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Shap Rural parish
Shap Rural
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5212
10Km square:-   NY41
10Km square:-   NY51
10Km square:-   NY40
10Km square:-   NY50
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Shappe
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Shapp
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 166 (1971)

place:-   Shap Constablewick (most of)
place:-   Crosby Ravensworth Constablewick (part of)

NY48461288 Aaron's Bield, Mardale 
NY54731534 Abbey Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY54851490 Abbey Mill, Shap Rural gone
NY54881474 Abbey Park, Shap Rural 
NY47110907 Adam Seat, Longsleddale 
NY58301271 Anne's Well, Shap Rural 
NY47701170 Arnold Bridge, Mardale gone
NY480102 Artle Crag, Shap Rural 
NY47781002 Artlecrag Pike, Shap Rural 
NY54001691 Ash Hill, Rosgill 
NY53551658 Badgetwath, Rosgill 
NY53261696 Barker Hill, Shap Rural 
NY54031693 barn, Rosgill 
NY53571756 barn, Shap Rural 
NY51311207 Beastman's Crag, Shap Rual 
NY57971068 Beck Head, Shap Rural 
NY54921140 Beckside, Wet Sleddale drowned
NY55931711 bee boles, Shap Rural 
NY53931730 Benny Howe, Shap Rural 
NY51941419 Bewbarrow Crag, Shap Rural 
NY46711175 bield, Mardale 
NY46671165 bield, Mardale (2) 
NY46951001 bield, Shap Rural 
NY52941370 bield, Swindale 
NY49611135 Black Bells, Shap Rural 
NY51841808 Black Bridge, Bampton 
NY5012 Black Crag Gill 
NY51971221 Black Crag, Shap Rual 
NY50841319 Black Crag, Swindale 
NY45630951 Black John Hole, Kentmere 
NY49721132 Black Wood Crag, Shap Rural 
NY53541402 Blaze Hill, Shap Rural 
NY5710 Blea Beck 
NY52651268 Blea Moss, Shap Rural 
NY4545 Blea Water Beck 
NY446104 Blea Water Crag, Mardale 
NY44871075 Blea Water, Mardale 
NY56901004 Bleabeck Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY5106 Bleaberry Gill (2) 
NY54921287 Bleak Dod, Shap Rural 
NY53281210 Bleak Hill, Shap Rural 
NY47891117 Boat Howe, Mardale 
NY57190250 Borrowdale, Whinfell 
NY4623309562 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Kentmere/etc 
NY45980931 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural 
NY4647809717 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (2) 
NY46930938 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (3) 
NY47110908 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (4) 
NY47730976 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (6) 
NY47760982 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (7) 
NY49100801 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (12) 
NY46841174 Bowderthwaite, Mardale gone?
