Lakes Guides


10Km squares




A5074 (road, Sampool Bridge to Windermere)
A5084 (road, Greenodd to Torver)
A5086 (road, Egremont to Cockermouth)
A5091 (road, through Matterdale)
A5093 (road, through Millom)
A5284 (road, Kendal to Hawkshead)
A5285 (road, Kendal to Hawkshead)
A5299 (road, Caldbeck to Aspatria)
B6384 (road, Burton to Milnthorpe)
A590 (road, Dalton-in-Furness to Barrow-in-Furness)
A590 (road, Levens Bridge to Newby Bridge)
A590 (road, Newby Bridge to Ulverston)
A590 (road, Ulverston to Dalton-in-Furness)
A591 (road, Bassenthwaite to Bothel)
A591 (road, Ambleside to Keswick)
A591 (road, Kendal to Windermere)
A591 (road, Windermere to Ambleside)
A592 (road, Kirkstone Pass to Patterdale)
A592 (road, Patterdale to Penrith)
A592 (road, Windermere to Kirkstone Pass)
A592 (road, Windermere to Newby Bridge)
A593 (road, Ambleside to Coniston)
A593 (road, Broughton to Coniston)
A594 (road, Cockermouth to Maryport)
A595 (road, Cockermouth to Carlisle)
A595 (road, Egremont to Whitehaven)
A595 (road, Broughton to Ravenglass)
A595 (road, Cockermouth to Whitehaven)
A595 (road, Dalton-in-Furness to Broughton)
A595 (road, Ravenglass to Egremont)
A596 (road, Maryport to Aspatria)
A596 (road, Wigton to Thursby)
A596 (road, Workington to Maryport)
A596 (road, Aspatria to Wigton)
A6 (road, Carnforth to Milnthorpe)
A6 (road, Kendal to Shap)
A6 (road, Lancaster to Kendal W)
A6 (road, Milnthorpe to Kendal)
A6 (road, Penrith to Carlisle)
A6 (road, Shap to Penrith)
A6070 (road, Lancaster to Kendal E)
A6071 (road, Brampton to Longtown)
A6071 (road, Longtown to Gretna)
A6412 (road, through Great Salkeld)
A6413 (road, Kirkoswald to Brampton)
A6413 (road, Plumpton to Kirkoswald)
A65 (road, Kendal to Kirkby Lonsdale)
A65 (road, Kirkby Lonsdale to Settle)
A66 (road, Appleby to Penrith)
A66 (road, Bowes to Brough)
A66 (road, Brough to Appleby)
A66 (road, Penrith to Keswick)
A66 (road, Cockermouth to Workington)
A66(T) (road, Keswick to Cockermouth)
A683 (road, Kirkby Lonsdale to Sedbergh)
A683 (road, Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale)
A683 (road, Sedbergh to Kirkby Stephen)
A684 (road, Kendal to Sedbergh)
A684 (road, Sedbergh to Hawes)
A685 (road, Kendal to Tebay)
A685 (road, Kirkby Stephen to Brough)
A685 (road, Tebay to Kirkby Stephen)
A686 (road, Penrith to Alston)
A686 (road, Alston to Hexham)
A689 (road, Brampton to Alston)
A689 (road, Alston to Stanhope)
A689 (road, Alston to Haltwhistle)
A689 (road, Carlisle to Brampton N)
A69 (road, Carlisle to Brampton S)
A69 (road, Brampton to Haltwhistle)
from A6 to Garnett Bridge (road, from A6 to Garnett Bridge)
A74 (road, Carlisle to Glasgow)
A74(M), Carlisle to Gretna
A7 (road, Carlisle to Longtown)
A7 (road, Longtown to Edinburgh)
AA box, Dunmail Raise
Aakseyd (Hawkshead)
Aaron, Borrowdale
Aaron Crags, Borrowdale
Aaron's Bield, Mardale
Aaron Slack, Borrowdale
Aarons Lonning (Aaron's Lonning, Holme St Cuthbert)
Aaron's Lonning, Holme St Cuthbert
Aaron's Town, Brampton
Aballaba (Appleby)
Aballaba (roman fort, Brampton (2))
Aballaba (roman fort, Watchcross)
Aballaba (roman fort, Burgh by Sands)
Aballaba (roman fort, Brampton (2))
Aballava (roman fort, Burgh by Sands)
Abba Farm, Middleton
Abballaba (Appleby)
Abbey (Colby, Bampton)
Abbey (Low Hall, Blindbothel)
Abbey (Skirwith Abbey, Skirwith)
Abbey Approach (Barrow-in-Furness: Abbey Approach)
Abbey Beck
Abbey Bridge (Lanercost Bridge, Lanercost)
Abbey Bridge, Lanercost
Abbey Bridge, Shap Rural
Abbey, Carlisle
Abbey Couper (Abbey Cowper, Holme Abbey)
Abbey Court, Carlisle
Abbey Cowper Farm, Abbey Cowper
Abbey Cowper, Holme Abbey
Abbey Dale, Barrow-in-Furness
Abbey Farm, Lanercost
Abbey Farm, Middleton
Abbey Farm, St Bees
Abbeyfield Lodge, Kirkby Lonsdale
Abbey Flatts Farm, St Bridget Beckermet
Abbey Flatts, St Bridget Beckermet
Abbey Gate, Blindbothel
Abbeygate Bridge, Blindbothel
Abbey Gate, Carlisle
Abbey Gate Cottages, Barrow-in-Furness
Abbey Gills, Burtholme
Abbey, High (High Abbey, Embleton)
Abbey Holm (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Abbey Holme (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Abbey Holme Meeting House (meeting house, Beckfoot)
Abbeyholme Station, Holme Abbey
Abbey Hotel, Staveley
Abbey House, Holme East Waver
Abbey House Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness
Abbey Junction, Holme Abbey
Abbey Junction Station (Abbey Junction, Holme Abbey)
Abbey, Lambrigg
Abbey Leonard Cost (Lanercost, Burtholme)
Abbey, Low (Low Abbey, Embleton)
Abbey, Low (Low Abbey, Kirkby Thore)
Abbey Mill Bridge, Lanercost
Abbey Mill, Lanercost
Abbey Mill, Shap Rural
Abbey, Natland
Abbey of St Bees (St Mary and St Bega, St Bees)
Abbey of St Mary (Furness Abbey, Barrow-in-Furness)
Abbey of St Mary Magdalen (Shap Abbey, Shap Rural)
Abbey Park Hill, Warcop
Abbey Park, Shap Rural
Abbey Park Wood, Burtholme
abbey, Preston Patrick
Abbey Road Baptist Church, Barrow-in-Furness
Abbey Springs (Springs Wood, Burtholme)
Abbey Station (Abbey Town Station, Abbey Town)
Abbey Street (Carlisle: Abbey Street)
Abbey Tavern (Furness Abbey Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness)
Abbey Tavern, The (Furness Abbey Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness)
Abbey Terrace, Abbey Town
Abbey Town: Ferguson Fuels
Abbey Town, Holme Abbey
Abbeytown Methodist Chapel, Abbey Town
Abbey Town School (Old School, Abbey Town)
Abbey Town Station, Abbey Town
Abbey Town to Carlisle (road, Carlisle to Abbey Town)
Abbey Town to Cockermouth (road, Cockermouth to Abbey Town)
Abbey Town to Grune Point (road, Abbey Town to Grune Point)
Abbey, Windermere
Abbot Bank (Abbots Bank, Penrith)
Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal
Abbot Hall Bowling Club (croquet lawn, Kendal)
Abbot Hall Farm (Abbot Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Abbot Hall, Grange-over-Sands
Abbot Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale
Abbot Hall Lodge, Grange-over-Sands
Abbot Holme Bridge, Abbot Holme
Abbot Holme House, Abbot Holme
Abbot Holme House, Abbot Holme (2)
Abbot Holme, Sedbergh
Abbot Lodge, Clifton
Abbotmoss (Abbot Moss Farm, Lazonby)
Abbot Moss Farm, Lazonby
Abbot Moss, Lazonby
Abbot Oak (Rookhow, Colton)
Abbot Park, Colton
Abbot Park Farm (Abbot Park, Colton)
Abbots Bank, Penrith
Abbot's Bay, Above Derwent
Abbot's Bay, Derwent Water
Abbots Brow (Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 10)
Abbots Court House, St Bees
Abbotsford, Scotland
Abbots Hall (Kings Arms Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Abbots Holme (Ibbotsholme, Troutbeck Bridge)
Abbots Reading Farm, Haverthwaite
Abbots Reading, Haverthwaite
Abbotswood, Barrow-in-Furness
Abbotts Hall (Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal)
Abby (Abbey, Lambrigg)
