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post box, Meathop (2)
locality:-   Meathop
civil parish:-   Meathop and Ulpha (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   post box (wall) 
coordinates:-   SD435802
1Km square:-   SD4380
10Km square:-   SD48

BZF08.jpg (taken 4.2000)  courtesy of Dori and Geoff
BZF09.jpg (taken 4.2000)  courtesy of Dori and Geoff
The box is set into the wall which houses the gates leading into the estate at the site of the old hospital. Meathop Hospital was a tuberculosis sanatorium and the main building in the village; it is now a private housing development of pleasant one-storey buildings, mainly holiday and retirement homes.

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