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placename:- Lakes parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY3708
10Km square:- NY21, NY31, NY41
10Km square:- NY20, NY30, NY40
10Km square:- SD39
parish code:- LAKS
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3708

source:- Census 1971

population:- 5201 -- 1971

A Route, Gimmer Crag
AA box, Dunmail Raise
Above Beck, Grasmere
Alcock Tarn, Lakes
Alfresco, Raven Crag
Allan Bank, Grasmere
Alph, Pavey Ark
Ambleside Fire Station, Ambleside
Ambleside Methodist Church, Ambleside
Ambleside Parish Centre, Ambleside
Ambleside Railway
Ambleside Station, Ambleside
Ambleside: Abseil Commercial
Ambleside: Adventure Peaks
Ambleside: Barclays Bank
Ambleside: Bartholomew pottery
Ambleside: Bell, Thomas
Ambleside: Bridge Street
Ambleside: Bridge Street, 2 and 3
Ambleside: Bridge Street, 5 and 6
Ambleside: Browns Booking Office
Ambleside: Cheapside
Ambleside: Cheapside, 1
Ambleside: Cheapside, 2
Ambleside: Cheapside, 3 and 4
Ambleside: Church Street
Ambleside: Compston Road
Ambleside: Cooper, Peter
Ambleside: Flower Shop
Ambleside: Garside, F W
Ambleside: Glen, T and J
Ambleside: Henry Robert's
Ambleside: Holdsworth bookseller
Ambleside: Jesters of Ambleside
Ambleside: Kirkstone Road
Ambleside: Lake Road
Ambleside: Market Place
Ambleside: NatWest Bank
Ambleside: Nook Lane
Ambleside: North Road
Ambleside: Pinfold Garage
Ambleside: Rothas Cafe
Ambleside: Rothay Road
Ambleside: Rushbearing 1830s
Ambleside: Rushbearing 1890s
Ambleside: Rushbearing 1900s
Ambleside: Rushbearing 1910s
Ambleside: Rydal Road
Ambleside: Smithy Brow
Ambleside: Squire, Mrs
Ambleside: Stockghyll Lane
Ambleside: Tyson
Ambleside: Woolly Rug Co
Ambleside: Wordsworth's office
Anddromeda, Pavey Ark
aqueduct, Grasmere
aqueduct, Grasmere (2)
Aragorn, Neckband Crag
Arcturus, Pavey Ark
Armitt Library, Ambleside
Ash Lea, Little Langdale
Ash Tree Cottage, Ambleside
Ashen Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Ashley Green, Lakes
Ashtree Slabs, Gimmer Crag
Asterisk, Gimmer Crag
Astra, Pavey Ark
axe factory, Langdale
B B Corner, Flat Crags
B Route, Gimmer Crag
Babylon, Raven Crag
Bachelor Crack, Gimmer Crag
Band, Lakes
Baneriggs, Lakes
Bark Mill, Ambleside
barn, Ambleside
barn, Ambleside (2)
barn, Langdale
barn, Loughrigg
barn, Townend
barn, Townend: Steven Campbell
barn, Troutbeck
Barry's Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Barwick Inn, Ambleside
Baskerville, Raven Crag
Baysbrown, Great Langdale
Baystones, Lakes
Beacon Crack, Helm Crag
Beacon Rib, Helm Crag
Beck Houses, Lakes
Beckside, Troutbeck
Becksteps Cottages, Grasmere
Becksteps, Grasmere
bee boles, Fell Foot
bee boles, Great Langdale
Bell Hill, Troutbeck
Belle Grange Bay, Windermere lake
Belle Vue, Lakes
Belles Knott, Lakes
bench mark, NY28370323
bench mark, NY29030317
bench mark, NY41250272
Bennison's Chimney, Pavey Ark
Bentley, Helm Crag
Bessyboot, Troutbeck
Betsy Crag Quarry, Little Langdale
Betsy Crag, Lakes
Bield, Lakes
Bilberry Buttress, Raven Crag
Black Crag, Rydal
Black Crag, Rydal Water
Black Crags, Great Langdale
Black Wars, Lakes
Blake Rigg, Lakes
Blakerigg Crag, St John's Castlerigg etc
Blandish, Tarn Crag
Blea Crag, Lakes
Blea Moss, Little Langdale
Blea Rigg Climb, Blea Crag
Blea Rigg, Lakes
Blea Tarn, Lakes
Bleaberry Buttress, Blea Crag
Bleak Beck
Bleamoss Beck
Bleatarn House, Lakes
Blindtarn Gill
Blindtarn Gill Farm, Grasmere
Blindthorn, Grasmere
Bluebell Arete, Raven Crag
Bluebell Gully, Raven Crag
Bluegill Folds, Troutbeck
boat house, Ambleside
boat house, Grasmere
boat house, Lakes
boat house, Lakes (2)
boat house, Lakes (3)
boat house, Lakes (4)
boat house, Lakes (5)
boat house, Lakes (6)
boat house, Lakes (7)
boat house, Lakes (8)
boat house, Lakes (9)
boat house, Lakes (10)
boat house, Rydal
Borrans Park, Ambleside
Borstal Buttress, Cambridge Crag