Abby (Colby, Bampton)
Abby (Shap Abbey, Shap Rural)
Abby Well (St John's Well, Skelsmergh)
Able Memorials (Kendal: Able Memorials)
Aboard Inn, Appleby
Aboon Beck (Above Beck, Grasmere)
Above Beck Fells, Coniston
Above Beck, Grasmere
Above Derwent parish
Above Park, East (East Above Park, Whitwell and Selside)
Above Park, High (East Above Park, Whitwell and Selside)
Above Park, High (High Above Park, Whitwell and Selside)
Abrahams (Keswick: Abrahams)
Abraham's Cave, Hayton
Abraham's Tea Room (Keswick: George Fisher)
Abseil Commercial (Ambleside: Abseil Commercial)
Access Rentals (Tebay: Access Rentals)
accommodation bridge, Middleton
accommodation crossing, Barrow-in-Furness
accommodation crossing, Broughton West
accommodation crossing, Kirksanton
accommodation crossing, Middleton
accommodation crossing, Middleton (2)
accommodation crossing, Millom
accommodation crossing, Torver
accommodation crossing, Torver (2)
accommodation crossing, Upper Denton
ACE Fixings (Penrith: ACE Fixings)
Ackenthwaite Farm, Ackenthwaite
Ackenthwaite Green (Ackenthwaite, Milnthorpe)
Ackenthwaite Green, Ackenthwaite
Ackenthwaite, Milnthorpe
Ackin's How (Aikin Knott, Above Derwent)
Ackthorne banke (Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby)
Acorn Bank, Dalton-in-Furness
Acorn Bank Garden (Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby)
Acorn Bank House (Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby)
Acorn Bank Mill, Temple Sowerby
Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby
Acorn Bank, Wetheral
Acorn Cottage (Oak Tree Cottages, Kirkby Thore)
Acorn Cottage, Keswick
Acorn House, Keswick
Acorn Sike
Acre Farm, Dent
Acre Head, Wetheral
Acremire Lane, Bowness
Acres, Hayton
Acres, Orton S
Acretarn Plantation, Hugill
Acrewall Loaning, Dean
Acrewalls, Weddicar
Acton (Aikton)
Adam-a-Cove, Eskdale
Adam-a-Crag, Eskdale
Adam Bridge, Coniston
Adamgill Head (Huntinghow Farm, Moresby)
Adam's Cross, St John's Castlerigg etc
Adam Seat, Longsleddale
Adams Gill, Orton S (Breasthigh Beck)
Adam's Gill, Bretherdale
Adam's Gill, Plumbland
Adams Hill (Adam's Gill, Bretherdale)
Adam Slack's Gill
Adam's Observatory, Skiddaw
Adamthwaite Bank, Ravenstonedale
Adamthwaite Cross (Cross, Ravenstonedale)
Adamthwaite, Ravenstonedale
Adamthwaite Sike
Addacomb Beck
Addacomb Hole, Buttermere
Adderskip (Aldersceugh, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Addingham Church (St Michael, Addingham)
Addingham, Glassonby
Addison Monument, Crosby Ravensworth
Addisons Alley (Whitehaven: Addison Street)
Addison Street (Whitehaven: Addison Street)
Addyfield, Cartmel Fell
Addy House, Gosforth
Addyscale Quarry (Eddy Scale Quarry, Torver)
Adelaide Hill (Rayrigg Bank, Windermere)
Adelaide's Hill (Queen Adelaide's Hill, Windermere)
Adgarby (Stainton with Adgarley, Urswick)
Adgarley Ironworks, Stainton with Adgarley
Adgarley, Stainton with (Stainton with Adgarley, Urswick)
Adgarly (Stainton with Adgarley, Urswick)
Adjam Beck
Admiral Casino, Whitehaven
Admiral Nelson, Cummersdale
Ado Building (Barrow Engineering Works, Barrow-in-Furness)
Adonis Traditional Barbers (Ulverston: Daltongate, 2)
Adrian Miller (Kirkby-in-Furness: Miller)
Adventure Peaks (Ambleside: Adventure Peaks)
advertisement, Bothel
Advertiser Office, Penrith
Aerialek (Dalton-in-Furness: Aerialek)
Aesica (roman fort, Great Chesters)
Aesica (roman fort, Netherby)
A F Kelly, The Silversmith (Kendal: Kelly, A F)
A Furnace jeweller (Keswick: Furnace jeweller)
Aghonbye (Aglionby, Wetheral)
Aglionby Beck
Aglionbye (Aglionby, Wetheral)
Aglionby Mounument, Carlisle
Aglionby, Wetheral
Agnes Force Hole, Killington
Agnes Gill, Whinfell
Agnes Pit, Lamplugh
Agricultural Hotel, Penrith
Aigill Quarries, Culgaith
Aigill Sike
Aigle Gill, Westnewton (Aiglegill Beck)
Aiglegill Beck
Aiglegill, Hayton and Mealo
Aika Sike
Aikbank, Beetham
Aikbank Common, Hesket
Aik Bank Farm, Hesket
Aikbank Farm, Irton
Aikbank Junction, Waverton
Aikbank Mill, Blindbothel
Aikbank Quarry, Whitehaven
Aikbank, Waverton
Aikbank, Whitehaven
Aik Beck
Aiken Beck
Aiken Crag, Patterdale
Aiken Knott (Aikin Knott, Above Derwent)
Aiken, Lorton
Aiket (Aikhead, Woodside)
Aiketgate, Hesket
Aikhead Hall, Aikhead
Aikhead House, Aikhead
Aikhead Low House, Woodside
Aikhead, Woodside
Aikin, Above Derwent
Aikin House (Aikin, Above Derwent)
Aikin Knott, Above Derwent
Aikrigg, Burgh by Sands
Aikrigg End (Kendal: Burneside Road, 109)
Aikrigg Green, Lupton
Aikrigg, Kendal
Aikrigg, Killington
Aikshaw Cottage (Cottage, Bowness)
Aikshaw, Holme St Cuthbert
Aikton Arms, Aikton
Aikton Castle, Great Salkeld
Aikton Church (St Andrew, Aikton)
Aikton Down Hall (Down Hall, Aikton)
Aikton Hall, Aikton
Aikton House (fingerpost, Aikton (2))
Aikton House, Aikton
Aikton parish
Aikton Pasture, Aikton
Aikton School (school, Aikton)
Aily Gill, Winton (Aity Gill)
Aimbank, Ainstable
Ainfield, Cleator Moor
Ain House, Irton with Santon
Ainslie Pier, Ulverston
Ainstable Church (St Michael, Ainstable)
Ainstable Hall, Ainstable
Ainstable Methodist Church, Ainstable
Ainstable parish
Ainstable School (school, Ainstable)
Ainsworth Cotton Mill (Backbarrow Mill, Backbarrow)
Ainsworth Specialist Grocer (Grange-over-Sands: Ainsworth's)
Aira Beck
Aira Bridge, Matterdale
Aira Farm, Dowthwaitehead
Aira Force, Matterdale
Aira, Matterdale
Aira Point, Matterdale
air crash site, Coniston
Aire, River
Airey (Aira Point, Matterdale)
Airey (Aira, Matterdale)
Airey Bridge (Aira Bridge, Matterdale)
Airey Force (Aira Force, Matterdale)
Airey's Bridge, Borrowdale
Airey's of Kendal (Kendal: Stricklandgate, 99)
airfield, Maughanby
air meter, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Air, River, (Aire, River)
air shaft, Whitehaven
air shaft, Whitehaven (2)
air shaft, Whitehaven (3)
air shaft, Whitehaven (4)
air shaft, Whitehaven (5)
Airy Beck, Matterdale (Aira Beck)
Airy Beck, Little, Matterdale (Little Aira Beck)
Airy Bridge (Aira Bridge, Matterdale)
Airy Crag, Matterdale
Airy Force (Aira Force, Matterdale)
Airygill Lane, Great Strickland
Airy Hill, Langwathby
Airy Point (Aira Point, Matterdale)
Airy's Bridge (Airey's Bridge, Borrowdale)
Ais Gill
Aisgill Bridge, Mallerstang
Aisgill Farm, Mallerstang
Aisgill, Mallerstang
Aisgill Moor Cottages, Mallerstang
Aisgill Moor, Mallerstang
Aisgill Signal Box, Mallerstang
Aisgill Summit, North Yorkshire
Aisgill Viaduct, Mallerstang
Aitcha Moss
Aitken House, Broughton in Furness
Aity Gill
Ake Bank (Aikbank Mill, Blindbothel)
Akebank (Aikbank, Beetham)
Ake Bank (Aikbank, Waverton)
Ake Bank (Aikbank, Whitehaven)
Akebank Mill (Aikbank Mill, Blindbothel)
Akeinthwaite (Ackenthwaite, Milnthorpe)
Akerigge (Aikrigg, Killington)
Aketon (Aikton)
Aketon, High (High Aketon, Bromfield)
Aketon, Low (Low Aketon, Crookdake)
Aketons, High (High Aketon, Bromfield)
