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Ainstable parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5647
10Km square:-   NY55
10Km square:-   NY65
10Km square:-   NY54
10Km square:-   NY64
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 425 (1971)

NY52794584 Aimbank, Ainstable 
NY53214620 Ainstable 
NY52534652 Ainstable Hall, Ainstable L
NY52594638 Ainstable Methodist Church, Ainstable 
NY50714603 Armathwaite Bridge, Armathwaite L
NY50974597 Armathwaite Methodist Church, Armathwaite 
NY50784596 Armathwaite Place, Armathwaite L
NY50614611 Armathwaite, Hesket 
NY53184660 Bankfoot, Ainstable 
NY54394479 Barugh Cottages, Ainstable 
NY52974538 Bascodyke Foot, Ainstable 
NY52874498 Bascodyke Head, Ainstable 
NY52954521 Bascodyke, Ainstable L
NY52734773 Beck Brow, Ainstable 
NY52444420 Beck Farm, Ainstable 
NY53084635 Beckside, Ainstable 
NY52484772 Bell House, Ainstable 
NY6247 Black Cleugh (3) 
NY54194698 Blinkbonny, Ainstable 
NY59704955 Blotting Raise, Ainstable 
NY55764911 Blue Bell Inn, Newbiggin 
NY51054547 boundary stone, Ainstable/Armathwaite 
NY50834598 boundary stone, Ainstable/Hesket 
NY54464522 Bramery, Ainstable L
NY57534697 Bridge End, Croglin 
NY5148 Broad Beck 
NY52164842 Broadbeck Mill, Ainstable 
NY57424724 Brookside Farm, Croglin 
NY54664671 Broomrigg Plantation, Ainstable 
NY548467 Broomrigg stone circles, Ainstable 
NY54184595 Broomrigg, Ainstable 
NY62685027 Butt Hill, Ainstable 
NY55474793 Cairn Head, Ainstable 
NY554483 Cairnhead Farm, Ainstable 
NY51704787 Carr Holme Gravel Pit, Ainstable 
NY51494721 Carr Holme, Ainstable 
NY54174456 Castledyke, Ainstable 
NY51694821 Channelpool, Ainstable 
NY53744326 Chapel Well, Ainstable 
NY57284720 chapel, Croglin 
NY554450 chapel, Croglin Low Hall gone
NY53884291 chapel, Nunnery 
NY57464722 Church Cottage, Croglin 
NY53144651 Churchgarth Stile, Ainstable 
NY50924594 Coalbank, Armathwaite 
NY51934745 Common House, Ainstable 
NY593480 Coombs, Ainstable 
NY51694455 Coombshead, Ainstable 
NY57494727 Copper Hall, Croglin 
NY55024698 Craney Moss, Ainstable 
NY57554697 Croglin Bridge, Croglin 
NY62004886 Croglin Fell, Ainstable 
NY58134843 Croglin Limekiln, Ainstable 
NY53904281 Croglin Low Bridge, Nunnery 
NY57914737 Croglin Mill, Croglin gone
NY5746 Croglin Water 
NY57454724 Croglin, Ainstable 
NY57514730 Croglin: Croglin Toys 
NY6446 Cross Beck (2) 
NY53504331 Cross House, Ainstable 
NY53514327 cross, Nunnery L
NY53244619 Crown Inn, Ainstable 
NY53134444 Crown Inn, Ruckcroft 
NY54724426 Dale Bridge, Ainstable 
NY54794504 Dale Mill, Ainstable 
NY54464410 Dale, Ainstable L
NY57524918 Dod Crag, Ainstable 
NY5755 Eller Beck (5) 
NY5849 Eller Beck (13) 
NY57414718 Fair Hill House, Croglin L
NY53694694 Far Harras, Ainstable 
NY63614779 Farlam Currick, Ainstable 
NY52104586 Faugh Head, Ainstable 
NY6150 Fellwell Sike 
NY52004726 Fieldfoot, Ainstable gone
NY582477 Fieldhead, Ainstable 
NY51094604 fingerpost, Ainstable 