NY54601196 Bowfield, Wet Sleddale 
NY53351393 Bracken Howe, Shap Rural 
NY47281127 Brackenhowe, Mardale gone
NY47820993 Branstree, Longsleddale 
NY46731081 bridge, Mardale 
NY47991175 bridge, Mardale (2) 
NY56661172 bridge, Shap Rural 
NY56011255 bridge, Shap Rural (2) 
NY51191583 bridge, Shap Rural (3) 
NY52701503 bridge, Swindale 
NY50331191 bridge, Swindale (2) 
NY52331392 bridge, Swindale (3) 
NY55831861 bridge, Thrimby 
NY55681842 bridge, Thrimby (2) 
NY55901709 Brinns Farm, Shap Rural 
NY56021731 Brinns Thorn, Shap Rural 
NY55871671 Brinns Well, Shap Rural 
NY58461318 Broken Cross, Shap Rural 
NY55271396 Brown Hill, Shap Rural 
NY48431239 Brown Howe, Mardale 
NY518085 Brown Howe, Shap Rural (2) 
NY48151241 Brownhowe Crag, Mardale 
NY501091 Brunt Tongue, Shap Rural 
NY53901594 Buck Stone, Shap Rural 
NY57641080 Busk, Shap Rural 
NY51041444 cairn, Shap Rural 
NY4811 Captain Whelter Beck 
NY49161091 Captain Whelter Bog, Shap Rural 
NY45071126 Caspel Gate, Shap Rural 
NY45041125 Caspel Tarn, Shap Rural 
NY54311314 Channel Mire, Shap Rural 
NY47601170 Chapel Bridge, Mardale gone
NY47401170 Chapel Hill, Mardale gone
NY55521274 Cocklethwaite, Shap Rural 
NY55591206 Cooper's Green, Wet Sleddale 
NY47401216 Crag Dub, Mardale gone
NY54751681 Crag Lane, Shap Rural 
NY56711685 Crayston, Shap Rural 
NY53711686 Croft House, Rosgill 
NY54321682 Croft House, Rosgill (2) 
NY5306 Crookdale Beck 
NY55020554 Crookdale Bridge, Fawcett Forest L
NY51540716 Crookdale Fold, Shap Rural 
NY53260652 Crookdale, Shap Rural 
NY55081228 Dale End, Wet Sleddale 
NY50971521 dam, Shap Rural 
NY51521609 dam, Shap Rural (2) 
NY446104 Dixon's Three Jumps, Mardale 
NY50141162 Dod Bottom, Shap Rural 
NY53311417 Dog Hill, Shap Rural 
NY5112 Dry Grove Gill 
NY46421065 Dudderwick Force, Mardale 
NY46601220 Dudderwick, Mardale 
NY47601150 Dun Bull, Mardale gone
NY46321126 Eagle Crag, Mardale 
NY56641611 Edges, Shap 
NY55361073 Edmond Coart, Shap Rural 
NY50891189 Ewe Close, Swindale 
NY53491597 Fairy Crag, Shap Rural 
NY51251179 Fewling Stones, Shap Rural 
NY47091168 Field Head, Mardale gone
NY46881067 fingerpost, Mardale 
NY57211552 Flat, Shap Rural suggested
NY47481207 Flybeck Dub, Mardale gone
NY475117 Fold, Shap Rural gone
NY45351092 footbridge, Mardale 
NY47090982 footbridge, Shap Rural (4) 
NY51511322 footbridge, Swindale 
NY50661161 footbridge, Swindale (2) 
NY54541108 footbridge, Wet Sleddale 
NY55641221 footbridge, Wet Sleddale (2) 
NY5713 Force Beck (3) 
NY50071145 Forces Falls, Swindale 
NY51471318 ford, Swindale 
NY55611407 ford, Thornship 
NY517158 Frith Wood, Shap Rural 
NY53181167 Gambling Crag, Shap Rural 
NY53341157 Gambling Moss, Shap Rural 
NY53161153 Gambling Well, Shap Rural 
NY54400679 Gargill, Shap Rural 
NY474094 Gatescarth Beck 
NY49951127 Geordie Greathead Crag, Shap Rural 
NY50611584 Gill Dubs, Bampton 
NY52071219 Glede Howe, Shap Rural 
NY53421614 Goodcroft, Shap Rural 
NY53241181 Goose Crag, Shap Rural 
NY47811188 Goosemire, Mardale gone
NY51351262 Gouther Crag, Shap Rural 
