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Gentleman's Magazine 1785 p.347

  ring pin
  Flusko Pike

Ring Pin, Flusco Pike

B. C. Durham.
I SEND you the drawing of a fibula of uncommon magnitude and weight, found in April last, at Huskew Pike, an eminence distant from Penrith in Cumberland about three miles, on the Keswick road, (See the plate, fig. 8.) In searching for stones, several urns, and other remains of human sepulture, have been found at this place; but history is silent touching the people here interred, or whether the occasion was public: the adjacent country was the scene of many deadly conflicts in early ages. The fibula is of silver, and coarse workmanship; the diameter of the circle is seven inches and a half; the studs or buttons are hollow, and fitted on without solder; it has never been burnished, as appears by the hammer marks remaining: the length of the tongue, or spear, is twenty inches and three quarters; and the whole weight is twenty-five ounces. I hope some of your correspondents will discover its proper use, as it seems to be too heavy an ornament for a man's apparel.
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