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10Km squares

10Km square NY42

Aik Beck
Aira Bridge, Matterdale
Aira, Matterdale
Airy Crag, Matterdale
Aldby, Dacre
All Saints, Penruddock
All Saints, Watermillock
Andrew House, Stainton
Annas Sike
archaeological site, Tarn Moss
Arthur's Pike, Barton
Ash Cottage, Stainton
Ash How, Pooley Bridge
Ash View, Stainton
Askham Fell, Askham
Askham parish
Auterstone, Barton
Auterstone Crag, Barton
Auterstone Wood, Barton
Bald How, Matterdale
Baldhow, Matterdale
Bampton parish
Bank House, Howtown
Bank House, Newbiggin
Bankside, Penruddock
Barffs Wood, Greystoke
Barn End, Sockbridge
Barn End, Watermillock
barn, Martindale
barn, Penruddock
barn, Stainton
Baron Cross Quarry, Stainton
Baron's Hill, Dacre
Barton Church Farm, Barton
Barton Fell, Barton
Barton Hall, Barton
Barton House, Barton
Barton parish
Barton Park, Barton
Beacon View, Newbiggin
Beauthorn, Matterdale
Beckces, Beckces
Beckces Brewery, Beckces
Beckces, Hutton
Beckside Farm, Martindale
Beckside, Hutton
Bell Grove, Matterdale
Belmount, Dacre
bench mark, NY47622597
Bennethead Banks, Matterdale
Bennethead Farm, Matterdale
Bennethead, Matterdale
Bernard Pike, Matterdale
Berrier End, Mungrisdale
Beulah, Barton
Birk Crag, Matterdale
Birks, Dacre
Blackdike Beck
Black Hill, Hutton
Blind Keld, Mungrisdale
boat house, Barton (2)
boat house, Barton (3)
boat house, Barton (4)
boat house, Barton
boat house, Dacre
boat house, Martindale (2)
boat house, Martindale (3)
boat house, Martindale
boat house, Matterdale (11)
boat house, Matterdale (12)
boat house, Matterdale (13)
boat house, Matterdale (14)
boat house, Matterdale (15)
boat house, Matterdale (2)
boat house, Matterdale (3)
boat house, Matterdale (4)
boat house, Matterdale (5)
boat house, Matterdale (6)
boat house, Matterdale (7)
boat house, Matterdale (8)
boat house, Matterdale (9)
boat house, Matterdale
Bonfire Hill, Hutton
Bonfire Hill, Whitbarrow
Bonscale, Martindale
Bonscale Pike, Martindale
Bonscale Tower, Martindale
Bottoms, Stainton
boundary stone, Askham/Barton
boundary stone, Askham
boundary stone, Barton/Low Winder
boundary stone, Barton/Martindale
boundary stone, Barton/Sockbridge etc
boundary stone, Catterlen/Penrith
boundary stone, Dacre (2)
boundary stone, Dacre
boundary stone, Hutton/Matterdale
boundary stone, Hutton
Bowerbank, Barton
Bower Crag, Barton
Brackenrigg Hotel, Matterdale
Brantwood Bar, Stainton
bridge, Beckces
bridge, Dacre (2)
bridge, Dacre
bridge, Hutton
bridge, Matterdale
bridge, Stainton
Bright Tarn, Greystoke
Broad Ing, Sockbridge and Tirril
Brooklyn, Stainton
Broom Hill, Barton
Brown Beck
Brownhow Hill, Hutton
Brown Rigg, Barton
Brownrigg, Matterdale
building, Martindale
cairn, Stainton
Calley Bridge, Hutton
canal, Penrith and Ullswater
Carlsike Beck
Carthanet, Dacre
Castle, Askham
Castlehow Beck
Castlehows Point, Matterdale
Castle Side, Askham
Catterlen parish
Celleron, Barton
Celleron Cottage, Barton
Chapel House, Beckces
chapel, Longthwaite
chapel, Matterdale
chapel, Penruddock
church, Gowbarrow
Church View, Dacre
Clarkegate Inn, Longthwaite
Cloven Stone, Hutton
