith: Little Dockray, 9 and 10
Penrith: Lloyds Bank
Penrith: Lowther Street
Penrith: Maggie's Bakery
Penrith: Market Square
Penrith: Market Square, 4
Penrith meeting (meeting house, Penrith)
Penrith Meeting House (meeting house, Penrith)
Penrith: Meeting House Lane
Penrith: Meeting House Lane, 14 to 17
Penrith: Metcalfe and Bainbridge
Penrith Methodist Church, Penrith
Penrith: Middlegate
Penrith: Middlegate, 11 and 12
Penrith: Middlegate, 13 and 14
Penrith: Middlegate, 1 and 2
Penrith: Middlegate, 3 to 5
Penrith: Middlegate, 6 and 7
Penrith: Middlegate, 8
Penrith: Mill Street
Penrith: Milton Street
Penrith Museum, Penrith
Penrith: Nichol Hill
Penrith: Norris's
Penrith: Old London Road
Penrith parish
Penrith Parish Centre, Penrith
Penrith: Pattinson and Winter
Penrith: Penrith Building Society
Penrith Police Station, Penrith
Penrith Post Office (Post Office, Penrith)
Penrith: Princes Street
Penrith: Queen Street
Penrith: Queen Street, 11 and 14
Penrith: Queen Street, 17
Penrith: Queen Street, 19 to 22
Penrith: Queen Street, 24 and 25
Penrith: Queen Street, 7
Penrith Race Course (race course, Penrith)
Penrith: Richardson's
Penrith Road (Keswick: Penrith Road)
Penrith: Robinson Street
Penrith: Roper Street
Penrith: Roper Street, 1
Penrith: Rowcliffe Lane
Penrith: Royal Thai Restaurant
Penrith: Saddlery
Penrith: Sandgate
Penrith: Sandgate, 13 to 15
Penrith: Sandgate, 16 to 19
Penrith: Sands
Penrith School (school, Penrith)
Penrith School (school, Penrith (5))
Penrith School (school, Penrith (3))
Penrith: Scotland Road
Penrith: Scotland Road, 6-7
Penrith: Sinclair's
Penrith: Skinner Street
Penrith: Southend Road
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 11 and 12
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 2 to 4
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 8
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 9 and 10
Penrith: St Andrew's Place
Penrith: St Andrew's Place, 1
Penrith: St Andrew's Square, 1 and 2
Penrith: St Andrew's View, 1
Penrith Station Hotel (Station Hotel, Penrith)
Penrith Station, Penrith
Penrith Steam Museum, Penrith
Penrith: Stricklandgate
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 21
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 46
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 60 to 62
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 85 to 87
Penrith: Thacka Lane
Penrith: Thornborrow
Penrith: Tilly's
Penrith to Alston (road, Penrith to Alston)
Penrith to Ambleside (road, Ambleside to Penrith)
Penrith to Appleby (road, Appleby to Penrith)
Penrith to Askham (road, Askham to Penrith)
Penrith to Barnard Castle (road, Penrith to Barnard Castle)
Penrith to Brampton (road, Penrith to Brampton)
Penrith to Brougham (road, Brougham to Penrith)
Penrith to Carlisle (M6, Penrith to Carlisle)
Penrith to Carlisle (road, Penrith to Carlisle)
Penrith to Carnforth (M6, Westmorland)
Penrith to Cockermouth (track, Penrith to Cockermouth)
Penrith to Hesket Newmarket (road, Penrith to Hesket Newmarket)
Penrith to Hexham (road, Penrith to Hexham)
Penrith to Kendal (road, Kendal to Penrith)
Penrith to Keswick (road, Penrith to Keswick)
Penrith to Patterdale (road, Patterdale to Penrith)
Penrith to Penruddock (road, Penrith to Penruddock)
Penrith to Shap (road, Shap to Penrith)
Penrith to Wigton (road, Penrith to Wigton)
Penrith to Windermere (road, Windermere to Penrith)
Penrith to Workington (road, Penrith to Workington)
Penrith Union Workhouse (Station View House, Penrith)
Penrith: Victoria Road
Penrith: Victoria Road, 2
Penrith: Victoria Road, 20
Penrith: Victoria Road, 31
Penrith: Victoria Road, 36
Penrith Water Works, Penrith
Penrith: West Lane
Penrith: West Lane, 11 and 12
Penrith: White Hart Yard
Penrith: Wilson, Jespers and Co
Penrith: Wordsworth Terrace
Penrith Workhouse (Albert Court, Penrith)
Penrith Workhouse (Station View House, Penrith)
Penrith Workhouse (Station View House, Penrith)
Penrodock (Penruddock)
Penrodok (Penruddock)
Penruddock and District Public Room (village hall, Penruddock)
Penruddock Chapel (chapel, Penruddock)
Penruddock Church (All Saints, Penruddock)
Penruddock Hall, Hutton
Penruddock Primary School, Penruddock
Penruddock School (Penruddock Primary School, Penruddock)
Penruddock Station, Penruddock
Penruddock to Penritho (road, Penrith to Penruddock)
Penthouse End (Bank Croft, Bromfield)
Pentonbridge Inn (Bridge Inn, Nicholforest)
Penton Bridge, Nicholforest
Penton House, Nicholforest
Penton Linns, Nicholforest
Penton Mill, Nicholforest
Penton, Nicholforest
Penton Station, Nicholforest
Penton weather station (weather station, Penton)
Penton Wood, Nicholforest
Pen-y-ghent, North Yorkshire
Pepper Beck
Pepper Bridge, Cartmel
Pepper Brow (Crook Brow, Crook)
Pepperbrow Wood, Crook
Peppercoats Brow, Dean
Peppercorn Lane (Kendal: Peppercorn Lane)
Pepper hagge (Pepperhag, Strickland Ketel)
Pepperhag, Strickland Ketel
Pepperhag Wood, Strickland Ketel
Pepper Hall, Millom
Pepper Hill, Brampton
Pepper Holme, Blindcrake
Pepper House, Satterthwaite
Peppermoss, Nicholforest
Pepperpot Interiors (Ulverston: Pepperpot)
Pepperpot, The (Sir John Barrow Monument, Ulverston)
Pepper Scar, Satterthwaite
Pepper's Quarry (Elterwater Quarry, Elterwater)
Pepper Yate, Crook
Pepperyeat (Pepper Yeat Fold, Far Sawrey)
Pepper Yeat Fold, Far Sawrey
Perch, Bootle
Percy Hill, Boltons
Percyhill Bridge, Boltons
Percy House, Cockermouth
Percy House Gallery (Percy House, Cockermouth)
Perdu Puzzles (Kirkby Stephen: Perdu Puzzles)
Pereth (Penrith)
Perith (Penrith)
Peroth (Penrith)
Perry's Dam, Alston Moor
Pesa Bridge (Peasey Bridge, Crooklands)
Pesa Bridge (Wath Sutton Bridge, Preston Patrick)
Pescoke Way (Paddock Wray, Eskdale)
Peslick's Knott, Casterton
Peteraw, Caldbeck
Peter Cooper (Ambleside: Cooper, Peter)
Peterell, River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Peter Gate, Wetheral
Peter Hill, Gosforth
Peter House, Braithwaite
Peter House Farm, Bassenthwaite
Peterhow (Powter How hill, Above Derwent)
Pete Rill, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Peteril River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Peter Lane, Cummersdale
Peter Rabbit and Friends (Hawkshead: Peter Rabbit and Friends)
Peter Ross electrical (Ulverston: King Street, 9)
Petersborough (Petersburgh, St Bridget Beckermet)
Petersburgh, St Bridget Beckermet
Peter's Crook, Nicholforest
Peters House (Peter House Farm, Bassenthwaite)
Peter Sike
Petersike Plantation, Rockcliffe
Petersike, Rockcliffe
Petersike, Rockcliffe (2)
Petersike, Walton
Peter's Sike, Rockcliffe (Peter Sike)
Peter Street (Carlisle: Peter Street)
Peter Street (Whitehaven: Peter Street)
Peth, Arthuret
Pether Sike
Pethersike Mine, Alston Moor
Peth Quarry, Arthuret
Petriana (roman fort, Castlesteads)
Petriana (roman fort, Old Penrith)
Petrianae (roman fort, Old Penrith)
Pets Brae, Lakes
Pets Bridge, Kirkstone
Pets Fold, Kirkstone
Pets Quarries (Pets Quarry, Kirkstone)
Pets Quarry, Kirkstone