boundary stone, Ambleside
boundary stone, Ambleside/Loughrigg
boundary stone, Grasmere
boundary stone, Skelwith/Lakes
Bow Fell, Eskdale
Bowfell Buttress Eliminate, Bowfell Buttress
Bowfell Buttress Girdle, Bowfell Buttress
Bowfell Buttress Route, Bowfell Buttress
Bowfell Buttress, Lakes
Bracken Clock, Pavey Ark
Bracken Route, Pavey Ark
Bracket and Slab Climb, Gimmer Crag
Bradley's Damnation, Raven Crag
Brathay Bridge, Clappersgate
Brathay, River
Bridge End, Elterwater
Bridge House, Ambleside
Bridge Syke, Elterwater
bridge, Great Langdale
bridge, Great Langdale (2)
bridge, Great Langdale (3)
bridge, Lakes
bridge, Lakes (2)
bridge, Lakes (3)
bridge, Legburthwaite
bridge, Rydal
bridge, Rydal (2)
bridge, Rydal (3)
bridge, Rydal (4)
bridge, Troutbeck
bridge, Troutbeck Park
Briery Close, Lakes
Bright Beck
Brimmer Head Farm, Lakes
Britannia, Elterwater
Broad End, Lakes
Broad Stone, Lakes
Brockhole Pier, Lakes
Brockhole, Lakes
Bronwen Nixon Footbridge, Ambleside
Brow Head Farm, Lakes
Brow, Lakes
Brown Howe, Lakes
Brown Howe, Lakes (2)
Brown Trousers, Raven Crag
Browney Gill
Buckstones Jump, Rydal
bus stop, Grasmere
Buscoe Sike
Busk House, Lakes
Busk Pike, Lakes
Butharlyp Howe, Grasmere
Buttments Farm, Troutbeck
Bypass Route, Pavey Ark
C Route, Gimmer Crag
cairn, Loughrigg Fell
cairn, Steel Fell
cairn, Tongue Gill
Calf Cove, Lakes
Calf Crag, Lakes
Calgarth Park, Lakes
Cambidge Climb, Cambridge Crag
Cambridge Crag, Lakes
Carpetbagger, Gimmer Crag
Cartwheel, Gimmer Crag
Cascade, Pavey Ark
Castle How, Lakes
Centipede, Raven Crag
Central Route, Bowfell Buttress
Chapel Stile, Lakes
Chequer Buttress, Pavey Ark
Chimney Buttress, Gimmer Crag
Chimney Variant, Whitegill Crag
Chopper, Raven Crag
Church Bridge, Grasmere
Church Bridge, Troutbeck
Church Cottage, Rydal
Church Stile Cottage, Grasmere
Church Stile Studio, Grasmere
Churchills Inn, Ambleside
Clappersgate, Lakes
Cock Pye Hall, Waterhead
Cock, Ambleside
Codale Fell, Lakes
Codale Tarn, Lakes
coffin rest, Grasmere
Cold Pike, Ulpha
Colostomy, Nab Scar
Colwith Bridge, Lakes
Colwith Force, Lakes
Colwith, Lakes
Commercial Inn, Ambleside
Confidence, Raven Crag
Cook's Tour, Pavey Ark
Cooper's Flax Mill, Ambleside
Copt How, Great Langdale
Copt How, Lakes
Copt Howe, Great Langdale
Corbrig, Ambleside
corpse road, Ambleside to Grasmere
Cote How, Rydal
Cotra, Lakes
Cottage, Ambleside
Crack, Gimmer Crag
Crag Head, Loughrigg
Crag Woods, Lakes
Crag, Troutbeck
Cragwood House, Lakes
Cravat, Neckband Crag
Crescent Climb, Pavey Ark
Crescent Direct, Pavey Ark
Crescent Slabs, Pavey Ark
Crescent Wall, Pavey Ark
Cringlemire, Lakes
Crinkle Crag, Lakes
Crinkle Crags, Eskdale
Crinkle Gill
Croft Lodge, Clappersgate
Croft, Clappersgate
Cross Brow, Ambleside
Cross House, Ambleside
Crossword, Oakhowe Crag
Crow How, Lakes
Crow's Nest Direct, Gimmer Crag
Crustacean Traverse, Side Pike
D Route, Gimmer Crag
Dale End Quarry, Elterwater
Dale End, Grasmere
Dale End, Little Langdale
Dalehead Close, Rydal
Damascus, Raven Crag
Deception, Pavey Ark
Deer Bield Buttress, Deer Bield Crag
Deer Bield Chimney, Deer Bield Crag
Deer Bield Crack, Deer Bield Crag
Deer Bield Crag, Lakes
Deer Bields, Lakes
Deuterus, Raven Crag
Dight, Gimmer Crag
Diphthong, Gimmer Crag
Dixon's Private Hotel, Grasmere
Do Not, Whitegill Crag
Dockey Tarn, Lakes
Dockray Cottage, Grasmere
Dod Hill, Lakes
Dora's Field, Rydal
Doup Crag, Lakes
Dove Cottage, Grasmere
Dove Nest, Lakes
Dovenest Wood, Lakes
Dow Bank, Lakes
drain, Ambleside
drain, Ambleside (2)
drain, Elterwater
drain, Grasmere
drain, Rydal
drinking fountain, Ambleside
Dungeon Ghyll
Dungeon Ghyll Force, Lakes
Dunmail Cracks, Deer Bield Crag
Dunmail Raise Level, Lakes
Dunmail Raise, St John's Castlerigg etc
Dunney Beck
E Route, Gimmer Crag
Easedale Beck
Easedale Groove, Deer Bield Crag
Easedale Tarn, Lakes
Easedale, Lakes
Ecclerigg Farm, Lakes
Ecclerigg House, Lakes
