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Gentleman's Magazine 1747 p.384

  Cross Fell
Journey to Cross Fell

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A Journey up to Cross-fell Mountain.
THE following account of Cross-fell, will entertain such of your readers whose genius inclines them to the description of romantic scenes.
A mountain that is generally ten months bury'd in snow, and eleven in clouds, cannot fail of exciting the attention and curiosity of a traveller.
That immense ridge of mountains, which are reputed the British Alps, make their first appearance in Derbyshire, and are thence continu'd in one chain of different elevations to the river Tweed. The Lancashire and Copland heights, with those in Yorkshire and Durham, being only detach'd parts of this great body, such as are remarkably eminent have particular names assign'd them, whilst the general ridge bears one appellation for several miles together.
Cross-fell, tho' distinguished in none of our county maps, is most singularly eminent, whether you regard its height, or the immense base it stands on, being above 20 miles in circumference; in some parts the rise is very leisurely and gradual, in others more rugged and perpendicular, emitting considerable streams to both seas. This insensible ascent removes its top to a very great distance from the inhabited plains, and being in a manner encompassed with other desolate and barren mountains, it retains the snow much longer than any other we can see in Britain, there being some who affirm that it has continued sometimes for seven whole years together.
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