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Hutton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4126
10Km square:-   NY32
10Km square:-   NY42
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 284 (1971)

NY42922770 All Saints, Penruddock 
NY400275 archaeological site, Tarn Moss 
NY42902784 Bankside, Penruddock L
NY42912794 barn, Penruddock L
NY41762775 Beckces Brewery, Beckces 
NY41742766 Beckces, Beckces 
NY41832782 Beckces, Hutton 
NY41722816 Beckside, Hutton 
NY41952791 Black Hill, Hutton 
NY40702819 Bonfire Hill, Hutton 
NY407282 Bonfire Hill, Whitbarrow 
NY43122751 boundary stone, Hutton 
NY41202532 boundary stone, Hutton/Matterdale 
NY41732783 bridge, Beckces 
NY41202532 bridge, Hutton 
NY40822657 Brownhow Hill, Hutton 
NY43862652 Calley Bridge, Hutton L
NY41902780 Chapel House, Beckces 
NY42542747 chapel, Penruddock L
NY40112416 Cloven Stone, Hutton 
NY40792751 Cocklakes Hill, Hutton 
NY38732782 cross, Lofshaw Hill 
NY439269 dovecote, Hutton John 
NY42722769 drain, Penruddock 
NY38042723 fence, Hutton 
NY41912647 fence, Hutton (2) 
NY43392671 fingerpost, Hutton 
NY41212563 fort, Hutton suggested
NY42582752 Garth Head, Penruddock 
NY42952802 gate, Penruddock 
NY42602791 gate, Penruddock (2) 
NY41892743 Goat Hill, Hutton 
NY39672538 Great Mell Fell, Hutton 
NY39332810 Greenah Moss, Hutton 
NY42532651 Greenclose, Hutton L
NY4029 Hatter's Sike 
NY42662768 Herdwick Inn, Penruddock 
NY42362749 High Farm, Penruddock L
NY44452755 Highgate Farm, Hutton 
NY41772725 Hill Top Farm, Hutton 
NY42912778 Holly Bank, Penruddock L
NY43912688 Home Farm, Hutton 
NY43132682 Hutch Head, Hutton 
NY43412670 Hutton 
NY43382669 Hutton Bridge, Hutton 
NY43972696 Hutton John, Hutton L out of sight
NY42352705 Hutton Mill, Hutton 
NY401269 Hutton Moor, Hutton 
NY42512748 Ivy Cottage, Penruddock L
SD5675 Keer, River 
NY44402848 Kirkbarrow, Hutton 
NY3825 Kitto Beck 
NY43042678 Laced Well, Hutton 
NY43052680 Lacet Cottage, Hutton 
NY42722683 Lacet Hill, Hutton 
NY38732782 Lofshaw Hill, Hutton 
NY41842677 Low Todrigg, Hutton 
NY4024 Mellfell Beck 
NY40722492 Mellfell Cottage, Hutton gone
NY38532723 milestone, Hutton 
NY43122751 milestone, Hutton (2) 
NY44672763 milestone, Hutton (4) 
NY40042773 milestone, Hutton (5) not found
NY419282 Motherby stone circle, Hutton 
NY42862766 Penruddock 
NY43142811 Penruddock Hall, Hutton 
NY42732769 Penruddock Primary School, Penruddock 
NY42582797 Penruddock Station, Penruddock 
NY42832777 pinfold, Penruddock 
NY43382670 post box, Hutton 
NY42032801 Priest Quarry, Hutton 
NY39602466 Racy Cottage, Hutton 
NY42912798 railway viaduct, Penruddock 
NY38402730 roman fort, Hutton Moor 
NY38892765 roman fort, Hutton Moor (3) 
NY41962832 roman fort, Stone Carr 
NY4025 Routing Gill 
NY4025 Routing Gill Beck 
NY40372513 Routing Gill, Hutton 
NY42222776 school, Hutton gone
NY41882769 Selkeld Well, Beckces 
NY43962835 sheep feeder, Hutton 
NY44022756 sheep feeder, Hutton (2) 
NY38592725 sheepfold, Hutton Moor 
NY39092707 signal box, Troutbeck 
NY4227 Skitwath Beck 
NY41772784 Spedding Farm, Beckces 
NY40532793 Sportsman Inn, Hutton 
NY41032564 Spring Bank, Hutton L
NY405279 Springfield, Hutton 
NY44032705 St Mary's Well, Hutton 
NY44662834 Stafford Wood, Hutton 
NY41492639 Stoddah Bank, Hutton 
NY41782633 Stoddah Farm, Hutton L
NY41492685 Stoddah, Hutton 
NY41472676 Stoddahbank, Hutton 
NY41792649 Stoddahgate, Hutton 
NY41982826 Stone Carr, Hutton 
NY4127 Swinescales Beck 
NY41462712 Swinescales, Hutton 
NY39942744 Tarn Moss, Hutton 
NY4125 Thackthwaite Beck 
NY41682702 Tod Rigg, Hutton 
NY38992707 Troutbeck Station, Troutbeck 
NY38942608 Troutbeck, Matterdale 
NY42882795 Viaduct Cottage, Penruddock L
NY42712769 village hall, Penruddock 
NY41182551 Walloway, Hutton 
NY38602713 weather station, Hutton (2) 
NY4026 Wham Sike 
NY40932844 Whitbarrow Hall, Hutton 
NY40912820 Whitbarrow, Hutton 
NY41772748 Wydon, Beckces 
NY42442814 Station Bridge, Penruddock 
 Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 
NY38932710 Troutbeck Inn, Troutbeck 
NY4935 Petteril, River 
NY41592786 milestone, Hutton (3) 
NY42042781 seat, Penruddock 
NY43142751 seat, Penruddock (2) 
NY38952710 auction room, Troutbeck 
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