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Lakes parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3708
10Km square:-   NY21
10Km square:-   NY31
10Km square:-   NY41
10Km square:-   NY20
10Km square:-   NY30
10Km square:-   NY40
10Km square:-   SD39
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 5201 (1971)

place:-   Langdales Constablewick
place:-   Grasmere Constablewick
place:-   Rydal and Loughrigg Constablewick
place:-   Ambleside Constablewick
place:-   Troutbeck Constablewick
place:-   Applethwaite Constablewick (tiny part of)

NY32991108 AA box, Dunmail Raise L
NY34220849 Above Beck, Grasmere 
NY34910789 Alcock Tarn, Lakes 
NY33340769 Allan Bank, Grasmere L
NY37530473 Ambleside Fire Station, Ambleside 
NY37530457 Ambleside Methodist Church, Ambleside 
NY37410436 Ambleside Parish Centre, Ambleside 
 Ambleside Railway proposed
NY3703 Ambleside Station, Ambleside 
NY37690304 Ambleside Youth Hostel, Ambleside 
NY37650424 Ambleside: Adventure Peaks 
NY37720448 Ambleside: Barclays Bank 
NY37640434 Ambleside: Bartholomew pottery gone
NY37680435 Ambleside: Bell, Thomas 
NY376045 Ambleside: Bridge Street 
NY37660455 Ambleside: Bridge Street, 2 and 3 L
NY37650457 Ambleside: Bridge Street, 5 and 6 L
NY37660445 Ambleside: Browns Booking Office L
NY37720445 Ambleside: Cheapside 
NY37720445 Ambleside: Cheapside, 1 L
NY37720445 Ambleside: Cheapside, 2 L
NY37730444 Ambleside: Cheapside, 3 and 4 L
NY37680407 Ambleside: China Cottage 
NY37580434 Ambleside: Church Street L
NY375044 Ambleside: Compston Road 
NY37580439 Ambleside: Compston Street 
NY37620458 Ambleside: Cooper, Peter 
NY376044 Ambleside: Flower Shop 
NY37780356 Ambleside: Force Lane 
NY37660464 Ambleside: Garside, F W 
NY37650438 Ambleside: Glen, T and J L
NY37650442 Ambleside: Green, William gone
NY37650443 Ambleside: Henry Robert's 
NY37630455 Ambleside: Holdsworth bookseller 
NY377046 Ambleside: Jesters of Ambleside 
NY37870471 Ambleside: Kirkstone Road 
NY377037 Ambleside: Lake Road 
NY37670441 Ambleside: NatWest Bank 
NY37680458 Ambleside: North Road 
NY37730394 Ambleside: Old Road 
NY37660471 Ambleside: Pinfold Garage 
NY37660437 Ambleside: Rothas Cafe L
NY37460419 Ambleside: Rothay Road 
NY37410480 Ambleside: Rydal Road 
NY37970325 Ambleside: Skelghyll Lane 
NY37630446 Ambleside: Slack 
NY37640466 Ambleside: Smithy Brow L
NY37670436 Ambleside: Tyson L
NY37710458 Ambleside: Woolly Rug Co moved
NY37660437 Ambleside: Wordsworth's office 
NY40940284 Anthony Gate, Troutbeck 
NY34500847 aqueduct, Grasmere 
NY37610473 Armitt Library, Ambleside 
NY32251131 Ash Crags, Lakes 
NY31760337 Ash Lea, Little Langdale 
NY37700462 Ash Tree Cottage, Ambleside L
NY35730372 Ashley Green, Lakes 
NY33110540 Ashleygarth Crag, Lakes 
NY29970972 Ashthwaites, Lakes 
NY274073 axe factory, Langdale 
NY41220356 Back Lane, Troutbeck 
NY38191008 Bakestones Moss, Scandale 
NY31750445 Banks Quarry, Lakes 
NY30970446 Banks, Lakes 
NY37640458 Bark Mill, Ambleside 
NY37690415 Barley Croft, Ambleside 
NY37660464 barn, Ambleside (2) L
NY39690296 barn, Lakes 
NY29820660 barn, Langdale 
NY34880599 barn, Loughrigg 
NY40710217 barn, Townend: Steven Campbell 
NY41150354 barn, Troutbeck 
NY3704 Barwick Inn, Ambleside 
NY3105 Baysbrown Pool 
NY31690485 Baysbrown Tarn, Great Langdale 
NY31770456 Baysbrown Wood, Great Langdale 
NY31350495 Baysbrown, Great Langdale 
NY40340539 Baystones, Lakes 
NY34120840 Beck Houses, Grasmere 
NY33750755 Beck Islands, Grasmere 
NY32760472 Beck Steps, Elterwater L
NY41150356 Beckside, Troutbeck L
NY33730761 Becksteps Cottages, Grasmere L
NY29870321 bee boles, Fell Foot 
NY30410672 bee boles, Great Langdale 
NY355064 bee boles, Rydal 
NY32120524 beech trees, Chapel Stile 
NY40780269 Bell Hill, Troutbeck L
SD38779900 Belle Grange Bay, Windermere lake 
NY37680482 Belle Vue, Ambleside 
NY33620919 Belle Vue, Grasmere 
NY29670861 Belles Knott, Lakes 
NY34170821 Ben Place, Grasmere 
NY28370323 bench mark, NY28370323 
NY29030317 bench mark, NY29030317 
NY41250272 bench mark, NY41250272 
NY40750168 Benslop Wood, Troutbeck 
NY32700334 Benson Close, Lakes 
NY41190369 Bessyboot, Troutbeck L
NY30750245 Betsy Crag Quarry, Little Langdale 
NY31030358 Bield Coppice, Little Langdale 
NY31290387 Bield Crag, Little Langdale 
NY31160365 Bield, Little Langdale L
NY27230544 bield, Oxendale 
NY40850764 Bields Crag, Lakes 
NY32670440 Birch Hill, Elterwater 
NY31550339 Birch House, Little Langdale 
NY36670686 Birk Hagg, Rydal 
NY29870417 Birk Knott, Lakes 
NY38510224 Birker Sike, Lakes gone
NY38750092 Birkett Wood, Lakes 
NY42080898 Black Borrans, Lakes 
NY36081081 Black Crag, Rydal 
NY36070623 Black Crag, Rydal Water 
NY25830806 Black Crags, Great Langdale 
NY35530460 Black Mire, Loughrigg 
NY268042 Black Wars, Lakes 
NY31791105 Blake Rigg, Lakes (2) 
NY31791099 Blakerigg Crag, Lakes 
NY30140798 Blea Crag, Lakes 
NY29490343 Blea Moss, Little Langdale 
NY29860796 Blea Rigg, Lakes 
NY3900 Bleak Beck 
NY3309 Bleak Sike 
NY2904 Bleamoss Beck 
NY29500483 Bleatarn House, Lakes L
NY35840835 Blind Cove, Lakes 
NY3207 Blindtarn Gill 
NY31550785 Blindtarn Moss, Lakes 
NY327085 Blindthorn, Grasmere suggested
NY4308 Blue Gill 
NY37800403 Blue Hill, Ambleside once
NY42840799 Bluegill Folds, Troutbeck 
NY37530328 boat house, Ambleside 
NY34160684 boat house, Grasmere L
NY39170052 boat house, Lakes 
NY38920048 boat house, Lakes (2) 
NY38760108 boat house, Lakes (3) 
NY38750112 boat house, Lakes (4) 
NY38740115 boat house, Lakes (5) 
NY38730117 boat house, Lakes (6) 
NY38710135 boat house, Lakes (7) 
NY38690148 boat house, Lakes (8) 
NY38060248 boat house, Lakes (9) 
NY37780271 boat house, Lakes (10) 
NY39230024 boat house, Lakes (11) 
NY36040628 boat house, Rydal 
NY37410350 Borrans Court, Ambleside 
NY37240331 Borrans Field, Ambleside 
NY37440330 Borrans Park, Ambleside 
NY37610460 boundary stone, Ambleside 
NY37210388 boundary stone, Ambleside/Loughrigg 
NY34180685 boundary stone, Grasmere 
NY33020302 boundary stone, Skelwith/Lakes 
NY32810478 bowling green, Elterwater 
NY38550199 bowling green, Low Wood 
NY38770143 Bowns Wood, Lakes 
NY32500952 Bracken Hause, Lakes 
NY34340719 Brackenfell, Grasmere 
NY34480934 Brackenwife Knotts, Lakes 
NY3906 Brackeny Beck 
NY36330587 Brant Brows, Rydal 
NY37260315 Brathay Neck, Ambleside 
NY32730474 Bridge End, Elterwater L
NY37600462 Bridge House, Ambleside L
NY40630131 Bridge Lane, Troutbeck 
NY32750477 Bridge Syke, Elterwater L
NY37100457 bridge, Ambleside 
NY28560600 bridge, Great Langdale 
NY28500599 bridge, Great Langdale (2) 
NY31040617 bridge, Great Langdale (3) 
NY33180958 bridge, Lakes 
NY33200962 bridge, Lakes (2) 
