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  ancient Carlisle
Ancient Carlisle

A short description of the ancient City of CARLISLE.
CARLISLE has a most pleasant situation, being between three rivers, having on the North side the Eden, on the East the Petterell, and on the West the Caude. It is secured by a strong stone wall, a castle, and a citadel. 'Tis of an oblong form from N. West to S. East, extending in a point to the * South; the castle, which stands in the N. West extremity, is pretty large, and by the arms (as Mr Camden infers) seems to have been built by K. Richard III. but the commentator on him tells us, that it is certain it was built by K. William II. for K. Richard III. in so troublesome and short a reign, could only repair it. The citadel is by the Bother gate, very strong, fortified with several orillons, or roundels, and built by K. Henry VIII.
The British chronicle tells us, that it was first built by a petty king of this country, named Luel, or Lugubal, long before the Romans invaded Britain, and upon that account had the name of Caer-Luel or Lugubal. When the Roman legions, in the reign of the emperor Claudius, extending their conquests thus far Northward, they alter'd the name but very little, calling it Luguballum, or Luguvallum. The Saxons kept to the old name Luel. Ptolemy calls it Leucopibia: Nennius, Caer Lualid; the Welch writers, the city of Duballus, we Carlile; and the Latins, Caerleolum. Great pains are taken by some to find out the derivation of the name Luguballum; but none is so probable as this, that being situate just by the Picts wall or Vallum, and Lugus, or Lucus, signifying, in the language of the Celtae and Britains, a tower, it implies a tower or fort upon the wall, or Vallum. And tho' indeed there are little or no remains of the
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* (Or may be said to lie South and North, a part extending to the N. West.)
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