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air crash site, Coniston
locality:-   Great Carrs
locality:-   Broad Slack
civil parish:-   Coniston (formerly Lancashire)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   air crash site
coordinates:-   NY271008
1Km square:-   NY2700
1Km square:-   NY2701
10Km square:-   NY20

CCX86.jpg  Pieces in Broad Slack,
(taken 22.4.2015)  
BJV47.jpg  Merlin engine displayed outside the Ruskin Museum, Coniston.
(taken 16.9.2005)  

A Halifax Mk 5 No.LL505 bomber crashed on Great Carrs, Coniston, on a night navigation training flight from RAF Topcliffe, killing its crew of 8, 22 October 1944. The aircraft crashed high on Great Carrs; it was found almost intact, but was cut up and pieces pushed into Broad Slack so that it wouldn't be repeatedly reported.

Hurst, Michael J: 1997: Air Crashes in the Lake District 1936-1976: Airlife:: ISBN 1 85310 874 X

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