NY33180988 bridge, Lakes (3) 
NY39890344 bridge, Lakes (4) 
NY31621930 bridge, Legburthwaite 
NY349065 bridge, Rydal 
NY36630628 bridge, Rydal (2) 
NY36650632 bridge, Rydal (3) 
NY36610637 bridge, Rydal (4) 
NY41010715 bridge, Troutbeck 
NY41960567 bridge, Troutbeck Park 
NY39110194 Briery Close, Lakes 
NY2808 Bright Beck 
NY32280690 Brigstone Moss, Grasmere 
NY32430851 Brimmer Head Farm, Easedale L
NY31720871 Brinhowe Crag, Easedale 
NY32780483 Britannia, Elterwater L
NY30060738 Broad Crag, Great Langdale 
NY40520738 Broad End, Lakes 
NY42060883 Broad Howe, Lakes 
NY38020333 Broad Ings, Lakes 
NY40580112 Broad Oaks, Troutbeck 
NY39800807 Broad Stone, Lakes 
NY37420372 Broadlands, Ambleside 
NY38050467 Broadmire Head, Ambleside 
NY29570992 Broadstone Head, Lakes 
NY4104 Brockbarrow Gill 
NY38680101 Brockhole Pier, Lakes 
NY35070680 Brockstone, Rydal 
NY37200383 Bronwen Nixon Footbridge, Ambleside 
NY36760450 Brow Head Farm, Lakes L
NY31400369 Brow, Little Langdale 
NY26610467 Brown Howe, Lakes 
NY30330453 Brown Howe, Lakes (2) 
NY2604 Browney Gill 
NY29731045 Brownrigg Moss, Lakes 
NY35490372 Brunt How, Lakes 
NY35200350 Brunthow Crag, Lakes 
NY25320781 Buck PIke, Lakes 
NY41270441 Buckscess, Troutbeck 
NY36660775 Buckstones Jump, Rydal 
NY36880827 Buckstones, Rydal 
NY31401036 Bull Crag, Lakes 
NY37690449 bus stop, Ambleside 
NY34180684 bus stop, Grasmere 
NY2505 Buscoe Sike 
NY25420596 Buscoe, Lakes 
NY30840349 Busk Coppice, Little Langdale 
NY3003 Busk Gill 
NY30530343 Busk House, Lakes 
NY30630402 Busk Pike, Lakes 
NY33600792 Butharlyp Howe, Grasmere 
NY34930817 Butter Crag, Lakes 
NY40760271 Buttments Farm, Troutbeck L
NY350047 cairn, Loughrigg Fell 
NY31931115 cairn, Steel Fell 
NY345103 cairn, Tongue Gill 
NY35841074 Calf Cove, Lakes 
NY30191045 Calf Crag, Easedale 
NY41250419 Calf Parrock Wood, Troutbeck 
NY39700016 Calgarth Park, Lakes L
NY33060386 Carr Howes, Elterwater 
NY3110 Carrs Gill 
NY30541025 Carrs, Easedale 
NY37670079 Castle Bay, Windermere lake 
NY29740327 Castle Howe, Little Langdale 
NY32330801 Cat Bield, Easedale 
NY34720722 Chapel Green, Grasmere 
NY37350483 chapel, Ambleside 
NY33710757 chapel, Grasmere 
NY30250670 chapel, Great Langdale 
NY41430440 Chimney Crag, Troutbeck 
NY33910514 Christie Wood, Loughrigg 
NY33740735 Church Bridge, Grasmere L
NY41240268 Church Bridge, Troutbeck 
NY36460618 Church Cottage, Rydal L
NY33740743 Church Stile Cottage, Grasmere L
NY33700743 Church Stile Studio, Grasmere L
NY33730749 Church Town, Grasmere 
NY37660433 Churchills Inn, Ambleside 
NY366034 Clappersgate Cottage, Clappersgate once?
NY36660348 Clappersgate, Lakes 
NY3207 Coal Beck (2) 
NY40920319 Coatsike, Troutbeck gone?
NY378031 Cock Pye Hall, Waterhead 
NY31230899 Cockly Crag, Lakes 
NY31610880 Cockly Moss, Lakes 
NY39190162 Cockshot Wood, Lakes 
NY2908 Codale Fell, Lakes 
NY28870906 Codale Head, Lakes 
NY29670881 Codale Tarn, Lakes 
NY34330683 coffin rest, Grasmere 
NY262035 Cold Pike, Ulpha 
NY30840468 Colt Howe Quarry, Great Langdale 
NY33020302 Colwith Bridge, Lakes 
NY32840342 Colwith Pasture, Lakes 
NY330031 Colwith, Lakes 
NY37590468 Cooper's Flax Mill, Ambleside gone?
NY31640584 Copt Howe, Great Langdale 
NY31490581 Copt Howe, Great Langdale (2) 
NY3105 Copthowe Gill 
NY37580459 Corbrig, Ambleside L
NY4103 Corfoot Beck 
NY41240270 Corfoot Bridge, Troutbeck 
NY30 corpse road, Ambleside to Grasmere 
NY36360605 Cote How, Rydal L
NY32481075 Cotra Breast, Lakes 
NY32761088 Cotra, Lakes 
NY37740463 Cottage, Ambleside L
NY33140669 Covel Wood, Grasmere 
NY33230459 Cowdubs Wood, Lakes 
NY36660350 Crag Head Cottage, Clappersgate 
NY34160424 Crag Head, Loughrigg L
NY40820286 Crag House, Troutbeck 
NY34360690 Crag Side, Grasmere 
NY38990132 Crag Wood, Lakes 
NY39020055 Crag Wood, Lakes (2) 
NY40800289 Crag, Troutbeck 
NY39040065 Cragwood House, Lakes 
NY39420204 Cringlemire, Lakes 
NY25110493 Crinkle Crags, Eskdale 
NY2504 Crinkle Gill 
NY36760361 Croft Courtyard, Clappersgate L
NY36810363 Croft, Clappersgate L
NY37720404 Cross Brow, Ambleside L
NY32160458 Cross Gates, Great Langdale 
NY37460413 Cross Sike Hill, Ambleside 
NY37040516 Crow How Wood, Rydal 
NY36900527 Crow How, Rydal 
NY40210073 Crowmire, Troutbeck Bridge 
NY31690418 Dale End Crag, Lakes 
NY31610439 Dale End Quarry, Lakes 
NY33610618 Dale End, Grasmere 
NY31640377 Dale End, Little Langdale L
NY33620744 Dale Lodge Hotel, Grasmere 
NY36200989 Dalehead Close, Rydal 
NY31941115 Dead Pike, St John's Castlerigg etc 
NY30570941 Deer Bield Crag, Easedale 
NY30350948 Deer Bields, Easedale 
NY36400468 Deer Hows, Loughrigg 
NY34040583 Deerbolts Wood, Loughrigg 
NY35340729 Dockey Tarn, Lakes 
NY33670770 Dockray Cottage, Grasmere L
NY41060530 Dod Hill, Lakes 
NY41790928 Doup Crag, Lakes 
NY38220244 Dove Nest Bay, Windermere lake 
NY38410255 Dove Nest, Lakes L
NY38330278 Dovenest Wood, Lakes 
NY32990568 Dow Bank, Lakes 
NY33080575 Dow Crag, Lakes 
NY37550456 drain, Ambleside 
NY37690457 drain, Ambleside (2) 
NY37680465 drain, Ambleside (3) 
NY37590486 drain, Ambleside (4) 
NY37640466 drain, Ambleside (5) 
NY32130536 drain, Chapel Stile 
NY32800481 drain, Elterwater 
NY33720744 drain, Grasmere 
NY36450615 drain, Rydal 
NY37680311 drinking fountain, Ambleside 
NY41070340 Drummermire, Troutbeck 
NY34440671 Dry Close, Grasmere 
NY34290496 Dry Close, Loughrigg 
NY2605 Dry Gill (5) 
NY34770357 Dub Ing, Lakes 
NY2906 Dungeon Ghyll 
NY29030658 Dungeon Ghyll Force, Great Langdale 
NY333104 Dunmail Raise Level, Lakes 
NY32721170 Dunmail Raise, St John's Castlerigg etc 
NY3406 Dunney Beck 
NY29830831 Eagle Crag, Lakes 
NY25660614 Earing Crag, Lakes 
NY32670849 Easedale House, Grasmere 
NY30730876 Easedale Tarn, Easedale 
NY32540835 Easedale, Lakes 
NY39200007 Ecclerigg Farm, Lakes 
NY38820124 Ecclerigg House, Lakes 
NY39200092 Ecclerigg, Lakes 
NY31880887 Ecton Crag, Easedale 
NY38030456 Edinboro, Ambleside 
NY37850509 Eller Howe, Ambleside 
NY37890504 Eller Rigg, Ambleside 
NY315062 Ellergarth, Lakes 
NY31130637 Ellers, Great Langdale 
NY34820395 Ellers, Loughrigg 
NY33360415 Elter Water 
NY32780479 Elterwater 
NY32750475 Elterwater Bridge, Elterwater L
NY32730467 Elterwater Hostel, Elterwater 
NY32330488 Elterwater Quarry, Elterwater 
NY32840486 Elterwater: Main Street L
NY32820483 Elterwater: Mill Street L
NY32360556 End Cottage, Chapel Stile 
NY35950871 Erne Crag, Lakes 
NY34760569 Ewe Crag, Loughrigg 
NY35631157 Fairfield Brow, Lakes 
NY340098 Fairfield Mine, Lakes 
NY33930817 Fairy Glen, Grasmere 
NY36710454 Fairy Well, Loughrigg 
NY3109 Far Easedale Gill 
NY29531022 Far Easedale Head, Lakes 
NY31890950 Far Easedale, Grasmere 