NY5112 Gouthercrag Gill 
NY53241236 Great Ladstones, Shap Rural 
NY525075 Great Yarlside, Shap Rural 
NY55131204 Green Farm, Wet Sleddale 
NY53091522 Green Owlet, Shap Rural 
NY58501042 Green Thorn, Shap Rural 
NY47841166 Greenhead, Mardale suggestedgone
NY53970919 Grey Bull, Shap Rural 
NY47831172 Grove Brae, Mardale gone
NY4813 Guerness Gill 
NY480134 Guerness Gill Mine, Shap Rural 
NY487143 Guerness Wood, Shap Rural 
NY45280960 guide stone, Nan Bield Pass 
NY56771783 Gunnerkeld Bottom, Shap Rural 
NY56821776 Gunnerkeld stone circle, Shap Rural 
NY54041581 Hag Wood, Shap Rural 
NY53281124 Hall Moss, Shap Rural 
NY53271147 Hallmoss Hill, Shap Rural 
NY51041328 Hannah Crags, Swindale 
NY58121210 Hardendale Fell, Shap Rural 
NY58321457 Hardendale Hall, Hardendale L
NY58501412 Hardendale Nab, Shap Rural 
NY57121338 Hardendale Quarry works, Shap Rural 
NY58771389 Hardendale Quarry, Shap Rural 
NY58251464 Hardendale, Shap Rural 
NY49751315 Hare Shaw, Shap Rural 
NY49541249 Hareshaw Pike, Mardale 
NY50981433 Harper Hills, Shap Rural 
NY50080781 Harrop Pike, Longsleddale 
NY46790983 Harter Fell Gully, Shap Rural 
NY459093 Harter Fell, Shap Rural 
NY5111 Haskew Beck 
NY52111131 Haskew Tarn, Shap Rural 
NY58241153 Hause Farm, Shap Rural 
NY55120659 Hause Hill, Orton S 
NY47711364 Hawes Water 
 Haweswater Aqueduct 
NY5116 Haweswater Beck 
NY51 Haweswater Railway 
NY51401301 Hawthorn Gill 
NY53111581 Hazel Shaw, Shap Rural 
NY53331711 Hegdale, Shap Rural 
NY46551130 Heron Crag, Mardale 
NY46811166 hide, Mardale 
NY46431170 hide, Mardale (2) 
NY49471175 High Blake Dod, Shap Rural 
NY49701203 High Burkin Knott, Shap Rural 
NY543048 High House Bank, Shap Rural 
NY52200691 High House Fell, Shap Rural 
NY53101423 High House, Shap Rural 
NY52551331 High Katelade, Swindale 
NY48191194 High Loup, Mardale 
NY51471087 High Weather Howe, Swindale 
NY51481092 High Wether Howe, Shap Rural 
NY501113 Hobgrumble Falls, Shap Rural 
NY5113 Hobgrumble Gill 
NY52651347 Hollin Crag, Swindale 
NY4811 Hop Gill, Mardale 
NY4811 Hopgill Beck 
NY48651351 house, Shap Rural 
NY50311395 house, Shap Rural (2) 
NY54891158 How, Wet Sleddale suggestedgone
NY5510 Howe Gill 
NY55141154 Howe, Wet Sleddale drowned
NY498104 Howes, Shap Rural 
NY45591154 Hugh's Cave, Riggindale 
NY58521314 Isle Plantation, Shap Rural 
NY5415 Janet Tree, Shap Rural 
NY57271226 Jingling Pot, Shap Rural 
NY48091241 juniper trees, Mardale 
NY55311434 Keld Dub, Keld 
NY5413 Keld Gill 
NY52331349 Kirkgate, Swindale 
NY491145 Kit Crag, Shap Rural 
NY50501199 Knott, Swindale 
NY52841346 Langhowe Pike, Shap Rural 
NY54311416 Lanshaw Hill, Shap Rural 
NY5414 Lanshaw Sike 
NY46841043 larch trees, Mardale Head 
NY5523 Leith, River 
NY58151448 limekiln, Hardendale 
NY58401431 limekiln, Hardendale (2) 
NY53951708 limekiln, Rosgill 
NY55051605 limekiln, Shap Rural 
NY54471671 limekiln, Shap Rural (2) L
NY54711656 limekiln, Shap Rural (3) 
NY53461778 limekiln, Shap Rural (4) 
NY55851767 limekiln, Shap Rural (6) 
NY56481740 limekiln, Shap Rural (7) 
