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Gentleman's Magazine 1742 p.319

  Bewcastle Cross
Bewcastle Cross

Print, uncoloured engraving, detail of the Bewcastle Cross, Cumberland, by G Smith, published by the Gentleman's Magazine, London, 1742.

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Size: wxh, sheet = 13x21cm.
The Magna Britannia Antiqua & Nova, speaking of this Obelisk, calls it "a Cross of one entire square Stone, about five Yards in Height, washed over with a white oily Cement. The Figure inclines to a square Pyramid, being two Foot broad at Bottom. On the West Side, among other Draughts, is a picture of some holy Man in a sacerdotal Habit, with a Glory round his Head, and the Effigies of the blessed Virgin with a Babe in her Arms; on the North Side is a very great deal of Chequer Work." This Book gives us but a very imperfect Account of the Iinscriptions, and offers no other Representation than that here annexed.
If then this noble Monument has been hitherto so incorrectly described, what Defects may not be discovered in the other curious Remains of Antiquity, with which this County abounds more than any other in Britain? We believe, therefore, it will not be unsatisfactory to the Publick to be informed that the ingenious Gentleman who favoured us with this Draught, is at present compiling a full and accurate Description of this County.
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