NY368091 Far Swine Crag, Rydal 
NY29890319 Fell Foot, Little Langdale L
NY40240205 Fell Lane, Troutbeck 
NY30000316 Fellfoot Bridge, Little Langdale 
NY38260443 fence, Ambleside 
NY32200525 fence, Chapel Stile 
NY30001048 fence, Lakes 
NY43320955 fence, Park Fell 
NY2909 Fern Gill 
NY29700965 Ferngill Crag, Lakes 
NY36570569 Field Foot, Loughrigg 
NY36450554 Fieldfoot Wood, Loughrigg 
NY33490794 Fieldside, Grasmere 
NY377033 Filher Beck, Waterhead 
NY37190389 fingerpost, Ambleside 
NY37560445 fingerpost, Ambleside (2) 
NY40740262 fingerpost, Troutbeck 
NY32310493 Fir Bank, Elterwater L
NY3703 Fisher Beck 
NY36120377 Fishgarths Wood, Lakes 
NY31550306 Fitz Steps, Little Langdale 
NY30890377 Five o'clock Thorn, Little Langdale 
NY24790640 Flat Crags, Lakes 
NY38540715 Flesh Crags, Lakes 
NY32610384 Fletcher's Wood, Lakes 
NY37780509 folly, Ambleside 
NY382045 footbridge, Ambleside 
NY36280337 footbridge, Clappersgate 
NY34810626 footbridge, Grasmere 
NY29210679 footbridge, Great Langdale 
NY36730437 footbridge, Lakes 
NY38190308 footbridge, Lakes (2) 
NY26140737 footbridge, Langdale 
NY27050525 footbridge, Oxendale 
NY26330522 footbridge, Oxendale (2) 
NY36340613 footbridge, Rydal 
NY38390444 Force Close, Ambleside 
NY40780198 Ford Lane, Troutbeck 
NY31600289 ford, Little Langdale 
NY34220821 Forest Side Cottage, Grasmere L
NY34260808 Forest Side house, Grasmere 
NY344080 Forest Side, Grasmere 
NY34540807 Forestside Plantation, Grasmere 
NY32210302 Forge Steps, Lakes 
NY32560316 Forge Wood, Little Langdale 
NY36320511 Fox Ghyll, Rydal L
NY364049 Fox How Farm, Rydal 
NY36520495 Fox How, Rydal L
NY43520852 Froswick, Kentmere 
NY37320360 Galava Gate, Ambleside 
NY37730421 Gale House, Ambleside 
NY37830429 Gale How, Ambleside 
NY37700412 Gale Lodge Cottage, Ambleside 
NY37760408 Gale Rigg House, Ambleside 
NY41330374 Gallow Howe, Troutbeck 
NY413037 Gallows Howe, Troutbeck 
NY43400433 Garburn Nook, Kentmere 
NY31511102 Gars Brow, Lakes 
NY38060408 gas works, Ambleside gone
NY36440579 Gate Crag, Loughrigg 
NY37340339 gate, Ambleside 
NY33310806 gate, Grasmere 
NY33420913 gate, Grasmere (2) 
NY38640303 gate, Lakes 
NY38290361 gate, Lakes (2) 
NY39400416 gate, Lakes (3) 
NY33860895 gate, Winterseeds 
NY346113 Gavel Crag, Lakes 
NY34791135 Gavel, Lakes 
NY33220703 Gell Cottage, Grasmere 
NY33190954 Ghyll Foot, Grasmere L
NY37760323 Ghyll Head, Ambleside 
NY37640457 Ghyll Side, Ambleside L
NY37620459 Ghyllside Cycles, Ambleside 
NY31850992 Gibson Knott, Lakes 
NY368041 Gilbert Scar, Lakes 
NY38050454 Gill Close Mill, Ambleside gone?
NY30300374 Gill Grains, Little Langdale 
NY33200955 Gill Side, Grasmere suggested
NY30480387 Gillgrains Crag, Little Langdale 
NY33790933 Gillside, Grasmere L
NY255045 Gladstone Knott, Lakes 
NY36330618 Glen Rothay Hotel, Rydal L
NY36240625 Glen Rothay Lodge, Rydal 
NY40710243 Glenside Cottage, Troutbeck 
NY38340492 Glenthorn, Ambleside 
NY33520788 Glenthorne, Grasmere 
NY37650465 Golden Rule, Ambleside L
NY33210809 Goody Bridge house, Grasmere 
NY33300806 Goody Bridge, Grasmere 
NY33290816 Goodybridge House, Grasmere L
NY3516 Grains Gill (2) 
NY33280840 Grandy Close, Grasmere 
NY33660755 Grasmere 
NY33840832 Grasmere Cemetery, Grasmere 
NY33880735 Grasmere CofE Primary School, Grasmere 
NY3109 Grasmere Common, Lakes 
NY33740744 Grasmere Gingerbread, Grasmere 
NY350087 Grasmere Lead Mine, Lakes 
NY33560915 Grasmere Mill, Grasmere 
NY3308 Grasmere stone circle, Lakes 
NY33680791 Grasmere Youth Hostel, Grasmere 
NY336075 Grasmere: Baldry, W 
NY33720762 Grasmere: Beck Steps 
NY33660761 Grasmere: Heaton Cooper 
NY33710763 Grasmere: Read 
NY33720741 Grasmere: Taffy Thomas 
NY2706 Grave Gill 
NY306078 Great Castle How, Lakes 
NY30760785 Great Castle Howe, Great Langdale 
NY28520349 Great Horse Crag, Lakes 
NY40950329 Great House, Troutbeck 
NY25960427 Great Knott, Lakes 
NY3105 Great Langdale Beck 
NY3205 Great Langdale: Angel Dust 
NY35581040 Great Rigg, Lakes 
NY248065 Great Slab, Lakes 
NY34281031 Great Tongue, Lakes 
NY33800838 Greatcross Cottages, Grasmere 
NY30970917 Greathead Crag, Easedale 
NY35591040 Greatrigg Man, Lakes 
NY372049 Green Bank, Ambleside 
NY3209 Green Burn (2) 
NY372018 Green Cove, Windermere lake 
NY41090266 Green Gate, Troutbeck 
NY34170833 Green Head, Grasmere 
NY25660546 Green Hole, Lakes 
NY36000626 Green Holme, Rydal Water 
NY30100677 Green Howe, Great Langdale 
NY27520503 Green Mane, Lakes 
NY25780681 Green Tongue, Lakes 
NY37380197 Green Tuft Island, Windermere lake 
NY31950321 Greenbank Farm, Little Langdale 
NY31681058 Greenburn Bottom, Lakes 
NY28490212 Greenburn Reservoir, Lakes 
NY32760478 Greenend, Elterwater L
NY3408 Greenhead Gill 
NY346085 Greenhead Gill Trial, Lakes 
NY34750767 Grey Crag, Grasmere 
NY34901167 Grisedale Hause, Patterdale 
NY3609 Groove Beck (2) 
NY36640634 Grotto, Rydal 
NY34180770 Grove Cottage, Grasmere 
NY4006 Grove Gill 
NY2606 Grunting Gill 
NY26100737 guide stone, Mickleden 
NY25030499 Gunson Knott, Lakes 
NY41170345 Guy Lane, Troutbeck 
NY32280306 Hacket Forge, Little Langdale 
NY31110489 Hag Wood, Great Langdale 
NY40440253 Hag Wood, Troutbeck 
NY42130540 Hagg Bridge, Troutbeck 
NY4206 Hagg Gill 
NY32700789 Hagg Wood, Grasmere 
NY34230493 Hagg, Loughrigg 
NY36450631 Hall Bank, Rydal L
NY42180560 Hall Hill, Troutbeck 
NY421055 Hall Hill, Troutbeck Park 
NY3704 hall, Ambleside 
NY24930675 Hard Crags, Lakes 
NY27640757 Harrison Combe, Lakes 
NY28170736 Harrison Stickle, Lakes 
NY31330609 Harry Place, Great Langdale 
NY41300835 Hart Crag, Lakes 
NY412085 Hart Crag, Troutbeck 
NY36400642 Hart Head, Rydal L
NY34911168 Hause Gap, Patterdale 
NY34961143 Hause Moss, Lakes 
NY34551090 Hause Riggs, Lakes 
NY37660471 Haven, Ambleside L
NY38040437 Havenwood, Ambleside 
NY37670365 Hayes Garden Centre, Ambleside 
NY40030194 Heald Lane, Lakes 
NY25900552 Hell Gill, Lakes 
NY33300839 Helm Chase, Grasmere 
NY32520922 Helm Crag, Lakes 
NY33070969 Helmside, Lakes 
NY35580623 Heron Island, Rydal Water 
NY35600830 Heron Pike, Lakes 
NY37970988 High Bakestones, Scandale 
NY38420486 High Barn, Ambleside 
NY31390328 High Birk Howe, Little Langdale L
NY25290516 High Bleaberry Knott, Lakes 
NY33530944 High Broadrain, Grasmere L
NY37630722 High Brock Crags, Lakes 
NY41580943 High Bull Crag, Lakes 
NY33840527 High Close, Loughrigg 
NY32980313 High Colwith, Lakes L
NY40540132 High Cross Castle, Troutbeck 
NY32220894 High Easedale, Easedale 
NY36560678 High Fall, Rydal 
NY40810277 High Fold Farm, Troutbeck L
NY37740378 High Fold, Ambleside 
NY40820273 High Fold, Troutbeck L
NY41510707 High Great Knott, Troutbeck 
NY41180360 High Green Farm, Troutbeck L
