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Kendal parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD5292
10Km square:-   SD59
10Km square:-   SD58
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843) 
source data:-   Guide book, A Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by Rev William Ford, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, by W Edwards, 12 Ave Maria Lane, Charles Tilt, Fleet Street, William Smith, 113 Fleet Street, London, by Currie and Bowman, Newcastle, by Bancks and Co, Manchester, by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, and by Sinclair, Dumfries, 1839.
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"... For a long period, indeed, the population must either have been extremely small, or their religious interests neglect-"
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Page xi:-  "[neglect]ed; perhaps both might be the case. As proof of this, we need only point to the large and extensive parishes of Kendal, Greystoke, Crosthwaite, Brigham, and Saint Bees, and the numerous dependent chapelries which have been erected within them since the time of the Reformation. These chapels present no architectural features worthy of notice, and the mother churches are for the most part extremely plain, partaking of the progressive alteration of style from Norman to early English."

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 21596 (1971)

place:-   Kendal Constablewick
place:-   Kirkland Constablewick
place:-   Nethergraveship Constablewick
place:-   Natland Constablewick (parts of)
place:-   Underbarrow Constablewick (part of)
place:-   Helsington Constablewick (part of)
place:-   Scalthwaiterigg, Hay and Hutton in the Hay Constablewick (part of)
place:-   Patton and Skelsmergh Constablewick (part of)

SD51709219 Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal L
SD52579173 Aikrigg, Kendal 
SD50919348 Airey's Folly, Kendal 
SD51269271 Allhallows Church House, Kendal 
SD513925 Allhallows, Kendal 
SD51399195 Anchorite Mill, Kendal 
SD51399192 Anchorite's House, Kendal gone
SD52049305 Ann's Place, Kendal 
SD52409201 Archer's Charity, Kendal 
SD51419127 Ashbank, Kendal 
SD51769264 Aynam Lodge, Kendal L
SD51329251 Bank House, Kendal L
SD51019243 Bank Top, Kendal 
SD51309217 Battery Well, Kendal 
SD52589468 Beck Mills Farm, Kendal 
SD51499257 bee boles, Kendal L
SD51219277 bee boles, Kendal (2) L
SD51879310 Beezon Lodge, Kendal L
SD51699213 bell house, Kendal 
SD53519304 Birds Park Farm, Kendal 
SD53769329 Birds Park Reservoir, Kendal 
SD53109170 Birk Hag, Kendal L
SD53349196 Birklands Farm, Kendal 
SD53639209 Birklands Wood, Kendal 
SD53289203 Birklands, Kendal 
SD51509290 Black Hall, Kendal 
SD51379259 Black Swan, Kendal 
SD5192 Blind Beck (3) 
SD51529221 Blind Beck Bridge, Kendal 
SD52638833 boundary stone, Heversham/Kendal L
SD51299237 Bowling Fell, Kendal 
SD51199242 Bowling Green Tavern, Kendal gone?
SD51329248 bowling green, Kendal gone
SD51289239 bowling green, Kendal (2) gone
SD53449177 Bracken Bank, Kendal 
SD53499175 Bracken Hill, Kendal 
SD51419238 Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal L
SD51849293 Bridge Hotel, Kendal 
SD51719261 Bridge House, Kendal L
SD51959082 bridge, Kendal 
SD52189081 bridge, Kendal (2) 
SD52469079 bridge, Kendal (3) 
SD50849225 Brigsteer Cottage, Kendal 
SD53329289 Broom Close, Kendal 
SD52618995 Brow Head Farm, Kendal 
SD51339269 Butcher's Arms, Kendal L
SD51989259 Canal Head, Kendal 
SD51799260 Canal Iron Works, Kendal 
SD52129129 canal milestone, Kendal 1 not found
SD51939188 canal wharf, Kendal 
SD51439469 Carus Green, Kendal 
SD51939305 Castle Dairy, Kendal L
SD53149215 Castle Green Lodge, Kendal 
SD53209223 Castle Green, Kendal 
SD52569232 Castle Grove estate, Kendal 
SD52229249 Castle Hill, Kendal 
SD51249240 Castle Howe, Kendal 
SD52049301 Castle Inn, Kendal 
SD51829243 Castle Lodge, Kendal 
SD52589269 Castle Meadows, Kendal gone?
