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Gentleman's Magazine 1747 p.583

  black lead mine
Black Lead Mine

I Am very glad that such remarks as I have been able to make, are so agreeable to your readers. - For their satisfaction I must inform you, that wadd mines in the Cumberland Dialect, signifies the black-lead mines, being synonymous terms. Their cause and nature has employ'd the great Bp Nicolson in two manuscript letters, whose opinion, with my own, I intended to transmit to you; but as I could not have the opportunity of seeing them myself, I defer publication till a better opportunity. We are positive the whole world affords not another, nor does it appear the Romans ever knew of this. It was accidentally discover'd by a tree blown up by the roots in a tempest.-
The produce has nothing in common with lead but the name, not being fusible in any fire. The mines are seldom opened, except a great demand require it; tho' notwithstanding the vigilance of the owners, it may be procured from the smugglers thereabouts; it sells at 6s. 6d. per lb. generally.-
The inclemency of the weather, and rocks of so formidable ascent, prevented my intention to see them.
Yours &c.
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