NY41190364 High Green, Troutbeck 
NY40050656 High Grove, Lakes 
NY32370356 High Hacket, Little Langdale 
NY41550576 High Kingate, Troutbeck 
NY38410967 High Lowston Stone, Scandale 
NY43420715 High Mere Greave, Lakes 
NY37340884 High Pike, Lakes 
NY32950913 High Raven Crag, Lakes 
NY38860549 High Round Hill, Lakes 
NY32970780 High Scorecrag Farm, Grasmere L
NY39030287 High Skelghyll, Lakes 
NY37670457 High Stockgill Bridge, Ambleside 
NY37910676 High Sweden Bridge, Lakes L
NY37770627 High Sweden Coppice, Lakes 
NY35490660 High Wood, Rydal 
NY37640046 High Wray Bay, Windermere lake 
NY41590463 Hill Step, Troutbeck 
NY37740473 Hill Top, Ambleside 
NY4105 Hird Gill 
NY417059 Hird Wood stone circle, Lakes 
NY41680604 Hird Wood, Troutbeck 
NY3902 Hol Beck 
NY38610191 Holbeck Bridge, Lakes 
NY38820165 Holbeck Cottage, Lakes 
NY39160221 Holbeck Ghyll, Lakes 
NY39230196 Holbeck Lane, Lakes 
NY38480186 Holbeck Point, Windermere lake 
NY39000213 Holbeck Wood, Lakes 
NY34300760 Hollens, Grasmere 
NY28940327 Hollin Crag, Lakes 
NY28990333 Hollin Slack, Lakes 
NY41680510 Hollowgill Riggs, Troutbeck 
NY37820253 Holme Crag, Lakes 
NY32090550 Holy Trinity, Chapel Stile L
NY41700472 Home Crag, Troutbeck 
NY37650425 Homes of Football, Ambleside 
NY31730988 Horn Crag, Easedale 
NY349116 Horse Gap, Patterdale 
NY30 house, Ambleside 
NY30 house, Ambleside (2) 
NY37550498 house, Ambleside (3) 
NY31860543 house, Chapel Stile 
NY36270354 house, Clappersgate 
NY32810482 house, Elterwater L
NY38870116 house, Lakes 
NY37960285 house, Lakes (2) 
NY41150367 house, Troutbeck 
NY41220367 house, Troutbeck (2) L
NY34350678 How Top, Grasmere L
NY37890434 How, Ambleside 
NY343067 How, Grasmere 
NY34510458 How, Loughrigg L
NY31830402 Howe Banks, Little Langdale 
NY34230692 Howe Foot, Grasmere 
NY34250718 Howe Head, Grasmere 
NY34250669 Howe, Grasmere 
NY31880420 Howebanks Wood, Lakes 
NY36690356 Howsley Cottage, Clappersgate L
NY36990754 Humphrey's Crags, Rydal 
NY39770285 Hundreds Road, Troutbeck 
NY40480440 Hundreds, Troutbeck 
NY33460624 Hunting Stile, Grasmere 
NY33470542 Hunting Stile, Lakes 
NY33460548 Huntingstile Crag, Lakes 
NY37670427 hydrant plate, Ambleside 
NY336075 Hydropathic Establishment, Grasmere 
NY40260057 Ibbotsholme, Troutbeck Bridge 
NY36540649 icehouse, Rydal Hall L
NY40560595 Idle Hill, Lakes 
NY41200392 Idle Lane, Troutbeck 
NY43650774 Ill Bell, Kentmere 
NY41920479 Ing Bridge, Troutbeck 
NY41900460 Ing Lane, Troutbeck 
NY42040467 Ing, Troutbeck 
NY376045 inn, Ambleside 
NY34310846 inn, Grasmere 
NY34230517 Intake Wood, Loughrigg 
NY2604 Isaac Gill 
NY33780663 island, Grasmere 
NY32070318 Iving Howe, Little Langdale 
NY35280427 Ivy Crag, Lakes 
NY377033 Jack Close, Waterhead 
NY32600872 Jackdaw Crag, Easedale 
NY32450787 James's Quarry, Grasmere 
NY38340288 Jenkin Crag, Lakes 
NY41300280 Jesus Church, Troutbeck L
NY35590591 Jobson Close, Rydal 
NY41290981 John Bell's Banner, Lakes 
NY33210713 Kelbarrow, Grasmere 
NY33070755 Kell Crag, Grasmere 
NY38610298 Kelsick Scar, Lakes 
NY27900490 Kettle Crag, Lakes 
NY31800516 Kidshole Wood, Great Langdale 
NY41580592 Kingate Quarries, Troutbeck 
NY29050628 Kirk Howe, Great Langdale 
NY37660467 Kirkstone Foot Cottage, Ambleside L
NY38220490 Kirkstone Hill, Ambleside 
NY40150825 Kirkstone Pass, Patterdale 
NY36510484 Kitts Gill, Rydal gone
NY37810364 Kitty Crag, Ambleside 
NY32790457 Kitty Hall, Elterwater L
NY32710851 Kittycrag, Grasmere 
NY386018 Kittygills, Lakes gone?
NY33950857 Knott House Farm, Grasmere L
NY35730665 Knott Wood, Rydal 
NY34660489 Lad Crag, Loughrigg 
NY36750576 Ladies Oak, Rydal 
NY34370645 Lady Wood, Rydal 
NY33820722 Lake View, Grasmere 
NY32940863 Lancrigg Crag, Grasmere 
NY37040356 landing stage, Clappersgate 
NY38510206 landing stage, Low Wood Hotel 
NY37630322 landing stage, Waterhead 
NY32980480 Lane Ends, Elterwater 
NY29720921 Lang Crag, Lakes 
NY31750684 Lang Howe Tarn, Lakes 
NY31840710 Lang Howe, Lakes 
NY38660169 Langdale Chase Hotel, Lakes L
NY32090534 Langdale CofE Primary School, Chapel Stile 
NY26090850 Langdale Combe, Great Langdale 
NY261083 Langdale Combe, Lakes 
NY26970695 Langdale Fell, Great Langdale 
NY32510306 Langdale Pool, Little Langdale 
NY32180529 Langdale Village Hall, Chapel Stile 
NY3104 Langdales, Lakes 
NY36250554 Lanty Scar, Loughrigg 
NY38220797 Larry Holes, Lakes 
NY38590478 Lawless Gill, Ambleside 
NY37250501 Lesketh How, Ambleside 
NY36430402 Lily Tarn, Loughrigg 
NY41480314 Limefitt Mill, Troutbeck 
NY30560446 Lingmoor Fell, Lakes 
NY30880428 Lingmoor Quarry, Little Langdale 
NY30150512 Lingmoor Tarn, Lakes 
NY33360646 Lingy Crag Coppice, Grasmere 
NY35660630 Lingy Stone, Rydal Water 
NY32670929 Lion and Lamb, Helm Crag 
NY3105 Little Bridge, Great Langdale perhaps
NY3108 Little Brinhowe Gill 
NY31090756 Little Castle Howe, Great Langdale 
NY2507 Little Gill (4) 
NY28370363 Little Horse Crag, Lakes 
NY35870601 Little Isle, Rydal Water 
NY31540344 Little Langdale Chapel, Little Langdale 
NY30910321 Little Langdale Tarn, Little Langdale 
NY34060401 Little Loughrigg, Loughrigg 
NY39210188 Little Lowther, Lakes 
NY3410 Little Tongue Gill 
NY34181066 Little Tongue, Lakes 
NY25360792 Littlegill Head, Great Langdale 
NY37710509 Littlerigg, Ambleside 
NY32550625 location, Lakes 
NY276071 Loft Crag, Lakes 
NY377037 Log House, Ambleside 
NY38100457 Long Coats Mill, Ambleside 
NY38130458 Long Coats, Ambleside 
NY28040394 Long Crag, Lakes 
NY41410574 Long Crag, Troutbeck 
NY30600666 Long House, Great Langdale 
NY30360440 Long Rigg, Lakes 
NY40910315 Longmire Yeat, Troutbeck 
NY39420067 Longtail Wood, Lakes 
NY30910801 Looking Howe, Lakes 
NY35610772 Lord Cove, Lakes 
NY35450761 Lord Crag, Lakes 
NY36760575 Lords Oak, Rydal 
NY32350482 Lord's Quarry, Elterwater 
NY36930444 Loughrigg Brow, Lakes L
NY36560563 Loughrigg Cottage, Rydal L
NY35800410 Loughrigg Fell, Lakes 
NY34130434 Loughrigg Fold, Loughrigg L
NY36370530 Loughrigg Holme, Rydal L
NY35470576 Loughrigg Quarry, Loughrigg 
NY34460434 Loughrigg Tarn, Loughrigg 
NY34570583 Loughrigg Terrace, Lakes 
NY34530502 Loughrigg, Lakes 
NY38100964 Low Bakestones, Scandale 
NY31520324 Low Birk Howe, Little Langdale 
NY25500517 Low Bleaberry Knott, Lakes 
NY33580932 Low Broadrain, Grasmere L
NY37690719 Low Brock Crags, Lakes 
NY41440910 Low Bull Crag, Lakes 
NY33040314 Low Colwith, Lakes L
NY36640634 Low Fall, Rydal 
NY40760263 Low Fold Farm, Troutbeck L
NY37750375 Low Fold, Ambleside 
NY41090331 Low Gate, Troutbeck 
NY41400656 Low Great Knott, Troutbeck 
NY39030516 Low Grove, Lakes 
NY32390342 Low Hacket, Little Langdale 
NY40730256 Low House Farm, Troutbeck L
