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Gentleman's Magazine 1787 p.74

  Sunday Schools

Kendal Sunday Schools

The managers of the Sunday Schools at Kendal (in Westmoreland) have lately published the annual report of their proceedings, by which it appears that the whole number of Scholars admitted is 331; of these 47 are gone apprentices or to service; at present 183 remain on the list. The subscriptions amounted only to £.57 4s. 6d.
The address to the public on this occasion contains the following sensible and important remarks: 'In this enlightened country, numbers of poor children were found to be destitute of instruction, and wanting proper education and proper examples, they remained in ignorance, or passed their hours in idleness. Now at this early period of life it is impossible to be idle, and at the same time innocent. But habits are gradually formed; these are confirmed by bad company, and insensibly lead unthinking youth into criminal excesses, sometimes even to the last stages of infamy and ruin. - The Sabbath, being appointed to preserve the sense of religion in the world, demands the serious regard of all ranks of men. On this much depends. Some part of our time should certainly be devoted to religious purposes: and if this day comes to be generally neglected or prophaned, it is easy to foresee the consequences. It is therefore of no small moment that the rising generation should be trained up in a regular observation of the Sabbath, and instructed in those branches of knowledge which are suited to their capacities, and tend to make them useful members of society.'
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