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Mungrisdale parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3531
10Km square:-   NY23
10Km square:-   NY33
10Km square:-   NY43
10Km square:-   NY22
10Km square:-   NY32
10Km square:-   NY42
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Donald 1774 (Cmd) 
placename:-  Mungrisdale
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, 3x2 sheets, The County of Cumberland, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by Thomas Donald, engraved and published by Joseph Hodskinson, 29 Arundel Street, Strand, London, 1774.
item:-  Carlisle Library : Map 2
Image © Carlisle Library

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 294 (1971)

NY3133 Armo' Grain 
NY37112794 Askew Rigg, Mungrisdale L
NY32552830 Atkinson Pike, Threlkeld 
NY37243344 Bank House, Mungrisdale 
NY3429 Bannerdale Beck (2) 
NY33432930 Bannerdale Crags, Mungrisdale 
NY33542945 Bannerdale Mine, Mungrisdale 
NY36123030 Bannerdale View, Mungrisdale 
NY34132946 Bannerdale, Mungrisdale 
NY3729 Barrow Beck 
NY35873166 bee boles, Bowscale 
NY39862974 Bells House, Berrier 
NY40992920 Berrier End, Mungrisdale 
NY39752985 Berrier Head Farm, Berrier 
NY39972964 Berrier, Mungrisdale 
NY34682876 bield, Mungrisdale 
NY35473037 bield, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY35343007 bield, Mungrisdale (3) 
NY33823193 bield, Mungrisdale (4) 
NY34722978 bield, Mungrisdale (5) 
NY35303249 bield, Mungrisdale (6) 
NY31753175 bield, Mungrisdale (7) 
NY37483608 Bishopspot, Mungrisdale L
NY35643251 Black Crag, Mungrisdale 
NY3130 Blackhazel Beck 
NY3727 Blake Beck 
NY36552811 Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale L
NY36662776 Blakebeck, Mungrisdale L
NY41312945 Blind Keld, Mungrisdale 
NY32352837 Blue Screes, Mungrisdale 
NY36583249 boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah L
NY36633256 boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (2) L
NY36643254 boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (3) L
NY37403213 boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (4) L gone
NY37293213 boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (5) L gone
NY35703197 boundary stone, Bowscale 
NY36083125 boundary stone, Bowscale (2) 
NY35703199 boundary stone, Bowscale (3) 
NY35852678 boundary stone, Matterdale/Mungrisdale 
NY36563249 boundary stone, Mosedale L
NY36553249 boundary stone, Mungrisdale 
NY36573250 boundary stone, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY36633253 boundary stone, Mungrisdale (3) 
NY36633256 boundary stone, Mungrisdale (4) 
NY36863115 boundary stone, Mungrisdale (5) L
NY36323336 boundary stone, Mungrisdale (6) 
NY33353054 Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale 
NY33663134 Bowscale Tarn, Mungrisdale 
NY35873165 Bowscale, Mungrisdale 
NY3233 Brandy Gill 
NY32233377 Brandy Gill Level, Mungrisdale 
NY36053423 bridge, Caldbeck (4) 
NY37423700 bridge, Castle Sowerby 
NY36442781 bridge, Mungrisdale L
NY36233028 bridge, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY36352822 bridge, Mungrisdale (3) 
NY33112829 Brunt Knott, Mungrisdale 
NY35463297 Buck Kirk, Mungrisdale 
NY3430 Bullfell Beck 
NY40152956 Cape Farm, Berrier 