NY402004 Low Ibbotsholme, Troutbeck 
NY41660568 Low Kingate, Troutbeck 
NY38390945 Low Lowston Stone, Scandale 
NY33410914 Low Mill Bridge, Grasmere 
NY37600475 Low Nook, Ambleside 
NY37330786 Low Pike, Lakes 
NY33050930 Low Raven Crag, Lakes 
NY33070779 Low Scorecrag, Grasmere L
NY37510553 Low Sweden Bridge, Ambleside L
NY37660579 Low Sweden Coppice, Ambleside 
 Low Wood, Lakes 
NY33640498 Low Wood, Lakes (2) 
NY35770364 Lower Ashley, Lakes 
NY37730374 Lowfield Cottage, Ambleside 
NY37700403 Lowfield, Ambleside L
NY36570605 Manor Cottage, Rydal 
NY25750842 Mansey Pike, Great Langdale 
NY28660658 Mark Gate, Great Langdale 
NY26670496 Markeens, Lakes 
NY37700446 Market Hall, Ambleside L
NY30150408 Mart Crag, Lakes 
NY26460785 Mart Crag, Lakes (2) 
NY26890803 Martcrag Moor, Lakes 
NY32170819 Maslake Wood, Easedale 
NY39770049 Mawmire Wood, Calgarth 
NY37670466 meeting house, Ambleside L
 meeting house, Langdale possibly once
NY3206 Megs Gill 
NY32260893 memorial, Easedale 
NY394012 Merewood Chestnut, Lakes 
NY32740524 Merzbarn, Great Langdale 
NY341083 Michael's Nook, Lakes 
NY24940493 Mickle Door, Lakes 
NY2606 Mickleden Beck 
NY266066 Mickleden, Lakes 
 Mid Cumberland Light Railway proposed
NY28490606 Middle Fell Farm, Great Langdale L
NY39220535 Middle Grove, Lakes 
NY39510112 Middlerigg House, Lakes 
NY39740113 Middlerigg Tarn, Lakes 
NY40030040 milestone, Lakes gone
NY33610914 Mill Bridge, Grasmere 
NY34640372 Mill Brow, Lakes L
NY37590465 Mill Cottage, Ambleside L
NY38190457 Mill Doors Fulling Mill, Ambleside gone
NY38320459 Mill Doors, Ambleside 
NY37660459 mill, Ambleside L
NY37590464 mill, Ambleside (2) 
NY32750474 mill, Elterwater suggested
NY34390343 mill, Skelwith Bridge 
NY34300342 mill, Skelwith Bridge (2) 
NY29500661 Millbeck, Great Langdale L
NY37040430 Miller Bridge House, Ambleside 
NY29030685 Miller Crag, Great Langdale 
NY36700470 Miller Hagg, Loughrigg 
NY39320144 Mirk Lane, Lakes 
NY31271032 Moment Brow, Lakes 
NY31211028 Moment Crag, Lakes 
NY42850393 Moor Head, Lakes 
NY29811014 Moor Moss, Lakes 
NY41100348 Mortal Man, Troutbeck L
NY39020085 Moss Brow, Lakes 
NY2903 Moss Crag, Lakes perhaps
NY33620750 Moss Side, Grasmere L
NY37690059 Mossy Stone, Windermere lake 
NY36430635 Mount, Rydal L
NY37720377 mountain rescue, Ambleside 
NY35490638 Nab Cottage, Lakes L
NY33500415 Nab Island, Elter Water 
NY357068 Nab Scar, Lakes 
NY36100635 Nab Wood, Rydal 
NY33490406 Nab, Elter Water 
NY36030353 Nanny Brow, Clappersgate 
NY36190358 Nanny Brow, Lakes 
NY40370394 Nanny Lane, Troutbeck 
NY36880863 Near Swine Crag, Rydal 
NY34470360 Neaum Hurst, Skelwith Bridge 
NY34290377 Neaum Wood, Lakes 
NY38250451 Nelly Close, Ambleside 
NY36071113 Nettle Cove, Rydal 
NY31720535 New Bridge, Chapel Stile 
NY32780826 New Bridge, Easedale 
NY29520648 New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale 
NY31570303 New Houses, Little Langdale 
NY3003 New Intake Gill 
NY39200155 Newclose Wood, Lakes 
NY33510629 Nichol, Grasmere suggested
NY33400612 Nichols Wood, Lakes 
NY37490543 Nook End Farm, Ambleside L
NY37580491 Nook, Ambleside L
NY34050858 Nook, Grasmere 
NY41210359 Nook, Troutbeck 
NY37640463 North Syke, Ambleside L out of sight
NY37640466 North View, Ambleside L
NY37270492 Oak Bank, Ambleside 
NY30870576 Oak Howe, Great Langdale 
NY30470549 Oakhowe Crag, Great Langdale 
NY37840476 Oaks Farm, Ambleside 
NY34170472 Oaks, Loughrigg L
NY38960139 Oakthorpen Wood, Lakes 
NY33600751 Old Bakers Cottage, Grasmere 
NY3404 Old Close, Loughrigg 
NY3704 Old Cock, Ambleside once
NY28570611 Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale 
NY32730469 Old Farm Cottage, Elterwater L
NY37750426 Old Gale Farm, Ambleside 
NY36910554 Old Hall Hill, Rydal 
NY37630466 Old House, Ambleside L
NY3704 Old Ladies, Ambleside 
NY37740466 Old Oak Cottage, Ambleside 
NY33610761 Old Police House, Grasmere 
NY32120537 Old Post Office, Chapel Stile 
NY30160387 Old Scales, Little Langdale 
NY37750465 Old School House, Ambleside L
NY32620938 Old Woman Cowering, Helm Crag 
NY34070809 Our Lady of the Wayside, Lakes 
NY32240430 Owletnest Quarry, Great Langdale 
NY2705 Oxendale Beck 
NY27120522 Oxendale, Lakes 
NY37370549 Papermill Coppice, Ambleside 
NY42650951 Park Fell Head, Lakes 
NY43100887 Park Fell, Troutbeck 
NY43090702 Park Quarry, Troutbeck 
NY39380019 Parkhill Wood, Calgarth 
NY32150546 Parsonage, Chapel Stile 
NY336074 Parsonage, Grasmere 
NY33460729 Pavement End Farm, Grasmere L
NY28470791 Pavey Ark, Lakes 
NY41010337 Pearson's Lane, Troutbeck L
NY28970316 Pedder Stone, Lakes 
NY36620597 Pelter Bridge, Rydal L
NY34410604 Penny Rock Wood, Grasmere 
NY39200773 Pets Brae, Lakes 
NY39780764 Pets Bridge, Kirkstone 
NY39750755 Pets Fold, Kirkstone 
NY39150706 Pets Quarry, Kirkstone 
NY37630311 pier, Waterhead 
NY411089 Pike How, Lakes 
NY28900684 Pike Howe, Great Langdale 
NY41110900 Pike Howe, Lakes (2) 
NY30801024 Pike of Carrs, Easedale 
NY27390736 Pike of Stickle, Lakes 
NY329107 pillbox, Lakes 
NY330101 pillbox, Lakes (2) 
NY33111039 pillbox, Lakes (3) 
NY38330778 Pinch Crags, Lakes 
NY37670471 pinfold, Ambleside gone
NY41610394 pinfold, Troutbeck 
NY40640165 Pingle Wood, Troutbeck 
NY37520475 police station, Ambleside 
NY37560429 police station, Ambleside (2) 
NY32950482 Polly's Cottage, Elterwater 
NY35960342 Pool Foot, Lakes 
NY37650422 post box, Ambleside 
NY37680311 post box, Ambleside (2) 
NY380046 post box, Ambleside (3) 
NY37630467 post box, Ambleside (4) 
NY377049 post box, Ambleside (5) 
NY376039 post box, Ambleside (6) 
NY32110537 post box, Chapel Stile 
NY31600557 post box, Chapel Stile (2) 
NY36690355 post box, Clappersgate 
NY32810482 post box, Elterwater 
NY334063 post box, Grasmere 
NY33600923 post box, Grasmere (2) 
NY33070818 post box, Grasmere (3) 
NY31120625 post box, Great Langdale 
NY346040 post box, Loughrigg 
NY38550208 post box, Low Wood 
NY364062 post box, Rydal 
NY40720228 post box, Troutbeck 
NY410034 post box, Troutbeck (2) 
NY41190370 post box, Troutbeck (3) 
NY37650440 post office, Ambleside 
NY30040323 Poundfell Howe Bridge, Little Langdale 
NY30780655 Pye Howe, Great Langdale L
NY43260746 Quarry Brow, Troutbeck 
NY38120388 quarry, Ambleside 
NY38910052 quarry, Cragwood House 
NY32640871 quarry, Easedale 
NY31890405 quarry, Howe Banks 
NY310040 quarry, Langdale 
NY305042 quarry, Langdale (2) 
NY34620581 quarry, Loughrigg (2) 
NY38680206 quarry, Low Wood 
NY345064 quarry, Rydal 
NY32140438 quarry, Sawrey's Wood 
NY34090371 quarry, Skelwith Bridge 
NY42740641 quarry, Troutbeck (2) 
NY42730625 quarry, Troutbeck Park 
NY41400376 Queens Head, Troutbeck L
NY37770461 Raaesbeck, Ambleside L
NY3211 Raise Beck 
