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10Km squares

10Km square NY15

Abbey Cowper Farm, Abbey Cowper
Abbey Cowper, Holme Abbey
Abbeyholme Station, Holme Abbey
Abbey House, Holme East Waver
Abbey Junction, Holme Abbey
Abbey Terrace, Abbey Town
Abbey Town: Ferguson Fuels
Abbey Town, Holme Abbey
Abbeytown Methodist Chapel, Abbey Town
Abbey Town Station, Abbey Town
Albion, Silloth
Aldingham, Holme East Waver
Alma Terrace, Silloth
Anthorn Airfield, Bowness
Anthorn and Cardurnock Common, Bowness
Anthorn, Bowness
Anthorn Bridge, Anthorn
Anthorn Hall, Bowness
Anthorn House, Bowness
Anthorn Radio Station, Anthorn
Applegarth, Abbey Town
Arcade, Silloth
Balladoyle, Holme Low
Balmoral Hotel, Silloth
barn, Abbey Cowper
barn, Seaville
Benwray, Holme Abbey
Blackdyke Farm, Blackdyke
Blackdyke Farmhouse, Blackdyke
Blackdyke Halt, Holme Low
Blackdyke, Holme Low
Blea Gutter
Blitterlees Bank, Silloth
Blitterlees, Silloth-on-Solway
Bloomingheather, Silloth-on-Solway
Border, Holme Abbey
Bowness Common, Bowness
Bowness parish
Broompark, Holme East Waver
Brownrigg, Holme Abbey
Brownrigg Tilery, Holme Abbey
Brow Scar, Bowness
Calvo Creek
Calvo, Holme Low
Calvo Marsh, Holme Abbey
Cardurnock, Bowness
Cardurnock Farm, Cardurnock
Cardurnock Flats, Bowness
Cardurnock Lough, Cardurnock
Causewayhead Beck
Causewayhead Farm, Causewayhead
Causewayhead, Holme Low
chapel, Anthorn
Chapel of the Grune, Silloth-on-Solway
chapel, Silloth (2)
chapel, Silloth
Christ Church Mission Hall, Silloth
Christ Church, Silloth
Church Terrace, Silloth
Close, Holme Low
coast, Silloth-on-Solway
coast, Solway Firth
Coldmire Road, Holme Low
Colt Park, Holme Low
Cote Bank, Skinburness
Cowlane, Holme Low
Cowlyers, Holme Low
Criffel Hotel, Silloth
cross, Anthorn
Cunning Garth, Holme Abbey
Custom House, Port of Silloth
Derwent Brewery, Silloth
Dixons Cottage, Seaville
drinking fountain, Silloth
Dryholme, Holme Low
Dundraw parish
East Border, Holme Abbey
East Causewayhead, Holme Low
East Cote Cottage, Silloth
East Cote Lighthouse, Silloth
East Cote, Silloth-on-Solway
Eden Street Football Ground, Silloth
engine shed, Silloth
Fieldhead, East Cote
fingerpost, Holme East Waver
finger post, Moss Side
fingerpost, Seaville
fingerpost, Silloth
Firtree Farm, Seaville
Flagstaff, Holme Low
Forester's Arms, Causewayhead
Garth Cottage, Holme Low
gas works, Silloth
Golf Hotel, Silloth
Goosefold, Holme Low
Great Gutter
Greenrow Academy, Silloth-on-Solway
Greenrow, Silloth-on-Solway
Green, Silloth
Grune Cast, Silloth-on-Solway
Grune, Grune
Grune House, Silloth-on-Solway
Grune Point, Silloth-on-Solway
Guards, Silloth-on-Solway
Hartlow, Holme Low
Hayrigg, Holme Low
Hayrigg House, Holme Low
Helledike Beck
Herd Hill, Bowness
High House, Holme East Waver
Hill Farm, Holme Abbey
Holmeabbey Common, Holme Abbey
Holmeabbey Common, Holme Low
Holme Abbey parish
Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town
Holme Coultram Abbey CofE Primary School, Abbey Town
Holme Cultram House, Holme Abbey
Holme Eastwaver Common, Holme East Waver
Holme East Waver parish
Holme Hill, Holme Abbey
Holmelow Common, Holme Low
Holme Low parish
Holme St Cuthbert Common, Holme Low
Holme St Cuthbert parish
Horse and Jockey, Cardurnock
hospital, Abbey Town
house, Abbey Town
house, Brownrigg
house, Kingside Hill
house, Moss Side
house, Seaville
Jim W Brough Rugby Park, Silloth
Kelsick, Dundraw
Kelsick House, Kelsick
King's Arms, Newton Arlosh
Kingside Hill, Holme Abbey
Kingside Hill, Kingside Hill
Kirkbride Airfield, Kirkbride
Kirkbride Common, Kirkbride
Knowehill, Holme East Waver
Leesbank Salt Works, Silloth
lighthouse, Port of Silloth
Longcummercatiff Farm, Causewayhead
Longdyke Scar, Bowness
Longwood, Holme Low
Low Holme Mire, Holme Low
Marine Terrace, Silloth
Marr, Skinburness
Marshall Dock, Port of Silloth
Marsh House, Skinburness
Mary's Tower, Anthorn
Meadow Lodge, Holme Low
mill, Cardurnock
millennium memorial, Silloth
Mill Grove, Abbey Town
miniature railway, Silloth
Miregate Cottage, Holme Low
Mireside, Holme Low