Petteral, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petteral, River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterel Crook (Petteril Crooks, Hesket)
Petterel Fl., Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterel Flu., Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterel Fluvius, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterell, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterell Flu., Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterell flud, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterell River, Bowness (Eden, River)
Petterell, River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterell Wrey (castle, Wreay)
Petterell Wrey (Wreay, St Cuthbert Without)
Petterel River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterel Wray (Wreay, St Cuthbert Without)
Petterel Wray (Wreay, St Cuthbert Without)
Petterett River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petter Gill
Petterilbank Bridge, Hesket
Petteril Bank, Carlisle
Petteril Bank Farm, Hesket
Petteril Bank, Hesket
Petteril Bank house, Hesket
Petteril Bridge Junction, Carlisle
Petteril Cottage, Little Blencow
Petteril Crooks Bridge (Crooks Bridge, Hesket)
Petteril Crooks, Hesket
Petteril Crooks Mill, Hesket
Petteril Grange, Hesket
Petteril Green Bridge (Petterilbank Bridge, Hesket)
Petterilgreen Cottages, Hesket
Petteril Green, Hesket
Petteril Hill, Hesket
Petteril House, Carlisle
Petteril Junction (Petteril Bridge Junction, Carlisle)
Petterill Bank (Petteril Bank, Carlisle)
Petterill Bank (Petteril Bank, Hesket)
Petterill Bridge Inn, Carlisle
Petterill Crooks (Petteril Crooks, Hesket)
Petterill Grange (Petteril Grange, Hesket)
Petterill Green (Petteril Green, Hesket)
Petterillgreen Cottages (Petterilgreen Cottages, Hesket)
Petterillhill (Petteril Hill, Hesket)
Petterill, Old, Hesket (Old Petteril)
Petterill River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petterill Street (Silloth: Petterill Street)
Petterill Terrace, Penrith
Petteril, North, Greystoke (North Petteril)
Petteril, River
Petteril River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petteril Villas, Carleton
Petteril Wreay Castle (castle, Wreay)
Pettrill River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Petts (Potts, Crosby Garrett)
Petts Quarry (Pets Quarry, Kirkstone)
Pettwray Castle (castle, Wreay)
Petty Bield, Kirkby Stephen
Petty Brow, Wharton
Petty Hall, Orton
Pettys Meeting House (meeting house, Ulverston)
Pewet Tarn, Kirkby Ireleth
Pewits, Borrowdale
Pewter Well, Musgrave
P F and K (Penrith: Devonshire Street, 11)
Pharmacy (Staveley, Over Staveley: Pharmacy)
Pheasant Bush Cottage, Hackthorpe
Pheasant Hotel, The (Pheasant, Wythop)
Pheasant Inn (Pheasant, Wythop)
Pheasant Inn (Peel Wyke, Wythop)
Pheasant Inn, Carlisle
Pheasant Inn, Cumwhitton
Pheasantries, Edenhall
Pheasantries, Langwathby
Pheasant, Wythop
Phil Bradley basketmaker (Deanscales: Phil Bradley)
Philip Close, Ravenstonedale
Philip Shaw joiner (Flookburgh: Philip Shaw)
Philipson's Wood, Over Staveley
Philipstown, Kirkandrews
Phillip Coates decorator (Kendal: Coates, Phillip)
Phoenix (Fenwick, Millom Without)
Phoenix Hall, Skelton
Phoenix House, Cleator Moor
Phoenix Tap, Maryport
Physichall, Alston Moor
Pianet Crag (Pianet Knott, Eskdale)
Pianet Knott, Eskdale
Pica, Distington
Pica Hill, Helbeck
Pica Quarry, Distington
Pica, Workington
Pickering, Dent
Pickeringhaw (Prickinghaugh, Scotland)
Pickeringhaw, Scotland
Pickerings Hill, Brampton
Picket How (Pickett Howe, Buttermere)
Picket How, Buttermere
Picket How, Egremont
Pickett Howe, Buttermere
Pickle Bank, Hayton
Pickle Farm, Hutton Roof
Picklefoot Spring, Grange-over-Sands
Pickle Scar, Walney Island
Pick of the Bunch (house, Alston (9))
Pickthall Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Picthall, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Picts Wall (Hadrian's Wall)
Picts Wall, The (Hadrian's Wall)
Pie Knowe, Bewcastle
Piel Bar, Piel Channel
Piel Bight, Piel Island
Piel Castle, Piel Island
Piel Channel
Piel Ferry, Barrow-in-Furness
Piel Harbour, Barrow-in-Furness
Piel Island, Barrow-in-Furness
Piel of Foudray anchorage (Piel Harbour, Barrow-in-Furness)
Piel Pier, Barrow-in-Furness
Piel Ridge, Piel Island
Piel Scar, Piel Island
Piel Station (Piel Pier, Barrow-in-Furness)
Piel Station, Roa Island
Piel Street (Roa Island: Piel Street)
Pielwyke Bridge (Dubwath Bridge, Dubwath)
Pierce How Beck
Pierce How Bridge, Coniston
Pier Hotel (Roa Island Hotel, Roa Island)
Piers Gill
Pier, The (Port of Silloth, Silloth)
pier, Waterhead
Piet Nest (Nest, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Pig and Whistle, Cartmel
Pigeon Clint, Hayton
Pig in the Bath (Allonby: Pig in the Bath)
pig sty, Arlecdon and Frizington
pig sty, Colthouse
pig sty, Kaber
pig sty, Long Marton
Pik'd How (Pickett Howe, Buttermere)
Pike a Stickle (Langdale Pikes, Lakes)
Pikeawassa, Martindale
Pike Bank, Nicholforest
Pike, Bewcastle
Pike Coves, Mallerstang
Pike de Bield, Eskdale
Pike de Bield Moss, Eskdale
Piked How, Coniston
Piked Howe, Over Staveley
Piked Howes, Kentmere
Pikedike Head, Nicholforest
Pike-eel Well, Aughertree
Pike Flow, Nicholforest
Pikefoot, Bewcastle
Pike Haw, Lupton
Pike, High (High Pike, Asby)
Pike, High (High Pike, Caldbeck)
Pike, High (High Pike, Dent)
Pike, High (High Pike, Lakes)
Pike Hill Signal Tower (signal tower, Waterhead)
Pike Hill, Waterhead
Pike How (Picket How, Egremont)
Pike Howe, Great Langdale
Pike Howe, Lakes (2)
Pike How, Lakes
Pikeland Gate Bridge (Parkend Bridge, Parkend)
Pikeless Gate, Parkend
Pike, Little (Little Pike, Matterdale)
Pike, Low (Low Pike, Caldbeck)
Pike, Low (Low Pike, Lakes)
Pikeman Hill, Alston Moor
Pike, Mungrisdale
Pike, Nicholforest
Pike, Nicholforest (2)
Pike o' Blisco (Pike of Blisco, Lakes)
Pike of Blisco, Lakes
Pike of Bliscow (Pike of Blisco, Lakes)
Pike of Carrs, Easedale
Pike of Stickle, Lakes
Pike o' Stickle (Pike of Stickle, Lakes)
Pikes (Scafell Pike, Eskdale)
Pikes (viewpoint, Scafell Pike)
Pikes, Caldbeck
Pike's Crag, Eskdale
Pikes Edge, Dent
Pike Side, Ulpha
Pike Sike
Pikes, The (Angletarn Pikes, Martindale)
Pikes, the (Scafell Pike: ascent 1800s)
Pikes, The (viewpoint, Scafell Pike)
Pikes, The (Scafell Pike, Eskdale)
Pike, St John's Castlerigg etc
Pikestone Lane, Tebay
Pike Stones Bed, Barrow-in-Furness
Pike Stones Bed Hollow, Barrow-in-Furness
Pile Castle (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Fotheray (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Foudrey (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Foudry (Piel Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Pile of Fouldrey (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Fouldrey Castle (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Fouldry (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Fowdray, The (Piel Castle, Piel Island)
Pile of Stones, Windermere lake
Pillar Cottage, Hawkshead
Pillar Cove (Great Doup, Pillar)
Pillarcove Beck