NY32771159 Raise Bridge, Dunmail Raise 
NY33011105 Raise Cottage, Dunmail Raise 
NY32811174 Raise Fold, Lakes 
NY28870449 Rakerigg, Lakes 
NY363062 Rash, Rydal proposed
NY32540571 Raven Crag, Great Langdale (2) 
NY394083 Raven Crag, Lakes 
NY41490468 Raven Crag, Troutbeck 
NY30800388 Raven Nest, Little Langdale 
NY30410672 Raw Head, Great Langdale L
NY30860718 Raw Pike, Lakes 
NY339058 Red Bank, Grasmere 
NY33650754 Red Lion, Grasmere L
NY268038 Red Tarn Mine, Lakes 
NY26800372 Red Tarn, Lakes 
NY2805 Redacre Gill 
NY38380388 Redbank Wood, Ambleside 
NY37610333 Regent Hotel, Ambleside 
NY33980977 reservoir, Tongue Gill 
NY32730735 Restingstead Plantation, Grasmere 
NY33080694 Riddings, Grasmere 
NY34780969 Riggs Crags, Lakes 
NY32900709 Riggs, Grasmere 
NY34380341 Riverside House, Skelwith Bridge 
NY37050399 Riverside, Ambleside 
NY33850416 Rob Rash, Loughrigg 
NY31300617 Robin Ghyll, Great Langdale L
NY3106 Robin Gill 
NY40670254 Robin Lane Cottages, Troutbeck L
NY40520232 Robin Lane, Troutbeck 
NY31210628 Robinson Place, Great Langdale L
NY37250342 roman fort, Ambleside L
NY37740316 Romney Hotel, Ambleside 
NY29150610 Rossett Bridge, Great Langdale 
NY25150752 Rossett Crag, Lakes 
NY24680755 Rossett Pass, Lakes 
NY245090755 Rossett Pike, Lakes 
NY29290631 Rossett, Great Langdale L
NY33830800 Rothay Bank, Grasmere 
NY37210389 Rothay Bridge, Ambleside L
NY37250394 Rothay Cottage, Ambleside 
NY37390413 Rothay Holme, Ambleside once
NY37260388 Rothay Manor, Ambleside L
NY37290448 Rothay Park, Ambleside 
NY33860807 Rothay Place, Grasmere 
NY30781064 Rough Crag, Lakes 
NY35860581 Rough Intake, Rydal 
NY37990620 Rough Sides, Lakes 
NY38740522 Round Hill, Lakes 
NY358053 Round Knott, Lakes perhaps
NY3208 Roundhill, Easedale 
NY33240740 Rowantree Crag, Grasmere 
NY3508 Rowantree Gill 
NY41090303 Rowantree Howe Road, Troutbeck 
NY33230731 Rowantree Wood, Grasmere 
NY36470616 Rydal 
NY3608 Rydal Beck 
NY36720584 Rydal Bridge, Rydal 
NY36420616 Rydal Cottages, Rydal L
NY36280911 Rydal Fell, Lakes 
NY36760639 Rydal Hall Chestnut, Rydal 
NY36281123 Rydal Head, Lakes 
NY36200629 Rydal Holme, Rydal 
NY36470614 Rydal Lodge, Rydal L
NY36930552 Rydal Old Hall, Rydal 
NY371062 Rydal Park, Rydal 
NY3606 Rydal Pass, Rydal 
NY33530748 Rylands, Grasmere 
NY41810872 Sad Gill 
NY33640923 Sandal Beck, Grasmere 
NY36640231 Sandy Wyke, Windermere lake 
NY40720811 Sattereven, Lakes 
NY32220443 Sawrey's Wood, Great Langdale 
NY3007 Scale Gill (2) 
NY37530487 Scale How, Ambleside L
NY37490497 Scale Howe, Ambleside 
NY39840086 Scale Howe, Lakes 
NY39710070 Scalehowe Wood, Lakes 
NY3707 Scandale Beck 
NY38220875 Scandale Bottom, Scandale 
NY37170515 Scandale Bridge, Rydal 
NY38060983 Scandale Head, Lakes 
NY37810545 Scandale Lane, Ambleside 
NY38000769 Scandale Lane, Lakes 
NY386095 Scandale Pass, Scandale 
NY38560980 Scandale Tarn, Scandale 
NY37880730 Scandale, Lakes 
NY40710123 Scar Bank, Troutbeck 
NY40860220 Scar Wood, Troutbeck 
NY35350522 Scartufts, Loughrigg 
NY38280440 school, Ambleside 
NY37380442 school, Ambleside (2) 
NY37450436 school, Ambleside (3) 
NY37800467 school, Ambleside (4) 
NY41340281 school, Troutbeck 
NY33030767 Scorecrag Plantation, Grasmere 
NY33050795 Scorecrag Wood, Grasmere 
NY4103 Scot Beck 
NY41100363 Scot Bridge, Troutbeck 
NY34150498 Scroggs, Loughrigg L
NY37000239 Seamew Crag, Windermere lake 
NY41170370 Seat Brow, Troutbeck 
NY34381151 Seat Sandal, Lakes 
NY38600868 Seat Side, Lakes 
NY29250430 seat, Blea Tarn 
NY38320464 Seathwaite Rayne, Ambleside 
NY382047 Seathwaite, Lakes 
NY41370322 Seedhowe, Troutbeck 
NY28650892 Sergeant Man, Lakes 
NY31920604 Sheep Crag, Great Langdale 
NY338090 sheep feeder, Lakes 
NY41470399 sheep feeder, Troutbeck 
NY423056 sheep feeder, Troutbeck (2) 
NY31880872 sheepfold, Easedale 
NY32880978 sheepfold, Easedale (2) 
NY31630952 sheepfold, Easedale (3) 
NY32250890 sheepfold, Easedale (4) 
NY30970982 sheepfold, Easedale (5) 
NY34920760 sheepfold, Grasmere 
NY29830917 sheepfold, Grasmere (2) 
NY251069 sheepfold, Great Langdale 
NY29120690 sheepfold, Great Langdale (2) 
NY29720603 sheepfold, Great Langdale (3) 
NY33930979 sheepfold, Lakes 
NY38890576 sheepfold, Lakes (2) 
NY32651098 sheepfold, Lakes (3) 
NY38370348 sheepfold, Lakes (4) 
NY39900339 sheepfold, Lakes (5) 
NY27660612 sheepfold, Langdale Fell (2) 
NY27820598 sheepfold, Langdale Fell (3) 
NY26530717 sheepfold, Langdale Fell (4) 
NY29750346 sheepfold, Little Langdale 
NY29500363 sheepfold, Little Langdale (2) 
NY27120531 sheepfold, Oxendale 
NY27270556 sheepfold, Oxendale (2) 
NY42410880 sheepfold, Park Fell 
NY36260934 sheepfold, Rydal 
NY36160881 sheepfold, Rydal (2) 
NY38200885 sheepfold, Scandale 
NY41010862 sheepfold, Troutbeck 
NY41000716 sheepfold, Troutbeck (2) 
NY41110363 sheepfold, Troutbeck (3) 
NY42490802 sheepfold, Troutbeck (4) 
NY24930551 Shelter Crags, Lakes 
SD31439988 Shepherd's Bridge, Yewdale L
NY31111113 Shoots, Lakes 
NY29700385 Side Gates, Lakes 
NY29540604 Side House, Great Langdale L
NY29300536 Side Pike, Lakes 
NY41460371 Sidebank Lane, Troutbeck 
NY32560678 Silver Howe, Lakes 
NY33190686 Silverhowe, Grasmere 
NY38080324 Skelgarth, Lakes 
NY37950329 Skelghyll Lane, Lakes 
NY38320310 Skelghyll Wood, Lakes 
NY38080317 Skelghyll Woods, Lakes 
NY38480288 Skelghyll, Lakes 
NY34440337 Skelwith Bridge, Skelwith Bridge L
NY34310340 Skelwith Bridge: Kirkstone 
NY34130343 Skelwith Force, Skelwith Bridge 
NY33850363 Skelwith Pool, Lakes 
NY34780343 Skelwith Pool, Lakes (2) 
NY39870032 Skiptoryhowe Wood, Calgarth 
NY2705 Skull Gill 
NY30260875 Slapestone Edge, Lakes 
NY31200300 Slater Bridge, Little Langdale L
NY34000819 Smithy Bridge, Grasmere 
NY336091 smithy, Grasmere 
NY39050752 Snarker Pike, Lakes 
NY3108 Sour Milk Gill (3) 
NY40920313 South View, Troutbeck 
NY32350556 Speddy Cottage, Chapel Stile 
NY40760263 Spinnery, Troutbeck L
NY30680517 Spout Crag, Great Langdale 
NY30730509 Spoutcrag Quarry, Great Langdale 
NY30680518 Spoutcrag Wood, Great Langdale 
NY32820795 Spring Coppice, Grasmere 
NY36530555 Spring Cottage, Loughrigg 
 Spying How, Troutbeck 
NY39180095 St Andrew, Ecclerigg 
NY40890307 St James' Well, Troutbeck 
SD4197 St Mary's Abbey, Windermere 
NY33340723 St Oswald's Well, Grasmere 
NY33190727 St Oswald's, Grasmere L
NY405085 St Raven's Edge, Patterdale 
NY380029 Stagshaw Garden, Lakes 
NY2608 Stake Gill 
NY26530869 Stake Pass, Borrowdale 
NY31810313 Stang End Bridge, Little Langdale 
NY33050818 Steel Bridge, Grasmere 
NY3803 Stencher Beck 
NY31580933 Stenners Crag, Lakes 
NY33160800 stepping stones, Grasmere 
NY33440912 stepping stones, Grasmere (2) 
