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Gentleman's Magazine, 19th Century, 1800 to 1824

button pp.18-24 - A Rambler's Revisit to Buttermere
pp.7, 291 - letters from A Rambler; not relevent to Cumbria.
button p.143 - Advertisment for John Housman's Tour of The Lakes etc.
button pp.633-636 - Book review, A History of the Roman Wall.
button p.878, and 1803 pp.17-19 - Obituary, Robert Walker, clergyman, Seathwaite, and biographical notes.
button p.1157 - John Hatfield and Mary Robinson.
button p.1186 - St Oswald's Church, Ravenstonedale. illustrated
button pp.1203-1204 - Book review, Journal of a Tour through the North and England and Part of Scotland.
button p.1224 - Marriage, William Wordsworth and Mary Hutchinson.
button p.305 - Sizergh church. illustrated
button pp.779-780 - Trial of John Hatfield.
button p.9 - Holy Trinity and St Constantine's Church, Wetheral. illustrated.
button p.269 - Roman sacrificial vases, Sewell's Lane, Carlisle.
button p.305 - Roman camp, Pykethwaite Fell illustrated.
button pp.322-323 - Worthies of Windermere.
p.784 - Review of A Tour through the N Counties of England and the Borders of Scotland, by Richard Warner. NOT FOUND
button pp.846-847 - Book review, Observations, chiefly Lithological, made in a Five Weeks Tour to the principal Lakes in Westmoreland and Cumberland.
button p.885 - Obituary, George Kendall.
button p.954 - Verses by the Earl of Carlisle.
button p.1065, and 1806 p.401 - Stained glass for York Cathedral, from the Earl of Carlisle illustrated.
p.1120 - in a description of St David's Cathedral is a note of 'the tomb of Ralph Neville Earl of Westmorland'.
button pp.506--508, 609-611, 709-712, 804-806, 918-920, 1010-1012, 1121-1124, errata 1806 p.39 - Tour to the Lakes of Cumberland and Westmorland.
button pp.102-104 - Gaols, Cumberland, Westmorland, etc.
button pp.401 - Stained glass, Carlisle Cathedral, and plate.
button pp.412-413 - Ponsonby Family.
button p.576 - Storms, Whitehaven, St Bees, and Keswick.
button p.40 - Court Room, library, etc, Whitehaven.
button p.473 - Storm and accident, Whitehaven.
button p.576 - William Lowther ceated Earl of Lonsdale.
button p.637 - Rainfall, England, 1806.
button p.1009 - Inscription, Cockermouth Castle; and medal. illustrated
button p.1167 - Snow and gales, Cumberland etc.
button p.648 - Murder of Joseph Glendinning, Workington.
button p.845 - Murder trial of James Hood.
button p.939 - Snow, Cumberland.
button p.940 - Enclosure, Westmorland and Cumberland, Earl of Lonsdale.
pp.902, 995 - letters from Jospeh Budworth, A Rambler.
button pp.1140-1147 - Book review, Life of George Romney, by William Hayley.
button part 2 p.176 - Storm and damage, Penrith.
button part 1 p.178 - Storm and damage, Carlisle.
button part 2 pp.124-125 - Richard Brathwaite, Drunken Barnaby's Journeys.
button part 2 pp.305, 506-507 - Deanery of Carlisle. illustrated
button part 1 p.480 - Riots, Carlisle.
button part 2 p.6 - Hints for a Tour to Scotland; new turnpike from Carlisle.
button part 1 pp.110-111 - Ullswater, filling up with stones?
button part 2 p.51 - Carlisle Castle.
button part 2 p.298 - Obituary, William Close, Dalton.
part 2 p.307 - letter about a prayer book, from Jospeh Budworth, A Rambler.
button p.405 - Obituary, John Pennington, Lord Muncaster.
button part 2 pp.573-575 - Book review, History of the Roman Wall, by W Hutton.
button part 1 pp.13-14 - Monastic churches.
button part 1 pp.515-516 - Obituary, W Hutchinson.
button part 2 pp.626-628 - Brougham, Brough, Appleby etc.
button part 2 p.189 - Obituary, Mrs John Wordsworth, Penrith.
button part 2 p.367 - Storms in the North, Carlisle.
button part 2 pp.631-632 - Obituary, Duke of Norfolk.
button part 1 p.379 - Obituaries, Emmerson, Kendal and Briggs, Natland.
button part 2 p.173 - Storm, hail, north Cumberland.
button part 2 pp.274-278 - Obituary, Dr Richard Watson, Bishop of Llandaff.
button part 2 pp.278-279 - Obituary, Joseph Huddart.
button part 2 pp.599-601 and 1819 part 2 pp.402-405, 505-508 - Compendium of County History, Cumberland.
button part 1 p.404 - Comment on A Complete History of the Rebellion, by James Ray, 1755.
button part 2 p.104 - Cathedral School, Carlisle.
button part 1 pp.329-330 - Review of Barnabee's Journal, 7th edn 1818.
button part 1 pp.116-120 - The Fountain, innsign; rivers in Westmorland, Cumberland, etc.
button part 1 p.488 - Obituary, Rev W Strickland, born Sizergh, Westmorland.
button part 1 p.224 - Lithographic views, Lancashire; by Emanuel Mendez da Costa
button part 1 pp.228-220, and 290 - Cumberland poets.
button part 1 p.307 - Lithographic views, Westmorland and Cumberland; by Emanuel Mendez da Costa
button part 1 pp.406-407 - Carlisle and Carlisle Cathedral in a Tour Through England and Wales.
button part 1 pp.567-568 - Obituary, Mrs Curwen, Workington, Cumberland.
button part 2 pp.15-16 - Poem To-Morrow, by Susan Blamire, Cumberland.
button part 2 pp.20-22 - Ungraduated Clergy, school teachers in northern schools.
button part 2 p.344-346 - Book review, the River Duddon, a series of Sonnets.
button part 2 p.558 - Fire at The Rose and Crown, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland.
button part 1 pp.23-24 - Archibald Armstrong, jester.
button 1821 part 2 p.370; 1822 part 1 p.558; 1822 part 2 pp.33-38 and 290; 1823 part 1 pp.560, 637-639, 642; 1823 part 2 p.174 - Olivia Wilmot, Princess of Cumberland.
button 1821 part 2 pp.457-458 - Poem on a snuff box, by the Earl of Carlisle.
button 1821 part 2 pp.595-596 - List of Poets.
button part 2 p.173 - Rush bearing, Ambleside, Westmorland.
button part 2 pp.323-325 - Schools, Westmorland.
button part 2 pp.486-487 - Cumberland poets, Ralph and Blamire.
button part 2 pp.515-517 - Shap Abbey, Westmorland.
button part 2 p.642 - Obituary, William Green, Ambleside and Keswick.
button part 1 pp.3-5 - Karls Lofts, Shap.
button part 2 p.245 - William Wordsworth mentioned in a review of The Library Companion by T F Dibdin, 1824
button part 2 p.392 - Verses mentioning Drunken Barnaby, by Lawrence Price, 1655.
button part 2 p.548 - Ancient horseshoe found at Carlisle.
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