NY51694810 fingerpost, Ainstable (2) 
NY53094624 fingerpost, Ainstable (3) 
NY52604389 fingerpost, Ainstable (4) 
NY54344547 fingerpost, Ainstable (5) 
NY50874596 Fox and Pheasant, Armathwaite 
NY6250 Gilbert Cleugh 
NY62984921 Gillingbrig Currick, Ainstable 
NY62944933 Gillingbrig Gate, Ainstable 
NY505459 Glen Artney, Armathwaite 
NY63084750 Goat Crags, Ainstable 
NY52644668 Hagget House, Ainstable 
NY5146 Hall Beck (2) 
NY51024578 Hangingbrow Wood, Ainstable 
NY53654640 Harras, Ainstable 
NY53384614 Heather Glen, Ainstable 
NY53484482 High Dykes, Ainstable 
NY53404421 High Farm, Ruckcroft 
NY53424413 High Fold, Ruckcroft 
NY535437 Highfield, Ainstable 
NY53114623 house, Ainstable 
NY55314847 How Dyke Nook, Ainstable 
NY6249 Ironfork Cleugh 
NY51604748 Keldhouse Bridge, Ainstable 
NY6347 Kiln Beck (2) 
NY62674834 Lawyer's Cross, Ainstable 
NY58284814 limekiln, Ainstable 
NY57444721 Lion House, Croglin 
NY5849 Little Bleaberry Gill 
NY51904476 Longdales, Ainstable 
NY53364402 Low Fold, Ruckcroft L
NY6048 Lunchy Beck 
NY57874949 Mid Fell, Ainstable 
NY53944294 mill, Nunnery 
NY59604848 mine, Ainstable 
NY5951 New Water 
NY5549 Newbiggin Beck 
NY58904940 Newbiggin Fell, Ainstable 
NY55764918 Newbiggin, Ainstable 
NY5247 North Gill 
NY53304707 Northgill Bank, Ainstable 
NY531423 Nunnery Fall, Ainstable 
NY531423 Nunnery Walks, Ainstable 
NY53724285 Nunnery, Ainstable L
NY51424661 Oatlands Cottage, Ainstable 
NY52564640 pinfold, Rowfoot gone
NY5346 Powsy Sike 
NY57185012 quarry, Ainstable 
NY57544727 Rectory Farm, Croglin L
NY6248 Red Sike (3) 
NY52334744 Redhill, Ainstable 
NY57354716 Robin Hood, Croglin 
NY53104449 Rose Farm, Ruckcroft 
NY52874630 Row, Ainstable 
NY52594641 Rowfoot, Ainstable 
NY53224428 Ruckcroft, Ainstable 
NY53264611 school, Ainstable 
NY56784804 school, Ainstable (2) gone
NY53464707 seat, Ainstable 
NY54574489 Seavy Holm, Ainstable 
NY54604479 Seavyholm Quarry, Ainstable 
NY55074548 Slack, Ainstable 
NY57454727 St John, Croglin L
NY53004672 St Michael, Ainstable L
NY6248 Stockdale Beck (3) 
NY54164725 Street House, Ainstable 
 Three Pikes, Northumberland 
NY65184650 Tom Smith's Stone, Ainstable 
NY57634752 Town Head Farm, Croglin 
NY52674676 Towngate, Ainstable 
NY52604733 Townhead, Ainstable 
NY56284908 Townhead, Newbiggin L out of sight
NY53054672 Vicarage, Ainstable 
NY53114660 village hall, Ainstable 
NY57464700 village hall, Croglin 
NY507451 Vista, Ainstable 
NY55064668 Wallmoor Plantation, Ainstable 
NY53024669 war memorial, Ainstable 
NY57444726 war memorial, Croglin 
NY5346 Waterhouse Sike 
NY5648 Watery Gill 
NY6347 Weasel Beck 
NY50344536 weir, Armathwaite once
NY55944910 Wesleyan Chapel, Newbiggin 
NY6248 White Sike (3) 
NY65124626 Woldgill Tarn, Alston Moor 
NY61454890 Wolf Crag, Ainstable 
NY51314460 Coombs Wood, Ainstable 
NY50594592 icehouse, Armathwaite Castle 
NY51334649 Armathwaite Little Bridge, Ainstable 
NY3658 Eden, River 
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