NY34920597 stepping stones, Loughrigg 
NY36170602 Steps End Cottages, Rydal 
NY36150609 Steps End, Rydal 
NY32390493 Stepsend Coppice, Great Langdale 
NY27100706 Stickle Breast, Langdale 
NY29470649 Stickle Cottage, Great Langdale L
NY2906 Stickle Ghyll 
NY2906 Stickle Gill 
NY28720768 Stickle Tarn, Lakes 
NY34090713 Stock Bridge, Grasmere 
NY37670455 Stock Cottage, Ambleside L
NY3905 Stock Ghyll 
NY38480470 Stockdale, Lakes 
NY38400457 Stockghyll Force, Ambleside 
NY38000453 Stockgill Mill, Ambleside 
NY34830918 Stone Arthur, Lakes 
NY35651015 Stone Cove, Lakes 
NY31890861 stone wall, Easedale 
NY34730728 stone wall, Grasmere 
NY28550603 stone wall, Great Langdale 
NY28440797 stone wall, Great Langdale (2) 
NY28580597 stone wall, Great Langdale (3) 
NY29710605 stone wall, Great Langdale (4) 
NY32880692 stone wall, Lakes 
NY307043 stone wall, Langdale 
NY31580335 stone wall, Little Langdale 
NY35920597 stone wall, Loughrigg 
NY36940447 stone wall, Loughrigg (2) 
NY42001019 stone wall, Patterdale (3) 
NY37100450 stone wall, Rydal 
NY34810847 stone wall, Rydal (2) 
NY36191054 stone wall, Rydal (3) 
NY42571028 stone wall, Troutbeck 
NY31400582 stone, Chapel Stile 
NY4104 Stony Beck (3) 
NY41791002 Stony Cove Pike, Patterdale 
NY41920990 Stony Cove, Lakes 
NY27670570 Stool End, Great Langdale L
NY40920311 Storeythwaite, Troutbeck L
NY38170354 Strawberry Wood, Lakes 
NY32930799 Strickland Coppice, Grasmere 
NY33160816 Stubdale Cottage, Easedale 
NY37110536 Sturdy Park, Rydal 
NY29400314 Sty Rigg, Little Langdale 
NY31840937 Stythwaite Steps, Easedale 
NY31550331 Sunny Bank Cottage, Little Langdale 
NY38410503 Sunny Bank, Ambleside 
NY38650302 survey pillar, Lakes 
NY38540320 survey pillar, Lakes (2) 
NY38290360 survey pillar, Lakes (3) 
NY39940227 survey pillar, Lakes (4) 
NY39140014 Swan Nest, Windermere lake 
NY35190635 Swan Stone, Rydal Water 
NY37890616 Sweden Bridge Lane, Lakes 
NY37570698 Sweden Crag, Lakes 
NY37740495 Sweden Howe, Ambleside 
NY29610703 Swine Knott, Great Langdale 
NY4106 Swinecrag Close Gill 
NY31470749 Swinescar Hause, Lakes 
NY31410723 Swinescar Pike, Lakes 
NY34390347 Talbot Bar, Skelwith Bridge 
NY376045 tanyard, Ambleside 
NY30320921 Tarn Crag, Easedale 
NY29070729 Tarn Crag, Great Langdale 
NY34630408 Tarn Foot, Loughrigg 
NY34910511 tarn, Loughrigg 
NY352047 tarn, Loughrigg (2) 
NY29320413 Tarnclose Crag, Lakes 
NY37430495 Terrace, Ambleside 
NY37460936 Thack Bottom Edge, Lakes 
NY37810915 Thack Bottom, Scandale 
NY38160253 Thief Fold Wood, Lakes 
NY29850319 Thing Mound, Fell Foot 
 Thirlmere Aqueduct 
NY38120505 Thistly Wood, Ambleside 
NY28050708 Thorn Crag, Great Langdale 
NY33190843 Thorney How, Grasmere L
NY43151000 Thornthwaite Beacon, Kentmere 
NY43030989 Thornthwaite Crag, Kentmere 
NY41440383 Thornthwaite, Troutbeck L
NY31810568 Thrang Crag, Great Langdale 
NY31940530 Thrang Farm, Chapel Stile L
NY3205 Thrang Gill 
NY31880556 Thrang Quarry, Great Langdale 
NY370035 Three Foot Brander, Lakes 
NY27720274 Three Shire Stones, Wrynose 
NY31660340 Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale L
NY24810602 Three Tarns, Eskdale 
NY42391003 Threshthwaite Crag, Lakes 
NY42641028 Threshthwaite Mouth, Patterdale 
NY27900810 Thunacar Knott, Lakes 
NY40770254 Thwaite, Troutbeck 
NY36110394 Todd Crag, Lakes 
NY33040809 Toddle Howe, Grasmere 
NY37650468 Tom Fold, Ambleside L
NY3309 Tongue Ghyll, Grasmere 
NY33670892 Tongue Gill Hydro, Grasmere 
NY339105 Tongue Gill Mine, Lakes 
NY42250647 Tongue, Troutbeck 
NY33850962 Tonguegill Force, Grasmere 
NY40710217 Town End Farm, Troutbeck 
NY40710208 Town End House, Troutbeck 
NY34200701 Town End, Grasmere 
NY40680200 Town Foot, Troutbeck L
NY33310987 Town Head Farm, Lakes L
NY33320986 Town Head, Grasmere 
NY41440380 Town Head, Troutbeck 
NY40710227 Townend, Troutbeck L
NY41350384 Townhead Brow, Troutbeck 
NY33320982 Townhead Cottages, Lakes L
NY37260487 Tranby Lodge, Ambleside 
NY33620750 Trantunas, Grasmere 
NY33620891 Traveller's Rest, Grasmere L
NY3469505141 trig point, NY3469505141 
NY2607 Troughton Beck 
NY3503 Troughton Gill 
NY4104 Trout Beck (5) 
NY40730264 Troutbeck Institute, Troutbeck 
NY42190685 Troutbeck Park, Lakes 
NY41160317 Troutbeck, Lakes 
NY41500366 Truss Lane, Troutbeck 
NY32990982 Turn House, Grasmere 
NY33030981 Turn Howe, Grasmere 
NY33540768 Under Crag, Grasmere 
NY33600764 Under Howe, Grasmere 
NY32600812 Under Howe, Grasmere (2) 
NY33630768 Undercrag Cottage, Grasmere 
NY33250862 Underhelm Cottage, Grasmere L
NY33240864 Underhelm Farm, Grasmere L
NY32570814 Underhowe Coppice, Grasmere 
NY36440626 Undermount, Rydal L
NY37660460 Unicorn Inn, Ambleside 
NY32050548 Victoria memorial, Chapel Stile 
NY402018 viewpoint, Holbeck Lane 
NY38330288 viewpoint, Jenkyn's Crag 
NY342057 viewpoint, Loughrigg Fell 
NY373077 viewpoint, Low Pike 
NY3802 viewpoint, Low Wood 
NY38550250 viewpoint, Low Wood Hotel 
NY340055 viewpoint, Red Bank 
NY3209 viewpoint, White Moss Common 
NY40330171 Wain Lane, Troutbeck 
NY32220523 Wainwrights Inn, Chapel Stile 
NY28300553 Wall End, Great Langdale L
NY33100506 Walthwaite Bottom, Lakes 
NY32330554 Walthwaite How, Chapel Stile 
NY32380556 Walthwaite, Chapel Stile L
NY377044 Walton's Private Hotel, Ambleside 
NY37510340 Wanlass House, Ambleside 
NY376033 Wanlass Howe, Lakes 
NY38020269 Wansfell Holme, Lakes L
NY39420416 Wansfell Pike, Lakes 
NY37650407 Wansfell Tower Lodge, Ambleside 
NY39400430 Wansfell, Lakes 
NY37370437 war memorial, Ambleside 
NY32110550 war memorial, Langdale 
NY41300280 war memorial, Troutbeck 
NY29230418 water gate, Langdale 
NY37590509 water trough, Ambleside (2) 
NY40800280 water trough, Troutbeck (3) 
NY40760266 water trough, Troutbeck (4) 
NY37580330 Wateredge Inn, Ambleside L
NY38000454 Waterfall Mill, Ambleside gone
NY321080 waterfall, Blindtarn Gill 
NY323059 waterfall, Meg Gill 
NY288066 waterfall, Stickle Gill 
NY34851107 waterfall, Tongue Gill 
NY420055 waterfall, Troutbeck 
NY37450319 Waterhead Bay, Windermere lake 
NY37710306 Waterhead Cottages, Ambleside 
NY37680322 Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside 
NY37620328 Waterhead, Ambleside 
NY36670353 Wayside, Clappersgate L
NY40250036 weighing machine, Troutbeck Bridge gone
NY33400705 Well Foot, Grasmere 
NY36250639 well, Rydal 
NY33830811 White Bridge Forge, Grasmere 
NY33810805 White Bridge, Grasmere 
NY32600881 White Crag, Grasmere 
NY27970653 White Crag, Great Langdale 
NY41310468 White Crag, Lakes 
NY36490356 White Craggs, Clappersgate 
NY39100035 White Cross Bay, Lakes 
NY2907 White Gill (2) 
NY33090512 White Howe, Lakes 
NY38130784 White Howe, Scandale 
NY34530660 White Moss Common, Lakes 