NY55751353 Lingy Hill, Shap Rural 
NY4809 Little Grain Gill 
NY53541262 Little Ladstsones, Shap Rural 
NY5008 Little Mosedale Beck 
NY53110715 Little Yarlside, Shap Rural 
NY55920904 Long Fell, Shap Rural 
NY50851370 Long Rigg, Shap Rural 
NY44511128 Long Stile, Shap Rural 
NY5610 Longfell Gill 
NY51840660 Lord's Seat, Shap Rural 
NY49451175 Low Blake Dod, Shap Rural 
NY49981230 Low Burkin Knott, Shap Rural 
NY55921081 Low Fell, Shap Rural 
NY5014 Low Goat Gill 
NY52301340 Low Katelade, Swindale 
NY48111185 Low Loup, Mardale 
NY482118 Low Loup, Shap Rural 
NY47050999 Lowmoss Fold, Shap Rural 
NY58021274 M6, junction 39 
NY482125 Mardale Banks, Shap Rural 
NY4610 Mardale Beck 
NY48501150 Mardale Common, Shap Rural 
NY478117 Mardale Green, Shap Rural 
NY46921072 Mardale Head, Mardale 
NY44751012 Mardale Ill Bell, Kentmere 
NY47941308 Mardale Tunnel, Shap Rural 
NY456105 Mardale Waters, Mardale 
NY53841756 Mary's Pillar, Shap Rural L
NY5212 Mealhowe Gill 
NY5114 Mere Sike (2) 
NY57251477 Mesne Ground, Shap Rural 
NY53681167 Michael Moss, Shap Rural 
NY58381072 milestone, Shap Rural (2) 
NY56440846 milestone, Shap Rural (3) not found
NY55350742 milestone, Shap Rural (4) not found
NY56480959 milestone, Shap Rural (6) perhaps once
NY56491001 milestone, Shap Rural (7) not found
NY5312 Mirk Gill 
NY51051480 Mirkside, Shap Rural 
NY56071238 molecatcher's gibbet, Wet Sleddale 
NY5010 Mosedale Beck (3) 
NY49480949 Mosedale Cottage, Shap Rural 
NY49400970 Mosedale Quarry, Shap Rural 
NY49850946 Mosedale, Shap Rural 
NY4812 Moss Gill 
NY57481420 motorway bridge, Shap 
NY56781707 motorway bridge, Shap Rural 
NY57381549 motorway bridge, Shap Rural (2) 
NY57441478 motorway bridge, Shap Rural (3) 
NY51741341 Mullender, Swindale 
NY57961388 Nab, Shap Rural 
NY50231105 Nabs Moor, Shap Rural 
NY5014 Naddle Beck (2) 
NY51011598 Naddle Bridge, Bampton L
NY50951537 Naddle Farm, Shap Rural 
NY495145 Naddle Forest, Shap Rural 
NY452096 Nan Bield Pass, Shap Rural 
NY58491341 Ned's Well, Crosby Ravensworth 
NY58461323 Nell's Moss, Shap Rural 
NY54561115 New Ing, Wet Sleddale 
NY54661737 New Road, Shap Rural 
NY587129 Oddendale Nab, Shap Rural suggested
NY55781790 Old Pack Horse Road, Shap 
NY53691608 Otter Bank, Shap Rural 
NY51161239 Outlaw Crag, Shap Rural 
NY53521591 packhorse bridge, Rosgill L
NY54021099 packhorse bridge, Wet Sleddale 
NY50661301 Park Bank, Swindale 
NY51471609 Park Bridge, Burnbanks 
NY54131213 Peat Hill, Shap Rural 
NY5312 Peathill Gill 
NY52871440 Peg Slack, Shap Rural 
NY45191023 Piot Crag, Mardale 
NY50991529 pipeline, Shap Rural 
NY48451352 Pod Net, Shap Rural 
NY54401095 Poor Hag, Wet Sleddale 
NY5410 Poorhag Gill 
NY49491942 post box, Shap Rural 
NY48381294 post box, Shap Rural (2) 
NY50461351 Powley's Hill, Shap Rural 
NY58311472 privy, Hardendale 
NY45871067 quarry, Mardale 
NY45301052 quarry, Mardale (2) 
NY56791260 railway bridge, Shap Rural 
NY55521772 railway bridge, Shap Rural (2) 
NY57071100 Railway Cottages, Shap Rural 
NY57381068 railway footbridge, Shap Rural 