SD51779251 Castle Mills, Kendal 
SD52199298 Castle Street Cemetery, Kendal 
SD53069245 Castlegreen Farm, Kendal 
SD53299238 Castlegreen Wood, Kendal 
SD52409286 Castlepark Terrace, Kendal 
SD517924 Chadwick's Brewery, Kendal 
SD52289452 Chancel Court, Kendal 
SD52029174 Change Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD51279258 Chapel Close, Kendal gone
SD51629282 chapel, Kendal L
SD51309274 chapel, Kendal (2) 
SD52209296 chapel, Kendal (4) 
SD52059298 chapel, Kendal (5) 
SD52059197 chapel, Kendal (6) 
SD52069194 chapel, Kendal (7) 
SD51569264 chapel, Kendal (8) 
SD51499216 chapel, Kendal (9) 
SD51149256 Cliff Side Cottage, Kendal 
SD51199255 Cliffside Terrace, Kendal 
SD5191 Cock Beck 
SD50379296 Coffin Wood, Kendal 
SD51089140 Collinfield Farm, Kendal L
SD51509269 Commercial, Kendal 
SD522926 Common Garden, Kendal suggested
SD513932 Common Garden, Kendal (2) suggested
SD53969154 Cottage, Kendal 
SD51479315 County Hall, Kendal 
SD51949309 County Hotel, Kendal 
SD51459351 Courthouse, Kendal 
SD53369364 Crag View, Kendal 
SD51679232 Cropper Memorial, Kendal L
SD51709218 croquet lawn, Kendal 
SD51489238 Cross Bank, Kendal 
SD52059325 Crossbank, Kendal 
SD51479272 Crown, Kendal 
SD51659363 Dockray Footbridge, Kendal 
SD51469357 Dockray Hall Cottages, Kendal 
SD51559356 Dockray Hall Mill, Kendal 
SD51359345 Dockray Hall, Kendal gone
SD515924 Dr Manning's Yard, Kendal L
SD52059391 drain, Kendal 
SD51219262 drain, Kendal (2) 
SD52079330 Duke of Cumberland, Kendal 
SD51659276 Dun Horse, Kendal L
SD51589313 Dyers Beck gone
SD54219199 East Lodge, Kendal 
SD51039197 Echo Barn, Kendal gone
SD51239358 Empson Hill, Kendal 
SD53219040 engine shed, Oxenholme 
SD53149016 engine shed, Oxenholme (2) gone
SD52988994 engine shed, Oxenholme (3) 
SD53008999 engine shed, Oxenholme (4) gone
SD51229290 Falshaw's Row, Kendal 
SD52099336 Far Close Bank, Kendal 
SD52119346 Far Cross Bank, Kendal 
SD51319265 Fellside School, Kendal 
SD52009385 fingerpost, Kendal 
SD53149213 fingerpost, Kendal (2) 
SD50479237 Foxdale, Kendal 
SD52549361 Garden House, Kendal L out of sight
SD51929191 Gas House Bridge, Lancaster Canal 
SD51869193 gas works, Kendal gone
SD51189251 gate, Kendal 
SD51619279 George and Dragon, Kendal L
SD53479167 Ghika, Kendal 
SD50619208 Ghyll Brow, Kendal 
SD50599222 Ghyll, Kendal 
SD50489209 Gill Well, Kendal 
SD51419216 Gilling Grove Foundry, Kendal 
SD51149220 Gilling Grove, Kendal 
SD51149216 Gilling Reane House, Kendal L
SD52049477 Gilthwaiterigg Lane, Kendal 
SD52119526 Gilthwaiterigg, Skelsmergh L
SD53339001 Glenside, Oxenholme 
SD51559279 Globe Inn, Kendal L
SD51969281 Goose Holme, Kendal 
SD51869276 Gooseholme Bridge, Kendal 
SD51249286 Grandy Nook, Kendal L
SD51299326 Greenbank, Kendal 
SD52609367 Greenfields, Kendal 
SD54119271 Greyhound Farm, Kendal 
SD54129275 Greyhound House, Kendal 
SD53129280 Greystead, Kendal 
SD51780289 Grosvenor House, Kendal L
SD50479409 Hallgarth, Kendal 
SD53539005 Hayclose End, Kendal 
SD50469292 Heights, Kendal 
SD53058869 Helm End hill, Stainton 
SD52159074 Helme Lodge, Kendal 
SD50629070 Helsington Laithes, Kendal L
SD52739126 Heron Hill, Kendal 
SD51099241 High Beast Bank, Kendal 
SD53389013 High Close, Kendal 
SD51229281 High Fell Side, Kendal 
SD53769366 High Jenkincrag, Kendal 
SD53399094 High Park Barn, Kendal 
SD53399094 High Park Farm, Kendal 
SD53239010 High Park Lodge, Oxenholme 
SD53429077 High Park, Kendal 