Pillar Cove, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Pillar, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Pillar Fell (Pillar, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Pillar Holes, North Yorkshire
Pillar House (Pillar Cottage, Hawkshead)
pillar, Muncaster
Pillar Rock, Ennerdale and Kinniside
pillbox, Arthuret
pillbox, Blackwell
pillbox, Brampton
pillbox, Bridekirk
pillbox, Cardewlees
pillbox, Carleton
pillbox, Casterton
pillbox, Crackenthorpe
pillbox, Crosscanonby
pillbox, Dean
pillbox, Greysouthen
pillbox, Haverthwaite
pillbox, Haverthwaite (2)
pillbox, Haverthwaite (3)
pillbox, Haverthwaite (4)
pillbox, Haverthwaite (5)
pillbox, High Newton
pillbox, Holme Low
pillbox, Holme Low (2)
pillbox, Holme St Cuthbert
pillbox, Holme St Cuthbert (2)
pillbox, Kershopefoot
pillbox, Kingstown
pillbox, Kirkbride
pillbox, Kirkby Lonsdale
pillbox, Kirkby Lonsdale (2)
pillbox, Kirkby Stephen
pillbox, Kirklinton Middle
pillbox, Lakes
pillbox, Lakes (2)
pillbox, Lakes (3)
pillbox, Langwathby
pillbox, Lazonby
pillbox, Levens
pillbox, Lindale
pillbox, Longtown
pillbox, Maryport
pillbox, Metalbridge
pillbox, Newby East
pillbox, Newton Fell
pillbox, Silloth-on-Solway (2)
pillbox, Silloth-on-Solway (3)
pillbox, Stainmore
pillbox, Stanwix
pillbox, Staveley-in-Cartmel
pillbox, Threlkeld
pillbox, Upper Allithwaite
pillbox, Upper Allithwaite (2)
pillbox, Upper Allithwaite (3)
pillbox, Upper Allithwaite (4)
pillbox, Walney Island
pillbox, Westlinton
pillbox, Wetheral
pillbox, Wharton
Piller (Pillar, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Piller Rocks (Pillar Rock, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
pillow mound, Mallerstang
pillow mound, Smardale
pillow mound, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
pillow mound, Waitby
pillow mound, Waitby (2)
Pilot Inn, Millom
Pimdershow (Pundershaw, Northumberland)
Pinch Crags, Lakes
Pinder Ring Pit (Lindal Cote Iron Mines, Lindal and Marton)
Pinders Farm, Holme
Pind Hill, Stainmore
Pine Cottage (Appleby: Boroughgate, 60 and 62)
Pine Cottage, Kirklinton Middle
Pine Glen, Westlinton
pine trees, Silloth
pinfold, Abbey Town
pinfold, Ambleside
pinfold, Anthorn
pinfold, Appleby
pinfold, Appleby (2)
pinfold, Armathwaite
pinfold, Aspatria
pinfold, Barbon
pinfold, Barbondale
pinfold, Beetham
pinfold, Bewaldeth
pinfold, Bleatarn
pinfold, Blindbothel
pinfold, Blindcrake
pinfold, Boltons
pinfold, Bothel
pinfold, Bowness
pinfold, Bowness-on-Windermere
pinfold, Braithwaite
pinfold, Brampton
Pinfold, Brampton
pinfold, Brampton (2)
Pinfold Bridge, Raisbeck
pinfold, Brigham
pinfold, Brisco
pinfold, Brough Sowerby
pinfold, Burgh by Sands
pinfold, Burton-in-Kendal
pinfold, Buttermere
pinfold, Caldbeck
pinfold, Cark
pinfold, Carlisle
pinfold, Carlisle (2)
pinfold, Carlisle (3)
pinfold, Cartmel
pinfold, Cliburn
pinfold, Clifton
pinfold, Cockermouth
pinfold, Colby
Pinfold Cottage, Appleby
pinfold, Crackenthorpe
pinfold, Croasdale
pinfold, Crook
pinfold, Crosby
pinfold, Culgaith
pinfold, Dalston
pinfold, Dalton
pinfold, Deanscales
pinfold, Dearham
pinfold, Deepdale
pinfold, Dent
pinfold, Distington
pinfold, Edenhall
pinfold, Egremont
Pinfold Farm, Garsdale
pinfold, Field Broughton
pinfold, Gaitsgill
Pinfold Garage (Ambleside: Pinfold Garage)
pinfold, Garsdale
pinfold, Gastack
pinfold, Grange-over-Sands
pinfold, Grasmere
pinfold, Great Asby
pinfold, Great Broughton
pinfold, Great Strickland
pinfold, Greysouthen
pinfold, Harrington
pinfold, Hartley
pinfold, Hawcoat
pinfold, Hayton
pinfold, High Hesket
pinfold, High Ireby
pinfold, High Lorton
Pinfold Hill, Crosthwaite and Lyth
pinfold, Hilton
Pinfold House, Colby
Pinfold House, Ireleth
Pinfold How, St John's Castlerigg etc
pinfold, Hunsonby
pinfold, Hutton Roof
pinfold, Isel
pinfold, Kendal
pinfold, Kentmere
pinfold, Killington
pinfold, Kilnhill
pinfold, Kirkandrews upon Eden
pinfold, Kirkby Stephen
pinfold, Kirkby Thore
pinfold, Kirkoswald
Pinfold Knowe, Nicholforest
pinfold, Lamplugh
pinfold, Lazonby
pinfold, Little Broughton
pinfold, Little Musgrave
pinfold, Long Marton
pinfold, Longtown
pinfold, Loweswater
pinfold, Loweswater (2)
pinfold, Middleton
pinfold, Middleton (2)
pinfold, Milburn
pinfold, Millbeck
pinfold, Milnthorpe
pinfold, Moresby
pinfold, Mungrisdale
pinfold, Nateby
pinfold, Newbiggin
pinfold, Newbiggin (2)
pinfold, Orton
pinfold, Outgate
pinfold, Papcastle
pinfold, Penruddock
pinfold, Pooley Bridge
pinfold, Ravenstonedale
pinfold, Red Dial
pinfold, Redmain
pinfold, Renwick
pinfold, Roundthwaite
pinfold, Rowfoot
pinfold, Scales
pinfold, Seaton
pinfold, Sebergham
pinfold, Sedbergh
pinfold, Setmurthy
pinfold, Shap
pinfold, Skelton
pinfold, Skirwith
pinfold, Sockbridge
pinfold, Sour Nook
pinfold, Staffield
pinfold, Staveley-in-Cartmel
pinfold, St Bees
pinfold, Strands
pinfold, Strickland Ketel
pinfold, Sunderland
pinfold, Temple Sowerby
pinfold, Threapland
pinfold, Threlkeld
pinfold, Torpenhow
pinfold, Troutbeck
pinfold, Ulverston
pinfold, Watendlath
pinfold, Watermillock
pinfold, Westnewton
pinfold, Wigton
pinfold, Winton
pinfold, Woodside
pinfold, Workington
Pingle House (Pringle House, Skelton)
Pinglemoor Plantation, Culgaith
Pingle Wood, Troutbeck
Pin Hole, North Yorkshire
Pink Fudge Shop (Keswick: Sweet Temptation)
Pink House, Milburn
Pink Pool, Solport
Pinnacle Bield, Borrowdale
Pinnacle Howe, Bampton
Pinnacles, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Pinnistone Green (Old Penistone, Stainmore)
Pinquays, Raughton
Pinskey Bottom, Ravenstonedale
Pinskey Gill
Pinskey Head, Ravenstonedale
Pinskey, Ravenstonedale
Pinstone Point (Pinstones Point, Claife)
Pinstones Point, Claife
Piot Crag, Mardale
Pipards Castle (Pap Castle, Papcastle)
Pipeherd Hill, Maryport
pipeline, Shap Rural
Piper Bank, Whinfell
Piper Cross, Warcop
Piperdean, Nicholforest
Piperdeanrigg, Nicholforest
Piper Dub, Buttermere
Piper Hill, Bowness-on-Windermere
Piper Hole, Ravenstonedale
Piper House (Stone Cottage, St Johns Castlerigg etc)
Piper Lane, Kirkby Thore
Pipers Castle (Pap Castle, Papcastle)
Pipers Hill, Orton S
Piper Sike
Piper Sike Turret (turret 51A, Waterhead)
Piperstile, Cumwhitton
Pippin Gill (Whirl Pippin, Whicham)
Pippins (Apple Tree, Carlisle)
Piss Pot (lantry trough, Bowscale)
Pit Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Pithills Plantation, Crosby Ravensworth
Pit Holes, Helbeck
Pit Lane, Kirkby Lonsdale
Pitt Hill (Tarnside, Whinfell)
Pitt Obelisk (Elba Monument, Strickland Ketel)
Pizza Express (Carlisle: Pizza Express)
P Kerr Bookshop (Cartmel: Gatehouse Bookshop)
Place (Hudson Place, Loweswater)
Placefell House, Patterdale
Place Fell, Patterdale
Place, Low (Low Place, Eskdale)
Place, Middle (Jenkinson Place, Loweswater)
Place, Middle (Middle Fell Farm, Great Langdale)
placename sign, Alston Moor
placename sign, Alston Moor (2)
placename sign, Longtown
Places (Hudson Place, Loweswater)
Places (Iredale Place, Loweswater)
Places (Jenkinson Place, Loweswater)
Place, The (Hudson Place, Loweswater)
Pladda, Easton
plague stone, Newby
plague stone, Penrith