Eden Groove, Deer Bield Crag
Eliminot, Whitegill Crag
Ellergarth, Lakes
Elter Water
Eltermere Hotel, Elterwater
Eltermere, Lakes
Elterwater Bridge, Elterwater
Elterwater Gunpowder Mills, Lakes
Elterwater Hall, Elterwater
Elterwater Quarry, Elterwater
Elterwater, Lakes
Elterwater: Main Street
Elterwater: Mill Street
Emma's Dell, Lakes
Erne Crag, Lakes
Evening Wall, Raven Crag
F Route, Gimmer Crag
Fairfield Mine, Lakes
Fairfield, Lakes
Fairfield, Lakes: ascent 1855
Fairy Well, Loughrigg
Far Easedale Gill
Far Easedale, Grasmere
Far Swine Crag, Lakes
Fell Foot, Lakes
Fellfoot Bridge, Fell Foot
fence, Park Fell
Ferngill Crag, Lakes
Festerday, Raven Crag
Field Foot, Lakes
Filher Beck, Waterhead
fingerpost, Ambleside
fingerpost, Ambleside (2)
fingerpost, Troutbeck
Fir Bank, Elterwater
Fir Grove, Grasmere
Five o'clock Thorn, Little Langdale
Flarepath Direct, Helm Crag
Flarepath, Helm Crag
Flat Crags Climb, Flat Crags
Flat Crags Corner, Flat Crags
Flat Crags, Lakes
Flat Iron Wall, Flat Crags
folly, Ambleside
footbridge, Ambleside
footbridge, Clappersgate
footbridge, Grasmere
footbridge, Great Langdale
footbridge, Langdale
footbridge, Oxendale
footbridge, Rydal
ford, Little Langdale
Forest Side Cottage, Grasmere
Forest Side house, Grasmere
Forest Side, Grasmere
Forge Steps, Lakes
fotbridge, Oxendale (2)
Fox Ghyll, Rydal
Fox How Farm, Rydal
Fox How, Rydal
Foxghyll, Rydal
Froswick, Kentmere
Galava Gate, Ambleside
Gale House, Ambleside
Gale, Ambleside
Gallows Howe, Troutbeck
Gamekeeper, Raven Crag
Gandalf's Groove, Neckband Crag
Garden Path, Whitegill Crag
gate, Ambleside
gate, Grasmere
gate, Lakes
gate, Winterseeds
Gavel Crag, Lakes
Ghyll Foot, Grasmere
Ghyll Side, Ambleside
Gibli, North Buttress
Gibson Knott, Lakes
Gibson's Chimney, Pavey Ark
Gilbert Scar, Lakes
Gill Close Mill, Ambleside
Gill Side, Grasmere
Gillette, Neckband Crag
Gillside, Lakes
Gimmer Chimney, Gimmer Crag
Gimmer Crag, Lakes
Gimmer String, Gimmer Crag
Girdle Traverse, Deer Bield Crag
Girdle Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Girdle Traverse, Neckband Crag
Girdle Traverse, Pavey Ark
Girdle Traverse, Raven Crag
Gizzard, Neckband Crag
Gladstone Knott, Lakes
Glen Rothay Hotel, Rydal
Glen Rothay Lodge, Rydal
Glenthorne, Grasmere
Glow Worm Rock, Rydal
Gnomon, North Buttress
Godiva Groove, Gimmer Crag
Golden Rule, Ambleside
Golden Slipper, Pavey Ark
Goody Bridge house, Lakes
Goody Bridge, Lakes
Goodybridge House, Grasmere
Gordian Knot, Whitegill Crag
Granny Knot, Whitegill Crag
Grasmere Cemetery, Grasmere
Grasmere CofE Primary School, Grasmere
Grasmere Common, Lakes
Grasmere lake
Grasmere Lead Mine, Lakes
Grasmere stone circle, Lakes
Grasmere: Baldry, W
Grasmere: Beck Steps
Grasmere: Grasmere Sports c1911
Grasmere: Heaton Cooper
Grasmere: Nelson
Grasmere: Read
Grasmere: Rushbearing 1780s
Grasmere: Rushbearing 1893
Grasmere: Rushbearing 2008
Grasmere: Taffy Thomas
Great Castle How, Lakes
Great Gully, Pavey Ark
Great Horse Crag, Lakes
Great Knott, Lakes
Great Langdale Beck
Great Langdale, Lakes
Great Rigg, Lakes
Great Slab, Lakes
Great Tongue, Lakes
Green Bank, Ambleside
Green Burn (2)
Green Cove, Windermere lake
Green Holme, Rydal Water
Green Tongue, Lakes
Green Tuft Island, Windermere
Greenbank Farm, Lakes
Greenburn Bottom, Lakes
Greenburn Reservoir, Lakes
Greenend, Elterwater
Greenhead Gill
Greenhead Gill Trial, Lakes
Grey Corner, Bowfell Buttress
Grey Rib, Bowfell Buttress
Grisedale Hause, Patterdale
Grondle Grooves, Gimmer Crag
Grooves Superdirect, Gimmer Crag
Grooves Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Grotto, Rydal
Grouter, Helm Crag
guide stone, Grasmere
guide stone, Lakes
guide stone, Lakes (2)
guide stone, Langdale
guide stone, Langdale (2)
guide stone, Mickleden
guide stone, Troutbeck
Gurt Gardin Stuff, Oakhowe Crag
Gwynne's Chimney, Pavey Ark
Hacket Forge, Little Langdale
Hagg Bridge, Troutbeck