Akeygate, Morland
Akien (Aikin, Above Derwent)
Akrill, Kirkby Stephen
Alabaster Mill (mill, Upperby)
Alabaster Works, Carlisle
Alabaster Works, Wetheral
Alanby (Auldby, Skelton)
Alan Pot (Alum Pot, North Yorkshire)
Ala Petriana (roman fort, Old Penrith)
Alauna (roman fort, Maryport)
Alauna (roman fort, Watercrook)
Alba House, Maryport
Albert, Bowness-on-Windermere
Albert Court, Penrith
Albert Hotel, St Bees
Albert Moore's Barn (barn, Ambleside (2))
Albert Place, Carlisle
Albert Terrace, Whitehaven
Albion, Arnside
Albion, Barrow-in-Furness
Albion Hotel, Keswick
Albion Hotel, The (Albion, Barrow-in-Furness)
Albion Hotel, Whitehaven
Albion Private Hotel (Albion Hotel, Keswick)
Albion, Silloth
Albion Street (Whitehaven: Albion Street)
Albion Terrace (Whitehaven: Albion Terrace)
Albright Ironmonger (Ulverston: Albright)
Alby (Aldby, Dacre)
Albyfield (Turnberry House, Cumrew)
Albyfield, Albyfield
Albyfield, Cumrew
Albyfield Plantation, Cumrew
Albyfield South, Cumrew
Alby, Great (Great Asby, Asby)
Alby, Wetheral
Alcock Fold, Caldbeck
Alcock Tarn, Lakes
Aldby (Auldby, Skelton)
Aldby, Cleator Moor
Aldby, Dacre
Aldbye (Aldby, Dacre)
Aldby Farm (Aldby, Dacre)
Aldby Quarry, Cleator Moor
Aldby Street (Cleator Moor: Aldby Street)
Aldersceugh, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Alders Gill
Aldershaw, Grisedale
Aldeston in Mora (Alston)
Ald Hengham (Addingham, Glassonby)
Aldingham (Addingham, Glassonby)
Aldingham Church (St Cuthbert, Aldingham)
Aldingham Hall, Aldingham
Aldingham Hall, Aldingham (2)
Aldingham, Holme East Waver
Aldingham Motte, Aldingham
Aldingham parish
Aldingham Parish Hall, Scales
Aldingham Scar, Aldingham
Aldoth, Holme Abbey
Aldstone (Alston)
Aldstone Moor (Alston)
Aldston Moor (Alston)
Aldston Moor (Alston Moor)
Ale (Ayle, Northumberland)
Ale Burn, Alston Moor (Ayle Burn)
Alexander Pit, Workington
Alexandra Road (Penrith: Alexandra Road)
Alexandra Steam Saw Mills, Carlisle
Alfoxton Park, Somerset
Alfred Barrow School, Barrow-in-Furness
Alhallowes (Allhallows)
Alhalowes (Allhallows)
Alhambra Cinema (Keswick: Alhambra Cinema)
Alice Howe, Windermere
Alick's Fold, Dent
Alione (roman fort, Watercrook)
Alione (roman fort, Whitley Castle)
Alison Bank Turn Pike (Toll Bar Cottage, Gretna)
Alisongrass Crag, Borrowdale
Alisongrass Hoghouse, Borrowdale
Alison's Scar, Solway Firth
Ali-Taj Tandoori Restaurant (Whitehaven: Tangier Street, 35)
Allam Pot (Alum Pot, North Yorkshire)
Allan Bank, Grasmere
Allanby Hall (Ellonby Hall, Ellonby)
Allanby Hall (Ellonby, Skelton)
Allanby House, Flimby
Allan Foot (Maryport Harbour, Maryport)
Allan Ridding Wood, Satterthwaite
Allansteads (Allensteads, Kingwater)
Allan Tarn, Colton
Allan Wood (Allenwood, Hayton)
Alldby (Auldby, Skelton)
Allen Bank (Allan Bank, Grasmere)
Allenby (Allonby)
Allen Crags, Borrowdale
Allendale, Clifton
Allen Grove, Wetheral
Allen Haw, Dent
Allen Knott, Windermere
Allen's Cleugh
Allensteads, Kingwater
Allenwood, Hayton
Allenwood House, Hayton
Allenwood Mill, Hayton
Aller Beck
Allerby Canal
Allerby Hall, Allerby
Allerby Mill, Bullgill
Allerby Mill Farm (Allerby Mill, Bullgill)
Allerby, Oughterside and (Oughterside and Allerby parish)
Allerby to Cockermouth (road, Cockermouth to Allerby)
Allerdale above Derwent, Barony of (Barony of Copeland, Cumberland)
Allerdale above Derwent Ward, Cumberland
Allerdale, Barony of (Barony of Allerdale, Cumberland)
Allerdale below Derwent, Barony of (Barony of Allerdale, Cumberland)
Allerdale below Derwent Ward, Cumberland
Allerdale Court Hotel, Cockermouth
Allerdale, Cumbria
Allergarth, Askerton
Allhallowes Chappel (Allhallows, Kendal)
Allhallowes Lane (Kendal: Allhallows Lane)
Allhallows Chapel (Allhallows, Kendal)
Allhallows Church (All Saints, Allhallows)
Allhallows Church House, Kendal
Allhallows Common, Allhallows
Allhallows Community Centre, Fletchertown
Allhallows, Kendal
Allhallows Lane (Kendal: Allhallows Lane)
Allhallows parish
All Hollows (Allhallows)
Allieshaw Rigg, Waterhead
Allis Holme (Alice Howe, Windermere)
Allithwaite: Allithwaite Co-op
Allithwaite Brewery, Allithwaite
Allithwaite Church (St Mary, Allithwaite)
Allithwaite Co-op (Allithwaite: Allithwaite Co-op)
Allithwaite Lodge, Allithwaite
Allithwaite, Lower (Lower Allithwaite parish)
Allithwaite, Lower Allithwaite
Allithwaite Sawmill, Allithwaite
Allithwaite School (school, Allithwaite)
Allithwaite, Upper (Upper Allithwaite parish)
Allonbey (Allonby)
Allonby Bay, Solway Firth
Allonby Beck
Allonby: Brewery Street
Allonby Bridge (bridge, Allonby)
Allonby Bridge (bridge, Allonby)
Allonby Church (Christ Church, Allonby)
Allonby: Codfather
Allonbye (Allonby)
Allonby Grange (Rozenhof House, Allonby)
Allonby Hall, Allonby
Allonby House (Allanby House, Flimby)
Allonby House (Baths, Allonby)
Allonby meeting (meeting house, Allonby)
Allonby Meeting House (meeting house, Allonby)
Allonby parish
Allonby: Pig in the Bath
Allonby Primary School, Allonby
Allonby Reading Room, Allonby
Allonby: Square
Allonby to Carlisle (road, Carlisle to Allonby)
Allonby to Sandraw (road, Allonby to Sandraw)
Allotment Garden, Over Staveley
All Saints, Allhallows
All Saints, Allhallows (2)
All Saints, Bolton
All Saints, Boltongate
All Saints, Calthwaite
All Saints Church (Allhallows)
All Saints Church (Allhallows (2))
All Saints Church (Boltongate)
All Saints Church (Calthwaite)
All Saints Church (Killington)
All Saints Church (Penruddock)
All Saints Church (Raughton Head)
All Saints Church (Satterthwaite)
All Saints Church (Scaleby)
All Saints Church (Storth)
All Saints Church (Underbarrow)
All Saints Church (Bolton)
All Saints Church (Cockermouth)
All Saints Church (Culgaith)
All Saints Church (Lupton)
All Saints Church (Scotby)
All Saints Church (Watermillock)
All Saints Church (Renwick)
All Saints Church (Orton)
All Saints, Cockermouth
All Saints, Culgaith
All Saints, Killington
All Saints, Lupton
All Saints, Orton
All Saints, Penruddock
All Saints, Raughton Head
All Saints, Renwick
All Saints Rooms, Cockermouth
All Saints, Satterthwaite
All Saints, Scaleby
All Saints, Scotby
All Saints, Storth
All Saints, Underbarrow
All Saints, Watermillock
All Souls Church (All Souls, Netherton)
All Souls, Netherton
Allstonmore (Alston)
Alma Bank, Whitehaven
Alma Block (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Alma Cottage, Penrith
Alma House, Ellonby
Alma Place, Cockermouth
Alma Terrace, Silloth
Alme Bank, Warcop
almshouses, Cockermouth
almshouses, Milnthorpe
Almshouses, Ulpha
almshouses, Wigton
Alne, Alston Moor (Ayle Burn)
Alne (Ayle, Northumberland)
Alneburne (Ayle, Northumberland)
Alne fl., Alston Moor (Ayle Burn)
Alne Flud, Alston Moor (Ayle Burn)
Alne River, Alston Moor (Ayle Burn)
Aln Holme, Maryport
Alona (roman fort, Watercrook)
Alonby (Ellonby, Skelton)