SD52009273 High School House, Kendal L
SD51059255 High Tenter Fell, Kendal 
SD52808861 High Wells, Kendal 
SD52109118 Highgate Bridge, Lancaster Canal 
SD51469231 Highgate Hotel, Kendal L
SD51169227 Hill Cote, Kendal L
SD51749275 Holy Trinity and St George, Kendal L
SD51299353 Horncop Hall, Kendal 
SD51159325 House of Correction, Kendal gone
SD52169299 house, Kendal 
SD52049176 house, Kendal (2) 
SD52009174 house, Kendal (3) 
SD51379281 hydrant plate, Kendal 
SD51399317 hydrant plate, Kendal (2) 
SD51599210 hydrant plate, Kendal (3) 
SD52069323 hydrant plate, Kendal (4) 
SD51489261 hydrant plate, Kendal (5) 
SD51529265 hydrant plate, Kendal (6) 
SD51629184 hydrant plate, Kendal (7) 
SD51589274 hydrant plate, Kendal (8) 
SD51579263 hydrant plate, Kendal (9) 
SD51179254 hydrant plate, Kendal (10) 
SD52549214 Ianson's Charity, Kendal 
SD51919087 icehouse, Helme Lodge L out of sight
SD51099237 Inghamite Chapel, Kendal 
SD514926 inn, Kendal 
SD51769337 Iron Bridge, Kendal 
SD52459282 Ivy Cottage, Kendal gone?
SD53339369 Jenkincrag, Kendal 
SD51709233 Jenning's Yard Bridge, Kendal 
SD47 Kendal and Ulverstone Junction Railway proposed
SD52189334 Kendal Auction Mart, Kendal 
SD51519229 Kendal Bowman, Kendal 
SD51899232 Kendal Castle Bridge, Lancaster Canal 
SD52209240 Kendal Castle, Kendal 
SD50439266 Kendal Fell Quarry, Kendal 
SD50559302 Kendal Fell, Kendal 
SD51449329 Kendal Fire Station, Kendal 
SD51659348 Kendal goods branch, Kendal 
SD51119359 Kendal Green, Kendal 
SD53049001 Kendal Junction, Oxenholme 
SD51489290 Kendal Library, Kendal L
SD51879313 Kendal Museum, Kendal 
SD51699208 Kendal Parish Hall, Kendal L
SD53149111 Kendal Park, Kendal 
SD51469322 Kendal Police Station, Kendal 
SD51969321 Kendal Station, Kendal 
SD51259112 Kendal Youth Hostel, Kendal 
SD51469238 Kendal Youth Hostel, Kendal (2) 
SD51909301 Kendal: Able Memorials 
SD51419261 Kendal: Allhallows Lane 
SD52029305 Kendal: Ann Street 
SD522935 Kendal: Appleby Road 
SD52199343 Kendal: Appleby Road, 46 and 48 L
SD51759232 Kendal: Aynam Road, 31 to 36 
SD51779231 Kendal: Aynam Road, 39 to 43 
SD51789228 Kendal: Aynham Road 
SD52109339 Kendal: Back Lane 
SD52049293 Kendal: Back Lane (2) 
SD51789281 Kendal: Back Lane (3) gone
SD51309250 Kendal: Beast Banks 
SD51289246 Kendal: Beast Banks, 33 L
SD51259254 Kendal: Belmont, 2 to 16 
SD51489303 Kendal: Bistro 
SD51519260 Kendal: Bliss 
SD51619277 Kendal: Branthwaite Brow 
SD51609276 Kendal: Branthwaite Brow, 41 
SD51999431 Kendal: Breaks garage 
SD51719262 Kendal: Bridge Street 
SD50859226 Kendal: Brigsteer Road 
SD51559218 Kendal: Brucie's 
SD514934 Kendal: Burneside Road 
SD51409375 Kendal: Burneside Road, 60 to 70 
SD51449396 Kendal: Burneside Road, 109 L
SD522910 Kendal: Burton Road 
SD51679336 Kendal: Cannon's Coalyard 
SD51459215 Kendal: Capper Lane 
SD51319228 Kendal: Captain French Lane 
SD51269335 Kendal: Caroline Street 
SD52019292 Kendal: Castle Crescent 
SD52389280 Kendal: Castle Road, 23 
SD52089300 Kendal: Castle Street 
SD52219302 Kendal: Castle Street, 65 L
SD52909257 Kendal: Castlegreen Lane 
SD51519218 Kendal: Chapel Lane 
SD51519280 Kendal: Chapel Lane (2) once
SD51329321 Kendal: Chapel Row 
SD51639218 Kendal: Church Walk, 9 and 11 L
SD51219262 Kendal: Cliff Brow 
SD5192 Kendal: Coates, Phillip 
SD52479207 Kendal: Cock Lane 
SD51429255 Kendal: Collin Croft 
SD51419254 Kendal: Collin Croft, 12 L
SD51369255 Kendal: Collin Croft, 16 L
