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Gentleman's Magazine 1749 p.202

  sun dogs
Sun Dogs, Cumberland

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FIG. VI. explained in an ingenious Letter from a new Corresppondent.
AT six this morning, our air being replete with icy particles, we observed, round the real sun, two halos, represented in the figure by CGD and EFH, very strong and rainbow-like; the border next the sun of the interior halo was red, of the exterior violet, but the lower parts of them the horizon intercepted. On each side of the real sun, and of the same altitude, appear'd two parahelia, or mock suns, thro' which the interior halo pass'd; on whose top, at G, was a small part of a white circle, with luminous rays darting from it, much resembling a radiated coronet. The Northermost parhelion, A, had a long splendid tail, comet-like, opposite to the sun, which, as we observ'd it
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