NY56811314 railway sidings, Hardendale Quarry 
NY56851145 railway sidings, Shap Blue Quarry 
NY56851145 railway sidings, Shap Pink Quarry gone
NY55471711 railway sidings, Shapbeck Quarry 
NY58631322 rain gauge, Shap Rural 
NY58341272 rain gauge, Shap Rural (2) 
NY49460949 rain gauge, Shap Rural (3) 
NY52911409 rain gauge, Swindale gone
NY48151181 Rake, Mardale 
NY53841312 Ralfland Forest, Shap Rural 
NY52961706 Rawfoot, Shap Rural 
NY52891631 Rawhead, Shap Rural 
NY5315 Rayside Gill 
NY53581550 Rayside, Shap Rural 
NY53831578 Rayside, Shap Rural (2) 
NY53641560 Rayside, Shap Rural (3) 
NY55331308 Reamer Bank, Shap Rural 
NY51011451 reservoir, Shap Rural 
NY48011186 Resting How, Mardale 
NY47441155 Rigg, Mardale 
NY4511 Riggindale Beck 
NY460117 Riggindale, Bampton 
NY48901229 Ritchie Crag, Shap Rural 
NY565101 roadsign, Shap Rural 
NY528060 Robin Hood, Shap Rural 
NY51801362 Robin Wood, Swindale 
NY53421652 Rosgill Bridge, Rosgill L
NY54021621 Rosgill Hall Wood, Shap Rural 
NY53651643 Rosgill Hall, Rosgill 
NY54201695 Rosgill Head, Rosgill 
NY53471661 Rosgill Mill, Rosgill 
NY52341530 Rosgill Moor, Shap Rural 
NY53761683 Rosgill, Shap Rural 
NY453112 Rough Crag, Mardale 
NY52871279 Rowantree Crag, Shap Rural 
NY4811 Rowantreethwaite Beck 
NY48791204 Rowantreethwaite Well, Shap Rural 
NY525086 Saddle Crags, Shap Rural 
NY44401220 Sale Pot, Bampton 
NY51691502 Scalebarrow Bog, Shap Rural 
NY51611514 Scalebarrow Fold, Shap Rural 
NY51971524 Scalebarrow Knott, Shap Rural 
NY51911511 Scalebarrow Tarn, Shap Rural 
NY47461170 school, Mardale gonedrowned
NY49630895 Seavy Side, Shap Rural 
NY48200936 Selside Brow, Longsleddale 
NY49371192 Selside End, Shap Rural 
NY49021116 Selside Pike, Shap Rural 
NY49051135 Selside, Shap Rural 
NY507157 settlement, Shap Rural 
NY54831517 Shap Abbey Farm, Shap Rural L
NY5517 Shap Beck 
NY56451737 Shap Common, Shap Rural 
NY546092 Shap Fells, Shap Rural 
NY56511007 Shap Lodge, Shap Rural 
NY55780834 Shap Pink Quarry, Shap Rural 
NY5608 Shap Quarries tramroad 
NY58321203 Shap Summit, M6 
NY57031112 Shap Summit, Shap Rural 
NY57241177 Shap Thorn, Shap Rural 
NY55151818 Shapbeck Quarry, Shap Rural 
NY45461081 sheepfold, Mardale 
NY46691054 sheepfold, Mardale (2) 
NY50591065 sheepfold, Mosedale (2) 
NY56891001 sheepfold, Shap Rural 
NY50551408 sheepfold, Shap Rural (2) 
NY57530974 sheepfold, Shap Wells 
NY50281188 sheepfold, Swindale 
NY52921371 sheepfold, Swindale (2) 
NY54421172 sheepfold, Wet Sleddale 
NY45421012 shelter, Mardale 
NY45230959 shelter, Nan Bield Pass 
NY5309 Sherry Gill 
NY442119 Short Stile, Shap Rural 
NY54671569 Skirtgill Wood, Shap Rural 
NY473117 Slapestone, Mardale gone
NY55291256 Slate Hill, Shap Rural 
NY52651528 Slate Pencil Mill, Shap Rural 
NY5109 Sleddale Beck 
NY54421171 Sleddale Grange, Wet Sleddale 
NY54001137 Sleddale Hall, Wet Sleddale 
NY53540943 Sleddale Pike, Shap Rural 
NY4510 Small Water Beck 
NY454096 Small Water Crag, Shap Rural 
NY45511002 Small Water, Mardale 
NY56051777 Southfield Cottage, Shap Rural gone?
