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Gentleman's Magazine, 18th Century, 1750 to 1774

button p.27 - Hypocaust, Netherby. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p,197)
button p.186 - Road repairs, Egremont, Duddon Bridge, etc.
button p.344 - Meteor over Wigton etc. (GS)
button p.40 - Theft of black lead.
button pp.51-53 and map - Black Lead Mines, Seathwaite. (GS).
button p.112 and pp.254-255 - Inscription, St Mungo's Church, Dearham. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p.185)
button p.200 - Floods, St John's in the Vale.
p.235 - Movement of horned cattle. NOT FOUND.
p.41 - Security of the black lead mines. NOT FOUND.
button p.90 - Road repairs, to Carlisle and North.
button pp.105-108 - Roman inscriptions, Hadrian's Wall. illustrated
button p.272 Black lead mines, security.
button pp.311, 372-373, 374 - Long Meg and her Daughters. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p.190)
button p.420 - Marking sheep.
button p.270 - Roman inscriptions, Kirkby Thore. (CAM2 p.158)
button p.342 - Riot, Balder Bridge toll gate, Whitehaven.
button p.355 - Devil's Bridge, Kirby Lonsdale. illustrated (CAM2 p.162)
button p.370 - Sun dogs, Kirkby Lonsdale. illustrated
button p.41 - In Memory of Mr Cave. (GS)
button pp.230-231 - Kirkby Stephen. (CAM2 p.156)
button pp.464-465 - Storm and floods, St John's in the Vale. (GS). illustrated
button pp.505-506 - Christianbury Crag, Bewcastle. illustrated
button p.534, 567 - Fire balls. (GS)
button p.571 and 1755 pp.5-6, 56, 103 - Weather, Cumberland. (GS).
button pp.198, 272-274 - Placename, Maiden Way etc, Samuel Pegge. (CAM2 p.158)
button pp.360-361 - Roman altar, from near Carlisle. (GS) illustrated
button p.8 - Earthquake, Lisbon, effects on Windermere lake, etc.
button pp.8, 56, 104, 160, 216, 272, 324, 372, 414, 462, 510, 855, and 1757 p.8- Weather, Carlisle, a year's reports.
button p.431 - Roman altar, Old Carlisle. illustrated
button p.220 - Roman altar, from near Carlisle. illustrated (CAM2 p.186)
button p.584 - New Map of England and Wales, by Thomas Jefferys.
button p.427 - Hurricane, Wigton, 6 December 1756.
button pp.407, 408 - Roman altar etc, Overborough (CAM2 p.140)
button pp.317-319 - Robert Walker, clergyman, Seathwaite.
button pp.520-522 - Water spout and floods, Brackenthwaite, Buttermere, 19 September 1760.
button pp.107-112 - Chart of the Irish Sea regarding M Thurot's Expedition.
button pp.72-73 - A valley, Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang.
button pp.126-128 - Ingleborough.
button p.138 - Whitehaven Harbour enlargement.
button pp.500-501 - Various places in Cumberland.
button p.166 - Journey from Lancashire to Scotland.
button p.446 map - Strip maps, Road from London to Carlisle and The Road from Carlisle to Berwick, by John Gibson.
button p.581 - Land Tax, Cumberland.
button pp.567-568 - Report of the eruption of Solway Moss. (CAM2 p.188)
button p.41 - Eruption of Solway Moss.
button p.608 map - Plan of the Proposed Navigable Canal ... to Kendal.
button pp.221 and map - General Plan of the Several Canals given in the Course of this Magazine.
button p.265 - Plan of Solway Moss and accounts of the irruption.
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