Plain, Low (Low Plain, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Plains, High (High Plains, Alston Moor)
Plains, High (High Plains, Kirkandrews)
Plains House, Sebergham
Plains, Low (Low Plains, Arthuret)
Plains, Low (Low Plains, Lazonby)
Plains, Low (Low Plains, Scuggate)
Plains of Basingthwaite (Vale of Keswick)
Plains, Wetheral
Plane Head, Hallbankgate
Planetree (Corbrig, Ambleside)
Plane Tree Gill
Plane Trees, Shap
Plank Bridge, Meathop and Ulpha
Plantain Terrace, Hensingham
plantation, Asby
Plantation Bridge, Nether Staveley
Plantation, High (High Plantation, New Hutton)
Plantation, Low (Low Plantation, New Hutton)
Plasketlands Farm, Holme St Cuthbert
Plasketlands, High (High Plasketlands, Holme St Cuthbert)
Plasketlands, Holme St Cuthbert
Plasketlands, Low (Low Plasketlands, Holme St Cuthbert)
Plasket Plantation, Bromfield
Plaskettlands Farm (Plasketlands Farm, Holme St Cuthbert)
Plato's (Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 2)
Plat, Stainmore
Platt, Deepdale
Platts, Warcop
playing field, Arlecdon
playing field, Great Corby
Playwells, Scaleby
Pleaknowes, Catlowdy
Pless Fell (Place Fell, Patterdale)
Plompton (Plumpton, Hesket)
Plompton Park (Inglewood Forest)
Plompton Park (Plumpton Park, Hesket)
Plosh, Keswick
Plough (inn, Ulpha)
Plough (Island Cottages, Lanercost)
Plough (Post Office, Ulpha)
Plough, Banks
Plough Farm, Whitwell and Selside
Plough Fell, Ulpha
Plough Inn (Newlands, Milburn)
Plough Inn (Plough, Lupton)
Plough Inn, Botcherby
Plough Inn, Corby Hill
Plough Inn, Millom
Plough Inn, Selside
Plough Inn, Wreay
Ploughlands End, Warcop
Ploughlands, Kirkbampton
Ploughlands, Musgrave
Ploughlands, Warcop
Plough, Lupton
Ploughman, Dearham
Ploughmans, The (Ploughman, Dearham)
Plough, Old (Plough Farm, Whitwell and Selside)
Plough, The (Lyth Valley Hotel, Whitebeck)
Ploverigg Farm (Ploveriggs, Crosby Ravensworth)
Ploveriggs, Crosby Ravensworth
Ploverlands, Hutton Roof
Plowland (Ploughlands, Warcop)
Plowlands (Ploughlands, Kirkbampton)
Plow Lands (Ploughlands, Warcop)
Plucka Hill, Stainmore
Plucka Tarn, Stainmore
Plumbago Mine (black lead mine, Seathwaite)
Plumbago Mines (black lead mine, Seathwaite)
Plumbago Mine, The (black lead mine, Seathwaite)
Plumbland Church (St Cuthbert, Plumbland)
Plumbland CofE School, Parsonby
Plumbland Evangelical Church, Plumbland
Plumbland Grammar School (Plumbland CofE School, Parsonby)
Plumbland Hall, Plumbland
Plumbland House, Plumbland
Plumbland Lane (Whitehaven: Plumbland Lane)
Plumbland Mill, Plumbland
Plumbland Moor Cottages, Plumbland
Plumbland parish
Plumblands Lane (Whitehaven: Plumbland Lane)
Plumgarth Farm (Plumgarth, Irton with Santon)
Plumgarth, Irton with Santon
Plumgarths (High Plumgarths, Plumgarths)
Plum Garths (Plumgarths Cottages, Strickland Ketel)
Plumgarths Cottages, Strickland Ketel
Plumgarths Farm, Plumgarths
Plumgarths, High (High Plumgarths, Plumgarths)
Plumgarths, Low (Plumgarths Cottages, Strickland Ketel)
Plumgarths, Middle (Plumgarths Farm, Plumgarths)
Plumgarths Quarry, Plumgarths
Plumgarths, Strickland Ketel
Plumgarths Toll Gate (toll house, Plumgarths)
Plumgarths TP (toll house, Plumgarths)
Plum Green (Finsthwaite House, Finsthwaite)
Plumland (Plumbland)
Plumland Hall (Plumbland Hall, Plumbland)
Plump Bridge, Plump
Plump, Kirkandrews
Plumptom Junction (Plumpton East Junction, Egton with Newland)
Plumptom Junction (Plumpton West Junction, Egton with Newland)
Plumpton Back Street Methodist Chapel, Hesket
Plumpton Bight, Leven Estuary
Plumpton Church (St John, Plumpton)
Plumpton Cottage Farm, Egton with Newland
Plumpton East Junction, Egton with Newland
Plumptonfoot (Bird's Nest, Hesket)
Plumptonfoot Bridge, Plumptonfoot
Plumptonfoot, Hesket
Plumptonfoot Mill, Plumptonfoot
Plumpton Gate, Egton with Newland
Plumpton Hall, Egton with Newland
Plumpton Hall, Hesket
Plumptonhall Mill, Hesket
Plumpton Head, Plumpton
Plumpton Head, Plumpton (2)
Plumpton, Hesket
Plumpton High Bridge (Kitchenhill Bridge, Penrith)
Plumpton Junction (Leven Junction, Egton with Newland)
Plumpton Junction (Plumpton East Junction, Egton with Newland)
Plumpton Junction (Plumpton North Junction, Egton with Newland)
Plumpton Junction (Plumpton West Junction, Egton with Newland)
Plumpton Middle Bridge (Middle Bridge, Hesket)
Plumpton Mines (mine, Plumpton)
Plumpton North Junction, Egton with Newland
Plumpton Old Hall, Plumpton
Plumpton Park, Hesket
Plumpton Post Office (Plumpton Village Shop, Plumpton)
Plumpton: Saddleback Foods
Plumpton School, Plumpton
Plumpton Station, Hesket
Plumpton Street (road, Penrith to Carlisle)
Plumpton to Kirkoswald (road, Plumpton to Kirkoswald)
Plumpton Village Shop, Plumpton
Plumpton Walk (Plumpton, Hesket)
Plumpton Wall (Castlesteads, Hesket)
Plumpton Wall (Plumpton, Hesket)
Plumpton Wall Church (St John, Plumpton)
Plumpton Wall Farm, Hesket
Plumpton Wall Head (Plumpton Head, Plumpton)
Plumpton Wells, Egton with Newland
Plumpton West Junction, Egton with Newland
Plumptree Bank (Plumtree Bank, Heversham)
Plumptree Hall (Plumtree Hall, Heversham)
Plumrigg (Ploveriggs, Crosby Ravensworth)
Plumtree Bank, Heversham
Plum Tree Cottage (barn, Pool Bank)
Plumtree Hall, Heversham
Plyliers Gap, Culgaith
Poaka Beck
Poaka Beck Reservoir, Askam and Ireleth
Poaka Iron Works, Lindal and Marton
Poak Mill, Yanwath etc
Pocklington' Island (Derwent Isle, Derwent Water)
Pocklington's Cascade (Barrow Cascade, Borrowdale)
Pocklington's Island (Derwent Isle, Derwent Water)
Pod Gill
Podgill, Hartley (Pod Gill)
Podgill Hole, Hartley
Pod Gill, Nateby
Podgill Side (Pod Gill, Nateby)
Podgill Viaduct, Hartley
Podnet Moss, Cartmel Fell
Podnet Moss Tarn (Podnet Moss, Cartmel Fell)
Pod Net, Shap Rural
Podnet Tarn (Podnet Moss, Cartmel Fell)
Poetry Path, Kirkby Stephen
Poet's Hall, Kirkby Stephen
Pohouse Bridge, Whicham
Po House, Millom Without
Point Drig (Drigg)
Point Drigg (Drigg Point, Drigg and Carleton)
Pointer Dog Inn, Stapleton
Pointless Railway (Kendal and Windermere Railway)
Point of Comfort, Aldingham
Point of Comfort Scar, Aldingham
Point of Ullock (Ullock Pike, Bassenthwaite)
Pole (Pooley Bridge, Barton)
Police House (Copper House, Hallthwaites)
police house, Abbey Town
police house, Arrowthwaite
police house, Braithwaite
police house, Castle Carrock
police house, Crosby
police house, Dalston
police house, Great Broughton
police house, Greenodd
police house, Ireby
police house, Low Hesket
police house, Mealsgate
police house, Metalbridge
police house, Nether Denton
Police House, Plumpton
police house, Roadhead
police house, Smithfield
police house, Thursby
Police Museum, Penrith
Police Office and Judges Lodging (police station, Hawkshead)
police station, Allonby
police station, Ambleside
police station, Ambleside (2)
police station, Arnside
police station, Askam in Furness
police station, Aspatria
police station, Aspatria (2)
police station, Barbon
police station, Barrow-in-Furness
police station, Barrow-in-Furness (2)
police station, Bassenthwaite
police station, Bigrigg
