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Gentleman's Magazine 1738 p.417

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Roman Altar

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Fragment of an Altar to Serapis, in a Wall at Kirkby Thor, in Westmorland.

The above Figure is a Fragment of a Roman Altar to Jupiter Serapis, lately taken out of the Back of an Oven at Kirkby Thor in Westmoreland, and now plac'd in a Stone Wall in the Town Street; by the Asterisks placed at the Top, the Deity having such a Mark in the AEgyptian Ceremonies, the Dedicator seems to have been an AEgyptian, train'd up at Rome; 'tis a small portable Altar, and, I believe, the only one dedicated to that Idol in Britain.
The following is in the Wall of a House at the same Place, but the Inscription is common tho' imperfect.

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Fragment of a Roman Altar to the Great Jupiter, found in the same Place, in the Wall of House.

The Village, yet, retains the Name of the Saxon Idol Thor, from whence Thursday is call'd, is remarkable for a very considerable Vestige of a Roman Camp, and several other Inscriptions and Ruins, which I had not Leisure to examine, but may be the Subject of some future Attempt.
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