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Gentleman's Magazine 1747 p.324

  George Fleming
  Bishop of Carlisle

Obituary, Bishop Fleming

A CHARACTER of the late Lord Bishop of CARLISLE.
ON Thursday, the 2d of this instant July 1747, died at his palace at Rose-Castle, the Rt Rev. Father in God, Sir George Fleming, Bart., Lord Bishop of Carlisle, in the 81st Year of his Age, and the 13th of his Consecration. He was born June 10, 166[ ], at the Family-Seat at Rydal-Hall, in the County of Westmorland; being, in order of Birth, the fifth of eleven Sons, and the ninth of fifteen Children, of Sir Daniel Fleming, Knt, by Barbara, eldest Daughter of Sir Henry Fletcher of Hutton, in the County of Cumberland, Bart, who was slain valiantly fighting for King Charles I. Sept. 24, 1645, at Routon Heath, near Chester.
The said Sir Daniel, who, in private Life, which he most affected, excelled most Men of his Rank and Fortune, had an Occasion given him, by a malicious Misrepreaentation of him to his then Sovereign King Charles II. to inform his Majesty, which the most authentick Evidences enabled him to do, that eleven of his Ancestors had, for their good Services, been rewarded with the Honour of a Knighthood, since the Norman Conquest, when King William I. gave to his faithful Follower and Kinsman Sir Michael le Fleming, a considerable Estate, part of which has been transmitted down from him, in an uninterupted Succession, to the present Heir-male the twenty-first Generation. It was with equal Truth and Satisfaction that the same worthy Knight could aver, that as he himself had, in the most difficult and trying Times, inviolably adhered to the Constitution in Church and State, so not on of his Progenitors had, since the distant Epoche above-mention'd, been an Opposer of the Crown; not one, since the Reformation, had been a Papist, nor a Dissenter, in any Shape, from the Church of England. Disposing of all his Sons in the most advantageous ways he could,
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