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Gentleman's Magazine 1746 p.20

  1745 Rebellion
Progress of the Rebels

ACCOUNT of the Motions of the REBELS and of the KING'S FORCES, from the London Gazette, with some Remarks. Continued from Vol.XV. p.626 and 667.
From the London Gazetter, Dec. 31.
... ...
Whitehall, Dec. 31. Some letters from the north mention, that the rebels remained in the town of Carlisle upon the 25th, and fired almost incessantly; that his royal highness had upon that day received six pieces of cannon expected from Whitehaven; and that every thing was preparing for beginning the atcack (sic) upon the place.
Whitehall, Dec. 31. at noon. By letters of the 28th Inst. just received from his R.H. the duke of Cumberland's army, there is advice, that they had then begun to batter the four gun battery of Carlisle with six 18 pounders, and hoped to make a breach fit to give the assault by the next night.
From the Gazette extraordinary, Jan. 2. Published by authority. Price 2d.
... ...
Whitehall, Jan. 2. Last night a messenger arriv'd with letters from Blackhall, dated the 30th past, with the following account of the
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