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Gentleman's Magazine 1744 p340.

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Roman Inscription

MR URBAN, Carlisle, Apr. 18, 1744
THE following Inscription was this Day found in a Wall of Geo. Wright's House, at Naworth, where it must have laid 200 Years at least, the House being so decay'd with Age, that it was absolutely necessary to rebuild it.

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Mr Horsley conjectures that most of the Inscriptions in the Walls of Naworth* Garden and about it, were fetch'd by Ld William Howard, a great Antiquarian, from Burd-Oswald that celebrated Station on the Wall, which the Britannia Romana calls Amboglana, about three Miles distant from Naworth; the Stone does not appear to have been any larger, and we have Instances of like Inscriptions found at the same Place. That Legion was certainly in Britain at the Building of the Wall, or soon after; for in the Notitia most of the Stations are garrison'd with Foreigners, and the said Burd Oswald, with the 1st Cohort of the AElia Daecorum.
Yours, &c. G. SMITH
* A Seat of the Earl of Carlisle, who is very curious in Matters of Antiquity.
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