Moricambe, Holme East Waver
Mosside Farm, Moss Side
Mosside House, Moss Side
Moss Side, Holme East Waver
New Bridge, Holme Abbey
New Cut
New Dock, Port of Silloth
Newton Arlosh, Holme East Waver
Newton Marsh, Holme East Waver
North Hill, Holme Low
North House, Silloth
Old School, Abbey Town
Old Silloth, Silloth
Old Vicarage, Newton Arlosh
Orchard House Farm, Bowness
Orchard House, Holme Low
Parkhead, Holme Low
Parkhill School, Holme East Waver
Park House Farm, Holme Low
Park House, Holme Low
Park Terrace, Silloth
Pasture House, Holme Low
Pavillion, Silloth
Pelutho Grange, Holme Low
Pelutho Park, Holme Low
pillbox, Holme Low (2)
pillbox, Holme Low
pillbox, Silloth-on-Solway (2)
pillbox, Silloth-on-Solway (3)
pine trees, Silloth
pinfold, Abbey Town
pinfold, Anthorn
police house, Abbey Town
police station, Silloth
Port of Silloth, Silloth
post box, Causewayhead
post box, Silloth
Pow Drain
Presbyterian Church, Silloth
Prospect Terrace, Silloth
Queens Hotel, Silloth
Raby Cote, Holme East Waver
Raby Grange, Holme East Waver
Raby, Holme East Waver
railway bridge, Abbey Town
railway bridge, Holme East Waver
railway bridge, Silloth
railway bridge, Sleightholme
railway sidings, Leesbank Salt Works
railway sidings, Port of Silloth
Red Flatt, Brownrigg
roman fortlet 4B, Bowness
roman fortlet 5, Bowness
roman fortlet 9, Silloth-on-Solway
Royal Hotel, Silloth
Rumbling Bridge, Holme Abbey
Rye Hills, Skinburness
Salt Coates, Salt Cotes
Salt Cotes, Holme East Waver
Sandlands, Holme Abbey
Scatter Beck (2)
school, Causewayhead
school, Seaville
Scotre Hill, Holme Low
Sea Dike, Skinburness
Seadyke End, Holme Low
seat, Abbey Town
Seaville Cote, Holme Low
Seaville Farm, Seaville
Seaville, Holme Low
Selby House, Holme East Waver
Silloth Airfield, Silloth
Silloth Bank, East Cote
Silloth Bank, Solway Firth
Silloth Bay, Silloth-on-Solway
Silloth Cafe, Silloth
Silloth: Caldew Street
Silloth Convalescent Home, Silloth
Silloth: Criffel Street
Silloth: Eden Street
Silloth: Esk Street
Silloth Fire Station, Silloth
Silloth House, Holme Low
Silloth Hydro, Silloth
Silloth: Lawn Terrace
Silloth: Liddel Street
Silloth Lifeboat, Silloth
Silloth: National Westminster Bank
Silloth-on-Solway parish
Silloth: Petterill Street
Silloth Pier, Port of Silloth
Silloth Primary School, Silloth
Silloth: R J Longcake Confectioner
Silloth: Skiddaw Street
Silloth: Solway Fish
Silloth: Solway Street
Silloth Station, Silloth
Silloth Stores, Silloth
Silloth: Wampool Street
Silloth: Waver Street
Silltoh: Waver Street
Sinks Beck
Skinburnessbank, Silloth-on-Solway
Skinburness Creek
Skinburness Hotel, Skinburness
Skinburness Marsh, Holme Abbey
Skinburness Marsh parish
Skinburness, Silloth-on-Solway
Skinburness Spit, Solway Firth
Skinburness to Keswick Canal
Sleightholme, Holme East Waver
Sleightholme Station, Holme East Waver
Solway Firth
Solway House, Bowness
Solway Mills, Silloth
St Andrew's Hall, Silloth
St Andrew's URC, Silloth
Stank, Abbey Town
Stank End, Holme Abbey
Starry Hill, Holme Low
Stenor Scar, Silloth-on-Solway
St Helena, Holme Low
St John, Newton Arlosh
Stonyflat, Causewayhead
St Paul, Causewayhead
St Paul's School, Silloth
sundial, Abbey Cowper
sundial, Newton Arlosh
Swatchway Channel, Solway Firth
Swinsty Farm, Abbey Town
Tanglewood, Causewayhead
thorn tree, Anthorn
Tickhill Scar, Holme St Cuthbert
topograph, Silloth (2)
topograph, Silloth
Trinity Methodist Church, Silloth
Trodder Sike
village hall, Newton Arlosh
Waitefield, Holme Low
Wampool, River
war memorial, Abbey Town
war memorial, Causewayhead
war memorial, Newton Arlosh
war memorial, Silloth
Watch Hill, Newton Arlosh
Wath Beck
Wath Farm, Holme Low
Wath, Holme Low
Waver, Holme Abbey
Waver, River
West Border, Holme Abbey
Wheatsheaf Inn, Abbey Town
Whinclose, Holme Low
Whitehill, Holme East Waver
Whiteways, Skinburness
Winding Banks, Holme Abbey
windmill, Cardurnock
Windmill, Holme Low
Wolsty Castle, Holme Low
Wolsty Cottage, Holme Low
Wolsty Farm, Holme Low
Wolsty Hall, Holme Low
Wolsty, Holme Low
Wolsty Stangs, Holme Low