Hagg Gill
Hall Bank, Rydal
Hall Hill, Troutbeck Park
hall, Ambleside
Hammer Scar, Lakes
Harrison Stickle, Lakes
Harristickorner, Harrison Stickle
Harry Place, Great Langdale
Hart Crag, Rydal
Hart Crag, Troutbeck
Hart Head, Rydal
Haste Not Direct, Whitegill Crag
Haste Not, Whitegill Crag
Haven, Ambleside
Heather Groove, Whitegill Crag
Heather Slab, Tarn Crag
hedge, Little Langdale
Hell Gill, Lakes
Helm Crag, Lakes
Helmside, Lakes
Herdwick Buttress, Gimmer Crag
Heron Island, Rydal Water
Heron Pike, Lakes
Hiatus, Gimmer Crag
High Bakestones, Scandale
High Birk Howe, Little Langdale
High Broadrain, Lakes
High Close, Loughrigg
High Colwith, Lakes
High Fall, Rydal
High Fold Farm, Troutbeck
High Fold, Troutbeck
High Green Farm, Troutbeck
High Green, Troutbeck
High Grove, Lakes
High Hacket, Little Langdale
High Mere Greave, Lakes
High Pike, Lakes
High Scorecrag Farm, Grasmere
High Skelghyll, Lakes
High Stockgill Bridge, Ambleside
High Street roman road
High Street, Patterdale
High Sweden Bridge, Lakes
High Wray Bay, Windermere lake
Hird House, Troutbeck
Hird Wood stone circle, Lakes
Hird Wood, Lakes
Hitcher, Whitegill Crag
Hobbit, Pavey Ark
Hobson's Choice, Pavey Ark
Hol Beck
Holbeck Bridge, Lakes
Holbeck Ghyll, Lakes
Hollens, Grasmere
Hollin Crag, Lakes
Hollin Groove, Whitegill Crag
Hollins and Lowther Hotel, Grasmere
Holly Tree Crack, Helm Crag
Holly Tree Direct, Raven Crag
Holly Tree Traverse, Raven Crag
Holme Crag, Lakes
Holy Trinity, Langdale
Homes of Football, Ambleside
Horn Crag, Easedale
Horse Gap, Patterdale
Hot Pot, Raven Crag
house, Ambleside
house, Ambleside (2)
house, Chapel Stile
house, Elterwater
house, Lakes
house, Troutbeck (2)
How Head, Ambleside
How Top, Grasmere
How Top, Lakes
How, Grasmere
How, Loughrigg
Howe Head, Grasmere
Howsley Cottage, Clappersgate
Hubris, Deer Bield Crag
Hundreds, Troutbeck
Hunting Stile, Grasmere
Huntingstile Crag, Lakes
Hydropathic Establishment, Grasmere
Hyphen, Gimmer Crag
Ibbotsholme, Troutbeck Bridge
icehouse, Rydal Hall
Idle Hill, Lakes
If, Gimmer Crag
Ill Bell, Kentmere
Inertia, Gimmer Crag
Inferno, Whitegill Crag
Ing Bridge, Lakes
inn, Ambleside
inn, Grasmere
Interlude, Gimmer Crag
Intern, Gimmer Crag
Introduction, Gimmer Crag
island, Grasmere
Iving Howe, Little Langdale
Ivy Crag, Lakes
Jack Close, Waterhead
Jaundice, Raven Crag
Jenkin Crag, Lakes
Jericho Wall, Raven Crag
Jesus Church, Troutbeck
Joas, Gimmer Crag
John Bell's Banner, Lakes
John's Grove, Lakes
Junction Arete, Whitegill Crag
Jungle Wall, Raven Crag
Junipall Gully, Gimmer Crag
Juniper Buttress, Gimmer Crag
Kaisergebirge Wall, Raven Crag
Kelbarrow, Lakes
Kelsick Buildings, Ambleside
Kettle Crag, Lakes
Kipling Groove, Gimmer Crag
Kirkstone Foot Cottage, Ambleside
Kirkstone Pass Inn, Lakes
Kirkstone Pass, Patterdale
Kitty Hall, Elterwater
Kittygills, Lakes
Kneewrecker Chimney, Raven Crag
Knoll, Ambleside
Knott House Farm, Grasmere
Knott Houses, Lakes
Ladies Oak, Rydal
Lancrigg, Grasmere
landing stage, Clappersgate
Lane Foot, Troutbeck
Lang How, Lakes
Langdale Chase Hotel, Lakes
Langdale CofE Primary School, Chapel Stile
Langdale Combe, Lakes
Langdale Fell, Lakes
Langdale Pikes, Lakes
Langdale Village Hall, Chapel Stile
Langdales, Lakes
Laugh Not, Whitegill Crag
Ledge and Groove, Bowfell Buttress
Lesketh How, Ambleside
Lichen Groove, Gimmer Crag
Lily Tarn, Loughrigg
limekiln, Clappersgate
limekiln, Lakes
Lingmoor Fell, Lakes
Lingmoor Quarry, Little Langdale
Lingmoor Tarn, Lakes
Lion and Lamb, Helm Crag
Little Brinhowe Gill
Little Corner, Pavey Ark
Little Horse Crag, Eskdale
Little Isle, Rydal Water
Little Langdale Chapel, Little Langdale
Little Langdale Tarn, Lakes
Little Langdale, Lakes
Little Tongue Gill
location, Lakes
Loft Crag, Lakes
Log House, Ambleside
Loggan House, Great Langdale
Long Coats Mill, Ambleside
Long Coats, Ambleside
Long Crag, Lakes