NY56081831 Southfield, Shap Rural 
NY54671234 Stack House, Wet Sleddale 
NY54371237 Stackhouse Brow, Wet Sleddale 
NY47380926 standing stone, Gatescarth 
NY51881618 stepping stones, Bampton 
NY51941627 stepping stones, Bampton (2) 
NY45671011 stepping stones, Mardale 
NY55981359 Steps Hall, Shap Rural 
NY53641744 stile, Shap Rural 
NY53121669 stile, Shap Rural (2) 
NY52721254 Stone Howe, Shap Rural 
NY54471491 Stone Howe, Shap Rural (2) 
NY53470657 stone wall, Crookdale 
NY58011429 stone wall, Hardendale 
NY55121603 stone wall, Shap Rural 
NY53171676 stone wall, Shap Rural (2) 
NY54761188 stone wall, Wet Sleddale 
NY57071730 Stonygill Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY439122 Straights of Riggindale, Patterdale 
NY52461422 Stubby Hest, Shap Rural 
NY48371026 survey pillar, Shap Rural 
NY48001258 survey pillar, Shap Rural (2) 
NY52051488 Swainsey Crag, Shap Rural 
NY5213 Swear Gill 
NY55171795 Sweetholme, Shap Rural 
NY515132 Swindale Aqueduct, Swindale 
NY5315 Swindale Beck (2) 
NY51311309 Swindale Chapel, Swindale gone
NY51121136 Swindale Common, Shap Rural 
NY51901389 Swindale Foot Crag, Shap Rural 
NY52151375 Swindale Foot, Shap Rural 
NY50461253 Swindale Head, Shap Rural 
NY50261212 Swindale Head, Shap Rural (2) 
NY51211290 Swindale, Shap Rural 
NY46821127 Swine Crag, Mardale 
NY5010 Swine Gill (2) 
NY48551081 Swirle Crag, Shap Rural 
NY52811446 Tailbert Bank, Shap Rural 
NY5315 Tailbert Gill 
NY52971443 Tailbert Head, Shap Rural 
NY53351448 Tailbert, Shap Rural 
NY53631446 Tailbert, Shap Rural (2) 
NY48461028 tarn, Shap Rural 
NY55641330 Tewfit Mire, Shap Rural 
NY56171076 Tewsett Pike, Shap Rural 
NY53011385 Thiefstead, Swindale 
NY55511213 Thorney Bank, Wet Sleddale 
NY5413 Thornship Gill 
NY55541427 Thornship Lane, Shap Rural 
NY51111602 Thornthwaite Force, Bampton 
NY51641554 Thornthwaite Park, Shap Rural 
NY53851478 Thorny Bank, Shap Rural 
NY50241287 Thorny Knott, Swindale 
NY52461339 Thrushgap Brow, Swindale 
NY58481551 Thunder Stone, Shap Rural 
NY57791095 Thunder Stone, Shap Rural (2) 
NY57851117 Thunder Stone, Shap Rural (3) 
NY58061198 Thunder Stone, Shap Rural (4) 
NY57891261 Thunderstone Fold, Shap Rural 
NY5415 Tiding Well, Shap Rural 
NY54790895 To Stone, Shap Rural 
NY53001678 Toathmain, Shap Rural 
NY522102 Todcrags, Shap Rural 
NY527099 Tongue Rigg, Shap Rural 
NY5310 Tonguerigg Gill 
NY5717 Trainrigg Sike 
NY57731564 Trainriggs, Shap Rural 
NY4780009970 trig point, NY4780009970 