SD51339152 Kendal: Collinfield Lane 
SD51549223 Kendal: Colonel Square 
SD522933 Kendal: Creamline Dairies 
SD51509271 Kendal: Crock Lane once
SD51479214 Kendal: Cross Lane 
SD51319329 Kendal: Cross Street 
SD51479262 Kendal: Dobson's 
SD51589276 Kendal: Doctors Gate 
SD51489285 Kendal: Elephant Yard 
SD51359280 Kendal: Entry Lane 
SD51559273 Kendal: Finkle Street 
SD51529271 Kendal: Finkle Street, 7 L
SD51579275 Kendal: Finkle Street, 28 L
SD51599275 Kendal: Finkle Street, 32 to 36 L
SD51519278 Kendal: Fish Market once
SD52119304 Kendal: Gandy Street 
SD51379238 Kendal: Garth Heads 
SD51599262 Kendal: Gawith, Hoggarth and Co L
SD51819260 Kendal: Gilkes, Gilbert and Co 
SD51239223 Kendal: Gillinggate 
SD51299222 Kendal: Gillinggate, 56 to 62 L
SD51459263 Kendal: Gino's Pizzeria 
SD51189206 Kendal: Greengate Lane 
SD50859242 Kendal: Greenside 
SD51509305 Kendal: Halls Pet Store 
SD51479248 Kendal: Highgate 
SD51509250 Kendal: Highgate, 7 L
SD51479270 Kendal: Highgate, 8 and 10 L
SD51499264 Kendal: Highgate, 21 L
SD51469265 Kendal: Highgate, 22 
SD51479267 Kendal: Highgate, 26 and 28 L
SD51469266 Kendal: Highgate, 30 L
SD51499258 Kendal: Highgate, 41 L
SD51469257 Kendal: Highgate, 60 L
SD51499251 Kendal: Highgate, 69 L
SD51499250 Kendal: Highgate, 71 to 75 L
SD51489246 Kendal: Highgate, 93 
SD51469247 Kendal: Highgate, 96 L
SD51499243 Kendal: Highgate, 99 L
SD51469245 Kendal: Highgate, 100 L
SD51499239 Kendal: Highgate, 117 L
SD51479231 Kendal: Highgate, 130 L
SD51489229 Kendal: Highgate, 134 and 136 L
SD51489228 Kendal: Highgate, 138 L
SD51509231 Kendal: Highgate, 147 L
SD51469226 Kendal: Highgate, 148 
SD51489221 Kendal: Highgate, 150 L
SD51509230 Kendal: Highgate, 151 L
SD51509228 Kendal: Highgate, 163 L
SD51179326 Kendal: House of Correction Hill 
SD51469256 Kendal: HSBC L
SD51559217 Kendal: Indigo 
SD51539261 Kendal: Kelly, A F 
SD51689281 Kendal: Kendal Fisheries 
SD51619218 Kendal: Kendal Gas Company L
SD51479271 Kendal: Kendal Goldsmiths 
SD51649272 Kendal: Kent Street 
SD51439426 Kendal: Kentrigg, 2 
SD51439429 Kendal: Kentrigg, 4 
SD51389275 Kendal: Kings Arms Yard 
SD51559208 Kendal: Kirkbarrow Lane 
SD51569214 Kendal: Kirkland 
SD51549215 Kendal: Kirkland, 28 L
SD51559215 Kendal: Kirkland, 30 L
SD51559214 Kendal: Kirkland, 32 L
SD51589214 Kendal: Kirkland, 34 
SD51609210 Kendal: Kirkland, 52 and 54 L
SD51619206 Kendal: Kirkland, 74 L
SD52049321 Kendal: Longpool 
SD518914 Kendal: Lound Road 
SD51299281 Kendal: Low Fellside 
SD51549262 Kendal: Lowther Street 
SD51529261 Kendal: Lowther Street, 9 L
SD51549261 Kendal: Lowther Street, 15 to 17 
SD51559261 Kendal: Lowther Street, 19 L
SD51599264 Kendal: Lowther Street, 20 L
SD51609264 Kendal: Lowther Street, 24 and 26 L
SD51619265 Kendal: Lowther Street, 28 L
SD51609262 Kendal: Lowther Street, 29 L
SD51629265 Kendal: Lowther Street, 30 L
SD51639265 Kendal: Lowther Street, 34 L
SD51559278 Kendal: Market Place L
SD51529281 Kendal: Market Place, 2 L
SD51539281 Kendal: Market Place, 4 L
SD51559281 Kendal: Market Place, 10 L
SD51539277 Kendal: Market Place, 11 L
SD51579281 Kendal: Market Place, 18 and 20 L
SD51579278 Kendal: Market Place, 23 and 25 L
SD51589278 Kendal: Market Place, 27 and 29 L
SD51599281 Kendal: Market Place, 32 L
SD51599280 Kendal: Market Place, 34 L
SD51599278 Kendal: Market Place, 35 and 37 L
SD51609280 Kendal: Market Place, 36 L
SD51609279 Kendal: Market Place, 40 L
