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Gentleman's Magazine 1795 p.569

  Lanercost Priory
Lanercost Priory

July 10.
LANERCOST priory is omitted in the new History of Cumberland, though all the places around it in Eskdale ward are treated at large, and prints of it given in the second part of vol. I.
Mr. H. has described it, in his Tour to the Lakes, in all the pomp and flowers of language. Forgetting that he was there "in the character of an itinerant only," he has preached a sermon on the languishment which hangs on the very curiosity which excited him to advance. Imagination is immediately figured from conception of the rites which once hallowed this place. The benevolent mind turns away from ideas of those horrid crimes which, through the corruption of men, polluted these holy mansions, and will not yield to the sable character which would blot out all pleasing visions." p.268. "It is profitable for the impetuous and ambitious spirit of youth to visit such a remonstrating
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