Alonbye (Ellonby, Skelton)
Alone (roman fort, Low Borrow Bridge)
Alone (roman fort, Watercrook)
Alone (roman fort, Whitley Castle)
Alpha Plantation (Alpha Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Alpha Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale
Alpine Vale Blacking Mill, Egton with Newland
Alps, Egton with Newland
Alps Penina (Pennines, Cumbria)
Alston: Alston Digital
Alston: Antiques
Alston Arches (Haltwhistle Viaduct, Haltwhistle)
Alston: Blackstock
Alston branch railway
Alston Brewery (South Tyne House, Alston)
Alston Brewery (South Tyne House, Alston)
Alston Bridge, Alston
Alstonby Beck
Alstonby Bridge, Kirklinton Middle
Alstonby Grange, Westlinton
Alstonby Hall, Kirklinton Middle
Alstonby, High (Alstonby Hall, Kirklinton Middle)
Alstonby, Kirklinton Middle
Alstonby, Low (Alstonby Villa, Kirklinton Middle)
Alstonby Villa, Kirklinton Middle
Alston: Carlisle and Cumberland Bank
Alston Church (St Augustine, Alston)
Alston: Church View, 1
Alston Digital (Alston: Alston Digital)
Alston Engine Shed (engine shed, Alston)
Alston Fire Station, Alston
Alston: Front Street
Alston: Front Street, 3
Alston: Gallery 1611
Alston Grammar School (Alston Fire Station, Alston)
Alston House, Alston
Alston: Market Place
Alston Meeting House (meeting house, Alston)
Alston Methodist Church (chapel, Alston)
Alston Moor (Alston)
Alston Moor
Alston Moor Methodist Partnership (chapel, Alston (2))
Alston Moor parish
Alstonmore (Alston)
Alston: Pennine Ways
Alston Police Station, Alston
Alston: Post Office
Alston Station, Alston
Alston: Station Road
Alston: Stephenson's
Alston to Barnard Castle (road, Alston to Barnard Castle)
Alston to Brampton (road, Brampton to Alston)
Alston to Carlisle (road, Carlisle to Alston)
Alston to Haltwhistle (road, Alston to Haltwhistle)
Alston to Hexham (road, Alston to Hexham)
Alston to Kirkoswald (road, Kirkoswald to Alston)
Alston to Penrith (road, Penrith to Alston)
Alston to Stanhope (road, Alston to Stanhope)
Alston Town Hall (town hall, Alston)
Alston Workhouse (workhouse, Alston)
Altar, Cross Fell
Altar Stone, Scotland
Altham's ironmongers etc (Warehouse, Penrith)
Altham's Iron Works (Granary House, Penrith)
Alumn Pot (Alum Pot, North Yorkshire)
Alum Pot Beck
Alum Pot Hole (Alum Pot, North Yorkshire)
Alum Pot, North Yorkshire
Alun Pot (Alum Pot, North Yorkshire)
Alverton, Wigton
Alwarby (Allerby)
Alwarbye (Allerby)
Alwaring (Allerby)
Armathwaite Villa (Armathwaite Place, Armathwaite)
Amberfield, Burgh by Sands
Amber Hill Mines (Murton Lead Mines, Murton)
Amber Hill, Murton
Ambleside (roman fort, Ambleside)
Ambleside: Abseil Commercial
Ambleside: Adventure Peaks
Ambleside Barbers (Ambleside: Cheapside, 1)
Ambleside: Barclays Bank
Ambleside: Bartholomew pottery
Ambleside: Bell, Thomas
Ambleside: Bridge Street
Ambleside: Bridge Street, 2 and 3
Ambleside: Bridge Street, 5 and 6
Ambleside: Browns Booking Office
Ambleside: Cheapside
Ambleside: Cheapside, 1
Ambleside: Cheapside, 2
Ambleside: Cheapside, 3 and 4
Ambleside: China Cottage
Ambleside Church (St Anne, Ambleside)
Ambleside Church (St Mary, Ambleside)
Ambleside: Church Street
Ambleside: Compston Road
Ambleside: Compston Street
Ambleside: Cooper, Peter
Ambleside Fire Station, Ambleside
Ambleside: Flower Shop
Ambleside: Force Lane
Ambleside: Garside, F W
Ambleside: Glen, T and J
Ambleside: Green, William
Ambleside Hall (hall, Ambleside)
Ambleside: Henry Robert's
Ambleside: Holdsworth bookseller
Ambleside: Jesters of Ambleside
Ambleside: Kirkstone Road
Ambleside: Lake Road
Ambleside Light Railway (Ambleside Railway)
Ambleside: Market Place
Ambleside Meeting House (meeting house, Ambleside)
Ambleside Methodist Church, Ambleside
Ambleside: NatWest Bank
Ambleside: Nicholson's bakers
Ambleside: Nook Lane
Ambleside: North Road
Ambleside: Old Road
Ambleside Parish Centre, Ambleside
Ambleside: Pinfold Garage
Ambleside Police Station (police station, Ambleside)
Ambleside Police Station (police station, Ambleside (2))
Ambleside Post Office (post office, Ambleside)
Ambleside Railway
Ambleside: Rothas Cafe
Ambleside: Rothay Road
Ambleside: Rydal Road
Ambleside School (school, Ambleside)
Ambleside: Skelghyll Lane
Ambleside: Slack
Ambleside: Smithy Brow
Ambleside: Squire, Mrs
Ambleside Station, Ambleside
Ambleside: Stockghyll Lane
Ambleside to Coniston (road, Ambleside to Coniston)
Ambleside to Grasmere (corpse road, Ambleside to Grasmere)
Ambleside to Hawkshead (road, Ambleside to Hawkshead)
Ambleside to Keswick (road, Ambleside to Keswick)
Ambleside to Kirkstone Pass (road, Ambleside to Kirkstone Pass)
Ambleside to Penrith (road, Ambleside to Penrith)
Ambleside to Ravenglass (road, Ambleside to Ravenglass)
Ambleside to Windermere (road, Windermere to Ambleside)
Ambleside: Tyson
Ambleside Urban District (Ambleside)
Ambleside Water Works, Ambleside
Ambleside: Woolly Rug Co
Ambleside: Wordsworth's office
Amblesyde (Ambleside)
Amblogand (Ambleside)
Amboglan (Ambleside)
Amboglana (Ambleside)
Amboglana (roman fort, Ambleside)
Amboglana (roman fort, Birdoswald)
Amboglanna (roman fort, Birdoswald)
Amboglanna (roman fort, Castlesteads)
Ambrose Holme, Wetheral
Amelsed (Ambleside)
America Wood, St Cuthbert Without
Ameshaugh, High (High Ameshaugh, Leadgate)
Ameshaugh, Leadgate
Ameshaugh, Low (Low Ameshaugh, Leadgate)
Amethyst Green, Drigg and Carleton
Amit Holme Bridge (Abbot Holme Bridge, Abbot Holme)
Amorous Holm (Ambrose Holme, Wetheral)
amp electrical (Farlam: amp electrical)
Amy's Hole, Greysouthen
Anan (Annan, Scotland)
Anand Castle (Annan Castle, Scotland)
Ancautre (Aughertree, Ireby)
Ancautree (Aughertree, Ireby)
Anchor (Millholme, Bootle)
Anchor Basin, Barrow Docks
Anchor Inn, Beckfoot
Anchorite Mill, Kendal
Anchorite's House (Anchorite Well, Kendal)
Anchorite's House, Kendal
Anchorite's Well (Anchorite Well, Kendal)
Anchorite Well, Kendal
Anchor Line Basin (Anchor Basin, Barrow Docks)
Anchor Vaults, Whitehaven
Anchor, Westlinton
Ancrow Brow, Longsleddale
Andalusian, Carlisle
Andersley, Newbiggin
Andersonband Crag, Borrowdale
Andrew House, Stainton
Andrew Scar, Asby
Andrew's Gill
Andrew's Haugh, Askerton
Andrew's Loom, Lowther
Andrews Sike
A Nelson and Son, builders (Old Hutton: Nelson and Son)
Anetwell Street (Carlisle: Annetwell Street)
Angel Dust (Great Langdale: Angel Dust)
Angel Hill, Sleagill
Angel Inn, Alston
Angel Inn, The (Crag Brow, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Angel Lane (Penrith: Angel Lane)
Angerholme Gill
Angerholme, Mallerstang
Angerholme Pots, Mallerstang
Angerholme Wold, Mallerstang
Angerton (New Angerton, Northumberland)
Angerton Bank, Boltons
Angerton, Broughton West
Angerton Cottage, Westlinton
Angerton Farm, Broughton West
Angerton Hall, Angerton
Angerton House, Holme East Waver
Angerton, Kirkbride
