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Gentleman's Magazine, 18th Century, 1775 to 1799

button pp.310-311 - Ruins at The Quamps, Dalton Hall. illustrated
button p.574 - Bounty for sailors enlisting with Royal Navy, Whitehaven.
button p.161 - Land Tax, Westmorland and Cumberland
button p.189 - John Paul Jones, raid on Whitehaven.
button p.65 and map - Solway Moss eruption. (CAM2 p.188)
p.44 - 'Summary of Proceedings in the last Session of Parliament' June 2 'Sir J. L-wth-r moved, for his Majesty to continue his Parliamentary sitting ...'p.331 - 'Summary of Debates in Parliament' 'Sir J. L-wth-r ... did not think the want of politeness in the Peers was a fit example to be copied by the Commons ...'p.539 - 'Summary of Proceedings in the present Parliament' 'Sir J. L-th-r. ...'
button pp.130-132, 373 - Carving and inscription, All Saints, Bolton.
pp.540, 601, 602 - Reports on speeches in Parliament by Sir James Lowther.
p.501 - 'Historical Chronicle' 19 October 'Dr Richard Watson was consecrated in Bow church bishop of Landaff ...'
button p.550 - Longevity of Martin Stevenson, Kentmere.
button p.538 - Price of corn in various counties. One of a series.
button p.68 - Births, marriages and deaths, Whitehaven and Carlisle.
button p.347 - Ring pin from Flusco Pike. illustrated (CAM p189)
button pp.843-845 - Drainage, including that by Mr Graham. (CAM p198)
p.866 -'Summary of Proceedings in the last Session of Parliament' June 9 'Sir M. Le Fleming ... astonished at the Minister's attempt to deprive men of their means of getting their daily bread ...'
button pp.969-970 - Wharton tomb, Kirkby Stephen.
button p.74 - Sunday Schools, Kendal.
button p.842 - Bishop of Carlisle, Dr Douglas.
button p.310, Bishops of Carlisle coming from Ireland: John Kite, James Usher.
button pp.803-804 - Book review, A Tour in England and Scotland, in 1785
button p.950 - William Gilpin's Observations on the Northern Lakes
button p.1107 - Poem, On Constancy.
button p.423 - Bridewain, Cumberland.
button p.663 - Antiquities, Aspatria.
button pp.799-800 and 1790 p.18 - Stone Age tools. illustrated
button pp.57 and 252 - Book review, Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, James Clarke.
button p.85 - Obiturary, Donald M'Leod, Lowther Hall.
button p.172 - Hare at Cockermouth Sessions.
button p.463 - Earthquake, Arnside.
button pp.505-506 - Improvements in Cumberland.
button p.708 - Coins from Dean in Crosthwaite's Museum, Keswick. illustrated
button pp.930-931 - Book review, Observations Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty
button pp.982-983 - Roman altar, in the museum, Keswick. illustrated
button pp.1092, 1187 - Roman altar, Plumpton Wall. illustrated
button pp.721-722, 995 - Luck of Edenhall, and its ballad.
button pp.804-806 - Anecdotes of John Wilson, botanist.
button pp.990-992 - Giant's Caves, Langwathby, and the Battle of Torquin the Giant and Sir Lancelot du Lake.
button pp.1062-1064 - Obituary, William Gibson, mathematician.
button pp.1079-1080 - Luck of Edenhall, Tarn Wadling, River Eamont, etc
button pp.24-25 - Giant's Cave, Langwathby; Mr Jollie, bookseller.
button p.180 - Sheriff of Cumberland, Edward Hasell.
button p.183 - Obituary, Thomas Addison, Thornthwaite.
button p.224 - Trade token, Appleby.
pp.292, 412 - by A Rambler; not relevant to Cumbria.
button pp.581-582 - Mail coach accident, Penrith.
button pp.882-883 - Ramble to Helm Crag, A Rambler.
button pp.941-942 - Verses on Helvellyn, A Rambler.
button pp.1114-1116 - Book review, A Fortnight's Ramble to the Lakes.
button pp.1197-1198 - Meteorological Diary, Kendal, John Gough.
pp.588, 684, 782, 877 - letters from A Rambler; not relevant to Cumbria.
button pp.1051-1053 - Obituary, King of Patterdale, Mounsey.
button pp.1081-1083 - Bernard Gilpin. illustrated
button pp.111-113, 326-327 - Naturalist's Ramble in the North
button pp.305 - Petition to Parliament from Carlisle, for peace.
button pp.569-570 - Lanercost Priory.
button pp.985-986, 1077-1078 - Dacre Bears. illustrated
button p.843 - Carts, Westmorland. illustrated
button pp.725-726, 940, continued 1798 p.196 - Wharton Family.
button p.157 - Stage coach accident, Carnforth.
button p.281 - Cockermouth Castle. illustrated
button p.518 - Riding accident, Hawkshead.
p.530 - MP for Appleby, John Tufton.
button pp.642-644 - River Eden, Stenkrith Bridge, Kirkby Stephen.
button pp.833, 945 - Gosforth Cross. illustrated
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