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Gentleman's Magazine 1824 part 2 p.392

  Drunken Barnaby
Drunken Barnaby, a mention

Drunken Barbaby
AMONG the penny merriments forming the singular collection in the Pepysian Library, at Cambridge, one of No.362 is a 'Variety of new merry riddles: written for the benefit of those that are disposed to pass away some part of their time in honest mirth and delight, whereby to avoid drunkenness, gaming, whoring, and other such like vice. Here is also several excellent verses, and a resemblance of love between young men and their sweethearts, which was never invented, as may appear, nor printed before this present year, 1655. By Lawrence Price.' In the 'excellent verses' occur the following lines (without title), which serve to confirm the popularity of the character of Barnaby at that period.

I heard a proverb often told
Of a custom that is like to hold
'Mongst rich and poor, both young and old,
To pay a groat i' th' morning

And Barnaby hath his summons sent
Throughout all Christendom and Kent,
Cause all fudlers should be content
To pay a groat i' th' morning.

God Bacchus also doth agree
That never a one shall be set free
That goes home drunk to bed, till he
Hath paid a groat i' th' morning.

The shoo-makers and Taylors they
Take Monday for a holy-day,
But if known drunk, they're forc'd to pay
Their groat o' th' Tuesday morning.

Thus Barnaby hath ordain'd a feast
Of Beer and nappy ale o' th' best,
And evry one tht is his guest
Must pay a groat i' th' morning.
Sir George Etherege, in the comedy of 'Love in a Tub,' (first printed 1664) gives the reeling ripeness of our hero to his Sir Nicholas Cully, one of Oliver's knight, who says: 'Let me go, I am not so drunk but I can stand without your help, Gentlemen. Widow, here is musick, send for a parson, and we will dance Barnaby within this half-hour.'
These notices may be added to the gathering made on the same subject in the Barnabae Itinerarium, vol.I. ed.1820.
(The previous gathering of items has not been found.)

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