NY5255207588 trig point, NY5255207588 
NY5264411395 trig point, NY5264411395 
NY5930010866 trig point, NY5930010866 
NY5809 Trundle Beck 
NY51401316 Truss Gap, Swindale 
NY56521039 Tunnel Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY51450931 Ullthwaite Rigg, Shap Rural 
NY51861285 Waite Howes, Swindale 
NY5608 Wasdale Beck 
NY56060813 Wasdale Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY55750845 Wasdale Crag, Shap Rural 
NY55010817 Wasdale Head, Shap Rural 
NY53680849 Wasdale Pike, Shap Rural 
NY543072 Wasdale, Shap Rural 
NY46071046 water gate, Mardale 
NY57071729 water gate, Shap Rural 
NY47921308 water take off, Hawes Water 
NY46211057 waterfall, Mardale 
NY45871027 waterfall, Mardale (3) 
NY48731347 waterfall, Shap Rural 
NY50881146 waterfall, Swindale 
NY550115 Wet Sleddale Reservoir, Wet Sleddale 
NY55411176 Wet Sleddale, Shap Rural 
NY54210582 Whatshaw Common, Shap Rural 
NY542057 Whatshaw Pike, Shap Rural 
NY55831156 Wheelmire Hill, Wet Sleddale 
NY52941287 White Cap, Shap Rural 
NY54521346 White Crag, Shap Rural 
NY53881171 White Crag, Wet Sleddale 
NY53451343 White Raise, Shap Rural 
NY5612 Wickers Gill 
NY525095 Widepot, Shap Rural 
NY53581190 Willy Fold, Shap Rural 
NY52171163 Willy Winder Hill, Shap Rural 
NY550183 Wilson Scar stone circle, Shap Rural 
NY54511789 Wilson Scar, Shap Rural 
NY47651192 Wood Howe, Haweswater Reservoir 
NY51291560 Wood Nook, Shap Rural 
NY47521054 Woodfell Gill, Shap Rural 
NY49751351 Woodhowe Moss, Shap Rural 
NY49371297 Woof Crag, Shap Rural 
NY524073 Yarlside Crag, Shap Rural 
NY50760709 Buck Crags, Fawcett Forest 
NY47390927 Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale 
NY56461066 Shap Blue Quarry, Shap Rural 
NY56470835 Wasdale Old Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY49531514 Wallow Crag, Shap Rural 
NY492122 Old Corpse Road, Shap Rural 
NY47301170 Mardale, Shap Rural 
NY50221516 Hugh's Laithes Pike, Shap Rural 
NY475117 Holy Trinity, Mardale gone
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY5503 Borrow Beck 
NY538104 Sherry Gill Mine, Wet Sleddale 
NY5124 Lowther, River 
NY55871736 milestone, Shap Rural (5) perhaps once
NY447113 Riggindale Crag, Shap Rural 
NY52631141 Seat Robert, Shap Rural 
NY52171402 barn, Swindale 
NY44071104 High Street, Patterdale 
NY46101048 waterfall, Mardale (2) 
NY54791522 Shap Abbey, Shap Rural 
NY41 High Street roman road 
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