SD51629278 Kendal: Market Place, 44 L
SD51619276 Kendal: Market Place, 47 and 49 L
SD51629277 Kendal: Market Place, 50 L
SD51629276 Kendal: Market Place, 54 and 56 L
SD51379281 Kendal: Martindale 
SD51519278 Kendal: Mercers Lane gone
SD513912 Kendal: Milnthorpe Road 
SD51629182 Kendal: Milnthorpe Road, 28 to 30 L
SD51169247 Kendal: Mount Street 
SD518913 Kendal: Natland Road 
SD51849112 Kendal: Natland Road, 24 
SD51859111 Kendal: Natland Road, 26 to 28 
SD51809276 Kendal: New Road 
SD51669276 Kendal: New Shambles L
SD51409269 Kendal: Old Shambles 
SD52709061 Kendal: Oxenholme Road 
SD51569219 Kendal: Peppercorn Lane 
SD51599186 Kendal: Poorhouse Lane 
SD51719151 Kendal: Romney Road (1 to 2) 
SD5192 Kendal: Romney's 
SD51599304 Kendal: Sandes Avenue 
SD51059070 Kendal: Scroggs Lane 
SD53019277 Kendal: Sedbergh Road 
SD53069278 Kendal: Sedbergh Road, 91 
SD53089279 Kendal: Sedbergh Road, 95 
SD53109280 Kendal: Sedbergh Road, 97 
SD51279268 Kendal: Sepulchre Lane 
SD52059352 Kendal: Shap Road 
SD51059331 Kendal: Shaw's Brow 
SD51219287 Kendal: Stoney Lane 
SD51729283 Kendal: Stramongate 
SD51639276 Kendal: Stramongate, 2 L
SD51669275 Kendal: Stramongate, 7 to 11 L
SD51699278 Kendal: Stramongate, 25 L
SD51709279 Kendal: Stramongate, 29 L
SD51719280 Kendal: Stramongate, 31 to 37 L
SD51699282 Kendal: Stramongate, 36 L
SD51719283 Kendal: Stramongate, 42 to 46 L
SD51739285 Kendal: Stramongate, 48 to 50 L
SD51749286 Kendal: Stramongate, 52 
SD51749282 Kendal: Stramongate, 53 L
SD51759287 Kendal: Stramongate, 54 L
SD51769288 Kendal: Stramongate, 56 L
SD51369328 Kendal: Strickland Place 
SD51459311 Kendal: Stricklandgate 
SD51519275 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 13 to 19 L
SD51519276 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 21 
SD51499277 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 26 L
SD51519281 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 27 L
SD51519290 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 69 L
SD51519295 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 83 
SD51489290 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 90 L
SD51519296 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 91 
SD51519298 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 95 L
SD51489294 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 98 L
SD51489297 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 108 L
SD51439311 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 156 to 164 L
SD51419318 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 157 L
SD51459310 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 162 L
SD51269275 Kendal: Syke 
SD51629275 Kendal: Tailor's Workshop 
SD52009278 Kendal: Thorny Hills 
SD52019275 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 3 L
SD52019276 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 4 L
SD52019277 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 5 L
SD52029277 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 6 L
SD52029278 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 7 L
SD52029279 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 8 L
SD52029281 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 9 L
SD52029284 Kendal: Thorny Hills, 10 and 11 L
SD51389322 Kendal: Titus Wilson 
SD51599382 Kendal: Todds the Saddlers 
SD50659238 Kendal: Underbarrow Road 
SD51339328 Kendal: Union Street 
