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Gentleman's Magazine 1749 p.403

  Carlisle Cathedral

Inscription and Cross Slab, Carlisle

THE underwritten was a cenotaph found below the Bishop's throne, in Carlisle (cathedral.) It is about 6 foot 5 inches long, 11 inches wide, two of which are slop'd away all round, on each side, and the end; this slope measures 4 inches and 3 quarters in the slant, and there is four inches more in the whole of a perpendicular depth, which makes the entire substance. It has had an antique Roman-catholic cross on the top, with this inscription,

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If your learned correspondents cannot make it out, I shall use my small endeavours to give some satisfaction, tho' it is certainly incomplete itself.
The following inscription is on a stone 2 foot 5 inches long, 12 inches broad at one end, and 9 at the other, and was found in digging Mr Benson's cellar in the year 1744, six foot deep under ground; its explanation shall be attempted another time.

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Yours, &c. G. SMITH.
Wigton, July 11, 1749
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