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Gentleman's Magazine 1788 p.1107

  On Constancy

On Constancy

The following verses would seem to be those referred to on p.1114, vol.62, 1792

WHEN kindred hearts together join,
And like the oak and ivy twine,
How blest the happy pair!
But, should the oak receive a wound,
Is not the tendril ivy found
To feel an equal share?
Such union hearts with every feeelings glow
And "turning tremble at, or joy or woe."

The oak is man, in firmness drest,
With strength of fondness in his breast,
Delighting in the tie:-
The ivy is the gentle wife,
That clings around his happy life
With deathless constancy.
In life - she does her folding joys impart;
In death - she withers round the sapless heart.
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