Angerton Marsh, Angerton
Angerton Marsh, Holme East Waver
Angerton Marsh, Holme East Waver (2)
Angerton parish
Angerton, Westlinton
Anger Town (Angerton, Westlinton)
Anges Well (Anguswell, Hethersgill)
Anglebarrow (Angler's Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Angler's Arms (Anglers Arms, Haverthwaite)
Anglers Arms, Haverthwaite
Angler's Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Anglers Inn (Jolly Anglers, Burneside)
Angler's Inn, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Angletarn Beck
Angle Tarn, Borrowdale
Angletarn Gill
Angle Tarn, Martindale
Angle Tarn Pikes, Martindale
Angletarn Pikes, Martindale
Angleton (Ingleton, North Yorkshire)
Angling Stone (Angler's Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Anguswell, Hethersgill
Animal Emporium (Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 11)
Anisgill (Agnes Gill, Whinfell)
Ankeriche, The (Anchorite Well, Kendal)
Anna Kirk Scar, Ousby
Annan Bridge, Scotland
Annan Castle, Scotland
Annand (Annan, Scotland)
Annand Castel (Annan Castle, Scotland)
Annand flu., (Annan, River)
Annan, River
Annan, Scotland
Annan Shawhill Station (Annan Station, Scotland)
Annan Station, Scotland
Annan Water, (Annan, River)
Annas Cross, Bampton
Annaside Banks, Whicham
Annaside Beck, Whicham (Annas, River)
Annaside stone circle, Whicham
Annaside, Whicham
Anna's Nab, Colton
Annas, River
Annas Sike
Annat Walls, Alston Moor
Annat Walls, High (High Annat Walls, Alston Moor)
Annazer (Anneside, Lancashire)
Anne Clifford's Column (Countess Pillar, Brougham)
Anne Dale and Bridge Stores (house, Kirkoswald)
Annegarth, Martindale
Annesdale, Windermere
Anneside, Lancashire
Anne's Well, Shap Rural
Annet Walls (Annat Walls, Alston Moor)
Annetwell Street (Carlisle: Annetwell Street)
Annetwell Street (Carlisle: Finkle Street)
Annfield Farm, Cockermouth
Annie Pit, Workington
Annie's Black Cock Inn (Black Cock Inn, Eaglesfield)
Anniside (Anneside, Lancashire)
Ann Pit, Workington
Ann's Hill, Bewcastle
Anns Hill, Bridekirk
Anns Hill Lodge, Bridekirk
Ann's Place, Kendal
Anns's Side (Annaside, Whicham)
Annstone Crag (Arnison Crag, Patterdale)
Annstone Gill, Patterdale (Arnison Gill)
Ann Street (Carlisle: Ann Street)
Ann Street (Dalton-in-Furness: Ann Street)
Ann Street (Kendal: Ann Street)
Ann Tyson's Cottage, Hawkshead
Ann Tyson's House, Hawkshead
Anstable (Ainstable)
Antelope, Distington
Anthon Edward's Tower (tower, Winter Shields)
Anthony Gate, Troutbeck
Anthony Quarry, Dent
Anthony's Well, Flimby
Anthony Wright and Associates (Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 9 and 10)
Anthorn Airfield, Bowness
Anthorn and Cardurnock Common, Bowness
Anthorn, Bowness
Anthorn Bridge, Anthorn
Anthorn Cross (cross, Anthorn)
Anthorn Hall, Bowness
Anthorn House, Bowness
Anthorn Radio Station, Anthorn
Anthorn Social Club, Anthorn
Antiques (Alston: Antiques)
Antons Onset (Antonstown, Bewcastle)
Antonstone (Antonstown, Bewcastle)
Antonstone Burn, Bewcastle (Antonstown Burn)
Antonstown, Bewcastle
Antonstown Burn
Anty Cross, Dalton-in-Furness
Anvil Cottage, Near Sawrey
Anvil House, Ireleth
Apalby (Appleby)
Apar Plantation, Edenhall
Apelby (Appleby)
Apelbya (Appleby)
Apelthwaite (Applethwaite, Windermere)
Apiatorium (roman fort, Bewcastle)
Apiatorum (roman fort, Bewcastle)
Apiatrum (roman fort, Bewcastle)
Apleby (Appleby)
Aplethwaite (Applethwaite, Windermere)
Apostle Crag, Above Derwent
Appelbee (Appleby)
Appelby (Appleby)
Appelby Castle (Appleby Castle, Appleby)
Applebey (Appleby)
Applebie (Appleby)
Applebury Hill Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Appleby: Appleby Bakery
Appleby: Appleby Flower Basket
Appleby: Back Lane
Appleby Bakery (Appleby: Appleby Bakery)
Appleby Bakery (Kirkby Stephen: Appleby Bakery)
Appleby: Banks Lane
Appleby: Barclay's Bank
Appleby: Battlebarrow
Appleby: Battlebarrow, 1
Appleby: Battlebarrow, 11
Appleby: Battlebarrow, 2
Appleby: Battlebarrow, 3
Appleby: Battlebarrow, 4
Appleby: Battlebarrow, 5 and 7
Appleby: Bongate
Appleby: Bongate, 11
Appleby: Bongate, 13
Appleby: Bongate, 3
Appleby: Bongate, 31 to 35
Appleby: Bongate, 37 and 39
Appleby: Bongate, 5 and 7
Appleby: Bongate, 6
Appleby: Boroughgate
Appleby: Boroughgate, 11
Appleby: Boroughgate, 14
Appleby: Boroughgate, 15 and 17
Appleby: Boroughgate, 16
Appleby: Boroughgate, 23 and 25
Appleby: Boroughgate, 28
Appleby: Boroughgate, 30
Appleby: Boroughgate, 32
Appleby: Boroughgate, 36
Appleby: Boroughgate, 37 and 39
Appleby: Boroughgate, 3 and 5
Appleby: Boroughgate, 40
Appleby: Boroughgate, 41 to 45
Appleby: Boroughgate, 42 and 44
Appleby: Boroughgate, 48
Appleby: Boroughgate, 49 to 55
Appleby: Boroughgate, 50
Appleby: Boroughgate, 52
Appleby: Boroughgate, 54
Appleby: Boroughgate, 56 and 58
Appleby: Boroughgate, 60 and 62
Appleby: Boroughgate, 7 and 9
Appleby Bridge (St Lawrence's Bridge, Appleby)
Appleby: Bridge Street
Appleby: Bridge Street, 10
Appleby: Bridge Street, 11
Appleby: Bridge Street, 1 and 3
Appleby: Bridge Street, 3
Appleby: Bridge Street, 4
Appleby: Bridge Street, 5 and 7
Appleby: Bridge Street, 6 and 8
Appleby: Bridge Street, 9
Appleby Castle, Appleby
Appleby: Chapel Street
Appleby: Chapel Street, 1
Appleby: Chapel Street, 16 to 19
Appleby: Chapel Street, 20 to 26
Appleby: Chapel Street, 27 to 29
Appleby: Chapel Street, 30 to 32
Appleby: Chapel Street, 33 and 34
Appleby: Chapel Street, 39 and 40
Appleby Church (St Michael, Bongate)
Appleby Church (St Lawrence, Appleby)
Appleby: Colby Lane
Appleby: Colby Lane, 1 and 2
Appleby: Doomgate
Appleby: Doomgate, 1
Appleby: Doomgate, 11
Appleby: Doomgate, 13 to 15
Appleby: Doomgate, 18
Appleby: Doomgate, 2 to 4
Appleby: Doomgate, 5
Appleby: Dowding, N J and M
Applebye (Appleby)
Appleby East Station, Appleby
Appleby Eden Cricket Club, Appleby
Appleby: Emerald Laundry
Appleby: Ewbank
Appleby Fire Station, Appleby
Appleby Flood Alleviation Scheme (flood defences, Appleby)
Appleby Flower Basket (Appleby: Appleby Flower Basket)
Appleby Gaol, Appleby
Appleby Grammar School, Appleby
Appleby Grange, Appleby
Appleby: High Wiend
Appleby: High Wiend, 1
Appleby: High Wiend, 12 and 14
Appleby: High Wiend, 18
Appleby: High Wiend, 2
Appleby: Holme Street
Appleby House, Hethersgill
Appleby-in-Westmorland (Appleby)
Appleby-in-Westmorland parish
Appleby Junction, Appleby
Appleby, Little (Little Appleby, Cliburn)
Appleby, Little (Little Appleby, Morland)
Appleby: Low Wiend
Appleby: Midland Bank
Appleby: Mill Hill
Appleby: Mill Hill, 1 to 3
Appleby: Pigney and Sons
Appleby Police Station, Appleby
Appleby Pool, Appleby
Appleby: Post Office
Appleby Road (Kendal: Appleby Road)
Appleby Road Bridge, Docker
Appleby: Sands
Appleby: Sands, 1 to 3
Appleby: Sands, 3
Appleby: Sands, 4
Appleby: Sands, 5
Appleby: Scattergate
Appleby: Scattergate, 1