NY35050657 White Moss House, Rydal 
NY34800654 White Moss Slate Quarry, Lakes 
NY26100602 White Stones, Lakes 
NY29810710 Whitegill Crag, Great Langdale 
NY34680680 Whitemoss Tarn, Lakes 
NY348061 Whitemoss Wood, Lakes 
NY25980519 Whorney Side, Lakes 
NY26100536 Whorneyside Force, Lakes 
NY2802 Widdy Gill 
NY365034 Willow Hill, Clappersgate 
NY32160875 Willy Goodwaller Bridge, Easedale L out of sight
NY31810341 Wilson Place, Little Langdale L
NY37690348 Windermere Lodge, Ambleside 
NY32820482 Wistaria Cottage, Elterwater L
NY34400697 Wood Close, Grasmere 
NY39400156 Wood Farm, Lakes L
NY34420688 Woodland Crag, Grasmere 
NY31490311 Woodlands, Little Langdale 
NY37450442 Wordsworth Library, Ambleside 
NY33000853 Wordsworth's Well, Grasmere 
NY39680517 Work Howe, Lakes 
NY4106 Woundale Beck 
NY40610672 Woundale Raise, Lakes 
NY41080745 Woundale, Lakes 
NY3207 Wray Gill 
NY33170724 Wray, Grasmere L
NY2803 Wrynose Beck 
NY28490327 Wrynose Bridge, Lakes 
NY27940413 Wrynose Fell, Lakes 
NY28370338 Wrynose Gill, Lakes 
NY27700270 Wrynose Pass, Ulpha 
NY3306 Wyke Gill 
NY33260653 Wyke, Grasmere 
NY314079 Yew Crag, Lakes 
NY32400469 Yew Crags, Great Langdale 
NY41170353 Yew Tree Cottage, Troutbeck L
NY32790480 fingerpost, Elterwater 
NY37330480 Knoll, Ambleside L
NY36430622 St Mary, Rydal L
NY40730215 Town End, Troutbeck 
NY33900652 Grasmere lake 
NY35540619 Rydal Water 
NY24470647 Bow Fell, Eskdale 
NY33180681 Gardener's Cottage, Silverhowe gone
NY29420630 High Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale suggested
NY3704 Patience Arnold Doll's House Museum, Ambleside gone
NY3307 pinfold, Grasmere gone
NY37630572 Ambleside Water Works, Ambleside 
NY31550781 Blind Tarn, Lakes gone
NY320153 Rock of Names, Wythburn 
NY2507 Rossett Gill 
NY343082 Michael's Fold, Grasmere 
NY39350263 Low Skelghyll, Lakes 
NY41890581 Hird House, Troutbeck 
NY32240307 Forge Cottage, Little Langdale 
NY32320820 Blindtarn Gill Farm, Easedale L
NY31230557 Great Langdale, Lakes 
NY31580339 Little Langdale, Lakes 
NY37610483 Ambleside: Nook Lane 
NY381045 Ambleside: Stockghyll Lane 
NY34440623 Baneriggs, Grasmere 
NY32070547 Chapel Stile, Lakes 
NY37690453 Cross House, Ambleside gone
NY363062 Dora's Field, Rydal 
NY3308 Easedale Beck 
NY32750446 Eltermere Hotel, Elterwater L
NY331081 Emma's Dell, Lakes 
NY3307 Fir Grove, Grasmere 
NY3704 Fisherbeck, Ambleside 
NY378042 Gale, Ambleside 
NY27680692 Gimmer Crag, Great Langdale 
NY3605 Glow Worm Rock, Rydal 
NY37810461 How Head, Ambleside 
NY344067 John's Grove, Lakes 
NY3704 Kelsick Buildings, Ambleside 
NY40110804 Kirkstone Pass Inn, Lakes 
NY33020849 Lancrigg, Grasmere L
NY40980336 Lane Foot, Troutbeck 
NY277061 Loggan House, Great Langdale 
NY37590464 Low Stockgill Bridge, Ambleside 
NY37100450 Miller Bridge, Ambleside L
NY32850487 post office, Elterwater 
NY3704 Rattle Gill, Ambleside 
NY28510642 Raven Crag, Great Langdale 
NY33690734 Rectory, Grasmere L
NY33800590 Redbank Wood, Grasmere 
NY37660438 Royal Oak Hotel, Ambleside L
NY38090893 Scandale Fell, Lakes 
NY26130735 sheepfold, Langdale Fell 
NY34190701 spring, Dove Cottage 
NY36550552 stepping stones, Rydal 
NY36300634 summer house, Rydal 
NY36060630 Thrang Crag, Rydal 
NY31910530 Thrang, Chapel Stile L
NY3410 Tongue Gill 
NY37670452 market cross, Ambleside L
NY37700449 Ambleside: Market Place 
NY3704 Ambleside: Squire, Mrs 
NY3307 Dixon's Private Hotel, Grasmere 
NY3408 Hollins and Lowther Hotel, Grasmere 
NY36670344 Brathay Bridge, Clappersgate 
NY32790313 Colwith Force, Lakes 
NY29300441 Blea Tarn, Lakes 
NY27810723 Langdale Pikes, Lakes 
NY36390637 Rydal Mount, Rydal L
NY34200703 Dove Cottage, Grasmere L
NY26590596 Band, Lakes 
NY285040 Blake Rigg, Lakes 
NY33760531 Hammer Scar, Lakes 
NY34160688 Prince of Wales Lake Hotel, Grasmere 
NY37670446 Queen's Hotel, Ambleside 
NY3307 Rothay Hotel, Grasmere 
NY37700452 Salutation Hotel, Ambleside 
NY33970825 Swan Hotel, Grasmere L
NY3703 Windermere Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside 
NY3704 Commercial Inn, Ambleside 
NY3704 Waterhead Nursery, Ambleside 
NY3704 Slater's Temperance Hotel, Ambleside 
NY37680442 White Lion, Ambleside 
SD41009859 St Mary's College, Windermere 
NY37670451 Ambleside 
NY40870297 St John's Well, Troutbeck 
NY37430413 water trough, Ambleside 
NY41320278 water trough, Troutbeck 
NY41330280 water trough, Troutbeck (2) 
NY34120712 Wordsworth Memorial, Grasmere 
NY33390992 Toll Bar Cottage, Grasmere 
NY37700312 toll gate, Waterhead gone
NY5611 Mirror Pool, Rydal suggested
NY3704 Ambleside: Nicholson's bakers 
NY36550635 Rydal Hall, Rydal L
NY38860137 milestone, Lakes (3) not found
NY38540208 milestone, Lakes (2) 
NY37490477 milestone, Ambleside, Lakes 
NY37720328 milestone, Ambleside, Lakes (2) 
NY37720412 milestone, Ambleside, Lakes (3) gone
NY37970262 milestone, Ambleside, Lakes (4) gone
NY37040542 milestone, Ambleside, Lakes (5) gone
NY33480967 milestone, Lakes (4) 
NY33211047 milestone, Lakes (5) 
NY32971114 milestone, Lakes (6) 
NY34200666 milestone, Grasmere, Lakes (5) 
NY34000820 milestone, Grasmere, Lakes (4) 
NY34540616 milestone, Grasmere, Lakes (3) not found
NY34160748 milestone, Grasmere, Lakes (2) not found
NY33620893 milestone, Grasmere, Lakes gone
NY35880637 milestone, Rydal, Lakes gone
NY35160654 milestone, Rydal, Lakes (2) 
NY36610603 milestone, Rydal, Lakes (3) 
NY38960099 Brockhole, Lakes 
NY31510320 hedge, Little Langdale 
NY35871176 Fairfield, Lakes 
NY37400436 St Mary, Ambleside L
NY37780469 St Anne, Ambleside L
NY33730738 St Oswald, Grasmere L
NY34320650 Wishing Gate, Grasmere 
NY42020569 Troutbeck Park Farm, Troutbeck 
NY33800893 Winterseeds, Lakes 
NY34711106 track, Lakes 
NY44071104 High Street, Patterdale 
NY37980356 Strawberry Bank, Ambleside 
NY37310356 barn, Ambleside 
NY40710216 barn, Townend L
NY37590454 Climbers Shop, Ambleside 
NY36470823 stone wall, Rydal (4) 
NY37630428 restaurant, Ambleside 
NY3704 Ambleside: Abseil Commercial 
NY34080712 stone wall, Grasmere (2) 
NY39020506 limekiln, Lakes 
NY37000360 limekiln, Clappersgate suggested
NY34420343 Skelwith Bridge, Lakes 
NY40950327 St Margaret's Well, Troutbeck 
NY3503 Brathay, River 
NY3308 Rothay, River 
NY27110421 Pike of Blisco, Lakes 
NY33690765 guide stone, Grasmere 
NY33100523 guide stone, Lakes 
NY34020553 guide stone, Lakes (2) 
NY33500466 guide stone, Langdale 
NY33540470 guide stone, Langdale (2) 
SD40769978 guide stone, Troutbeck 
NY41 High Street roman road 
NY38570206 Low Wood Hotel, Lakes L
SD392950 Windermere lake 
NY32640496 Elterwater Gunpowder Mills, Elterwater gone
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