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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD49


SD41799862 Alice Howe (Windermere)
SD41069874 Annesdale (Windermere)
SD41569865 boundary stone, Windermere/Applethwaite (2) (Windermere)
SD41269808 Briscoe Lodge (Windermere)
SD41919879 cedar tree, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41219860 Windermere Methodist Church (Windermere)
SD41249852 drain, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41889809 Droomer Stile (Windermere) gone
SD41289860 Elleray, The (Windermere)
SD41129894 Elleray (Windermere)
SD41259830 Ellerthwaite (Windermere)
SD41389863 Windermere Engine Shed (Windermere)
SD41209845 Fairhaven (Windermere) gone
SD41109874 Fountain Cottage (Windermere)
SD41659899 gate, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41609876 gate, Windermere (2) (Windermere)
SD41519868 gate, Windermere (3) (Windermere)
SD42119810 Gill (Windermere)
SD41229836 Hazelwood Cottage (Windermere) gone
SD412984 house, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41059808 Windermere Meeting House (Windermere) possibly once
SD41249861 Oakthorpe (Windermere)
SD41619859 Orrest Head (Windermere) L
SD41579871 Orrest Head House (Windermere) L
SD41559838 Orrest Lane (Windermere) gone
SD41389868 post box, Windermere (Windermere)
SD414984 post box, Windermere (3) (Windermere)
SD412988 post box, Windermere (4) (Windermere)
SD41239855 Queens, The (Windermere)
SD41569841 railway bridge, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41849821 railway crossing, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41939817 railway crossing, Windermere (2) (Windermere)
SD41989815 railway milepost, Windermere (Windermere)
SD41219831 Rayrigg Villa (Windermere)
SD41469867 Terrace, The (Windermere) L
SD41289809 Windermere Fire Station (Windermere)
SD411980 Windermere Fire Station (Windermere) gone
SD41399873 Windermere Hotel (Windermere) L
SD41259854 Barclays Bank (Windermere)
SD41279847 Claytons Butchers (Windermere)
SD41309859 Cross Street (Windermere)
SD41229846 Hackney and Leigh (Windermere)
SD41259865 High Street (Windermere)
SD41249869 High Street Terrace Cottages (Windermere) L
SD41279865 Lakes Lodge (Windermere) L
SD412985 J Holland estate agent (Windermere)
SD412985 John Garnett (Windermere)
SD41249852 Magic Wok (Windermere)
SD41279864 Windermere: Victoria Street, 2 (Windermere) L
SD41239800 Woodland Grove (Windermere)
SD41219834 Windermere (Windermere)
SD41389864 Windermere Station (Windermere)
SD41009859 St Mary's College (Lakes)
SD413987 drinking fountain, Windermere (Windermere) removed
SD41419862 Country Lanes Cycle Centre (Windermere)
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