police station, Bootle
police station, Bowness-on-Windermere
police station, Bransty
police station, Brigham
police station, Broughton in Furness
police station, Broughton Moor
police station, Burgh by Sands
police station, Caldbeck
police station, Cark
police station, Carlisle
police station, Dalston
police station, Dalton-in-Furness
police station, Dearham
police station, Distington
police station, Flimby
police station, Gosforth
police station, Grange-over-Sands
police station, Great Clifton
police station, Hawkshead
police station, Hensingham
police station, Hill Bank
police station, Ireleth
police station, Kells
police station, Kingstown
police station, Kirkby Lonsdale
police station, Lazonby
police station, Melmerby
police station, Moresby Parks
police station, Motherby
police station, Parton
police station, Rowrah
police station, Sebergham
police station, Silecroft
police station, Silloth
police station, Skelton
police station, Soutergate
police station, Staveley
police station, St Bees
police station, Swarthmoor
Police Station, The (Appleby Police Station, Appleby)
police station, Wetheral
police station, Wetheral (2)
police station, Whitehaven
police station, Whitehaven Harbour
police station, Wigton
police station, Workington
Polly Gutter
Polly Moss, Stainmore
Polly's Cottage, Elterwater
Poltrose Fl., Upper Denton (Poltross Burn)
Poltrose Flu., Upper Denton (Poltross Burn)
Poltrose Fluvius, Upper Denton (Poltross Burn)
Poltrose River, Upper Denton (Poltross Burn)
Poltross Burn
Poltross Burn Mile Castle (Milecastle 48, Upper Denton)
Polt Rosse, Upper Denton (Poltross Burn)
Pomeroy Bank, Nicholforest
Pompeian Cottage (School House, Wreay)
Pompeii Steakhouse (Carlisle: Abbey Street, 1 and 3)
pond, Caldbeck
Ponder Hill, Hartley
Ponderosa, Scalthwaiterigg
Pond Gill
Pons Aelii (roman fort, Newcastle upon Tyne)
Pons Aelius (roman fort, Newcastle upon Tyne)
Ponsonby Church (St Bridget, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby
Ponsonby Fells, Blaing and (Bleng Fell, Gosforth)
Ponsonby Fells, Blaing and (Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Hall (Pelham House, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Hall (Ponsonby Old Hall, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Hall (Ponsonby Old Hall, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Newton (Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Old Hall (Pelham House, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Old Hall, Ponsonby
Ponsonby parish
Ponsonby Park, Ponsonby
Ponsonby School (Pelham House, Ponsonby)
Ponte Aeli (roman fort, Newcastle upon Tyne)
Pontem indignatus Araxes, Bowness (Eden, River)
Ponton Pills (Penton House, Nicholforest)
Pook Mill (Poak Mill, Yanwath etc)
Poolah (Pooley Bridge, Barton)
Pool Bank, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Pool Bank Farm, Pool Bank
Pool Bank House, Pool Bank
Poolbank Meeting House (meeting house, Pool Bank)
Pool Bank North, Pool Bank
Pool Bridge, Bouth
Pool Bridge, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Pool Bridge, Hawkshead
Pool Bridge, New (New Pool Bridge, Colton)
Pool Bridge, Waberthwaite
Pool Darkin Lane, Beetham
Poole Townsend estate agent (Kendal: Market Place, 2)
Pooley Beck
Pooley Bridge, Barton
Pooley Bridge, Barton: Catstycam
Pooley Bridge Church (St Paul, Pooley Bridge)
Pooley Bridge Inn, Pooley Bridge
Pooley Bridge Landing Stage (Pooley Bridge Pier, Dacre)
Pooley Bridge Pier, Dacre
Pooley Bridge, Pooley Bridge
Pooley Bridge to Bampton (track, Pooley Bridge to Bampton)
Pooley Bridge to Martindale (road, Pooley Bridge to Martindale)
Pooley Bridge to Martindale (road, through Howtown)
Pooley Mill, Barton
Pooley Millenium Fish Cross (cross, Pooley Bridge)
Pooley Mill footbridge, Dacre
Pool Foot, Colton
Pool Foot, Lakes
Pool Garth, Cartmel Fell
Pool Garth Nook, Cartmel Fell
pool, Great Gable
Pool House (Pull Wyke House, Skelwith)
Pool House, Grayrigg
Pool Island (Peel Island, Coniston Water)
Pool, River
Pool Scar, Kirkby Ireleth
Pool Scar Trial, Hugill
Pools, The (Turkish Baths, Carlisle)
Pooly Bridge (Pooley Bridge, Barton)
Pooly Bridge (Pooley Bridge, Pooley Bridge)
Poor Hag, Wet Sleddale
Poorhoouse Bridge (Poorhouse Bridge, Cockermouth)
Poorhouse Bridge, Cockermouth
poorhouse, Hawkshead
Poorhouse Lane (Kendal: Poorhouse Lane)
Poorhouse, Old (poorhouse, Workington)
poorhouse, Workington
Poor Man's Brow, Culgaith
Poorman's Gill
Poors House (workhouse, Kendal)
Poor's House (workhouse, Keswick)
Poose (Powis House, Long Marton)
Poplar House, Cumdivock
Poplar Lodge, Yanwath etc
Poplars, Bolton
Poplars, Brougham
Poplin Dub, Greystoke
Poplin, Greystoke
Popping Beck
Popping Bridge, Kaber
Popping Lane, Kaber
Popping Stone, Waterhead
Popple House (Farewell Grange, Threapland)
Popplemire Lane, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Poppy Farm, Whitwell and Selside
Pop Sneddles Trough, Appleby
Porch Cott, Ormside
Port Carlisle
Port Carlisle Bowling Club, Port Carlisle
Port Carlisle Branch Junction, Carlisle
Port Carlisle Dock and Railway
Port Carlisle Engine Shed (engine shed, Port Carlisle)
Port Carlisle Junction, Carlisle
Port Carlisle Lighthouse, Bowness
Port Carlisle Station, Port Carlisle
Port Drig (Drigg)
Porter memorial, Nether Wasdale
Porter Street (Dalton-in-Furness: Porter Street)
Port Harrington (Harrington Harbour, Harrington)
Portincastle (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portingscale (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portingsill (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portinscale, Above Derwent
Portinscale, Above Derwent: Finkle Street
Portinscale Bridge (Long Bridge, Keswick)
Portinscale House, Portinscale
Portinscale Meeting House (meeting house, Keswick)
Portinscale Meeting House (Quaker Cottage, Keswick)
Portinscale Village Hall, Portinscale
Portinskal (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portinskale (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portinskall (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portinskill (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portland Place (Carlisle: Portland Place)
Portland Square (Workington: Portland Square)
Portland Square (Carlisle: Portland Square)
Portland Square (Workington: Portland Square)
Portland Street (Workington: Portland Street)
port, Milnthorpe
Port of Barrow (Barrow Docks, Barrow-in-Furness)
Port of Drigg (Drigg)
Port of Silloth, Silloth
Port of Workington, Workington
Port Road (Carlisle: Port Road)
Poskey Bottom, Ravenstonedale
Poskey Sike
post box, Above Derwent
post box, Ackenthwaite
post box, Aldingham
post box, Allerby
post box, Allonby
post box, Alston
post box, Alston Moor
post box, Ambleside
post box, Ambleside (2)
post box, Ambleside (3)
post box, Ambleside (4)
post box, Ambleside (5)
post box, Ambleside (6)
post box, Appleby
post box, Appleby (2)
post box, Armathwaite
post box, Armathwaite (2)
post box, Askerton
post box, Aspatria
post box, Backbarrow
