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Glassonby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY6140
10Km square:-   NY54
10Km square:-   NY64
10Km square:-   NY53
10Km square:-   NY63
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 272 (1971)

NY57453834 Addingham, Glassonby 
NY6539 Aglionby Beck 
NY58003820 airfield, Maughanby 
NY60893954 barn, Gamblesby 
NY66944311 Benty Hill, Glassonby 
NY63123964 Black Tongue, Glassonby 
NY61003943 Blencathra View, Gamblesby L
NY62363971 Boorick Hill, Glassonby 
NY56543953 boundary stone, Glassonby 
NY59134093 boundary stone, Kirkoswald/Lazonby 
NY60933955 bridge, Gamblesby 
NY56513805 Cave Wood, Glassonby 
NY60973937 chapel, Gamblesby 
NY60913946 chapel, Gamblesby (2) 
NY57643897 chapel, Glassonby 
NY57603872 chapel, Glassonby (2) 
NY57703799 Claydubs Plantation, Glassonby 
NY6542 coal mine, Hartside 
NY6140 Crofton Sike 
NY61253945 Dale Sike 
NY56553953 Daleraven Bridge, Glassonby 
NY56803862 Edenlacy Plantation, Glassonby 
NY6141 Eller Beck (6) 
NY643406 Fiend's Fell, Glassonby 
NY57683889 fingerpost, Glassonby 
NY61294008 fingerpost, Glassonby (3) 
NY60703940 fingerpost, Glassonby (5) 
NY58063793 fingerpost, Maughanby 
NY60913956 footbridge, Gamblesby 
NY643409 Gamblesby Allotments, Glassonby 
NY6139 Gamblesby Beck 
NY60953992 Gamblesby Community Centre, Gamblesby 
NY64674154 Gamblesby Fell, Glassonby 
NY60983941 Gamblesby, Glassonby 
NY5938 Gill Beck (5) 
NY5639 Glassonby Beck 
NY57273935 Glassonby stone circle, Glassonby 
NY57923950 Glassonbybeck, Glassonby 
NY64094164 Goulding's Fold, Glassonby 
NY60943939 Green Edge, Gamblesby L
NY6240 Grey Mare's Tail 
NY59494105 Grey Stone, Kirkoswald 
NY59493956 Haresceugh Hole, Glassonby 
NY64624185 Hartside Cross, Glassonby 
NY65104267 Hartside Height, Glassonby 
NY647418 Hartside Pass, Glassonby 
NY63163890 Hause in the Scar, Ousby 
NY61554024 Hazel Rigg, Glassonby 
NY62154035 Hazelrig Head, Glassonby 
NY6040 Hazelrigg Beck 
NY61323994 High Street, Glassonby 
NY60933946 Hill Top Cottage, Gamblesby 
NY60913947 Hillcrest, Gamblesby L
NY63063938 Holly Band, Glassonby 
NY60983924 house, Gamblesby 
NY57613861 house, Glassonby L
NY66074153 Hutton Hole, Glassonby 
NY57703882 Keeper's Cottage, Glassonby L
NY56573919 Kirk Bank, Glassonby 
NY56383830 Lacy's Caves, Glassonby 
NY58264040 Lamb Gap, Kirkoswald 
NY56683858 Law Close, Glassonby 
NY57743911 Lawclose Sike 
NY573385 Lawclose, Glassonby 
NY6239 Limekiln Beck 
NY64493932 Little Knapside Hill, Glassonby 
NY62964025 Long Crags, Glassonby 
NY62214018 Long Hill, Glassonby 
NY59863954 Longflats Lane, Glassonby 
NY59784039 Loud Sike 
NY57283802 Maughanby, Glassonby 
 meeting house, Kirkoswald possibly once
NY6742 Mere Sike 
NY67274232 milestone, Glassonby L
NY62714063 milestone, Glassonby (2) 
NY62423905 milestone, Glassonby (3) not found
NY65704226 milestone, Glassonby (4) L
NY6139 Mill Beck (12) 
NY61253965 Mill Lane, Gamblesby 
NY61033949 mill, Gamblesby 
NY57843950 mill, Glassonby 
NY62174078 Moor Thwaite, Glassonby 
NY62803939 Nettle Hole, Glassonby 
NY60873892 Oak Bank, Glassonby 
NY67094303 Old Anthony's Chair, Glassonby 
NY57863891 Old Hall Farm, Glassonby L
NY60993925 Pack Horse Inn, Gamblesby gone
NY66934305 Parkin's Stones, Alston Moor 
NY61464135 Pasture House Quarry, Glassonby 
NY60983921 Pennine View, Gamblesby 
NY60733969 Pothill Tarn, Glassonby 
NY62923999 Potterclay Hill, Glassonby 
NY61023931 Red Lion House, Gamblesby L
NY62314172 Red Peth, Glassonby 
NY59033996 Ridding Quarry, Glassonby 
NY61454132 Rig Wood, Glassonby gone
NY60264002 Robertlands Lane, Glassonby 
NY56563939 Row Bank, Glassonby 
NY6741 Rowgill Burn 
NY66104199 Rowgill Cleugh, Glassonby 
NY62804012 Sail Rigg, Glassonby 
NY62714009 Sailrigg Quarry, Glassonby 
NY5939 Sandwath Beck (2) 
NY59123944 Sandwath Farm, Glassonby 
NY60943956 saw mill, Gamblesby gone?
NY59913982 Scaws Brow, Glassonby 
NY60473969 Scaws Lane, Glassonby 
NY60953949 school, Gamblesby gone
NY57213798 school, Maughanby 
NY58023792 school, Maughanby (2) 
NY56403844 seat, Glassonby 
NY57683890 seat, Glassonby (2) 
NY61944022 Shieldside, Glassonby 
NY60973929 St John, Gamblesby L
NY60933942 St Martins Cottage, Gamblesby L
NY57433831 St Michael, Addingham L
NY60913949 stocks, Gamblesby L
NY5940 Swathy Gill 
NY60963930 Tarn, Gamblesby gone
NY56533872 Tib Wood, Glassonby 
NY64043906 Tod Raise, Ousby 
NY60923964 Town End Farm, Gamblesby L
NY60883962 Town Foot, Gamblesby 
NY635413 Twotop Hill, Glassonby 
NY61154041 Unthank Bridge, Unthank 
NY61004046 Unthank Farm, Unthank L
NY60984046 Unthank, Glassonby 
NY57633886 village hall, Glassonby 
NY59174069 Viol Moor, Glassonby 
NY64704180 weather station, Hartside 
NY6238 White Beck 
NY57743893 White House Farm, Glassonby L
NY564384 Wood, Glassonby 
NY59774001 Woolhead Lane, Glassonby 
NY59643988 Woolhead Quarries, Glassonby 
NY57663884 Glassonby 
NY62463896 bridge, Glassonby 
NY61534022 Hazelrigg Bridge, Glassonby 
NY62 Maiden Way 
NY60943951 fingerpost, Gamblesby 
NY57843894 fingerpost, Glassonby (2) 
NY62673966 fingerpost, Glassonby (4) 
NY60953947 seat, Gamblesby 
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