SD51469282 Kendal: Wainwright's Yard 
SD51559280 Kendal: Watson and Woollard 
SD517926 Kendal: Webster's Marble Works 
SD51939345 Kendal: Westmorland Glass 
SD51949305 Kendal: Wildman Street 
SD51519288 Kendal: Wilson's 
SD50679374 Kendal: Windermere Road 
SD51479239 Kendal: Woodbridge and Mounsey 
SD52039281 Kent Terrace, Kendal 
SD5140938 Kentrigg, Kendal 
SD50479340 Kettle Well, Kendal 
SD50449334 Kettlewell Crag, Kendal 
SD50439234 Kilnstones, Kendal 
SD51489207 Kirkbarrow House, Kendal gone
SD51379165 Kirkbarrow, Kendal 
SD51889156 Kirkbie Kendal School, Kendal 
SD51659205 Kirkland Hall, Kendal 
SD514922 Kirkland, Kendal 
SD53179273 Lancaster's Charity, Kendal 
SD51899162 Lane House, Kendal suggested
SD50729222 Larch Howe, Kendal 
SD515927 Leaden Hall, Kendal 
SD51859180 Little Lounds, Kendal 
SD50729277 Little Wood, Kendal 
SD53099281 Littleholme, Kendal L
SD51609324 Long Drought, Kendal 
SD51759167 Lound Foundry, Kendal 
SD52019177 Lound Wharf, Lancaster Canal 
SD52129168 Lound, Kendal 
SD51429287 Low Fell Side, Kendal 
SD51239278 Low Fellside, Kendal 
SD51819108 Low Mills, Kendal gone?
SD51199416 Low Sparrowmire Farm, Kendal 
SD51109350 Low Tenter Fell, Kendal 
SD51189224 Lynnside House, Kendal L
SD51499263 market cross, Kendal 
SD51579280 Market Hall, Kendal L
SD51529278 Market House, Kendal gone
SD51049224 Martin Croft, Kendal 
SD516927 Masons Arms, Kendal 
SD51309314 Maudes Meadow, Kendal 
SD52279479 Meadow Bank, Kendal 
SD52679361 Meadow Dale, Kendal 
SD512922 meeting house, Gillingate possibly once
SD50869439 Middle Sparrowmire, Kendal 
SD51439261 Miles Thompson, Kendal 
SD50519390 milestone, Kendal 
SD51389127 milestone, Kendal (2) 
SD53329274 milestone, Kendal (5) not found
SD52049396 milestone, Kendal (7) 
SD52369392 milestone, Kendal (8) perhaps once
SD53059024 Mill Cottage, Oxenholme 
SD52619489 Millcrest, Kendal 
SD51699246 Miller Field, Kendal 
SD52209426 Mint Bridge, Kendal 
SD52069442 Mint Cottage, Kendal L
SD52179433 Mint House, Kendal L
SD5596 Mint, River 
SD51649406 Mintsfeet Cottage, Kendal 
SD51969366 Mintsfeet Nursery, Kendal gone
SD51789411 Mintsfeet, Kendal 
SD51229243 Monument Place, Kendal 
SD51249239 monument, Kendal 
SD59 Morley Cross, Kendal 
SD508943 motte, Kendal gone
SD532928 motte, Kendal (2) gone
SD51199247 Mount Pleasant, Kendal 
SD50569327 Mount Pleasant, Kendal (2) suggested
SD51429388 Mount, Kendal 
SD51429324 mountain rescue, Kendal 
SD52429106 Murley Moss, Kendal 
SD52259099 Murley Moss, Kendal (2) 
SD51659219 Museum of Lakeland Life, Kendal L
SD5290 Natland Beck 
SD51669193 Nether Bridge, Kendal 
SD51229144 Nether Graveship, Kendal 
SD51659202 Nether Hall, Kendal 
SD51799185 Netherfield, Kendal 
SD515926 New Biggin, Kendal once
SD51479246 New Inn, Kendal L
SD54189230 North Lodge, Kendal 
SD51369325 Oddfellows Arms, Kendal 
SD51489240 Oddfellows Hall, Kendal 
SD51919301 Old Brewery, Kendal 
SD51719254 Old Fire Station Flats, Kendal 
SD51429312 Old House, Kendal 
SD51139245 Old Post Office, Kendal 
SD51479268 Olde Fleece Inn, Kendal L
SD53069027 Oxenholme Farm, Oxenholme L
SD53178995 Oxenholme House, Oxenholme 
SD53129017 Oxenholme Station, Oxenholme 
SD53389051 Oxenholme Wood, Kendal 
SD52958976 Oxenholme, Kendal 
SD51979261 Packet House, Kendal 
SD52749270 Park House, Kendal gone
SD53329065 Park, Kendal 
SD52029198 Parkside Cemetery, Kendal 
SD53029206 Parkside House, Kendal L
SD52319288 Parsonage, Kendal gone?
