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Plosh, Keswick
civil parish:-   Keswick (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   locality (?) 
locality type:-   building/s (?) 
coordinates:-   NY267229 (roughly) 
1Km square:-   NY2622
10Km square:-   NY22
references:-   Crosthwaite 1783-94

evidence:-   old map:- Crosthwaite 1783-94 (Der) 
placename:-  Plosh
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, An Accurate Map of the Matchless Lake of Derwent, ie Derwent Water, scale about 3 inches to 1 mile, by Peter Crosthwaite, Keswick, Cumberland, 1783, version published 1800.
item:-  Armitt Library : 1959.191.3
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evidence:-   old print:- Green 1819
source data:-   Print, soft ground etching, Borrowdale End of Keswick, ie about The Plosh, Cumberland, by William Green, 1820, published by R Lough and Co, Chronicle Office, Finkle Street, Kendal, and others, 1820.
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Tipped in opposite vol.2 p.108 of The Tourist's New Guide, by William Green. 
printed at bottom right, centre:-  "Vol.2, page 108, line 20. / BORROWDALE END OF KESWICK. / Published at Ambleside, by Wm. Green, 1820."
item:-  Armitt Library : A1141.22
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