Cocklakes Hill, Hutton
Cockpit, Barton
Collierhagg Beck
Collier Hagg, Matterdale
Cooper Beck
Cop Stone, Askham
Corner House, Stainton
Cottage, Sockbridge
Cove, Matterdale
Cracoe, Barton
Crag House, Matterdale
Croft, Bennethead
Croft Head Farm, Matterdale
Croft House Farm, Greystoke
Croft House, Motherby
Crook-a-dyke, Barton
Cross Dormont, Barton
cross, Pooley Bridge
Crown Inn, Pooley Bridge
Dacrebank, Dacre
Dacre Bears, Dacre
Dacre Beck
Dacre Bridge, Dacre
Dacre Castle, Dacre
Dacre: Lakeland Mouldings
Dacre Lodge, Dacre
Dacre parish
Dalefoot, Bampton
Dalemain, Dacre
Dalemain Mill, Dacre
Dalemain's Greek Fir, Dacre
Daws Pond, Barton
Dewpot Holes, Askham
Division Moor, Dacre
Dobbin Wood, Matterdale
Dodgie Raise, Barton
dovecote, Hutton John
dovecote, Stainton
drain, Penruddock
drain, Pooley Bridge
Dunmallard Hill, Dacre
Dunmalloght Castle, Dacre
Eamont, River
earthwork, Barton
earthwork, Dunmallard Hill
Elderbeck, Barton
Elder Beck
Elm House, Pooley Bridge
Eusemere, Barton
Eveningbank Wood, Dacre
Fairfield Marina, Matterdale
Fairybead Sike
Fauldhead, Newbiggin
fence, Greystoke
fence, Hutton (2)
fingerpost, Dacre (2)
fingerpost, Flusco
fingerpost, Hutton
fingerpost, Matterdale
fingerpost, Motherby
fingerpost, Stainton (2)
fingerpost, Stainton
Finnkle Cottage, Pooley Bridge
Flosh, Dacre
Floshgate, Dacre
Flosh Gate Landing, Dacre
Flusco Bridge, Dacre
Flusco, Dacre (2)
Flusco, Dacre
Flusco Hill, Dacre
Flusco Lodge, Dacre
Flusco Lodge, Flusco
Flusco Lodge Quarry, Dacre
Flusco Pike, Dacre
Flusco Quarry, Dacre
Folly Cottage, Matterdale
fort, Hutton
Gale Bay, Barton
Garth Head, Penruddock
Gate Crags, Matterdale
gate, Penruddock (2)
gate, Penruddock
Gatesgarth, Matterdale
Geordie's Crag, Martindale
Ghyll Cottage, Dacre
Ghyll House, Greystoke
Glebe Farm, Barton
Goat Hill, Hutton
Goosegreen, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Bay, Ullswater
Gowbarrow Fell, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Hall, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Lodge, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale
Grandybrae Wood, Martindale
Grandyscar Wood, Barton
Great Meldrum, Matterdale
Greaves Beck
Greaves, Matterdale
Greenah, Matterdale
Greenbank, Ulcat Row
Greenclose, Hutton
Green Flat, Dacre
Greengeer Gutter, Barton
Greenhead, Matterdale
Green Hill, Matterdale
Greening, Matterdale
Greenkiln, Sockbridge and Tirril
Greenrow, Matterdale
Greyhound, Motherby
Greystoke Gill, Greystoke
Greystoke Moor Cottage, Greystoke
Greystoke Moor, Greystoke
Greystoke parish
Greystoke Pillar, Dacre
Greystone House, Stainton
Groove Sike
Grovefoot, Matterdale
Hagg Wood, Matterdale
Hag Stones, Askham
Hallbank, Stainton
Hallinhagg Wood, Martindale
Hallsteads, Matterdale
Hardengate, Matterdale
Hatter's Sike
Hause Head, Matterdale
Hause, Matterdale
Haybarrow Hill, Greystoke
Hazel Bank, Stainton
Hazelhurst, Watermillock
hedge, Barton
hedge, Matterdale
Helton Dale, Askham
Helton Fell, Askham
Herdwick Inn, Penruddock
Heugh Scar, Barton
Heughscar Hill, Barton
High Birchclose, Matterdale
High Bridge, Dacre
High Brow, Barton
High Farm, Penruddock
High Force, Matterdale
