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Great Clifton parish
Great Clifton
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0429
10Km square:-   NY03
10Km square:-   NY02
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1478 (1971)

NY03903005 Bank Top, Great Clifton 
NY04233009 Botland Lane, Great Clifton 
NY03382984 Bow Flat, Great Clifton 
NY04272785 Brackenbarrow, Great Clifton 
NY03982718 Capel How, Great Clifton 
NY03972717 Caple How, Great Clifton 
NY0426 Cavel Gill 
NY05302902 Chapel Brow, Great Clifton 
NY04092955 chapel, Great Clifton gone
NY04132929 Clifton Hall, Great Clifton 
NY03662938 Clifton House, Great Clifton gone
NY04142971 Clifton Lodge, Great Clifton gone?
NY04422999 Coldfitz Lane, Great Clifton 
NY04963013 Coldfitz Wood, Great Clifton 
NY03863028 Fitzbrundon Lane, Great Clifton 
NY03743049 footbridge, Camerton 
NY04062971 Great Clifton 
NY03972977 Great Clifton: Lowther Street 
NY04082957 Great Clifton: Middlegate, 5 L
NY04052982 Great Clifton: William Street 
NY0429 Harry Gill 
NY04092954 house, Great Clifton 
NY04082934 lodge, Clifton Hall 
NY0424 Lostrigg Beck 
NY04883017 Lowther Pit, Great Clifton 
NY0624 Marron, River 
NY04532951 Mealbarrow Lane, Great Clifton 
NY03412961 milestone, Great Clifton 
NY04882912 milestone, Great Clifton (2) 
NY04172793 milestone, Great Clifton (3) 
NY04142779 milestone, Great Clifton (4) 
NY04272722 Moor House, Great Clifton 
NY03792951 Parrot Well, Great Clifton 
NY04422937 police station, Great Clifton 
NY04332796 Quarry Hill, Great Clifton 
NY05722929 railway bridge, Bridgefoot 
NY04623052 railway viaduct, Camerton 
NY04482928 Roprains, Great Clifton 
NY04262666 Rothmire Well, Great Clifton 
NY04072980 school, Great Clifton 
NY04182943 Ship Inn, Great Clifton 
NY05392910 St Luke, Clifton 
NY0427 Swinsty Gill 
NY0329 tramroad, Great Clifton gone
NY03872706 Wiggon How, Great Clifton 
NY03933002 William Pit, Great Clifton 
NY04092760 Winger, Great Clifton gone
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