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Gentleman's Magazine 1746 p.105

  1745 Rebellion
1745 Rebellion, Prisoners at Carlisle

Historical Chronicle February 1746.
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The rebel officers taken at Carlisle, being 39, besides a French colonel engineer, and 4 others, were brought to town in 4 waggons and a coach, under a strong guard of soldiers; part of them were carried to New Prison, and the rest, among whom was Hamilton governor of Carlisle, to Newgate, except the Frenchmen who were conducted, the engineer in a coach, and the others in a waggon, to the Marshalsea prison; (the pretender's bishop of Carlisle, Cappuch, had been committed to Chester castle.) They were very rudely treated by the populace, who pelted them with dirt, and shew'd all other marks of abhorrence of their black designs.
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