Long Green Head, Lakes
Long House, Great Langdale
Lord Crag, Lakes
Lords Oak, Rydal
Lord's Quarry, Elterwater
Loughrigg Brow, Lakes
Loughrigg Cottage, Rydal
Loughrigg Fell, Lakes
Loughrigg Fold, Loughrigg
Loughrigg Holme, Rydal
Loughrigg Quarry, Lakes
Loughrigg Tarn, Loughrigg
Loughrigg Terrace, Lakes
Loughrigg, Lakes
Low Birk Howe, Little Langdale
Low Broadrain, Lakes
Low Colwith, Lakes
Low Fall, Rydal
Low Fold Farm, Troutbeck
Low Fold, Troutbeck
Low Grove, Lakes
Low Hacket, Little Langdale
Low House Farm, Troutbeck
Low House, Troutbeck
Low Ibbotsholme, Troutbeck
Low Mill Bridge, Lakes
Low Nook, Ambleside
Low Pike, Lakes
Low Scorecrag, Grasmere
Low Skelghyll, Lakes
Low Stockgill Bridge, Ambleside
Low Sweden Bridge, Lakes
Low Wood Hotel, Lakes
Lowfield, Ambleside
Main Wall Climb, Gimmer Crag
Major Slab, Kettle Crag
Mamba, Raven Crag
Man of Straw, Whitegill Crag
Manor Cottage, Rydal
market cross, Ambleside
Market Hall, Ambleside
Marrawak, Side Pike
Mart Crag, Lakes
Martcrag Moor, Lakes
Mary Ann, Flat Crags
meeting house, Ambleside
meeting house, Langdale
Meg Gill
Mendes Traverse, Raven Crag
Mendes, Raven Crag
Merewood Chestnut, Lakes
Merlin Slab, Pike of Stickle
Michael's Fold, Grasmere
Michael's Nook, Lakes
Mickleden Beck
Mickleden, Lakes
Middle Fell Farm, Great Langdale
Middle Grove, Lakes
Middlefell Buttress, Raven Crag
Middlerigg Tarn, Lakes
milestone, Ambleside
milestone, Ambleside (2)
milestone, Ambleside (3)
milestone, Ambleside (4)
milestone, Ambleside (5)
milestone, Dunmail Raise (2)
milestone, Dunmail Raise (3)
milestone, Dunmail Raise (4)
milestone, Grasmere
milestone, Grasmere (2)
milestone, Grasmere (3)
milestone, Grasmere (4)
milestone, Grasmere (5)
milestone, Low Wood
milestone, Low Wood (2)
milestone, Rydal
milestone, Rydal (2)
milestone, Rydal (3)
Mill Bridge, Town Head
Mill Brow, Lakes
Mill Cottage, Ambleside
Mill Doors Fulling Mill, Ambleside
Mill Doors, Ambleside
mill, Ambleside
mill, Ambleside (2)
mill, Elterwater
mill, Skelwith Bridge (2)
Millbeck, Great Langdale
Miller Bridge House, Ambleside
Miller Bridge, Ambleside
Monkey Puzzle, Deer Bield Crag
Mortal Man, Troutbeck
Moss Side, Grasmere
Moss Wall, Whitegill Crag
Mount, Rydal
mountain rescue, Ambleside
Muscle Crack, Raven Crag
Musgrave's Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Nab Cottage, Lakes
Nab Scar, Lakes
Nadir, Raven Crag
Nanny Lane, Troutbeck
Naztron, Whitegill Crag
Near Swine Crag, Lakes
Neckband Crag, Lakes
Neckband, Neckband Crag
Nectar, Neckband Crag
Nelly Close, Ambleside
New Bridge, Chapel Stile
New Bridge, Grasmere
New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale
Newclose Wood, Lakes
Nichol, Grasmere
Nineveh, Raven Crag
Nocturne, Gimmer Crag
Nook End Farm, Lakes
Nook, Ambleside
North Buttress, Lakes
North Syke, Ambleside
North View, Ambleside
Northwest Arete, Gimmer Crag
Not Again, Whitegill Crag
Nutcracker Cleft, Raven Crag
NY20: earthquake 19940626 0230
NY20: earthquake 19970629 1323
NY30: earthquake 18670223 0115
NY30: earthquake 18850630 0200 etc
NY30: earthquake 19110516 0850
NY30: earthquake 19880912 1423 etc
NY30: earthquake 19910205 1419
NY30: earthquake 19991104 0107
NY30: earthquake 20050411 0327
NY40: earthquake 19880912 1423
Oak Howe Needle, Oakhowe Crag
Oak Howe, Great Langdale
Oak Tree Wall, Raven Crag
Oakhowe Crag, Lakes
Oaks, Ambleside
Oaks, Loughrigg
Old Close, Loughrigg
Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale
Old Farm Cottage, Elterwater
Old House, Ambleside
Old Ladies, Ambleside
Old Mill Studios, Ambleside
Old Oak Cottage, Ambleside
Old Police House, Grasmere
Old School House, Ambleside
Old Woman Cowering, Helm Crag
Oliverson's Variation and Lyon's Crawl, Gimmer Crag
Orchid, Tarn Crag
Original Route, Raven Crag
Ornithology, Raven Crag
Our Lady of the Wayside, Lakes
Oxendale Beck
Oxendale, Lakes
Paladin, Whitegill Crag
Paleface, Gimmer Crag