Highgate Farm, Hutton
High House, Matterdale
High How Hill, Askham
High Longthwaite, Matterdale
High Street roman road
High Winder, Barton
Hill, Matterdale
Hill, Newbiggin
Hill Top Farm, Hutton
Hind Crag, Matterdale
Hodgson Hill, Barton
Hoghouse Hill, Dacre
Hoghousehill, Dacre
Hole House Farm, Barton
Hollinthwaite, Barton
Holly Bank, Penruddock
Home Farm, Hutton
Home Farm, Ulcat Row
Home Garth, Newbiggin
Hoplands, Stainton
Horrock Wood Farm, Matterdale
Horse and Farrier, Dacre
house, Dacre
house, Motherby
house, Newbiggin (2)
house, Pooley Bridge
house, Sockbridge
house, Stainton
Howe Hill, Barton
Howehill House, Askham
Hutch Head, Hutton
Hutton Bridge, Hutton
Hutton John, Hutton
Hutton Mill, Hutton
Hutton Moor, Hutton
Hutton parish
Ivy Cottage, Penruddock
Jeanie Brewster's Well, Askham
Jennyhill, Matterdale
Joiners Arms, Newbiggin
Joyful Tree, Matterdale
Kailpot Bay, Martindale
Kailpot Crag, Martindale
Keld Head House, Stainton
Ketley Gate, Askham
Kings Arms, Stainton
Kirkbarrow, Barton
Kirkbarrow, Hutton
Kirk Rigg, Stainton
Kirk Sike
Kirksty Brow, Matterdale
Knotts, Askham
Knotts Farm, Matterdale
Knotts, Matterdale (2)
Laced Well, Hutton
Lacet Cottage, Hutton
Lacet Hill, Hutton
Lambgill, Longthwaite
Land Ends, Matterdale
landing stage, Barton
Leaming House, Matterdale
Leeming House Hotel, Matterdale
limekiln, Barton
limekiln, Berrier (2)
limekiln, Berrier
limekiln, Dacre
limekiln, Greystoke (2)
limekiln, Stainton
Little Acre, Newbiggin
Little Meldrum, Matterdale
Little Mell Fell, Matterdale
Lock Bank, Barton
Lodge Farm, Dacre
Long Crag, Barton
Longthwaite Beck
Longthwaite Bridge, Watermillock
Loup Knott, Barton
Lover's Walk Plantation, Dacre
Low Birchclose, Matterdale
Low Bridge, Dacre
Low Brow, Barton
Low Longthwaite, Matterdale
Lowthwaite Beck
Lowthwaite, Matterdale
Low Todrigg, Hutton
Low Winder, Barton
Lyulph's Tower, Matterdale
Maiden Castle earthwork, Matterdale
Maiden Castle, Matterdale
Mains Farm, Barton
Mains House, Stainton
Margate Cross, Sockbridge and Tirril
Martindale parish
Matterdale parish
Matterdale Rigg, Matterdale
Megbank, Stainton
Mellfell Beck
Mellfell Cottage, Hutton
Mellfell House, Matterdale
Mews, Stainton
Midtown House, Motherby
Midtown, Stainton
milestone, Dacre (2)
milestone, Dacre (3)
milestone, Dacre (4)
milestone, Dacre
milestone, Hutton (2)
milestone, Hutton (3)
milestone, Hutton (4)
milestone, Hutton (5)
Mill Moor, Barton
Millrigg Farm, Dacre
Molly Proudfoots Well, Barton
monastery, Dacre
Moora, Bampton
Moor Divock, Askham
Moor Divock stone circles, Askham
Moorend, Barton
Moorend, Matterdale
Moorslack Wood, Greystoke
Moorthwaite Spring, Dacre
Mossy Beck
Motherby, Greystoke
Motherby House, Motherby
Motherby stone circle, Hutton
Mounsey Bank, Dacre
Mungrisdale parish
Nabend, Matterdale
Netherhead Wood, Celleron
Nettle How, Motherby
Newbiggin, Dacre
Newbiggin House, Newbiggin
Newbiggin Village Hall, Newbiggin
Newton House, Motherby
Nobles Farm, Berrier
North Celleron Farm, Celleron
Oak Bank, Newbiggin
Old Chapel, Dacre
Old Chapel, Ulcat Row
Oldchurch Bay, Ullswater
Oldchurch, Matterdale
Old Park, Matterdale
Old Post Office, Newbiggin