post box, Bassenthwaite
post box, Beck Side
post box, Birkby
post box, Bleatarn
post box, Blennerhasset
post box, Bolton
post box, Bootle
post box, Borrowdale
post box, Bothel
post box, Boustead Hill
post box, Bowston
post box, Brisco
post box, Broadwath
post box, Brougham
post box, Broughton East (2)
post box, Broughton in Furness
post box, Broughton Mills
post box, Burgh by Sands
post box, Burnrigg
post box, Caldbeck
post box, Carleton
post box, Carlisle
post box, Carlisle (2)
post box, Carlisle (3)
post box, Carlisle (4)
post box, Carlisle (5)
post box, Carlisle (6)
post box, Carlisle (7)
post box, Cartmel
post box, Cartmel Fell
post box, Cartmel Fell (2)
post box, Carwath
post box, Carwinley
post box, Causewayhead
post box, Cautley
post box, Chapel Stile
post box, Chapel Stile (2)
post box, Claife
post box, Clappersgate
post box, Cleator Moor
post box, Clifton Dykes
post box, Cockermouth
post box, Colthouse
post box, Colton
post box, Colton (2)
post box, Colton (3)
post box, Colton (5)
post box, Coniston
post box, Coniston (2)
post box, Coniston (3)
post box, Coniston (4)
post box, Crook
post box, Crosby
post box, Crosthwaite
post box, Cumrew
post box, Cumwhinton
post box, Dacre
post box, Dalston
post box, Dalton-in-Furness
post box, Dendron
post box, Dent
post box, Dent (2)
post box, Dent (3)
post box, Drybeck
post box, Dufton
post box, Dundraw
post box, Edderside
post box, Edenhall
post box, Egton with Newland
post box, Ellonby
post box, Elterwater
post box, Embleton
post box, Ennerdale Bridge
post box, Etterby
post box, Far Arnside
post box, Farlam
post box, Far Sawrey
post box, Field Broughton
post box, Finsthwaite
post box, Firbank
post box, Forest Head
post box, Garrigill
post box, Gatebeck
post box, Glasson
post box, Glenridding
post box, Grange-over-Sands
post box, Grasmere
post box, Grasmere (2)
post box, Grasmere (3)
post box, Great Corby
post box, Great Crosthwaite
post box, Great Langdale
post box, Great Musgrave
post box, Greenholme
post box, Greenodd
post box, Greenwell
post box, Greenwell (2)
post box, Grinsdale
post box, Grisedale
post box, Grizedale
post box, Gullom Holme
post box, Hall Dunnerdale
post box, Hampsfield
post box, Hartley
post box, Haverigg
post box, Haverthwaite
post box, Haverthwaite (2)
post box, Haverthwaite (3)
post box, Hawkshead
post box, Hawkshead (3)
post box, Hawkshead (4)
post box, Hawkshead Hill
post box, Heads Nook
post box, Hesket Newmarket
post box, High Cunsey
post box, Highlaws
post box, Holme
post box, Holmescales
post box, Holme St Cuthbert
post box, Houghton
post box, Howgill
post box, Hunsonby
post box, Hunsonby (2)
post box, Hutton
post box, Hutton End
post box, Ings
post box, Keld
post box, Kendal
post box, Kendal (2)
post box, Kendal (3)
post box, Kendal (4)
post box, Kendal (5)
post box, Keswick
post box, Keswick (2)
post box, Keswick (3)
post box, Kirkandrews
post box, Kirkandrews upon Eden
post box, Kirkbampton
post box, Kirkby Stephen
post box, Kirkby Thore
post box, Kirkhouse
post box, Knock
post box, Langton
post box, Little Musgrave
post box, Little Strickland
post box, Long Marton
post box, Long Marton (2)
post box, Longsleddale
post box, Loughrigg
post box, Lower Allithwaite
post box, Lowhouse
post box, Lowick
post box, Low Wood
post box, Mallerstang
post box, Mallerstang (2)
post box, Martindale
post box, Maryport
post box, Matterdale
post box, Matterdale End
post box, Meal Bank
post box, Meathop
post box, Meathop (2)
post box, Melkinthorpe
post box, Millbeck
post box, Millhouse
post box, Natland
post box, Near Sawrey
post box, Nether Staveley
post box, Nether Wasdale
post box, New Hutton
post box, New Hutton (2)
post box, Newtown
post box, Newtown (2)
post box, North Stainmore
post box, Old Hutton (2)
post box, Ousby
post box, Outhgill
post box, Over Staveley
post box, Oxen Park
post box, Oxen Park (2)
post box, Parkend
post box, Penrith
post box, Penrith (2)
post box, Penrith (3)
post box, Penrith (4)
post box, Powter How
post box, Ravenstonedale
post box, Redmain
post box, Rockcliffe
post box, Routenbeck
post box, Rusland
post box, Rusland (2)
post box, Rydal
post box, Scaleby
post box, Setmurthy
post box, Setmurthy (2)
post box, Setmurthy (3)
post box, Shap
post box, Shap Rural
post box, Shap Rural (2)
post box, Silloth
post box, Silver Band
post box, Skelsmergh
post box, Skelwith Bridge
post box, Stainton with Adgarley
post box, Stapleton
post box, Staveley
post box, Staveley-in-Cartmel
post box, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2)
post box, St Bees
post box, Tallentire
post box, Thirlspot
post box, Thurstonfield
post box, Thwaite Moss
post box, Torver
post box, Torver (2)
post box, Troutbeck
post box, Troutbeck (2)
post box, Troutbeck (3)
post box, Troutbeck Bridge
post box, Ulpha
post box, Ulverston
post box, Ulverston (2)
post box, Ulverston (3)
post box, Ulverston (4)
post box, Ulverston (5)
post box, Ulverston (6)
post box, Ulverston (7)
post box, Ulverston (8)
post box, Ulverston (9)
post box, Underbarrow
post box, Underbarrow (2)
post box, Upper Allithwaite
post box, Waberthwaite
post box, Waitby
post box, Wasdale Head
post box, Water Yeat
post box, Welton
post box, Whale
post box, Whitbeck
post box, Whitehaven
post box, Whitehaven (2)
post box, Windermere
post box, Windermere (10)
post box, Windermere (11)
post box, Windermere (12)
post box, Windermere (13)
post box, Windermere (14)
post box, Windermere (15)
post box, Windermere (16)
post box, Windermere (17)
post box, Windermere (2)
post box, Windermere (3)
post box, Windermere (4)
post box, Windermere (5)
post box, Windermere (6)
post box, Windermere (7)
post box, Windermere (8)
post box, Windermere (9)
post box, Witherslack
post box, Witherslack (2)
post box, Wood Broughton
post box, Workington
Postern Hill, Barbondale
Post House, Westnewton
Post Knott, Bowness-on-Windermere
I J Postlethwaite, builder (Seascale: Postlethwaite, builder)
Postlethwaite, garage (Seascale: Postlethwaite, garage)
Postlethwaite's Quay, Greenodd
Postlewaithe Memorial (Holy Trinity, Millom)
Post Office (Brampton: Front Street, 5)
Post Office (Burton-in-Kendal: Square, 1)
Post Office (Carlisle: Lloyds Bank)
Post Office (Carlisle: Lowther Street, 8)
Post Office (Cartmel Village Shop, Cartmel)
Post Office (Kendal: Kirkland, 30)
Post Office (Old Post Office, Heversham)
Post Office (Old Post Office, Troutbeck Bridge)
post office, Ambleside
Post Office, Barrow-in-Furness
post office, Bothel
post office, Broughton in Furness
post office, Carlisle
post office, Carlisle (2)
Post Office Cottage (Old Post Office, Great Salkeld)
Post Office, Dent
post office, Elterwater
post office, Eskdale Green
post office, Fisher Place
post office, Flookborough
post office, Gosforth
Post Office, Greystoke
post office, Grizedale
Post Office, Kirkbampton
post office, Kirkby Lonsdale
Post Office, Kirkoswald
Post Office, Maryport
Post Office, Millom
Post Office (Burton-in-Kendal: Square, 1)
Post Office, Penrith
Post Office, Port Carlisle
