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Gentleman's Magazine 1746 p.537

  roman inscriptions

Roman Inscriptions, Birdoswald

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I Send you herewith an inscription on a stone in the South East wall of Naworth garden, unpublish'd.

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I send also the figures of two altars which were lately dug up at Burd-Oswald above 100 yards without the principal camp, Eastward, in a kind of old ruin, which was so destroy'd as to leave no conjecture what it might have been, and within about 70 yards of the precipice where the Roman wall cross'd the river Irthing. I was sent for to read them, as I had given express orders not to deface any that might be found there. They seem both of the lower empire by the bad execution of the sculpture, and, I think, are to be read after the same manner, excepting tribunes names.
These altars are the more remarkable, as they make it past doubt that Burd-Oswald, was the Roman Amboglana, as asserted in the July Mag. p.358.
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