Pallid Slabs, Gimmer Crag
Park Fell Head, Lakes
Park Fell, Troutbeck
Park Quarry, Troutbeck Park
Parsonage, Grasmere
Pavement End Farm, Grasmere
Pavey Ark, Lakes
Pearson's Lane, Troutbeck
Peascod's Route, Raven Crag
Pedder Stone, Lakes
Pelter Bridge, Rydal
Pendulum, Deer Bield Crag
Perhaps Not, Whitegill Crag
Pets Bridge, Lakes
Pets Fold, Lakes
Pets Quarry, Kirkstone Pass
pier, Waterhead
Pike How, Lakes
Pike Howe, Lakes
Pike of Blisco, Lakes
Pike of Carrs, Lakes
Pike of Stickle, Lakes
pillbox, Lakes
pillbox, Lakes (2)
pillbox, Lakes (3)
pinfold, Ambleside
pinfold, Troutbeck
Plaque Route, Bowfell Buttress
Pluto, Raven Crag
Poacher, Gimmer Crag
Poker Face, Pavey Ark
police station, Ambleside
police station, Ambleside (2)
Porkers' Parade, Whitegill Crag
Porphyry Slab, Harrison Stickle
post box, Ambleside
post box, Ambleside (2)
post box, Ambleside (3)
post box, Ambleside (4)
post box, Ambleside (5)
post box, Ambleside (6)
post box, Clappersgate
post box, Elterwater
post box, Grasmere
post box, Grasmere (2)
post box, Grasmere (3)
post box, Great Langdale
post box, Great Langdale (2)
post box, Great Langdale (3)
post box, Loughrigg
post box, Low Wood
post box, Rydal
post box, Troutbeck
post box, Troutbeck (2)
post box, Troutbeck (3)
post office, Elterwater
Poundfell Howe Bridge, Little Langdale
Prelude, Gimmer Crag
Prince of Wales Lake Hotel, Grasmere
Protus, Raven Crag
Providence Mine, Lakes
Pye Howe, Great Langdale
quarry, Cragwood House
quarry, Langdale
quarry, Langdale (2)
quarry, Loughrigg (2)
quarry, Low Wood
quarry, Rydal
quarry, Troutbeck Park
Queens Head, Troutbeck
Queen's Hotel, Ambleside
Question Not, Whitegill Crag
Raaesbeck, Ambleside
Ragman's Trumpet, Pavey Ark
Rainmaker, Pavey Ark
Raise Beck
Raise Bridge, Dunmail Raise
Raise Fold, Lakes
Rake End Chimney, Pavey Ark
Rake End Wall, Pavey Ark
Ramblers' Hangover, Scout Crag
Ramrod, Raven Crag
Ranbow, Helm Crag
Rattle Gill, Ambleside
Raven Crag, Great Langdale
Raven Crag, Lakes
Raven Crag, Lakes (2)
Raven Girdle, Raven Crag
Raw Head, Great Langdale
Raw Pike, Lakes
Razor Crack, Neckband Crag
Rectangular Slab, Pavey Ark
Rectory, Grasmere
Red Bank, Grasmere
Red Lion, Grasmere
Red Tarn Mine, Lakes
Red Tarn, Lakes
Redbank Wood, Grasmere
reservoir, Tongue Gill
Revelation, Raven Crag
Rib and Wall, Tarn Crag
Rib Pitch, Pavey Ark
Righthand Wall Traverse, Bowfell Buttress
Righthand Wall, Bowfell Buttress
ring of bells, Ambleside
ring of bells, Brathay
ring of bells, Grasmere
ring of bells, Langdale
ring of bells, Troutbeck
Riverside, Ambleside
road, Ambleside to Coniston
road, Ambleside to Hawkshead
road, Ambleside to Keswick
road, Ambleside to Kirkstone Pass
road, Ambleside to Penrith
road, Ambleside to Ravenglass
road, Clappersgate to Windermere Ferry
road, Grasmere to Skelwith Bridge
road, Kirkstone Pass to Patterdale
road, Langdale Valleys
road, Windermere to Ambleside
road, Windermere to Kirkstone Pass
Rob Rash, Lakes
Robin Ghyll, Lakes
Robin Lane Cottages, Troutbeck
Robinson Place, Lakes
Rock of Names, Wythburn
roman fort, Ambleside
Rope Not, Whitegill Crag
Rossett Bridge, Lakes
Rossett Crag, Lakes
Rossett Gill
Rossett Pass, Lakes
Rossett Pike, Lakes
Rossett, Great Langdale
Rothay Bank, Grasmere
Rothay Bridge, Ambleside
Rothay Hotel, Grasmere
Rothay Manor, Ambleside
Rothay, River
Rough Crag, Lakes
Rough How Bridge, Lakes
Rough Ridge, Side Pike
Roundabout Direct, Pavey Ark
Roundabout, Pavey Ark
Roundhill Farm, Lakes
Roundhill, Easedale
Route 1, Gibson Knott
Route 1, Raven Crag
Route 1, Scout Crag
Route 1, Tarn Crag
Route 1.5, Scout Crag
Route 2, Gibson Knott
Route 2, Raven Crag
Route 2, Scout Crag
Route 2, Tarn Crag
Rowan Tree Groove, Raven Crag
Royal Oak Hotel, Ambleside
Rubicon Groove, Bowfell Buttress
Runner Wall, Whitegill Crag
Russett Groove, Whitegill Crag
Rydal Beck
Rydal Bridge, Rydal
Rydal Cottages, Rydal
Rydal Fell, Lakes