SD51049234 Peartree Cottages, Kendal 
SD52529272 Peat Lane, Kendal 
SD51079337 pinfold, Kendal 
SD51139244 post box, Kendal 
SD51299461 post box, Kendal (2) 
SD52519250 post box, Kendal (3) 
SD52209355 post box, Kendal (4) 
SD52279098 post box, Kendal (5) 
SD5289 Potts Green, Kendal once?
SD51339374 Prickley Fell, Kendal 
SD51969305 Prince of Wales Feathers, Kendal 
SD50989208 Prissoe's Charity, Kendal 
SD52729274 quaker burial ground, Kendal 
SD50459337 quarry, Kettlewell Crag 
SD52299390 Queen Katherine School, Kendal 
SD51519222 Queen's Club, Kendal L
SD51659185 railings, Kendal 
SD51629354 railway bridge, Kendal 
SD53389272 railway bridge, Kendal (2) 
SD53369176 railway bridge, Kendal (3) 
SD52259301 railway bridge, Kendal (4) 
SD53449361 railway bridge, Kendal (5) 
SD52809210 railway bridge, Kendal (6) 
SD53379191 railway bridge, Kendal (7) 
SD52029318 railway bridge, Kendal (8) 
SD52929182 railway bridge, Kendal (9) 
SD53059102 railway bridge, Kendal (10) 
SD51419384 railway bridge, Kendal (11) 
SD51179411 railway bridge, Kendal (12) 
SD50869446 railway bridge, Kendal (13) 
SD53399210 railway bridge, Kendal (16) 
SD52989159 railway bridge, Kendal (17) 
SD53059002 railway bridge, Oxenholme 
SD52919181 railway milepost, Kendal 
SD53129020 railway milepost, Oxenholme 
SD51469265 Rainbow Hotel, Kendal L
SD53619322 Reservoir Cottage, Kendal 
SD53559332 reservoir, Kendal gone
SD53379293 Reynard's Cascade, Kendal 
SD51159245 Riflemans Arms, Kendal 
SD51629211 Ring o' Bells, Kendal L
SD51629183 Romney House, Kendal L
SD51409353 Rosemount, Kendal 
SD53179282 Round Hill Cottage, Kendal 
SD53509081 Rowan Bank, Kendal 
SD51819288 Sand Aire House, Kendal L
SD51819289 Sand Area, Kendal 
SD51469251 Sandes Hospital, Kendal L
SD52959333 Sandylands, Kendal 
SD52519294 saw mill, Kendal gone
SD51489308 Sawyers Arms, Kendal 
SD51609220 school, Kendal 
SD51289258 school, Kendal (2) 
SD51329252 school, Kendal (3) L
SD51709295 school, Kendal (4) 
SD51649232 school, Kendal (5) gone
SD51999304 school, Kendal (6) 
SD51569263 school, Kendal (7) 
SD51729277 school, Kendal (8) 
SD51079067 Scroggs Wood, Kendal 
SD51549351 seat, Kendal 
SD51299263 Sepulchre, Kendal 
SD51149270 Serpentine Cottage, Kendal 
SD51399251 Shakespeare Theatre, Kendal 
SD51469253 Shakespeare, Kendal L
SD53969145 Singleton Meadow, Kendal 
SD54099194 Singleton Park, Kendal 
SD5192 Skewbarrow Top, Kendal 
SD51049259 Skewbarrow, Kendal 
SD51079252 Skewgarth, Kendal 
SD53329365 Sleddale Hall, Kendal 
SD51929303 Sleddale Hall, Kendal (2) L
SD51409272 smoke house, Kendal L
SD53999154 South Lodge, Kendal 
SD51179321 South View, Kendal 
SD51479134 Southfield, Kendal 
SD53639154 Spindle Wood, Kendal 
SD51289280 Spital View, Kendal 
SD52939431 Spital Wood, Kendal 
SD52669431 Spital, Kendal L
SD51969295 St George, Kendal 
SD51919311 St George's Schools, Kendal 
SD51379316 St Thomas, Kendal L
SD51389321 St Thomas's Sunday School, Kendal 
SD53489070 Stables, Kendal 
SD505918 Stainbank Green, Kendal 
SD53569000 Station Inn, Oxenholme 
SD51229116 Stonecross Barn, Kendal gone
SD52009301 Stook Beck 
SD51959309 stop cock, Kendal 
SD51299324 stop cock, Kendal (2) 
SD51299328 stop cock, Kendal (3) 
SD51379328 stop cock, Kendal (4) 
SD51859297 Stramongate Bridge, Kendal 
SD51589276 Strickland House, Kendal L
SD51489292 Stricklandgate House, Kendal L
SD51359322 Stricklandgate Methodist Church, Kendal 
SD52559483 Summerhow House, Kendal 
SD52549486 Summerhow, Kendal 
SD514932 tenter ground, Kendal gone
SD50949237 tenter ground, Kendal (2) gone
SD52409289 toll gate, Kendal gone?