NY36323339 Carrhead Footbridge, Mungrisdale 
NY34233372 Carrock Fell, Caldbeck 
NY35653283 Chapel Stone, Mungrisdale 
NY36253049 Chapelside, Mungrisdale L
NY37933581 Churchstile, Mungrisdale L
NY30332881 Cloven Stone, Mungrisdale 
NY3427 Comb Beck (3) 
NY31003271 Coomb Height, Caldbeck 
NY31513290 Coomb, Mungrisdale 
NY36652988 Copyhill, Mungrisdale L
NY38593167 Cow Snout Wood, Mungrisdale 
NY35363310 Crag Fast, Mungrisdale 
NY40072955 Croft House, Berrier 
NY36393020 Croft House, Mungrisdale 
NY36613309 Crook a Fleet, Mungrisdale L
NY31633153 dam, Mungrisdale 
NY36613703 Deer Rudding, Mungrisdale 
NY35693239 drain, Mosedale 
NY3431 Drycomb Beck 
NY333305 Drycomb Mount, Mungrisdale 
NY34463136 Drycomb, Mungrisdale 
NY37443607 earthwork, Mungrisdale 
NY39882970 Eycott Farm, Berrier L
NY38662948 Eycott Hill, Mungrisdale 
NY38303046 Fairy Knott, Mungrisdale 
NY37812867 Far Howe, Mungrisdale 
NY36062824 Far Southerfell, Mungrisdale 
NY37162857 Farend, Mungrisdale 
NY36113033 Fell Cottage, Mungrisdale 
NY36732905 fence, Souther Fell 
NY375294 Field Boulder Fold, Mungrisdale 
NY37812770 Field Head, Mungrisdale 
NY36253028 fingerpost, Mungrisdale 
NY37262947 footbridge, Mungrisdale 
NY37222943 footbridge, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY31273127 ford, Mungrisdale possible
NY36522987 ford, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY35062946 ford, Mungrisdale (3) 
NY35663025 ford, Mungrisdale (4) 
NY32452838 Foule Crag, Mungrisdale 
NY3533 Further Gill Sike 
NY353334 Further Gill, Mungrisdale 
NY36213033 Gate Farm, Mungrisdale L
NY32343235 gate, Mungrisdale 
NY32923263 geological site, Mungrisdale 
NY38323526 Gill Field, Mungrisdale 
NY3736 Gillcambon Beck 
NY3835 Gillfield Sike 
NY32772914 Glenderamackin Col, Mungrisdale 
NY3426 Glenderamackin, River 
NY3133 Grainsgill Beck 
NY31023393 Great Lingy Hill, Caldbeck 
NY39662838 Greenah Crag Farm, Mungrisdale 
NY37452755 Grisdale Common, Mungrisdale 
NY30853317 Gunner Well, Mungrisdale 
NY36763643 Haltcliff Bridge, Haltcliff Bridge 
NY36713657 Haltcliff Bridge, Mungrisdale 
NY32543333 Haltering How, Mungrisdale 
NY31543442 Hare Stones, Caldbeck 
NY4029 Hatter's Sike 
NY36172889 Hazelhurst, Mungrisdale 
NY36463536 Heggle House, Heggle Lane 
NY36533545 Heggle Lane, Heggle Lane 
NY36473527 Heggle Lane, Mungrisdale 
NY3635 Heggle Sike 
NY36973525 Heggle Wood, Mungrisdale 
NY36643598 Hegglefoot, Mungrisdale 
NY37213477 Hegglehead, Mungrisdale 
NY36582988 High Beckside, Mungrisdale 
NY38043138 High Murrah, Murrah 
NY39053080 Highbanks Wood, Mungrisdale 
NY34183363 hillfort, Carrock Fell 
NY37923594 Hole House, Mungrisdale 
NY35863167 Home Farm Cottage, Bowscale L
NY37353411 Horse Shoe Inn, Hutton Roof 
NY36733658 house, Haltcliff Bridge L
NY37273409 house, Hutton Roof (3) 
NY35693227 house, Mosedale 
NY36493479 house, Stewart Hill 
NY37752844 How Top, Mungrisdale 
NY36482713 Hutton Moor End, Mungrisdale 
NY37293411 Hutton Roof, Mungrisdale 
NY33593344 Iron Crags, Mungrisdale 
NY34943243 Kelt Crag, Mungrisdale 
NY34902779 Knotts, Mungrisdale 
NY37462705 Lane Head, Mungrisdale 
NY35853166 lantry trough, Bowscale 
NY40882938 limekiln, Berrier 
NY40162947 limekiln, Berrier (2) 