Rydal Hall Chestnut, Rydal
Rydal Hall, Rydal
Rydal Head, Lakes
Rydal Lodge, Rydal
Rydal Mount, Rydal
Rydal Old Hall, Rydal
Rydal Park, Rydal
Rydal Pass, Rydal
Rydal Water
Rydal, Lakes
Sally Free and Easy, Pavey Ark
Salmon Leap, Scout Crag
Salutation Hotel, Ambleside
Samaritan Corner, Gimmer Crag
Samarkand, Raven Crag
Sandy Wyke, Windermere lake
Savernake, Raven Crag
Scabbard, North Buttress
Scale How, Ambleside
Scandale Beck
Scandale Bridge, Rydal
Scandale Fell, Lakes
Scandale Head, Lakes
Scandale Pass, Patterdale
Scandale Tarn, Patterdale
Scandale, Lakes
Schizen Groove, Raven Crag
school, Ambleside
school, Ambleside (2)
school, Ambleside (3)
school, Troutbeck
Scout Crag, Lakes
Scout's Belt, Scout Crag
Scroggs, Loughrigg
Seamew Crag, Windermere
Seat Sandal, Lakes
seat, Blea Tarn
Seathwaite, Lakes
Semerikod, Kettle Crag
Sergeant Man, Lakes
sheep feeder, Lakes
sheep feeder, Troutbeck
sheep feeder, Troutbeck (2)
sheepfold, Easedale
sheepfold, Easedale (2)
sheepfold, Easedale (3)
sheepfold, Grasmere
sheepfold, Grasmere (2)
sheepfold, Great Langdale
sheepfold, Great Langdale (2)
sheepfold, Lakes
sheepfold, Lakes (2)
sheepfold, Lakes (3)
sheepfold, Lakes (4)
sheepfold, Langdale Fell
sheepfold, Langdale Fell (2)
sheepfold, Langdale Fell (3)
sheepfold, Langdale Fell (4)
sheepfold, Little Langdale
sheepfold, Park Fell
sheepfold, Rydal
sheepfold, Rydal (2)
sheepfold, Rydal (3)
sheepfold, Scandale
sheepfold, Troutbeck
sheepfold, Troutbeck (2)
sheepfold, Troutbeck (3)
Shelter Crags, Lakes
Shepherd's Bridge, Yewdale
Shivering Timber, Whitegill Crag
Shroud, Raven Crag
Siamese Chimneys, North Buttress
Side House, Great Langdale
Side Pike, Lakes
Sign of Four, Raven Crag
Silver Howe, Lakes
Sinister Slabs, Bowfell Buttress
Skelghyll Wood, Lakes
Skelghyll, Lakes
Skelwith Bridge bridge, Skelwith Bridge
Skelwith Bridge, Skelwith
Skelwith Force, Skelwith
Slabs Route 1, Whitegill Crag
Slabs Route 2, Whitegill Crag
Slapestone Edge, Lakes
Slater Bridge, Little Langdale
Slater's Temperance Hotel, Ambleside
Slip Knot, Whitegill Crag
Smithy Bridge, Grasmere
smithy, Town Head
Snarker Pike, Lakes
Sorbo, Blea Crag
Sour Milk Gill (3)
South View, Troutbeck
Southeast Gully, Gimmer Crag
Southeast Lower Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Speckled Band, Raven Crag
Spider Crack, Side Pike
spring, Dove Cottage
Spying How, Troutbeck
St Andrew, Ecclerigg
St Anne, Ambleside
St James' Well, Troutbeck
St John's Well, Troutbeck
St Margaret's Well, Troutbeck
St Mary, Ambleside
St Mary, Rydal
St Mary's Abbey, Windermere
St Mary's College, Windermere
St Oswald, Grasmere
St Oswald's Well, Grasmere
St Oswald's, Grasmere
St Raven's Edge, Patterdale
Stagshaw Garden, Lakes
Stake Gill
Stake Pass, Borrowdale
Stalag, Pavey Ark
Stang End Bridge, Lakes
station, Holbeck Lane
station, Jenkyn's Crag
station, Loughrigg Fell
station, Low Pike
station, Low Wood
station, Red Bank
station, White Moss Common
Steel Bridge, Lakes
stepping stones, Lakes
stepping stones, Loughrigg
stepping stones, Rydal
Stewpot, Raven Crag
Stickle Gill
Stickle Grooves, Pavey Ark
Stickle Tarn, Lakes
Stoats' Crack, Pavey Ark
Stock Bridge, Grasmere
Stock Cottage, Ambleside
Stock Ghyll
Stockdale, Lakes
Stockghyll Force, Ambleside
Stockgill Mill, Ambleside
Stone Arthur, Lakes
Stone Cove, Lakes
stone wall, Easedale
stone wall, Grasmere
stone wall, Grasmere (2)
stone wall, Great Langdale
stone wall, Great Langdale (2)
stone wall, Great Langdale (3)
stone wall, Lakes
stone wall, Langdale
stone wall, Little Langdale
stone wall, Loughrigg
stone wall, Loughrigg (2)
stone wall, Rydal
stone wall, Rydal (2)
stone wall, Rydal (3)
stone wall, Troutbeck
stone, Chapel Stile
Stony Buttress, Pavey Ark
Stony Cove Pike, Patterdale
Stool End, Great Langdale
Storeythwaite, Troutbeck
Strawberry Bank, Ambleside
Strawberry Wood, Lakes
Stythwaite Steps, Easedale