post office, Ravenglass
post office, Ravenglass (2)
post office, Santon Bridge
post office, Sebergham
post office, Shap
Post Office Shop (Swanson House, Brough)
post office, Silecroft
Post Office Sorting Office (Sorting Office, Carlisle)
Post Office, St Bees
Post Office Stores (Holme: PO Stores)
Post Office, Ulpha
Post Office, Ulverston
post office, Watermillock
Post, The (Carlisle: Lloyds Bank)
Post, The (Carlisle: Lowther Street, 8)
Posy Clint, Mallerstang
potash kiln, Colton
potash kiln, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
potash kiln, Stockdale
potash kiln, Water Yeat Bridge
Potatopot Hall, Dean
Potgill (Potts Gill, Caldbeck)
Potgill Holme, Garsdale
Potgill House (Potgill Holme, Garsdale)
Pothill Tarn, Glassonby
Pot House (pottery, Whitehaven)
Potlands Gate, Askham
Potlands, Orton S
Pot, Nicholforest
Potrigg, Crosby Ravensworth
Potslacks, Hutton Roof
Potsloan, Kingwater
Pots of Ashness, Nether Wasdale
Potterbank Bridge (Potter's Bank Bridge, Kirkoswald)
Potterclay Hill, Glassonby
Potterell, River, Hutton (Petteril, River)
Potter Fell (Godmond Hall, Strickland Roger)
Potter Fell Cockpit (cock pit, Potter Fell)
Potterfell House (East View, Strickland Roger)
Potter Fell Side (Godmond Hall, Strickland Roger)
Potter Fell Stone Circle (cock pit, Potter Fell)
Potter Fell, Strickland Roger
Pottergill, Loweswater
Potterlamport (Pouterlampert, Scotland)
Potter's Bank Bridge, Kirkoswald
Potter Sike
Potter's Lane, Alston Moor
Potters Lodge, Penrith
Potter Tarn, Strickland Roger
pottery, Crossbarrow
pottery, Dearham
Pottery House, Bowness
Pottery, The (Ambleside: Bartholomew pottery)
pottery, Whitehaven
pottery, Whitehaven (2)
pottery, Whitehaven (3)
pottery, Whitehaven (4)
Pottlebog Beck
Pottlebog Wood, Hayton
Potts Beck, Crosby Garrett
Pott's Cleugh
Potts, Crosby Garrett
Potts Gill, Caldbeck
Potts Gill Fold, Potts Gill
Potts Gill Mine, East (Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck)
Potts Gill Mine, Old (Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck)
Potts Gill Mines (Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck)
Potts Green, Kendal
Potts Hole, Kikrby Lonsdale
Pottshole Plantation (Green Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Potts, Ravenstonedale
Potts Valley, Crosby Garrett
Potts Well, Kirkby Thore
Poulton, Lancashire
Pound (pinfold, Ulverston)
Pounder Sike
Pound Farm, Crook
Poundfell Howe Bridge, Little Langdale
Pound, Kirkandrews
Pouterlampert, Scotland
Pouthole (Pouthowe, Kentmere)
Pouthowe, Kentmere
Pow (High Pow, Boltons)
Pow (Low Pow, Boltons)
Pow Bank, Boltons
Pow Bank, Dalston
Powbanke (Pool Bank Farm, Pool Bank)
Pow Beck
Pow Beck (2)
Pow Beck (3)
Pow Beck (4)
Pow Beck (5)
Pow Beck (6)
Pow Beck (7)
Pow Beck Bridge, Portinscale
Powbeck Quarry, Dalston
Powbrand Bridge, Brough Sowerby
Powbrand Sike
Pow Bridge (bridge, Portinscale)
Pow Bridge, St Bees
Powburgh Beck
Powcedy, Walton
Pow Charney Burn
Powder Hill (Powter How, Above Derwent)
powder magazine, Colton
powder magazine, High Nibthwaite
powder magazine, Nenthead
powder magazine, Skelwith
Powder Mill (Elterwater Gunpowder Mills, Elterwater)
Powder Room (Bowness-on-Windermere: Powder Room)
Powder Stone (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Powdonnet Well, Morland
Pow Drain
Powdrake Bridge, Longtown
Powdreigh Bridge (Powdrake Bridge, Longtown)
Powe House, Portinscale
Powell Hall (Sedbergh School, Sedbergh)
Powerthow (Powter How hill, Above Derwent)
Powerthow (Powterhow Wood, Above Derwent)
Pow Gill
Powgill Mill, Boltons
Powhead (Pow Heads, Boltons)
Pow Heads, Boltons
Pow, High (High Pow, Boltons)
Pow, High (High Pow, St Cuthbert Without)
Powhill, Kirkbride
Pow House (Po House, Millom Without)
Pow House (Powe House, Portinscale)
Pow How, Above Derwent
Powis House, Long Marton
Pow Lane (Shap: Pow Lane)
Powlees Lane, Kingmoor
Powley (Pooley Bridge, Barton)
Powley Close Bridge, Kaber
Powley Farm (Langley House, Langwathby)
Powley in Barton Parish (Pooley Bridge, Barton)
Powley's Hill, Shap Rural
Pow, Low (Low Pow, Boltons)
Pow, Low (Low Pow, Unthank)
Pow Maughan
Powmaughan Bridge, Wetheral
Pow, Orton N
Pow Rigg, Westnewton
Powson Knott, Tebay
Powsons, Tebay
Pow Street (Whitehaven: Market Place)
Pow Street (Workington: Pow Street)
Powsy Sike
Powterhow (Powter How hill, Above Derwent)
Powter How, Above Derwent
Powter How hill, Above Derwent
Powterhow Wood, Above Derwent
Powterneth Beck
Powtross Bridge (bridge, Gilsland)
Praegrande Stragnum (Derwent Water)
Praetentura (Hadrian's Wall)
Pratlic Bank, Kingwater
Pratlic Well, Kingwater
Premier stores (Cleator Moor: Premier stores)
Presbeterian Meeting House (Monument Place, Kendal)
Presbyterian Church (Trinity Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Presbyterian Church, Silloth
Presbyterian Manse, Penrith
Presdid (Prizet, Helsington)
Press Beck
Press Beck Bridge, Kirkby Ireleth
Pressgill (Priest Gill, Hensingham)
Preston Chapel (St Patrick, Preston Patrick)
Preston Chappel (St Patrick, Preston Patrick)
Preston Chappell (St Patrick, Preston Patrick)
Preston Hall (Preston Patrick Hall, Preston Patrick)
Preston Haws (Prestonhows, Whitehaven)
Preston Hill (Bewcastle Fells, Bewcastle)
Preston How (Prestonhows, Whitehaven)
Prestonhows, Far (Far Prestonhows, Whitehaven)
Prestonhows, Whitehaven
Preston Isle (St Bees Head, St Bees)
Preston meeting (meeting house, Preston Patrick)
Preston Patrick
Preston Patrick Church (St Patrick, Preston Patrick)
Preston Patrick Common, Preston Patrick
Preston Patricke (Preston Patrick parish)
Preston Patrick Hall, Preston Patrick
Preston Patrick Meeting House (meeting house, Preston Patrick)
Preston Patrick Memorial Hall, Millness
Preston Patrick parish
Preston Pattricke in Heversham (Preston Richard parish)
Preston Pattricke in Kendall ward (Preston Patrick parish)
Preston Richard (Endmoor, Preston Richard)
Preston Richard
Preston Richard parish
Preston Street Engine Shed (engine shed, Whitehaven)
Preston Street Goods, Whitehaven
Preston Uethred (Preston Richard)
Priapus Stone, Great Urswick
Price Walker, antiques (Keswick: Price Walker)
Prickinghauch (Pickeringhaw, Scotland)
Prickinghauch (Prickinghaugh, Scotland)
Prickinghaugh, Scotland
Pride of Lorton, The (Lorton Yew, High Lorton)
Priescoe Scar, Barrow-in-Furness
Priestbeck Bridge, Carlisle
Priest Beck Bridge (Eden Bridge, Carlisle)
Priest Bridge (Priests Bridge, Papcastle)
Priest Bridge, Lower Holker
Priestclose Lane, Great Strickland
Priestcroft Colliery, Mealsgate
Priestcroft Cottages, Mealsgate
Priestcroft, Mealsgate
Priestfoldhill (Priestfold, Skelton)
Priestfold, Skelton
Priestgate Marsh, Workington
Priest Gill
Priest Gill, Hensingham
Priesthill, Beaumont
Priest Hole, The (Ambleside: Glen, T and J)
Priest How, Lamplugh
Priest Lane, Kirkby Thore
Priest Man (Gategill Fell Top, Threlkeld)
Priestmans Brow, Seaton
Priest of Easegill (Easegill Kirk, Casterton)
Priest Pot, Claife
Priest Quarry, Hutton
Priest's Acre, Threlkeld
Priests Bridge, Papcastle
Priests Brow, Sebergham
