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Gentleman's Magazine 1790 p.85

  Donald M'Leod

Obituary, Donald M'Leod

At Lowther-hall, co. Westmorland, aged 83, Mr. Donald M'Leod. He was respected as an honest man and an agreeable companion; and was no less distinguished as a soldier, during 50 years service. He was at the siege of Carthagena, under Gen. Wentworth, in 1741, and one of eleven only who survived out of the whole regiment. He also fought in Fleming's regiment, under the late Duke of Cumberland, at Fontenoy, &c.; likewise at Falkirk and Culloden, against the rebels: in all which actions he supported the character of a brave soldier; and, after many hair-breadth escapes, ended his mortal pilgrimage in rural and peaceful retirement.

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