Subsidiary Ridge, Raven Crag
summer house, Rydal
sundial, Allan Bank
sundial, Ambleside
sundial, Knoll
sundial, Rydal
sundial, Troutbeck
Sunny Bank Cottage, Little Langdale
Swan Hotel, Grasmere
Swan Stone, Rydal Water
Swastika, North Buttress
Sword of Damocles, North Buttress
Talbot Bar, Skelwith Bridge
tanyard, Ambleside
Tapestry, Whitegill Crag
Tarn Crag, Lakes
Tarn Crag, Lakes (2)
Tarn Foot, Loughrigg
Tarn Howe, Grasmere
tarn, Loughrigg
tarn, Loughrigg (2)
Tarnclose Crag, Lakes
Terrace Crack, Crinkle Crag
Thief Fold Wood, Lakes
Thing Mound, Fell Foot
Thorney How, Grasmere
Thornthwaite Crag beacon, Kentmere
Thornthwaite Crag, Kentmere
Thornthwaite, Troutbeck
Thrang Crag, Great Langdale
Thrang Crag, Rydal
Thrang Farm, Chapel Stile
Thrang Quarry, Great Langdale
Thrang, Chapel Stile
Three Foot Brander, Lakes
Three Shire Stones, Wrynose
Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale
Three Tarns, Eskdale
Threshthwaite Mouth, Patterdale
Thunacar Knott, Lakes
Todd Crag, Lakes
Toll Bar Cottage, Lakes
toll gate, Waterhead
Tom Fold, Ambleside
Tongue Gill
Tongue, Lakes
Town End Farm, Troutbeck
Town End House, Troutbeck
Town End, Grasmere
Town End, Troutbeck
Town Foot, Troutbeck
Town Head Farm, Lakes
Town Head, Troutbeck
Townend, Troutbeck
Townhead Cottages, Lakes
Tranby Lodge, Ambleside
Traveller's Rest, Grasmere
trig point, NY2851703905
trig point, NY3267109302
trig point, NY3469505141
trig point, NY3586211723
trig point, NY3941604171
Trilogy, Raven Crag
Troll's Corner, Pavey Ark
Troughton Beck
Trout Beck (5)
Troutbeck Institute, Troutbeck
Troutbeck Park building, Lakes
Troutbeck Park, Lakes
Troutbeck, Lakes
Underhelm Cottage, Grasmere
Underhelm Farm, Grasmere
Undermount, Rydal
Unicorn Inn, Ambleside
Variation Girdle Traverse, Whitegill Crag
Victoria memorial, Chapel Stile
Virgo, Neckband Crag
Wailing Wall, Pavey Ark
Wainwrights Inn, Chapel Stile
Wall End Farm, Lakes
Wall End, Gimmer Crag
Wall End, Great Langdale
Waller's Crack, Harrison Stickle
Walthwaite Gully, Raven Crag
Walthwaite, Chapel Stile
Wanlass Howe, Lakes
Wansfell Holme, Lakes
Wansfell Pike, Lakes
Wansfell Tower Lodge, Ambleside
Wansfell, Lakes
war memorial, Ambleside
war memorial, Troutbeck
water gate, Langdale
water trough, Ambleside
water trough, Troutbeck
water trough, Troutbeck (2)
water trough, Troutbeck (3)
Wateredge Inn, Ambleside
Waterfall Mill, Ambleside
waterfall, Blindtarn Gill
waterfall, Meg Gill
waterfall, Stickle Gill
waterfall, Tongue Gill
waterfall, Troutbeck
Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside
Waterhead Nursery, Ambleside
Waterhead, Ambleside
Watson Wall, Raven Crag
Wayside, Clappersgate
well, Rydal
West Buttress, Tarn Crag
White Bridge Forge, Grasmere
White Bridge, Grasmere
White Cross Bay, Lakes
White Ghyll Chimney, Whitegill Crag
White Ghyll Eliminate, Whitegill Crag
White Ghyll Traverse, Whitegill Crag
White Ghyll Wall, Whitegill Crag
White Howe, Lakes
White Lion, Ambleside
White Moss Common, Lakes
White Moss Slate Quarry, Lakes
Whitegill Crag, Lakes
Whitemoss Tarn, Lakes
Whitemoss Wood, Lakes
Whit's End, Gimmer Crag
Whorney Side, Lakes
Whorneyside Force, Lakes
Why Not, Whitegill Crag
Willow Hill, Clappersgate
Willy Goodwaller Bridge, Easedale
Wilson Place, Little Langdale
Windermere lake
Windermere Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside
Winterseeds, Lakes
Wishing Gate, Grasmere
Wistaria Cottage, Elterwater
Wood Farm, Lakes
Woodlands, Little Langdale
Wordsworth Library, Ambleside
Wordsworth Memorial, Grasmere
Wordsworth's Well, Grasmere
Woundale Beck
Woundale Raise, Lakes
Woundale, Lakes
Wray, Grasmere
Wrynose Beck
Wrynose Bridge, Lakes
Wrynose Fell, Lakes
Wrynose Pass, Ulpha
Wyke, Grasmere
Yew Crag, Lakes
Yew Tree Cottage, Troutbeck
Zero Route, Scout Crag

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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