NY36393027 limekiln, Mungrisdale 
NY37183166 limekiln, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY38763061 limekiln, Mungrisdale (5) 
NY38093188 limekiln, Murrah 
NY38153119 limekiln, Murrah (2) 
NY36952725 Lisco Farm, Mungrisdale 
NY38563012 Little Eycott Hill, Mungrisdale 
NY30213344 Little Lingy Hill, Caldbeck 
NY30422960 Long Brow, Mungrisdale 
NY3231 Long Gill (8) 
NY31873358 Longdale, Mungrisdale 
NY36562981 Low Beckside, Mungrisdale 
NY38353159 Low Berrier Wood, Mungrisdale 
NY36452707 Low House, Mungrisdale L
NY36573249 Low Mill Bridge, Mungrisdale 
NY36833244 Low Mill Farm, Mungrisdale L
NY36613262 Low Mill, Mungrisdale 
NY37823113 Low Murrah, Murrah 
NY37533161 Low Murrah, Murrah (2) 
NY35602714 Lowside, Mungrisdale L
NY36593479 Marks House, Mungrisdale L
NY35623227 Middle Farm Cottage, Mungrisdale L
NY35703232 Middles' Farm, Mosedale L
NY36902733 milestone, Mungrisdale 
NY36653660 Mill House, Haltcliff Bridge L out of sight
NY36323023 Mill Inn, Mungrisdale 
NY36313028 mill, Mungrisdale 
NY30553340 Miller Moss, Mungrisdale 
NY38073425 Millfield Lodge, Mungrisdale 
NY3735 Millfield Sike 
NY38143435 Millfield Wood, Mungrisdale 
NY34052909 mine, Mungrisdale 
NY32903418 Miton Hill, Caldbeck 
NY35703199 Mosedale Bridge, Mosedale L
NY35693243 Mosedale End Farm, Mosedale 
NY35593214 Mosedale House, Mosedale L
NY35863316 Mosedale Moss, Mungrisdale 
NY35663202 Mosedale New Bridge, Mosedale 
NY343324 Mosedale valley, Mungrisdale 
NY35713227 Mosedale, Mungrisdale 
NY36913143 Moss Dyke, Mungrisdale 
NY34582759 Mousthwaite Comb, Threlkeld 
NY3630 Mungrisdale Beck perhaps
NY36383024 Mungrisdale Village Hall, Mungrisdale 
NY3630 Mungrisdale: Skelton, Joseph 
NY37803163 Murrah Hall, Murrah 
NY37853144 Murrah, Mungrisdale 
NY3828 Naddles Beck 
NY38742947 Naddles Crags, Mungrisdale 
NY37392876 Near Howe, Mungrisdale 
NY38743495 Newsham Bridge, Greystoke 
NY40332916 Nobles Farm, Berrier 
NY37933406 Nook, Mungrisdale 
NY36493436 Norman Crag, Mungrisdale 
NY36972725 Old Liscow, Mungrisdale 
NY36323044 Old Vicarage, Mungrisdale 
NY40302927 Palmer House, Berrier 
NY34702793 pass, Threlkeld 
NY345336 Pike, Mungrisdale 
NY36443001 pinfold, Mungrisdale suggested
NY36313057 quarry, Mungrisdale 
NY36133084 Raven Crags, Mungrisdale 
NY32713449 Red Gate, Caldbeck 
NY37162952 Redmire Farm Fold, Mungrisdale 
NY37342980 Redmire, Mungrisdale 
NY30403280 Rigg, Mungrisdale 
NY37952730 roman fort, Hutton Moor (2) 
NY36463505 Rose Cottage, Heggle Lane 
NY33413374 Round Knott, Caldbeck 
NY33433373 Round Knott, Mungrisdale 
NY33933235 Roundhouse, Mungrisdale L
NY33202859 Saddleback Old Mine, Mungrisdale 
NY2928 Salehow Beck 
NY38003297 Scale Wood, Mungrisdale 
NY38073336 Scales Farm, Mungrisdale 
NY37953339 Scales, Mungrisdale 
NY36173034 School House, Mungrisdale L
NY39552994 school, Berrier gone
NY37223410 school, Hutton Roof (2) 
NY36293052 school, Mungrisdale L
NY34883360 Scurth, Mungrisdale 
NY32692834 Sharp Edge, Mungrisdale 
NY346334 sheepfold, Mungrisdale 
NY34333358 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY352335 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (3) 
NY33242862 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (4) 
