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Askam and Ireleth parish
Askam and Ireleth
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2176
10Km square:-   SD17
10Km square:-   SD27
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

SD22157774 Anvil House, Ireleth L
SD21457758 Askam and Ireleth Community Centre, Askam in Furness 
SD21447765 Askam Free Library, Askam in Furness 
SD21467768 Askam in Furness 
SD21467752 Askam Ireleth Memorial Garden, Askam in Furness 
SD212771 Askam Iron Works, Askam in Furness 
SD21337778 Askam Methodist Church, Askam in Furness 
SD21017657 Askam Mines, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21497770 Askam Station, Askam in Furness L
SD21377722 Askam Village Foundation School, Askam in Furness 
SD22577599 beacon, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22647948 boundary stone, Askam and Ireleth 
SD218762 brickworks, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22207773 Brook Lea, Ireleth L
SD22247766 Brookside, Ireleth L
SD27 Caledonian, West Cumberland and Furness Railway 
SD22237765 Dove Cottage, Ireleth 
SD21497765 drinking fountain, Askam in Furness L
SD20957750 Duddon Inshore Rescue, Askam in Furness 
SD16607520 Duddon Sands, Millom Without 
SD21677962 Dunnerholme Crossing, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21667962 Dunnerholme Gate Station, Askam and Ireleth gone
SD212797 Dunnerholme, Askam and Ireleth 
SD229770 Far Old Park Farm, Askam and Ireleth 
SD2174 Goldmire Beck 
SD21727462 Goldmire Bridge, Dalton Town with Newton 
SD221752 Green Haume, Askam and Ireleth 
SD219764 Greenscoe Farm, Askam and Ireleth 
SD2274 Hagg Gill (2) 
SD248793 Harlock Reservoir, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22857624 High Haume Farm, Askam and Ireleth L
SD22647611 High Haume, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21617565 Holy Well, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21597768 house, Askam in Furness 
SD22407759 house, Ireleth 
SD21417770 hydrant plate, Askam in Furness 
SD22337769 Ireleth CofE Primary School, Ireleth 
SD22967780 Ireleth Reservoirs, Ireleth 
SD22187760 Ireleth, Askam and Ireleth 
SD27 Kirkby Ireleth slate quarry railway 
SD22247763 Langholme, Ireleth 
SD21507766 level crossing, Askam in Furness 
SD21227977 limekiln, Dunnerholme 
SD21287783 London House, Askam in Furness 
SD21147689 Lots, Askam in Furness 
SD22197776 Low Brookside, Ireleth L
SD18557404 Lowsy Point, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22097971 Marsh Grange, Askam and Ireleth L
SD24898035 Mean Moor, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22517831 milestone, Askam and Ireleth 
SD23457614 milestone, Dalton Town with Newton not found
SD227785 Moor Side, Askam and Ireleth 
SD206746 Moors, Askam and Ireleth 
SD225774 Near Old Park, Ireleth 
SD21987759 Old Ship Inn, Ireleth 
SD22247759 Pinfold House, Ireleth 
SD243783 Poaka Beck Reservoir, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21467759 police station, Askam in Furness 
SD21847759 police station, Ireleth 
SD21657461 railway bridge, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21507884 railway junction, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21507884 railway sidings, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22907830 Rebecca Quarry, Askam and Ireleth 
SD206756 Roanhead Farm, Askam and Ireleth 
SD20447515 Roanhead Iron Mines, Askam and Ireleth 
SD196748 Sandscale Brick Works, Askam and Ireleth 
SD18697531 Sandscale Haws, Askam and Ireleth 
SD18857505 Sandscale Rabbit Warren, Askam and Ireleth 
SD190740 Scarth Bight, Askam and Ireleth 
SD16527371 Scarth Channel 
SD21497767 signal box, Askam in Furness 
SD241792 Standish Cote, Askam and Ireleth 
SD239786 Stewnor Park, Askam and Ireleth 
SD22607924 Tippins Bridge, Askam and Ireleth 
SD21377735 Vulcan, Askam in Furness 
SD21487752 war memorial, Askam in Furness 
SD22377746 St Peter, Ireleth L
SD1974 Scarth, Askam and Ireleth suggested
 Furness Railway 
SD20807727 Askam Pier, Askam in Furness 
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