Appleby School (school, Appleby)
Appleby School (school, Appleby (2))
Appleby School (school, Appleby (3))
Appleby: Shaw's Wiend
Applebyshire (Westmorland)
Appleby: Square
Appleby Station (Appleby East Station, Appleby)
Appleby Station, Appleby
Appleby to Brough (road, Brough to Appleby)
Appleby to Dufton (road, through Dufton)
Appleby to Kendal (road, Kendal to Appleby)
Appleby to Kirkby Stephen (road, Kirkby Stephen to Appleby)
Appleby to Penrith (road, Appleby to Penrith)
Appleby to Tebay (road, Tebay to Appleby)
Appleby Ward (East Ward, Westmorland)
Appleby West Engine Shed (engine shed, Appleby)
Appleby West Station (Appleby Station, Appleby)
Apple Castle (Appleby Castle, Appleby)
Apple End (Applehead, Millom Without)
Apple Garth (Applegarth, Middleton)
Applegarth, Abbey Town
Applegarth, Middleton
Apple Grove, Workington
Applehead, Millom Without
Appleside Hill, Langwathby
Apple Tee Inn, Workington
Applethwaite Church (St Mary, Windermere)
Applethwaite Common, Windermere
Applethwaite Country House, Applethwaite
Applethwaite Farm, Applethwaite
Applethwaite Fell (Applethwaite Common, Windermere)
Applethwaite Gill
Applethwaite Gill Trial, Underskiddaw
Applethwaite Quarry, Troutbeck
Applethwaite: Raven Lane
Applethwaite, Underskiddaw
Applethwaite, Windermere
Appleton Hall, Bridekirk
Apple Tree, Carlisle
Appletree Gap Lane, Newbiggin
Appletree Holme, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Appletree Hotel (Wordsworth Hotel, Cockermouth)
Apple Tree Inn (Apple Tee Inn, Workington)
Appletree Inn, Brigham
Apple Tree Inn, Cockermouth
Appletree Inn, Mealsgate
Apple Tree Syke
Appletree, Waterhead
Appletree Worth Beck
Appletree Worth, Broughton West
Appleby War Memorial Swimming Pool (Appleby Pool, Appleby)
Appulbye Towne (Appleby)
Apulby (Appleby)
aqueduct, Dent
aqueduct, Grasmere
aqueduct, Martindale
aqueduct, North Yorkshire
Aquila Memorial, Maryport Harbour
Ara Cataract (Aira Force, Matterdale)
Ara Force (Aira Force, Matterdale)
Arant Haw, Sedbergh
Ara River, Matterdale (Aira Beck)
Aray Force (Aira Force, Matterdale)
Arbea (Ireby)
Arbeia (Ireby)
Arbeia (roman fort, Moresby)
Arbeia (roman fort, South Shields)
Arbeia (Ireby)
Arbour House, Skelton
Arcade, Silloth
archaeological site, Tarn Moss
Archer Beck
Archerbeck, Scotland
Archer Burn, (Archer Beck)
Archer Fold, Orton S
Archer Hill, Orton S
Archer Hill, Orton S (2)
Archer Moss, Tebay
Archer's Charity, Kendal
Archers Hall, Sedbergh
Archer Street Halt (Rosehill Halt, Harrington)
Arches, Ewanrigg
Arches, Long Marton
Arches, Penrith
Arches, The (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Arches, The (Carlisle: Fisher Street, 23)
Arch House, Alston
Archie's Pike, Bewcastle
Archy Moss, Cleator Moor
Arcrow Quarry, North Yorkshire
Arcwret (Longtown)
Ardale Beck
Ardale Head, Ousby
Ardale Place (Iredale Place, Loweswater)
Ardale Side, Ousby
Ard Crags, Above Derwent
Ard Gill, Above Derwent
Arey Beck, Matterdale (Aira Beck)
Argill Beck
Argill Bridge, Stainmore
Argill House, Stainmore
Arica Villa (Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 3)
Arkholme, Lancashire
Arkholme Station, Lancashire
Arkleby Bridge, Aspatria
Arkleby Hall, Arkleby
Arkleby House, Plumbland
Arkleby Low Houses (Throstle Hall Cottages, Plumbland)
Arkleby Mill Bridge (Arkleby Bridge, Aspatria)
Arkleby Mill, Plumbland
Arkleby, Plumbland
Arkleby Station (railway sidings, Arkleby)
Arkleby Toll Bar, Arkleby
Arkle House, Carlisle
Arkles' Farm, Castle Sowerby
Arklid Farm, Colton
Arklid Intake, Colton
Arklow Hill, Crosby Garrett
Arladon (Arlecdon)
Arlecdon and Frizington parish
Arlecdon Church (St Michael, Arlecdon)
Arlecdon Goods Depot, Arlecdon and Frizington
Arlecdon Hill, Arlecdon and Frizington
Arlecdon Junction, Arlecdon and Frizington
Arlecdon Lodge, Arlecdon
Arlecdon Moor, Arlecdon and Frizington
Arlecdon Parks, Arlecdon
Arlecdon Raceground (race course, Arlecdon)
Arlecdon School (school, Arlecdon)
Arlecdon Station, Arlecdon and Frizington
Arlecdon Sunday School (school, Arlecdon (2))
Arles Beck, Cartmel Fell
Arlosh House, Holme East Waver
Arlosh House, Wigton
Arlots, Farlam
Armanth (Armathwaite, Hesket)
Armanthwait Castle (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armanthwaite Castle (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armanthwat (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armanth Watcast (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armanthwat Castle (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armanthwate (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armanthwate Castle (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armanthwayte Castle (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armanthwort (Armathwaite, Hesket)
Armanthwray (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armaside, High (High Armaside, Lorton)
Armaside How, Lorton
Armaside, Lorton
Armaside Wood, Asby
Armathwaite (Ormathwaite Hall, Ormathwaite)
Armathwaite Bridge, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Bridge, Little (Armathwaite Little Bridge, Ainstable)
Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Chapel (Christ and St Mary, Armathwaite)
Armathwaite Church (Christ and St Mary, Armathwaite)
Armathwaite Hall (Armathwaite Place, Armathwaite)
Armathwaite Hall (viewpoint, Armathwaite Hall)
Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite
Armathwaite Hall Hotel (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armathwaite Head, Ireby
Armathwaite, Hesket
Armathwaite House (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armathwaite Little Bridge, Ainstable
Armathwaite Lodge, Bassenthwaite
Armathwaite Methodist Church, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Mill, Hesket
Armathwaite Nunnery (Nunnery, Ainstable)
Armathwaite Place, Armathwaite
Armathwaite School (Old School, Armathwaite)
Armathwaite School, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Signal Box (Station Signal Box, Armathwaite)
Armathwaite Station, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Tunnel, Lazonby
Armathwaite Viaduct, Hesket
Armathwate Castle (Armathwaite Castle, Armathwaite)
Armatrigg, Above Derwent
Armatrigg Hill, Underskiddaw
Armbath (Armboth House, Armboth)
Armbath (Armboth, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Armboth Fell, St John's Castlerigg etc
Armboth House, Armboth
Armboth, St John's Castlerigg etc
Armebath (Armboth, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Armebath (Armboth House, Armboth)
Armeboth (Armboth, St John's Castlerigg etc)
Armer Knott, Windermere
Armeside (High Arnside, Skelwith)
Armeside (Low Arnside, Skelwith)
Arming How, Great (Great Arming How, Eskdale)
Armiside (Armaside, Lorton)
Armitage (Hermitage Castle, Scotland)
Armitt Library, Ambleside
