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post box, Windermere
locality:-   Windermere Station
locality:-   Windermere
civil parish:-   Windermere (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   post box (wall) 
coordinates:-   SD41389868
1Km square:-   SD4198
10Km square:-   SD49

BRY18.jpg (taken 1.12.2009)  

BZE67.jpg (taken 1.2000)  courtesy of Dori and Geoff
This box has high cipher, no door pull. The lock seems a little too low. A Victorian box set into the wall of the original railway station. This marks the furthest point reached by the railway in 1847. Wordsworth and others bitterly opposed its development, fearing it would bring hordes of trippers.

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