Old Riggs, Dacre
Old School, Newbiggin
Park Foot, Barton
Parkhouse, Barton
Park House, Dacre
Parkhouse Gill
Parkhouse, Matterdale
Parkin Memorial Hall, Pooley Bridge
Peely Staplehold, Ullswater
Pencilmill Beck
Pencilmill Bridge, Matterdale
Pencil Mill, Matterdale
Penrith parish
Penruddock Hall, Hutton
Penruddock Primary School, Penruddock
Penruddock Station, Penruddock
Petteril, River
pinfold, Newbiggin (2)
pinfold, Penruddock
pinfold, Pooley Bridge
pinfold, Watermillock
Pooley Bridge, Barton: Catstycam
Pooley Bridge, Barton
Pooley Bridge Inn, Pooley Bridge
Pooley Bridge Pier, Dacre
Pooley Bridge, Pooley Bridge
Pooley Mill, Barton
Pooley Mill footbridge, Dacre
post box, Dacre
post box, Hutton
post office, Watermillock
Priest Quarry, Hutton
Priest's Crag, Matterdale
Pulpit Holes, Askham
railway bridge, Dacre (2)
railway bridge, Dacre
railway viaduct, Penruddock
rain gauge, Matterdale
Rampsbeck, Matterdale
Ramps Beck
Ravencragg, Barton
Ravenoaks, Matterdale
Rectory, Watermillock
Redhills Junction, Dacre
Redhills Limekilns, Dacre
Red Mire, Matterdale
Rheged, Dacre
Ridding Brow, Barton
Riddingleys Top, Askham
Ridding Scar, Barton
Riggs, Askham
Roehead, Barton
Roehouse, Barton
roman fort, Stone Carr
Rose Bank, Dacre
Rose Cottages, Dacre
Rose Farm, Dacre
Rose Hill, Dacre
Rose Walls, Stainton
Routing Gill Beck
Routing Gill, Hutton
Routing Gill
Ruddings Fell, Matterdale
Rumney Mead, Matterdale
sawmill, Bennethead
Scalegate, Askham
Scales Farm, Askham
school, Barton
School House, Dacre
school, Hutton
school, Matterdale
school, Stainton
seat, Dacre (2)
seat, Dacre
Seat Farm, Barton
seat, Penruddock (2)
seat, Penruddock
Selkeld Well, Beckces
Sharrow, Barton
Sharrow Bay, Barton
Sharrow Bay Hotel, Barton
Sharrow Cottages, Barton
Sharrow Mire, Barton
sheep feeder, Greystoke
sheep feeder, Hutton (2)
sheep feeder, Hutton
sheep feeder, Matterdale (2)
sheep feeder, Matterdale
sheepfold, Bennethead
sheepfold, Greystoke
sheepfold, Matterdale (2)
sheepfold, Matterdale
shooting box, Matterdale
Sike, Matterdale
Silver Field, Dacre
Skelly Neb, Matterdale
Skirsgill Hill, Askham
Skitwath Beck
slipway, Barton
Snuffmill, Dacre
Sockbridge and Tirril parish
Sockbridge Mill, Sockbridge and Tirril
Soulandsgate, Dacre
Soulby, Dacre
Soulby Fell, Dacre
Soulbyfell, Dacre
South Celleron Farm, Celleron
Southwaite, Dacre
Sparket, Matterdale
Sparket Mill, Matterdale
Spedding Farm, Beckces
Sportsman Inn, Hutton
Spring Bank, Hutton
Springfield, Hutton
Stafford Wood, Hutton
Stainton CofE Primary School, Stainton
Stainton, Dacre
Stainton Hill, Stainton
Stainton Island, Dacre
Stainton Methodist Church, Stainton
Stainton Shop and Post Office, Stainton
St Andrew, Dacre
Station Bridge, Penruddock
St John, Stainton
St Mary's Well, Hutton
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 10
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 11
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 12
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 13
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 14
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 1