Armitt Library and Museum of Ambleside (Armitt Library, Ambleside)
Armo' Grain
Armont House, Eskdale
Armoury, Appleby
Armside (Armaside, Lorton)
Armside (High Arnside, Skelwith)
Armside (Low Arnside, Skelwith)
Armside Toure (Arnside Tower, Arnside)
Armstrong Lane (Carlisle: Armstrong Lane)
Armstrong's (Maryport: Wood Street, 48)
Armthwaite Hall (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armthwaite Head (Armathwaite Head, Ireby)
Arnaby Mill, Green
Arnaby, Millom Without
Arnaby Tarns, Arnaby
Arnbarrow House, Sandside
Arncra (Ancrow Brow, Longsleddale)
Arncrooe (Ancrow Brow, Longsleddale)
Arndale Beck
Arndale Cottage, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Arnecrewe (Ancrow Brow, Longsleddale)
Arneside (Arnside parish)
Arneside Toure (Arnside Tower, Arnside)
Arneside Tower (Arnside Tower, Arnside)
Arnesyde, Beathom and (Arnside parish)
Arngill House, Durham
Arngill Howse (Arngill House, Durham)
Arnhem Block (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Arnison Crag, Patterdale
Arnison Gill
Arnold Bridge, Mardale
Arnold House, Skelton
Arnsbarrow Tarn, Colton
Arnside: Arnside Hair Studio
Arnside: Bakehouse
Arnside: Bay Search and Rescue
Arnside Cemetery, Arnside
Arnside Church (St James, Arnside)
Arnside Cottage (Carr Bank Cottage, Beetham)
Arnside Cut, Arnside
Arnside, Far (Far Arnside, Arnside)
Arnside Fell, Arnside
Arnside Fire Station, Arnside
Arnside Hair Studio (Arnside: Arnside Hair Studio)
Arnside, High (High Arnside, Skelwith)
Arnside Intake, Hawkshead
Arnside Junction, Arnside
Arnside Knott, Arnside
Arnside Meeting House (meeting house, Arnside)
Arnside Moss, Arnside
Arnside National CofE Primary School, Arnside
Arnside parish
Arnside Park, Arnside
Arnside Pier, Arnside
Arnside Point, Arnside
Arnside: Ramblers
Arnside signal box (signal box, Arnside)
Arnside Station, Arnside
Arnside to Hincaster branch railway
Arnside Tower, Arnside
Arnside Tower Farm, Arnside
Arnside, Warcop
Arnside Well (Cove Well, Lancashire)
Arnside Youth Hostel, Arnside
Arons Town (Aaron's Town, Brampton)
Arrad Bridge, Egton with Newland
Arrad Foot, Egton with Newland
Arran House, Longtown
Arrow, Little (Little Arrow, Coniston)
Arrow Moor, Little (Little Arrow Moor, Coniston)
Arrowthwaite Pit, Whitehaven
Arrowthwaite, Whitehaven
Arroyo Block (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Arsher House (Archer Hill, Orton S (2))
Artengill Beck
Arten Gill, Dent
Artengill Viaduct, Dent
Art Gallery, Keswick
Arthrat (Arthuret)
Arthuret Church (St Michael, Arthuret)
Arthuret parish
Arthur Hill (Archer Hill, Orton S (2))
Arthur's Castel (Arthur's Round Table, Eamont Bridge)
Arthur's Chair (Stone Arthur, Lakes)
Arthurs Cross, Nicholforest
Arthur Seat, Bewcastle
Arthurseat House, Bewcastle
Arthursgill Wood, Langwathby
Arthur's Pike, Barton
Arthur's Round Table, Eamont Bridge
Arthur's Table (Arthur's Round Table, Eamont Bridge)
Arthur Villa, Penrith
Arthur Wood, Claife
Artleber, Nateby
Artlecrag Pike, Shap Rural
Artle Crag, Shap Rural
Artlegarth Beck
Artlegarth, Ravenstonedale
Artruth (Arthuret)
Artruthe (Arthuret)
Arum (Arkholme, Lancashire)
Asby, Arlecdon and Frizington
Asby Beck
Asby Church (St Peter, Great Asby)
Asby Coatsforth (Coatsforth, Asby)
Asby Coltsford (Coatsforth, Asby)
Asby Cotsforth (Asby parish)
Asby cottforth (Coatsforth, Asby)
Asby Endowed School, Great Asby
Asby Gill
Asby grainge (Asby Grange, Asby)
Asby Grange, Asby
Asby, Great (Great Asby, Asby)
Asby Hall, Great Asby
Asby, Little (Little Asby, Asby)
Asby Magna (Great Asby, Asby)
Asby Mask, Asby
Asby Moor, Asby
Asby Moss, Greysouthen
Asby Overgrange (Asby Grange, Asby)
Asby parish
Asby Parva (Little Asby, Asby)
Asby Rectory (Old Rectory, Great Asby)
Asby Scar (Great Asby Scar, Asby)
Asby Scar, Great (Great Asby Scar, Asby)
Asby Scar, Little (Little Asby Scar, Asby)
Asby Village Hall, Great Asby
Asby Winderwath (Asby parish)
Asby winderwath (Winderwath, Asby)
Asby Winderwath Common, Asby
Asenby (Alstonby Hall, Kirklinton Middle)
Aserig (Askrigg, North Yorkshire)
Asgill (Ashgill, Alston Moor)
Asgill Burn, Alston Moor (Ash Gill)
Asgill Side (Ashgillside, Alston Moor)
Ashbank (Ashybank, Northumberland)
Ashbank Lane, Sizergh
Ash Bank, Mallerstang
Ashbank, Penrith
Ashbank Wood, Murton
Ashbeck Fold, Sedbergh
Ashbeck Gill
Ash, Bewcastle
Ashbridge Park, St Cuthbert Without
Ashburner House, Dalton-in-Furness
Ashburner's Wife Ford, Walney Island
Ashby (Great Asby, Asby)
Ashbye (Great Asby, Asby)
Ashbye parva (Little Asby, Asby)
Ashby Hill, Langwathby
Ashby Magna (Great Asby, Asby)
Ashby Parva (Little Asby, Asby)
Ash Cleugh Hill (Ash Cleugh, Northumberland)
Ash Cleugh, Northumberland
Ash Cottage, Stainton
Ash Cottage, Temple Sowerby
Ash Course (Esk Hause, Eskdale)
Ash Crag, Kingwater
Ash Crag, Mardale
Ash Crags, Lakes
Ash Crags, St John's Castlerigg etc
Ashdale Gill
Ashes (Ash House, Millom Without)
Ashes Beck
Ashes Bridge (Thwaite Head Bridge, Thwaite Head)
Ashes Bridge (Waterside Bridge, Waterside)
Ashes, Castle Sowerby
Ashes Coppice, Nether Staveley
Ashes Farm, New Hutton
Ashes Farm, The (Ashes, Nether Staveley)
Ashes Gill
Ashes, Hycemoor
Ashes, Nether Staveley
Ashes Point, Egton with Newland
Ashes, Waterside
Ash Fell Edge, Ravenstonedale
Ash Fell, Kirkby Stephen
Ash Fell, Ravenstonedale
Ash Fell, Waitby
Ashfield Farm (Ashfield, Ravenstonedale)
Ashfield Head (Fieldhead, Bewcastle)
Ashfield, Ravenstonedale
Ashford (Clattering Ford, Bewcastle)
Ashghill, Mid (Mid Ashgill, Alston Moor)
Ash Gill
Ashgill, Alston Moor
Ash Gill Beck
Ashgill Bridge, Alston Moor
Ashgill Force, Alston Moor
Ashgill, High (High Ashgill, Alston Moor)
Ashgill Little Bridge (bridge, Alston Moor (4))
Ashgill, Low (Low Ashgill, Alston Moor)
Ashgill, Mid (Mid Ashgill, Alston Moor)
Ash Gill Quarry, Torver
Ashgillside, Alston Moor
Ashgill Wood, Alston Moor
Ashgrove (Cockermouth: Ashgrove)
Ash Grove, Penrith
Ash, Hethersgill
Ash Hill, Brougham
Ash Hill Cottages, Brougham
Ash Hill, Rosgill
Ash-hining, Sedbergh
Ash Holm (Ashholme, Northumberland)
Ashholme, Northumberland
Ash House, Carlisle
Ash House, Millom Without
Ash House stone circle, Millom Without
Ash House, Windermere
Ash How, Pooley Bridge
Ash Inn, Penrith
Ashlack Hall, Kirkby Ireleth
Ash Landing, Claife
Ash Landing Wood, Claife
Ash Lea, Little Langdale
Ashleigh House, Botcherby
Ashleygarth Crag, Lakes
Ashley Green (Lower Ashley, Lakes)
Ashley Green, Lakes
Ashley Grove, Egremont
Ashley House, St Bees
Ashleymoor Plantation, Lowther Park
Ashley Street (Carlisle: Ashley Street)
Ashlock Sike
Ash Meadow, Arnside
Ashmeadow Cottage, Barbon
Ashmeadow House (Ash Meadow, Arnside)
Ash Moss, Kingwater
Ashness, Borrowdale
Ashness Bridge, Borrowdale
Ashness Farm, Borrowdale
Ashness Fell, Borrowdale
Ashness Gill
Ashness House, Borrowdale
