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Gentleman's Magazine 3rd series vol. p., 18:-


Frost and Flood

Extract of a Letter from Carlile. Feb. 23, 1740.
Our Frost broke on Sunday the 17th Instant, and notwithstanding the Rapidity of some of our Rivers, which withstood its Assaults long before they froze, I measur'd some of the Icy Fragments tost ashore by the Flood 22 1/2 Inches thick next Day after the Thaw, the like certainly never known in these Climates. The Ice on the River Eden by Carlisle, which is many Miles lengthways in several Places, is not risen to the Flood, and we expect very bad Consequences whenever it shall, unless dissolv'd by a gentle Thaw, which the present Circumstances seem to promise, it having bore all manner of Carriages for six Weeks past, and must be very thick. Our Snow is quite gone, save in the Mountains.

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