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Gentleman's Magazine, 18th Century, 1731 to 1749

button p.164 - Obituary, William Thurmond.
p.199 - 'History of the last Parliament' a short reference to the 'Sale of the late E. of Derwentwater's Estate.'
p.274 - 'Historical Chronicle, 1738. MAY.' notes the Royal Assent for a Bill 'For explaining an Act of Application of the Forfeited Estates of late E. of Derwentwater and Charles Radcliffe.'
button p.417 - Roman altar, Kirkby Thore. illustrated (CAM2 p.158)
button p.11 - Baptism, font at St Bridget's Church, Bridekirk.
button p.80 - Frost, thaw, flood, Carlisle.
button pp.171-172 - Roman altar, Netherby. illustrated (CAM2 p.197) (GS)
button p.620 - A Visit to Zinc, by George Smith. (GS)
button p.650 - Roman altar, Castlesteads. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p.202)
button pp.30-31, 76, 135-136 - Roman altars and inscriptions. (GS). (CAM2 p202)
button p.132 - Runes on the Bewcastle Cross. illustrated (CAM2 p.200)
button p.318 - North and West Prospects of the Famous Runic Obelisk at Bew Castle. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p.200)
button p.319 - Detail of the Bewcastle Cross. (GS). illustrated
button pp.368-369 - Description of Bewcastle Cross. (GS). illustrated
button p.529 - South and East Prospects of the Famous Runic Obelisk at Bew Castle. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p.200)
p.222 - 'Historical Chronicle, April, 1744.' notes an Address from the City of Edinburgh regarding '... undoubted Intelligence of the eldest Son of the Pretender being arrived in France, and the Preparations which are making there to invade this Kingdom ...'
button p.340 - Roman inscription, Naworth. (GS). illustrated (CAM2 p.204)
button p.369 - Roman inscription, Lanercost. (GS). illustrated
button p.676 - Obituary, Joseph Pennington.
button p.385 - Smuggling wool from Whitehaven.
p.588 - 'Weekly ESSAYS; NOVEMBER, 1745.' includes 'On the Rebellion and its unexpected Progress.'
button pp.601-605 - Progress of the Rebels, the 1745 Rebellion.
button pp.673-675 - Ancient Carlisle, and map.
button pp.20-22 - 1745 Rebellion, progress.
button pp.23-24 - 1745 Rebellion, prisoners taken at Carlisle.
button p.43 - 1745 Rebellion, Whitehaven.
button p.62 - 1745 Rebellion, Duke of Perth at Kendal.
button p.105 - 1745 Rebellion, prisoners from Carlisle.
button p.218 - Cannon for Carlisle.
button p.218 - 1745 Rebellion, prisoners from Carlisle.
button pp.233-235, 300-302 - 1745 Rebellion, Carlisle, and map. (GS)
button p.276 - Duke of Cumberland. illustrated
button pp.357-358 - Hadrian's Wall.
button pp.537-538 and plate. illustrated - Roman inscriptions, Naworth, Birdoswald. (CAM2 p205) (GS)
button p.598 - Westmorland's conduct, 1745 Rebellion.
button p.60 - Roman altar, Castlesteads. illustrated
button pp.246, 326-327 - Fire in coal pits, Whitehaven.
button pp.324-326 - Obituary, Sir George Fleming, Bishop of Carlisle.
button pp.384-385 - Journey to Cross Fell.
button pp.522-525 and map - Journey to Caldbeck Fells.
button p.583 - Black lead mines. (GS?)
button pp.611-612 - Apparitions on Souther Fell.
button pp.3-5, 291-292 - Survey of the NW coast. illustrated
button p.152 - Northern rivers, and snow.
button pp.179-180 - Antiquities from Coning Garth, near Old Carlisle. (GS). illustrated
button pp.205-206 - Meridian for county maps.
button p.313 and map - Eclipse, 14 July 1748. (GS)
button pp.562-563 - Derby to Windermere and the lake.
button 1749 pp.202-203 - Sun dogs, Cumberland.
button pp.230-231 - Kirby Stephen; incorrectly cited as 1749.
button p.217 - Font, Bridekirk. illustrated
p.219 - 'Historical Chronicle, April 1746.' has notes about the 1745 Rebellion and Culloden.
button p.281 - Derwentwater estates, Greenwich Hospital.
button p.283 - Snow in summer.
button p.367 - Roman altar, Burgh by Sands. illustrated (CAM2 p.187)
button pp.389-390 - Storm and floods, Cockermouth.
button pp.403, 550-551 - Inscription, Carlisle Cathedral. (GS). illustrated
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