Ashness Wood, Borrowdale
Ash Park, Bewcastle
Ash Plants, Egton with Newland
Ash Pot, Ravenstonedale
Ashridge Lane Cemetery, Wetheral
Ashshining (Ash-hining, Sedbergh)
Ash Slack, Colton
Ash Spring, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Ashstead Beck
Ashstead Fell, Whinfell
Ashstead, Whinfell
Ashthwaites, Lakes
Ashton Hall, Lancashire
Ashton House, Beetham
Ash Tree Cottage, Ambleside
Ash Tree Farm, Sleagill
ash tree, Longsleddale
ash trees, Bampton
ash trees, Borrowdale
Ash View, Meal Bank
Ash View, Stainton
Ashwell, Hutton Roof
Ashworth Street (Dalton-in-Furness: Ashworth Street)
Ashybank, Northumberland
Ashy Cleugh
Ashy Cleugh (2)
Ashycroft, Bewcastle
Ashy Gill, Martindale (Yewgrove Gill)
Askam (Askham)
Askam (Askham parish)
Askam and Ireleth Community Centre, Askam in Furness
Askam and Ireleth parish
Askam Free Library, Askam in Furness
Askam in Furness
Askam in Furness School (Askam and Ireleth Community Centre, Askam in Furness)
Askam Ireleth Memorial Garden, Askam in Furness
Askam Iron Works, Askam in Furness
Askam Methodist Church, Askam in Furness
Askam Mines, Askam and Ireleth
Askam Pier, Askam in Furness
Askam Station, Askam in Furness
Askam Station Signal Box (signal box, Askam in Furness)
Askam Village Foundation School, Askam in Furness
Asker Green (Askew Green, Witherslack)
Askerton Castle, Askerton
Askerton parish
Askerton Park, Askerton
Aynam Wharves (Canal Head, Kendal)
Asket Dub, Asby
Askew Cycles (Old Brewery, Kendal)
Askew Gill, Far, Sedbergh (Far Askew Gill)
Askew Green, Witherslack
Askew Mire, Branthwaite
Askew Rigg, Mungrisdale
Askew Stones, Sedbergh
Askham and District Community Centre, Askham
Askham: Askham Stores
Askham Beck
Askham Bridge, Askham
Askham Church (St Peter, Askham)
Askham Fell, Askham
Askham Gate, Askham
Askham Hall, Askham
Askham Hall Farm, Askham
Askham: Helton Road
Askham Mill, Askham
Askham parish
Askham School (Old School, Askham)
Askham Stores (Askham: Askham Stores)
Askham to Bampton (road, Bampton to Askham)
Askham to Penrith (road, Askham to Penrith)
Askham Villa (Askham)
Askham Village Hall (Askham and District Community Centre, Askham)
Askill Knott, Loweswater
Askill, Loweswater
Askrigg Hall, Skelton
Askrigg, North Yorkshire
Aspatre (Aspatria)
Aspatria Castle, Aspatria
Aspatria Church (St Kentigern, Aspatria)
Aspatria Common, Aspatria
Aspatria Community Centre, Aspatria
Aspatria East Mill, Aspatria
Aspatria Fire Station, Aspatria
Aspatria Junction (railway sidings, Aspatria)
Aspatria: King Street, 58 and 60
Aspatria: King Street, 62
Aspatria Methodist Church, Aspatria
Aspatria Mill (Aspatria East Mill, Aspatria)
Aspatria: Outgang Road
Aspatria parish
Aspatria Pit No.1, Aspatria
Aspatria Pit No.2, Aspatria
Aspatria Pits tramroad
Aspatria Station, Aspatria
Aspatria to Caldbeck (road, Caldbeck to Aspatria)
Aspatria to Maryport (road, Maryport to Aspatria)
Aspatria to Silloth (road, Aspatria to Silloth)
Aspatria to Wigton (road, Aspatria to Wigton)
Aspatria Tunnel, Aspatria
Aspatrick (Aspatria)
Aspects of Motoring (Cockermouth Motor Museum, Cockermouth)
Asper's Field Stone, Shap
Aspes (Asby, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Aspland Hill (Esplandhill, Long Marton)
Asp Wood, Mallerstang
Asquith House (Carlisle: Portland Square, 27)
Assembly Rooms, Keswick
Assembly Rooms, Whitehaven
Assembly Rooms, Workington
Ass Gate (Cross Gate, Patterdale)
Assize Courts (Citadel, Carlisle)
Astley's Plantation, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Astonmore (Alston)
Athenaeum (Carlisle: Lloyds Bank)
Athenaeum (village hall, Heversham)
Athenaeum, Maryport
Athurs Cross (Arthurs Cross, Nicholforest)
Atkinson Coppice Quarry (quarry, Little Langdale)
Atkinson Ground, Coniston
Atkinson Ground Farm, Coniston
Atkinson Ground House, Coniston
Atkinson Memorials (Ulverston: Atkinson)
Atkinson Monument, Patterdale
Atkinson Pike, Threlkeld
Atkinson Ritson Solicitors (Carlisle: Fisher Street, 15)
Atkinsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Atkinson's Grain
Atkinson Street (Dalton-in-Furness: Baldwin Avenue)
Atkinson Tarn, Crook
Atlast, Long Marton
Atterby (Etterby, Carlisle)
Atterson's Crook, Nicholforest
Attwood Farm, Hawkshead
Aucherivock Tower, Scotland
Auction Mart (auction room, Carlisle)
Auction Mart (Ulverston Auction Mart, Ulverston)
auction room, Carlisle
auction room, Longtown
auction room, Troutbeck
Audland (Far Audlands, Preston Patrick)
Audland (Low Audlands, Preston Patrick)
Audland, High (Audlands Park, Preston Patrick)
Audland, Low (Low Audlands, Preston Patrick)
Audlands, Far (Far Audlands, Preston Patrick)
Audlands, Low (Low Audlands, Preston Patrick)
Audlands Park, Preston Patrick
Aughertree Fell, Ireby
Aughertree, Ireby
Aughton, Lancashire
Augill Beck
Augill Beck, Little, Stainmore (Little Augill Beck)
Augill Bridge, Augill
Augill, Brough
Augill Castle, Augill
Augill Crushing Mill, Augill
Augill Foundry, Augill
Augill, Great, Murton (Great Augill)
Augill Head, Stainmore
Augill House, Augill
Augill, Little, Murton (Little Augill)
Augill Mine, Stainmore
Auldby, Skelton
Auld Grey Town, The (Kendal)
Aulthurst Side, High (High Aulthurst Side, Broughton West)
Aulthurst Side, Low (Low Aulthurst Side, Broughton West)
Ausin Fell Coppice, Satterthwaite
Ausin Fell Wood, Satterthwaite
Austable (Ainstable)
Austane (Alston)
Austermore (Alston)
Austhwaite (Birker and Austhwaite, Eskdale)
Austhwaite Brow, Eskdale
Austhwaite Hall (Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale)
Austin Friars St Monica's School, Etterby
Auterfield House, Walton
Auterstone, Barton
Auterstone Crag, Barton
Auterstone Wood, Barton
Authwaite House, Branthwaite
Avalana (roman fort, Burgh by Sands)
avanti (Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 57)
Avellan Stane (Navelin Stone, Cleator Moor)
Aven Glass (Ravenglass)
Avenue, Levens
Aviemore (Penrith: Arthur Street, 51 to 52)
Awfell, Little (Little Awfell, Ousby)
Axdoduno (roman fort, Stanwix)
axe factory, Langdale
Axeloduno (roman fort, Stanwix)
Axelodunum (roman fort, Burgh by Sands)
Axelodunum (roman fort, Drumburgh)
Axelodunum (roman fort, Stanwix)
Aye Gill
Aye Gill Pike, Dent
Aye Gill Quarry, Garsdale
Aye Gill Wold, Dent
Ayes water (Hayeswater)
Ay Gill
Aygill Force, Stainmore
Aygill, Great, Barbon (Great Aygill)
Aygill Head, Little (Little Aygill Head, Casterton)
Aygill, Little, Barbon (Little Aygill)
Aykerist Castle (Hayes Castle, Distington)
Aykhurst (Hayes Castle, Distington)
Aykhurst Castle (Hayes Castle, Distington)
Ayland Bridge, Dent
Ayle Burn
Ayle, Northumberland
Aynam Lodge, Kendal
Aynham Road (Kendal: Aynham Road)
Aynsome, Broughton East
Aynsome Manor, Broughton East
Ayses Sike
Aysgarth (Glenlea and Aysgarth, Burton-in-Kendal)
Ayside Pool
Ayside, Staveley-in-Cartmel