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Mail Coach Accident, Penrith

At the Crown Inn at Penrith, Mr. Frederick Sneedorf, a Danish gentleman, professor of history in the University of Copenhagen, and a correspondent in this Magazine (see p.491). On the evening of the 13th, the Manchester mail-coach arrived at the usual time in Penrith, with four inside passengers, viz. a lady and three gentlemen, and one outside passenger, a man. About the first mile-post from Penrith, the nearside leading horse, by some unaccountable accident, got the bridle rubbed off its head; and at a time when all four horses were walking very slowly, and being rather spirited, made a sudden turn, to come back to Penrith. The outside passenger and guard, who had both got off the coach, to ease the horses up the hill, and the coachman, who was perfectly sober, made every effort to prevent the horses turning round, but without effect, having no command of the nearside leader, on account of the bridle being wanting. The coachman thought that by getting off his box, he could, with the assistance of the guard and outside passenger, stop the horses; but all would not do; they set off at a gallop. Mr. Sneedorff, and another gentleman whose name is not known, leaped out of the coach. The latter escaped with a slight scratch on his face; the former, we are sorry to say, in leaping out (it is supposed) pitched upon his head, and received a concussion of the brain, of which he lingered until one o'clock in the morning of the 15th, and then expired. The lady and gentleman who remained in the coach received no injury; and, it is imagined, had the other two
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