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road, Alston to Haltwhistle
Alston to Haltwhistle
Haltwhistle to Alston
locality:-   Alston
civil parish:-   Alston Moor (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   route
locality:-   Haltwhistle
county:-   Northumberland
locality type:-   route

route parts:-    Alston to Brampton as far as Lambley
 Lambley to Haltwhistle

evidence:-   old map:- Laurie and Whittle 1806
source data:-   Road map, Continuation of the Roads to Glasgow and Edinburgh, scale about 10 miles to 1 inch, by Nathaniel Coltman? 1806, published by Robert H Laurie, 53 Fleet Street, London, 1834.
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bold line; 'Principal Travelling Roads' 
item:-  private collection : 18.21
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