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Tour in England and Scotland

Review of New Publications
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157. A Tour in England and Scotland, in 1785. By an English Gentleman.
'THERE is not one hour in the life of any man that is exactly the same with another during the whole course of his existence, from the cradle to the grave.' This first observation and first sentence of this Tour, we venture our reputation as Reviewers, is sufficient to ensure its sale among the generality of readers, whether under the denomination of London Riders, Phaeton Riders, Tabbies, and Reading Ladies of all ages in market-towns; whether they wear large oval rings on the lower joints of their fore fingers, or velvet bracelets round their tawny and skinny arms. All will join in the truth of the great general observation, which they will repeat before they say, How delightful a morning! or, What sad weather it is! or the hundred other pertinent remarks which diversify the hours of man and woman.
Reflections like this hover about our English Gentleman, from Oxford Chapel-house, as they have done, and will do, round hundreds of his jolly and fair fellow-saunterers from London to every good inn on the road to the East, the West, the North, or the South points of the kingdom. He dined at a very good inn, saw a very good house, gleaned two silly stories about Sam Johnson at Lichfield, stared at a canal carried over a river, and a country remarkabley full of thorn hedges.
P.50. 'Lancaster Castle, built by Agricola, though it bears all the marks of antiquity, yet seems to be in a perfect state.' We never before heard its date carried further back than to Constantiius. Mr. Camden fixes it to no particular period.
P.55. 'The Cumberland and Westmoreland lakes afford most soothing ideas and exquisite gratifications;' except when interrupted by a thick fog, which was this poor gentleman's case ar Corriston (sic) Lake; but when he did see it, he could not look down; i.e. pick his way for staring at it.
P.67. 'Antiquarians have not been able to decypher the inscription on the
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