Priests Cragg (Priest's Crag, Matterdale)
Priest's Crag, Matterdale
Priests House, Warwick Bridge
Priests Mill, Caldbeck
Priest's Pot (Priest Pot, Claife)
Priest's Pot Pool (Priest Pot, Claife)
Priests Share (Priest's Share, Bassenthwaite)
Priest's Share, Bassenthwaite
Priests Sike
Priest's Well, Bewcastle
Priest's Well, Catlowdy
Priest's Wood, Hayton
Primitive Methodist Chapel (Methodist Chapel, Keswick)
Primitive Terrace, Whitehaven
Primrose Bank, Carlisle
Primrose Bank, Culgaith
Primrose Cottage, Gaitsgill
Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill
Primrose Hill (Bleacott, Witherslack)
Primrose Hill, Kirkby Stephen
Primrose Stone, Appleby
Prince Albert House (Albert Court, Penrith)
Prince Charlies House (Kendal: Stricklandgate, 95)
Prince Charlie's House, Brampton
Prince of Wales, Carlisle
Prince of Wales Dock, Port of Workington
Prince of Wales Feathers, Kendal
Prince of Wales Lake Hotel, Grasmere
Princess Royal, Flimby
Princess Royal Inn (Princess Royal, Flimby)
Princess Street (Carlisle: Princess Street)
Princes Street (Penrith: Princes Street)
Prince Street (Dalton-in-Furness: Prince Street)
Pringle House, Skelton
Printing House Museum, Cockermouth
Print Works, Old (Old Print Works, Wigton)
Prior Hall, Ireby
Priorhall Mill, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Prior Holme, Keswick
Priorholm Hotel (Prior Holme, Keswick)
Priorholm Hotel (Prior Holme, Keswick)
Prior House, Hethersgill
Prior How, Stainburn
Prioriggburn, Hethersgill
Priorling, St Bridget Beckermet
Prior Park, Waberthwaite
Prior Rigg, Beaumont
Prior Rigg, Hethersgill
Prior Rigg, Irthington
Prior Scale (High Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet)
Prior Scale (Low Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet)
Prior Scales, High (High Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet)
Prior Scales, Low (Low Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet)
Priorsdale, Alston Moor
Priors Johns (Priorslynn, Scotland)
Prior's Lodge (Dacre Hall, Lanercost)
Prior's Lodge (Dacre Tower, Lanercost)
Priorslynn, Scotland
Prior's Tower (Deanery of Carlisle, Carlisle)
Prior's Tower (Dacre Tower, Lanercost)
Prior's Tower, Carlisle
Priorwood, Beaumont
Prior Wood, Blindcrake
Priory Church of St Bees (St Mary and St Bega, St Bees)
Priory Church of St Mary (Cartmel Priory, Cartmel)
Priory Close Cottage, Cartmel
Priory Close House, Cartmel
Priory Gate (Abbey Gate, Carlisle)
Priory Gatehouse (Cartmel Priory Gatehouse, Cartmel)
Priory Guesthouse, Cartmel
Priory, Hesket
Priory Hotel, Cartmel
Priory House, Cartmel
Priory, Maryport
priory, Monk Coniston
Priory of Lanercost (Lanercost Priory, Lanercost)
Priory of St Mary (Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle)
Priory Shoppe, Ye (Cartmel: Ye Priory Shoppe)
Priory Station (Conishead Priory Station, Ulverston)
Priory, Windermere
Priory Wood, Hesket
Priory, Workington
Prisate (Prizet Farm, Helsington)
Prisate (Prizet, Helsington)
Prism (Prison Band, Coniston)
Prison Band, Coniston
Prison, Coniston
Prison Crag, Patterdale
Prison Gill
Prissoe's Charity, Kendal
Pristol Beck
Pristol Cottage (Moss Cottage, Walton)
privy, Blagill
privy, Borrowdale
privy, Crosby Garrett
privy, Garnett Bridge
privy, Hardendale
privy, Lower Allithwaite
privy, Lowick
privy, Murthwaite
privy, Nateby
privy, Rosthwaite
privy, Rosthwaite (2)
privy, Rosthwaite (3)
privy, Sadgill
privy, Spadeadam
privy, Toms Howe
privy, Ulpha
privy, Upper Denton
privy, Wads Howe
Prizet Farm, Helsington
Prizet, Helsington
Prizet Lodge, Helsington
Prizett (Prizet, Helsington)
Procolita (roman fort, Carrawburgh)
Procolitia (roman fort, Carrawburgh)
Proctors Row (Wigton: Proctor's Row)
Progression Solicitors (Ulverston: Queen Street, 11)
Promenade, Grange-over-Sands
Prospect Cottage (Jingling End, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Prospect Cottage, Barber Green
Prospect Cottages, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Prospect Hill, Kirkoswald
Prospect Hill, Whitehaven
Prospect House (Dresden House, Aspatria)
Prospect House (Fellside, Penrith)
Prospect House, Brampton
Prospect House, Bromfield
Prospect House, Distington
Prospect House, Farlam
Prospect House, Setmurthy
Prospect, Oughterside and Allerby
Prospect Place, Stanwix
Prospect Terrace, Carlisle
Prospect Terrace, Silloth
Proud Knott, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Providence Bay, Irish Sea
Providence Corner, Distington
Providence Dock, Lowca
Providence Mine (Tongue Gill Mine, Lakes)
Providence Place, Dearham
Prye House, Alston Moor
Pryhead, Alston Moor
Pryhead House, Alston Moor
Pry Hill Sheepfold, Dent
Pry House, Alston Moor
Prylancy Rigg, Kingwater
Pryrigg (Prior House, Hethersgill)
Pryrigg (Prior Rigg, Irthington)
Pryriggside (Prior Rigg, Hethersgill)
Public Hall, Old Hutton
Puckcroft (Ruckcroft, Ainstable)
Pudding Beck
Pudding Beck cove, Coledale
Pudding Cove, Coniston
Pudding Crook (Lynecrook, Stapleton)
Pudding Crook, Nicholforest
Pudding Pie Hill, Maryport
Puddingstone Bank, Borrowdale
Pudding Stone, Coniston
Puddle Mire, Beetham
Puddlemire Lane, Beetham
Pugin Street (Carlisle: Pugin Street)
Pull Cottage, Skelwith
Pull Garth Wood, Skelwith
Pull Inn, Skelwith
Pull Scar, Skelwith
Pullsgill Sike
Pull Wike (Peel Wyke, Wythop)
Pull Wike (Pull Wyke, Windermere lake)
Pull Woods, Skelwith
Pullwoods, Skelwith
Pull Wych (Pull Wyke, Windermere lake)
Pull Wyke House, Skelwith
Pull Wyke, Windermere lake
Pulpit Holes, Askham
Pultrosse, Upper Denton (Poltross Burn)
pump, Cartmel
pump, Cartmel (2)
pump, High Newton
Pump Hill, Wharton
pump, Hilton
pump, Hilton (2)
Pump Lane, Hincaster
pump, Lowther
pump, Old Town
pump, Outgate
Pumptree Gate, Askerton
pump, Wigton
Punch Bowl, Barrows Green
Punch Bowl Bridge, Underbarrow
Punch Bowl, Green
Punch Bowl Hotel (Punchbowl Inn, Askham)
Punchbowl House, Grayrigg
Punchbowl Inn, Askham
Punchbowl Inn, Great Broughton
Punch Bowl, North Stainmore
Punch Bowl, Underbarrow
Punderland Farm, Little Clifton
Pundershaw, Northumberland
Punkinscroft, Arthuret
Punsonby (Ponsonby)
Punsonbye (Ponsonby)
Puppy Holme (Crow Holme, Windermere lake)
Purdom's Crook, Westlinton
Purdomscrook, Westlinton
Pure (Ulverston: Market Street, 3)
Purple Tarn (Scales Tarn, Threlkeld)
Purse Bay, Ullswater
Purse Point, Patterdale
Pus Gill
Pusgill House, Dufton
Pyat Crag (Piot Crag, Mardale)
Pyat Nest (High Nest, Nest)
Pyat Nest (Low Nest, Nest)
Pyat's Nest (High Nest, Nest)
Pyat's Nest (Low Nest, Nest)
Pyehow (Pye Howe, Great Langdale)
Pye Howe, Great Langdale
Pyeing Farm, Hesket
Pyerigg, Aughertree
Pye's Bridge, Beetham
Pye's Bridge Farm, Beetham
Pyesbridge Lane (Pye's Bridge Lane, Beetham)
Pye's Bridge Lane, Beetham
Pyet Hill, Brampton
Pyetmire Wood, Hesket
Pyet Nest (Penny Hill Farm, Eskdale)
Pyet Sike
Pyet Tarn, Greystoke
Pyle of Foudray, The (Piel Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Pyle of Fouldra (Piel Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Pyram Wood, Helsington
Pythorn, Patterdale