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Gentleman's Magazine 1746 p.62

  1745 Rebellion
1745 Rebellion

Mr URBAN, Feb. 10, 1745-6.
AS the intelligence convey'd to us by your magazine is very much depended upon, and may furnish materials for a more compleat history of the present troubles, it becomes every one, to furnish you with proper incidents.
In your Mag. for December, p.624 C, in the note, and p.625 F, you have given some account of the D. of Perth's being attack'd at Kendal, and of his procedure afterwards till his joining the main body of the rebels; but as it is imperfect, I would supply its deficiencies with an exact representation of the affair.
Dec. 14. The D. of Perth with about 110 men, the vanguard of the rebels, dress'd in imitation of hussars, entred Kendal and pass'd quietly till they came to Tinkle-street, where the mob suddenly rising fell upon them, with clubs, stones, or any thing they could pick up in their hurry. The D.'s men made a short stand a little below the fish market, and fir'd several shot, by which four people received wounds of which they died. Of the rebels none were kill'd on the place, but four made prisoners, one of them Perth's servant, who rid on a good horse, and had a mail behind him, which were secured. Then the rebels push'd forward as fast as their horses could carry them near a quarter of a mile, till they came at the bridge, being pursued all the way by the enraged people, throwing stones, &c. at them. Their rear made another stand here, and seem'd as if they would return, but a townsman, having crept privately to the end of the bridge, fir'd at the foremost, who immediately let his gun and cloak fall, and could not turn his horse, but by the help of his companions he got off; however they buried 3 before they got to Shap, and about noon they proceeded on their march as far as Eamont Bridge, intending for Penrith that night, but perceiving that beacon on fire, they enquir'd at a public house the reason; the landlady told them it was to raise the country, and added, 'Gentlemen, I desire you for God's sake to go back, because all the hedges from here to Penrith are lin'd.' They follow'd her advice, and returned to Shap. Here they staid the remainder of the night, and Perth was in so great a fright, that he durst not keep his quarters, but removed to another house near the middle of the town. Having forc'd a guide here, they set out early in the morning, but not daring to venture the Penrith road, they cross'd the Eden at a village call'd Culgaith, and intended to have pursu'd their route for Scotland along the East of that river: but Penrith people having notice of their march, sent a detachment of between 2 and 300 men mounted and arm'd, who crossing the Eden at Langonby bridge, met the rebels on Langonby moor, who on some shot fired at them, thought fit to retreat, without disputing for a passage, by Temple Sowerby, being hotly pursu'd by the country people, from every side, and sometimes almost surrounded. ---
They once made a stand upon a plain open piece of ground, but the country people who were mostly on foot and badly armed, did not care to come too near them, except where they had hedges, walls or rocky ground to secure them from the horse. When the rebels saw that the country would not fight them, except upon their own ground, they once more mov'd forward, and when it was almost dark, were greatly distressed, for the countrymen dividing into small companies, were near them on every side, discharging guns and huzzaing, which made them often vary their course: About 7 o'clock they came to Orton, where the D. of Perth had lodged all night when the rebels marched southward, but he did not know the town, nor dursts enter it, till having first sent in to take some prisoners, by whom he learnt that there were no soldiers or armed men in it. During this pursuit one of the rebels was taken and they took a country boy who had discharged his pistol 2 or 3 times at them, and seem'd determin'd to shoot him; but Perth dissuaded them, saying he was a pretty boy, and 'twould be a pity to kill him. The Eastern part of Westmorland, hearing the transactions of the day, and yt the rebels were lodged at Orton, resolved to serve their king and country, by taking or destroying these enemies of our peace. Accordingly Appleby, Kirkby Stephen, and indeed the country in general rose that night, and went to surround Orton as soon as they could, many of them being near before day, and determined to attack the town, but the rebels after a short repose having proceeded forward to Kendal, the country were disappointed of their design.
P.625. Col.2. H. it is said by the Gazette, 'the loss of the rebels could not be known, as it was quite dark before the skirmish was over.' I believe 'tis true, that no body does know the exact number of the kill'd. Five only being found dead upon the field, many suppose that no more were kill'd; I cannot positively assert the contrary; but as I was a very near eye witness of the action, one of the rebels having been kill'd within a few yards of the place where I stood, I had perhaps a fairer oppportunity of seeing what passed than any other person, whether member of the army or not; and do declare, that the second regular fire of the king's men in the field, which was made when the two bodies were about 50 yards distant from each other, did a great deal of execution among the rebels; for I suppose, some scores might fall, and I am sure they never rose again while I kept my station; and after this the rebels receiv'd a full fire from the king's men within a very few yards, which certainly must do very great execution, but as they were immediately involved in smoke I could not see; but as to the first I am positive that numbers were either kill'd or wounded, and their not being found is no objection to the truth of the thing, because they had time enough to carry them off.
J. Burn.
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