SD51519277 town hall, Kendal (2) gone
SD51239322 Town View, Kendal L
SD50989295 Tram, Kendal 
SD53059277 Under Knott, Kendal 
SD51689208 Vicarage, Kendal gone
SD51169318 Vicarage, Kendal (2) 
SD51119181 Vicar's Fields, Kendal 
SD51739309 Victoria Bridge, Kendal 
SD52029315 Victoria Tavern, Kendal 
SD51359238 viewpoint, Castle Howe 
SD52209248 viewpoint, Kendal Castle 
SD51519279 war memorial, Kendal L
SD51689192 war memorial, Kendal (2) 
SD51399255 warehouse, Kendal L
SD51409260 wash house, Kendal L
SD5191 Watchfield, Kendal 
SD51689129 Wattsfield, Kendal L
SD51899293 weir, Kendal 
SD50969283 well, Serpentine Wood 
SD51089314 West Bank, Kendal 
SD51589211 Wheatsheaf, Kendal 
SD51459270 White Hart, Kendal 
SD51499282 Woolpack Inn, Kendal L
SD51259327 workhouse, Kendal 
SD51589281 Working Mens Institute, Kendal L
SD514924 Zion United Reform Church, Kendal 
SD5192 chapel, Kendal (3) 
SD53088876 Castlesteads, Stainton 
SD53619081 roman fort, New Hutton 
SD5192 Kendal: Atkinson, Thomas 
SD51359266 Kendal: Quiggin's 
SD51499288 Kendal: Wiper's once
SD51489276 Kings Arms, Kendal 
 Kendal and Windermere Railway 
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
SD51669221 drinking fountain, Kendal L
SD514926 drinking fountain, Kendal (2) 
SD51729235 drinking fountain, Kendal (3) 
NY4506 Kent, River 
SD51749188 Nether Bridge Turnpike, Kendal 
SD52568989 milestone, Kendal (10) 
SD51799179 milestone, Kendal (3) 
SD51989134 milestone, Kendal (4) 
SD50849078 milestone, Kendal (9) perhaps once
SD51349234 summer house, Kendal (1) 
SD51339245 summer house, Kendal (2) gone
SD51379246 summer house, Kendal (3) 
SD51449280 summer house, Kendal (4) gone
SD51579287 summer house, Kendal (5) gone
SD51649291 summer house, Kendal (6) gone
SD51659293 summer house, Kendal (7) gone
SD51979307 summer house, Kendal (8) 
SD52259299 summer house, Kendal (9) 
SD51209245 summer house, Kendal (10) 
SD51619262 summer house, Kendal (11) 
SD51249263 summer house, Kendal (12) 
SD51039272 summer house, Kendal (13) 
SD52808861 summer house, Kendal (14) 
SD51779280 meeting house, Kendal L
SD52099329 Kendal: Parkin and Jackson 
SD51479261 Kendal 
SD59 Lancaster Canal 
SD51629256 flood notice, Kendal 
SD51699265 Miller Bridge, Kendal 
SD511936 Shakespeare's Oak, Kendal gone
SD51699213 Holy Trinity, Kendal L
SD51499263 Town Hall, Kendal L
SD51309299 Nobles Rest, Kendal 
SD51609208 Kendal: Carlsons 
SD51519300 Kendal: Stricklandgate, 99 
SD51409193 Anchorite Well, Kendal L gone
SD51609278 Kendal: Market Place, 39 and 43 L
SD50949278 Serpentine Wood, Kendal 
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