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 2
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 3
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 4
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 5
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 6
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 7
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 8
St Michael, Barton: gravestone 9
St Michael, Barton
stocks, Dacre
Stoddah Bank, Hutton
Stoddahbank, Hutton
Stoddah Farm, Hutton
Stoddahgate, Hutton
Stoddah, Hutton
Stone Carr, Hutton
stone wall, Matterdale
St Paul, Pooley Bridge
summer house, Dacre
summer house, Matterdale
Sunbeam House, Newbiggin
sundial, Barton
sundial, Dacre
sundial, Watermillock
Sunnyside Barn, Pooley Bridge
Sun, Pooley Bridge
Swarthbank, Martindale
Swarth Beck (2)
Swarthbeck Cottage, Martindale
Swarthbeck Gill, Barton
Swarthbeck Gill Iron Trial, Martindale
Swarthbeck Gill
Swarthbeck, Martindale
Swarthbeck Point, Martindale
Swarthfield, Martindale
Swinburn's Park, Matterdale
Swinescales Beck
Swinescales, Hutton
Sycamore Cottage, Newbiggin
Sycamore House, Stainton
Sycamore View, Newbiggin
Tablerock Bay, Ullswater
Tarn Moor, Askham
telephone box, Dacre
Thackthwaite Beck
Thackthwaite, Matterdale
Thorn Croft, Stainton
Thorpe Farm, Sockbridge and Tirril
Thorpe, Sockbridge and Tirril
Threepow Raise, Askham
Thwaitehill, Barton
Thwaitehill Bay, Barton
Thwaitehill Neb, Barton
Todd Farm, Dacre
Tod Gill, Matterdale
Todgill, Matterdale
Todgill Sike
Tod Rigg, Hutton
Tongue Farm House, Matterdale
Tongue House, Matterdale
tower, Dacre
Townend Bridge, Watermillock
Town Head Farm, Dacre
Toykers Spring, Berrier
trig point, NY4076021820
Ulcat Row, Matterdale
Ullswater: Ullswater Steamers
Undercragg, Ulcat Row
Undercragg, Watermillock
Underwood, Matterdale
Viaduct Cottage, Penruddock
Vicarage, Barton
viewpoint, Dunmallard Hill
viewpoint, Hallinhagg
viewpoint, Lyulph's Tower
viewpoint, Pooley Bridge
viewpoint, Ridding Brow
viewpoint, Ullswater
viewpoint, Watermillock
village hall, Dacre
village hall, Penruddock
village hall, Stainton
Walloway, Hutton
Walnut House, Stainton
Waltons Place, Stainton
war memorial, Barton
war memorial, Watermillock
Wartches, Askham
Wartches Beck
Waterfoot, Dacre
Waterfoot Farm, Dacre
Waterfoot Lodge, Dacre
Watermillock Common, Matterdale (2)
Watermillock House, Watermillock
Watermillock, Matterdale
Watermillock Village Hall, Watermillock
Waterside House, Barton
Waterside House, Watermillock
water trough, Stainton (2)
water trough, Stainton
Watson Farm, Greystoke
Wayside, Barton
Wayside, Dacre
well, Newbiggin (2)
well, Newbiggin
Wham Sike
Whinny Crag, Barton
Whitbarrow Hall, Hutton
Whitbarrow, Hutton
White Bridge, Dacre
White Knott, Barton
White Raise, Askham
Whitestone Moor, Askham
Wildriggs, Penrith
Winder Gill, Barton
Winder Green, Barton
Winder Hall Cottage, Barton
Winder Hall Farm, Barton
Winder Plantation, Askham
Winder Wood, Barton
Windy Nook, Pooley Bridge
Wofa Holes, Askham Fell
Wood Hill, Askham
Woodlands, Stainton
Woodside, Barton
Woodview, Dacre
Wreay Farm, Bennethead
Wydon, Beckces
Yew Tree House, Motherby