NY34363057 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (5) 
NY33963050 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (6) 
NY34112966 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (7) 
NY35082947 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (8) 
NY33373260 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (9) 
NY32843257 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (10) 
NY34943214 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (11) 
NY34403141 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (12) 
NY35033275 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (13) 
NY37302732 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (14) 
NY32223224 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (15) 
NY32083216 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (16) 
NY31923052 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (17) 
NY31363104 sheepfold, Mungrisdale (18) 
NY32372847 shelter, Mungrisdale 
NY3231 Short Gill (2) 
NY35523267 Snailshell Crag, Mungrisdale 
NY35972793 Southerfell barn, Mungrisdale L
NY35952790 Southerfell Cottage, Mungrisdale L
NY35952789 Southerfell, Mungrisdale L
NY29612880 Stake, Underskiddaw 
NY36673474 Stewart Hill Farm, Mungrisdale 
NY36633478 Stewart Hill, Mungrisdale 
NY35523363 Stone Ends, Mungrisdale 
NY35453175 stone wall, Mosedale 
NY37422937 stone wall, Mungrisdale 
NY34853180 stone wall, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY35303320 Strong Trod, Mungrisdale 
NY37923193 Sureset Spring, Murrah 
NY38153195 Sureset Stone, Mungrisdale 
NY34103246 Swineside, Mungrisdale 
NY34253239 Swineside, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY33503116 Tarn Crags, Mungrisdale 
NY3331 Tarn Sike (2) 
NY37483499 Thwaite Hall, Mungrisdale L
NY34753017 Tongue, Mungrisdale 
NY40692896 Toykers Spring, Berrier 
NY3726 Trout Beck (3) 
NY37302859 Underhow, Mungrisdale 
NY37222842 Underhowe, Mungrisdale L
NY39852972 water trough, Berrier 
NY34263052 water trough, Mungrisdale 
NY34612805 waterfall, Glenderamackin 
NY302343 waterfall, Roughton Gill 
NY35733169 waterworks sign, Bowscale 
NY35882677 waterworks sign, Mungrisdale 
NY36702958 waterworks sign, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY34863062 waterworks, Mungrisdale 
NY35923163 well, Bowscale 
NY37462953 Westing, Mungrisdale 
NY37443426 Wham Head Farm, Hutton Roof L
NY37323418 Wham Head Lodge, Hutton Roof 
NY34773304 White Crags, Mungrisdale 
NY34152823 White Horse Bent, Mungrisdale 
NY37273027 White Moss, Mungrisdale 
NY2931 Wiley Gill 
NY36662855 Wilton Hill, Mungrisdale 
NY35842678 Wolt Bridge, Matterdale 
NY31752922 Mungrisdale Common, Mungrisdale 
NY36363044 St Kentigern, Mungrisdale L
NY36373039 Mungrisdale 
NY35272888 Souther Fell, Mungrisdale 
NY32353306 Carrock Fell Mines, Mungrisdale 
NY3851 Caldew, River 
NY35683223 meeting house, Mosedale L
NY36722856 gate stoup, Mungrisdale 
NY36722897 gate stoup, Mungrisdale (2) 
NY36522985 footbridge, Mungrisdale (3) 
NY36522715 Moor End Farm, Mungrisdale L
NY36373068 Undercrag, Mungrisdale L
NY35863170 barn, Bowscale 
NY36092824 barn, Far Southerfell 
NY35643219 Croft House, Mosedale L
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